We are now in the 12th season of Mike Ashley.

If any Newcastle fan doesn’t understand what he is all about by now…then I’m afraid there is no hope.

However, for those not trapped in this seemingly never-ending Ashley nightmare, maybe you do just have to keep reminding them of what the truth is.

Relating it to what happens at other Premier League clubs possibly the best route to do that.

Obviously, the disgraced, the shameless and the corrupt show no sign of letting up in their support for Mike Ashley, and their attacks on Rafa Benitez and the Newcastle United fanbase.

This agenda definitely appears to be driven, at least in part, by Mike Ashley’s people, particularly Keith Bishop.

When you see Richard Keys, Dennis Wise, or whoever, quoting stats on Newcastle United spending or whatever, you definitely smell a rat.

Particularly when these type of presenters/pundits usually think it is their job to simply turn up and talk off the top of their heads, rather than doing any kind of proper research.

Whatever figures/stats they quote are always at the very least taken out of context, or regularly plain wrong. However, all the Mike Ashley agenda comprises of, is to muddy the waters enough so that enough people aren’t quite sure whether Newcastle fans have genuine full on reasons to be unhappy with the way their club is run.

However, this is all anybody needs to pose to themselves or others:

‘The only Mike Ashley question you have to ask – Is he right and every other Premier League club wrong?’

So whatever the likes of Andy Gray, Simon Jordan, Shola Ameobi, Dennis Wise, Sam Allardyce, Richard Keys and others claim/quote they have no answer to these.

Mike Ashley has his retail empire plastered all over St James Park, the training ground, and all photos/videos of new signings, with no money coming into NUFC. Why does no other Premier League club owner do the same?

Newcastle United have no proper board or high powered executive staff to drive the club forward, instead you have only Lee Charnley as a recognisable figure – the only board member and only named executive at the club, with shadowy Ashley figures such as Justin Barnes and Keith Bishop pulling the strings. Why do the other PL clubs not do the same?

Newcastle United NEVER put up somebody to openly speak to the media on a transparent question and answer basis, to talk about the running of the club. I can’t think of another club that is so afraid to ever be asked any difficult questions. 

The only time the owner (Mike Ashley) ever speaks or releases a public statement, it is to undermine the manager and/or talk in a way that is deliberately coded, as in the infamous ‘every penny’ promises. At which other club do you get this kind of nonsense?

In over 11 years at Newcastle, the very bare minimum has been spent of the stadium, training ground and Academy, whilst rival clubs are constantly looking at every conceivable way of improving these areas. Whether to bring in more revenue/fans, or improve the chances on the pitch. Are they all wrong and Mike Ashley right?

The transfer market is the obvious one of course. Leaving aside the previous shambolic transfer windows for a moment, Newcastle United were one of only two clubs to make a net profit in the summer window, only Watford also making a profit and that was because they got over £40m for Richarlison. So Cardiff, Brighton, Huddersfield and the rest are all wrong for having net spends of tens of millions and more, with Mike Ashley being the one who will be proved right?

As for individual transfer fees, Newcastle stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. A 13 year old club transfer record and indeed, a failure by Mike Ashley to allow a transfer fee to be paid so far that is higher than that paid 22 years ago for Alan Shearer. Huddersfield spent more than that on a defender, Bournemouth and Fulham have spent £25m+ on defensive midfielders, yet Mike Ashley is the one who is right?

The bottom line is that it isn’t just the way Mike Ashley treats Rafa Benitez that is wrong, pretty much EVERYTHING is wrong at Newcastle United.

Only a fool or the corrupt are unwilling to accept this.

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  • Kenny

    Fat Rat vermin scum hasn’t got a clue how to run a football club & employs a minion as MD who hasn’t got a clue either. Both want throwing under a bus

    • Lostprofit DBC

      But he does know how to run a business and that’s what he sees it as. There lies the problem.

      • Carverlier football

        And that business is SD. To Ashley Newcastle is not a seperate business, it’s an SD marketing tool

    • Paul Patterson

      He knows how a football club SHOULD be run, he just doesn’t WANT to ..

      • Sickandtired

        Pretty sure he has NO clue how a club should be run. 12 years has proven that.
        I believe his pay off’s (Sam, Mort, KK, Houghton, Jimenez, Wise, Kinnear, Carver, McClaren) total almost the same, if not more, as our net spend on players over his ownership!

  • Paul Patterson

    Newcastle United is a shell of a club, operating on the bare minimum to optimise the TV/prize/transfer money and sustain and promote S****s D****t. Even a relegation won’t alter that mindset. Merely lower the profits.
    Only a good manager is required to keep things ticking along on the littlest of outlay so the owner can focus on his retail empire.
    Nothing else matters to the owner.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    It’s a free country so pundits are allowed their say, it’s just a pity that there is no challenge or counter arguments from anti Ashley celebrities. Sky need putting in their place. Pity Shearer is just on BBC!

    • Carverlier football

      I said it about the Rio Ferdinand incident – it’s fine these pundits spouting rubbish if they’re challenged. Trouble is they often have a platform where they aren’t

      • Sickandtired

        Rio said he was ‘playing Devils Advocate’. Why? No one asked him to find a reason to excuse or support Ashley – though of course the later reports of him contracted to promote Ashley merchandise could well be the answer.

        • Carverlier football

          I might be mis-remembering but he said that at the end I think as a bit of a back-peddle having been taken to task about it. If he hadn’t been challenged he’d have just left it as being “fact”…

  • East Durham Mag

    The key word is “priority” and Newcastle United is not Fattys priority its Sh*te D****t and his own capacious pockets.

  • Leazes.

    The fact that he closed down all four of the club shops that competed with S**** D****t show he is in it long term….. he didn’t leave the club shops for the next owner.

    He incorporated United’s retail into his Empire.

    If due diligence was done by Amanda Staveley or anyone connected last year I’ll eat my tam-o-shanter……

    HOW was it done?


    That isn’t due diligence!

    Would he have done this to Chelsea if he had bought them instead?

    • Sickandtired

      Perhaps she did, and hence why no sale happened or went anywhere? The alleged 4 other interested parties doing due diligence (even though we all believe that to be a lie) must have had the same findings.
      Who would buy the club when it is shackled to Ashley/SD just like Rangers? That to me will be the sticking block to any sale. Getting Ashley to scrap the SD contracts and actually get the F out of here.

      • Leazes.

        You cant get to the figures …. they’re in another company.

        • Sickandtired

          Figures no. But the recent court case with Rangers proves how far he will go to keep that merchandise stranglehold.
          He has no stake any longer, yet he keeps the merchandising contract.

  • panther

    you forgot about the trolls

  • TheFatController

    The trolls will be out predicting doom and gloom for the other PL clubs.

    The thirteen outside the top 6 are all getting relegated next May so they’ll regret spending big (despite parachute payments, relegation clauses in contracts, and maybe being one of the 11 or 10 that won’t be relegated)

    It’s quite sad to see so many supporting a man who is clearly not wanted.

    Even sadder to see a businessman hanging on where he is clearly not wanted.

    I have concluded that it’s important to Ashley that he is appreciated. In his head, he thinks it’s all normal – uncompetitive ‘solvent’ PL club that gets relegated every five years, zero hours contracts, tat stores full of tat products – this is all normal to him, so he can’t understand what society doesn’t get about it all.

    The human brain is capable of distorting anything to keep it (what it believes is) safe, Ashley’s brain must be distorting just about everything. You can do that when you’re a billionaire.

  • Arty Hume

    IMHO too many bridges have been burnt, we have reached the point of no return, TFCB has to go! I am reminded of the old children’s tale of the Frog and the Scorpion. Both lived on an island about a half mile from the main land, it was a beautiful place untouched by man. On day there was a fire on the island and all the animals and birds had to leave in fear of their lives. One of the last to leave was a Frog, as he started making his way to the main land he heard the desperate cries of a scorpion coming from the shore, please take me with you on your back, please, please or I will die. The Frog shouted back I would but you would sting me and we would both die. The Scorpion shouted back and pleaded for his life stating he would never sting the Frog ( sound familiar ). So with a heavy heart the frog picked up the Scorpion and they both made their way to safety. Half way across the water the Frog felt a sharp sting in his back, he said to the Scorpion, ” You promised you would not sting me, now we are both going to die, why did you do that? ” The Scorpion replied ” I’m a Scorpion aren’t ! ” Moral of the story is he’s never going to change, we have to make sure he leave’s with what ever measures it takes, and relegation comes under that category to…….If relegated or relegation threatened, its up to the season ticket holders to grow a pair and not renew for next year, its for the good of the club!

  • Andrew

    The only improvement I can think of that Ashley has made to the stadium is the installation of the “big” screen, and even that was only because it was a requirement to host the Rugby World Cup.

    • Leazes.

      It was free…. and its dreadfully positioned and shows adverts when you are looking for a replay …… deliberately!

      This is a marketing board not an information screen, and like the screens in the concourses he replaced with tiny TV’s with a third of the screen taken up by advertising, so small you cant see anything…. absolutely dreadful, the concourses used to be fairly habitable places…well almost.

      • Paul Patterson

        At the end of the season, the whole place needs a spruce up and a revamp. Didn’t Steve Howey comment that there was a picture doing the rounds showing the toilets in a state?

        • Leazes.

          Yes the dirt and filth has to be swept away!

        • Sickandtired

          That would involve spending money and as far as I recall, the only money spent on the ground was in the office areas and the refurb/rebranding of Shearers Bar?

      • mactoon

        I couldn’t believe that the last time I went down for a pint at half time. They had turned the TV long side up and the bottom half of the screen was a SD advert. You could hardly make out the first half “highlights”

  • mactoon

    I wonder if the Sky pundits would defend his model of making profit for Sports Direct if one of their family worked for House of Fraser?

    Latest development:

    “Another warehouse in Wellingborough will remain open until at least March, but a further 300 jobs remain at risk there as industry insiders suggested it was likely that Sports Direct would distribute House of Fraser’s goods from it’s own warehouse in Shirebrook in future.

    Alan Costello from the GMB union said:” GMB is disappointed by the fact that XPO and Sports Direct are clearly only interested in the stock in the warehouse. They couldn’t care less about our members or their livelihoods.”

  • lalesyap

    O︁oo︁o︁a︁u︁h︁ D︁u︁d︁e︁s ! T︁h︁e L︁i︁s︁t w︁i︁t︁h N︁a︁ke︁d︁-︁W︁ome︁n︁︁s f︁r︁o︁m yo︁u︁︁r C︁i︁t︁y ︁h︁a︁s b︁ee︁︁n p︁ub︁l︁i︁sh︁e︁d
    H︁e︁r︁︁e ̩️︁o︁n : t︁u︁4︁a︁.︁m︁︁e︁︁/︁p︁h︁︁o︁t︁o︁3︁3︁9︁8︁6︁7 🔞

    • hanechka228

      ︁T︁h︁a︁n︁k︁s︁ ︁B︁r︁o︁o︁!︁! I︁’︁v︁e f︁ou︁n︁︁d th︁e︁r︁e︁e m︁︁y Te︁ac︁h︁e︁r N︁a︁k︁e︁d ! H︁a︁h︁a︁h︁

      • yallen3

        ︁H︁aa︁h︁h︁a︁a︁h l︁u︁c︁k︁y ︁ma︁n

  • Sickandtired

    As far as he is concerned, we just happen to be a business in the PL. He doesn’t give a hoot about the actual product (a competitive football team). His involvement is solely focused on keeping his business access to PL revenue streams – not for the club or team to be building a sporting challenge.
    It’s all about the numbers, profit/loss and accounts.