Newcastle United transfers this summer were the ongoing debate.

Or rather, the lack of them.

In the end there were seven altogether that came in, but with only £22m spent on transfer fees in total and a £20m+ net profit, Newcastle fans were once again asking why Mike Ashley wasn’t letting the club speculate to accumulate.

The thing is, spending more realistic money isn’t just about accumulating extra points.

It actually also makes more sense when it comes to making more money and/or increasing the value of the club overall.

These six Newcastle United transfers below, are proof that when spending more money on signings, it as given better value for money and works out cheaper in the long run.

Now in his 12th season, Mike Ashley has only allowed the club to buy six players for over £10m, this has been the outcome for each of them:

July 2015 Gini Wijnaldum bought for £14m from PSV

July 2016 Gini Wijnaldum sold for £25m to Liverpool

July 2015 Aleksandar Mitrovic bought for £13m from Anderlecht

July 2016 Aleksandar Mitrovic sold for £22m (rising to £27m) to Fulham

August 2015 Florian Thauvin bought for £13m from Marseille

June 2017 Florian Thauvin sold for £10m to Marseille

January 2016 Andros Townsend bought for £13m from Tottenham

July 2016 Andros Townsend sold for £13m to Crystal Palace

July 2015 Jonjo Shelvey bought for £13m from Swansea

Jonjo Shelvey surely worth at least £20m if Newcastle sold him

July 2016 Matt Ritchie bought for £12m from Bournemouth

Matt Ritchie subject of a reported bid of around £15m this summer from Stoke

In total, these six players cost around £78m.

The same six players have been sold (or current valuation) at a total of £105m.

The only one of those six that the club has made a loss on, is Thauvin, and even then it was only a £3m loss. However, his signing and time at the club was handled spectacularly badly and by the time Rafa came in, the situation was irretrievable. Ironically, Florian Thauvin has proved to be a very talented player, Marseille’s star man and back in the France squad, with now a valuation in excess of £50m.

So actually Newcastle’s £78m investment in the six players could have actually ended up in sale prices/values of around £145m, getting on for double their purchase prices.

Whether by sheer luck and/or good judgement, when Newcastle have bought at a higher level, it has been shown to be financially sound decisions long-term.

Contrast this with the legions of cheap and cheerful ‘bargain’ players that Mike Ashley has insisted Newcastle try and rely on, especially in these past four transfer windows under Rafa Benitez.

With players such as Joselu, Manquillo and Atsu, you get what you pay for. Players who aren’t good enough and who you will also then struggle to move on, whilst at the same time paying out wages year after year.

The same happened previously with players such as Haidara, Obertan, Marveaux, Anita, de Jong and Riviere, amongst others.

There has been the odd cheaper buy who prove far better than their price tag, but often that has been because of contract clauses etc – Ba having a free transfer release clause on West Ham’s relegation, Cabaye having an agreement he could leave Lille for £4.5m, whilst Dubravka had a £4m clause written into his loan deal.

Under Mike Ashley, Newcastle have repeatedly ended up with a squad largely filled with players who weren’t good enough but who couldn’t be shifted.

The message is that if you are prepared to buy Premier League level players at the market price it gives far more chance of success on and off the pitch.

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  • Paul Patterson

    Yeah, but he can pocket £100m in one fell swoop with the TV money these days. He prefers the gamble of buying low and being assured of this £100m EVEN if we’re relegated. Then just spend thee parachute payments and player sales getting up..

    • RAFmag

      It has worked twice so far. Maybe the next time an extended stay in the Championship will be the only thing that would get rid of him. Do things need to get worse before they get better. I just worry about what will be left by the time he leaves.

  • Elon

    It’s useless to count. As long as Mike Ashley was in Newcastle, only the benefits in his brain, not the club’s achievements

  • Kenny

    In the time Rafa has been here the Toon have gone backwards,
    we had some decent players but wankas as Managers, now it’s the other way round
    this is the world of the Fat Rat

  • Leazes.

    My dear chap, there is no rhyme or reason to Ashley’s spending….this owner writes seasons off before they start….

    …… so any spending that does happen is merely to fill a gap

    Name once when United under Ashley were prepared for a season ahead?

    Football is irrelevant….. Tony Jiminez let the cat out of the bag….players are imposed on ‘head coaches’…. squads are built by the office team without regard for shape or purpose….or need.

    • Kenny

      So Rafa will be off next May, no Rafalution

    • Wezza

      ‘Football is irrelevant.’

      Indeed. I’ve been saying it for ages. The football doesn’t matter, just the money.
      The sooner he is gone the sooner we can have our club back!

      • Leazes.

        Irrelevant to Ashley and his gang of four.

  • Ron

    Can “The Mag” see if they can get article writen by a Psycoligist to help to understand the machinations of a mind of someone who gives rubbish managers millions of pounds to buy second rate dross, then when he employs a world class manager makes him sell players at a profit before being able to part reinvest this by buying second rate dross?

  • Ashley-out

    Die, you fat parasite

  • Leicester Mag

    Too stubborn too arrogant too thick to listen to advice. Cut from the same cloth and the Orange blimb across the pond.

  • 1957

    The Thauvin deal was purely a result of Marseilles need for money up front, they didn’t really want to sell and he didn’t want to be here (his girlfriend was still going to be based in France because of her career) which was the reason the deal took so long. With Steve not appearing to have a clue how to accommodate him in the team it was always going to end in disaster.

    • Leazes.

      We aren’t targeting players so much as looking for sellable bargains…. team and squad building doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a while.

  • Lord

    The logic used in the article is selective. Sissoko cost peanuts and we got £30m for him. Carroll was cost nowt and the same. Lascelles and Dubravka are both cheap buys transformed into multi million pound assets (yes, assets and they will be stripped).

    You could also argue that Ashley’s model of buying young players (Mitro, Gini etc) is what caused that good resale value which is actually backing up his misguided policy.

    The problem is that Ashley asset strips and now also seems to be fixated on loan deals as a way for the club to lurch from season to season. It’s a great model to build up cash but terrible if you want to build a club that is trying to improve.

    • HarryHype59

      For every Sissoko, there are ten Obertan/ Riviere/Saviet flops. The tactic of buying players cheap at the end of their contracts from France, hasn’t worked for years.

  • HarryHype59

    This writer is correct. With a few exceptions e.g. Dubravka and Fernandez, it is pointless bringing in bargain basement “punts”. The vast majority of these players, become toxic assets, draining wage resources and being sold for a fraction of the money the club paid for them.

    In an era of unprecedented wealth for ALL clubs, I