With the odd exception (hello Mick Quinn), Talksport does continually scrape the bottom of the barrel.

One of the truly terrible presenters/reporters is Ian Abrahams (AKA The Moose, AKA Hopeless).

On Monday, he launched an embarrassingly over the top juvenile attack on Newcastle United, and even worse, Newcastle Upon Tyne and the overall region (see below, an article written by Dean Wilkins yesterday).

As well as Newcastle fans calling him out on this, the West Ham supporting idiot found himself being slaughtered for his stupidity by pretty much every other Talksport presenter, via social media.

Fans of numerous other clubs also came to the defence of Newcastle United and especially Newcastle Upon Tyne as a City, even Sunderland fans(!) when it came to saying our brilliant City is a class place to live/visit.

Tuesday morning has seen Abrahams/Moose give a grovelling apology, no doubt ordered by his Talksport bosses, as even they must have been embarrassed by how he went on.

He tries to save a bit of face by telling those who ‘were just rude and abusive’ to have a good look at themselves regarding their conduct.

Maybe the Talksport loser should do that to himself when he looks in the mirror each morning.

Ian Abrahams (AKA The Moose, AKA Hopeless):

“I have spent some time and read the constructive criticism of what I said yesterday about Newcastle and it’s Football Club.

“I was clearly wrong about what I said about the City/area, but maintain attracting a big crowd doesn’t equal a big club.

“I appreciate the constructive and well put comments pointing out the errors of what I said.

“For those who were just rude and abusive, I suggest you look at how you put across your arguments in future.”

The Mag – Monday 24 September 2018 – Article by Dean Wilkins:

Are Newcastle United a big club?

Like a scab you can’t stop picking and making bleed, it was difficult to switch off this daft nonsense on Talksport.

We (Newcastle United) ended up with Jim White as our great defender, whilst Danny Murphy and a real loser called ‘The Moose’ (otherwise known as West Ham fan Ian Abrahams, who is useless even by Talksport standards as a presenter/reporter).

The ‘debate’ is given below between the three of them…but the very fact that they are (as usual) talking about Newcastle United, might answer their own question as to whether NUFC is a ‘big club’, whatever that is.

Funnily enough, Danny Murphy admits that he has now changed his definition of what a big club is, because his previous idea(s) had ended up not fitting in with something he’d wanted to say, so he’d ditched a regular full stadium so he could now include Aston Villa as a ‘big club’.

It is great with all of these filling air time debates, by the way they speak you would think everybody was walking around Newcastle City Centre stopping any stranger to remind them that NUFC fit in as a ‘big club’.

It is an ideal subject of course for something like Talksport as there is no definitive answer, so it can be a never-ending debate…

Success is supposedly an integral part of being a big part but of course that comes and goes for clubs all the time.

At the minute you have Manchester City with the most expensive and probably best quality squad in the world, they won the Premier League last season setting records on points and goals, yet hilariously they can’t fill their stadium in the Premier League or Champions League. Are they a big club? PSG have the second most expensive squad in the world and just like Man City, they were the beneficiaries of a roll of the dice, whereby they got people taking over the club with access to massive wealth, and via that are now said to be big clubs.

Back in the day, Monaco were very successful, ridiculous funding provided to build the team despite only having a handful of fans.

As a generalisation I would say that to be any kind of a big club you do need at least two things:

Having lot of people who really care about what happens to the club – including those people don’t necessarily get to matches at that moment in time.

Then also, being a club that neutrals take an interest in and talk about.

Newcastle United get two big fat ticks on those two factors but sadly everything else is out of our control.

In the raffle for new owner, we sadly ended up with Mike Ashley, somebody who sees only as the advertising arm for his retail empire.

Newcastle have a decent sized stadium and a manager with an excellent CV, another two factors which you can throw into the big club mix.

However, it is all a non-starter, in terms of success, when you then have an owner that not only has no interest in the health and success of his football club as a separate entity, but actually works against it being successful.

I’m quite happy if anybody wants to say Newcastle aren’t a big club because it is meaningless, though obviously the ‘Moose’s’ infantile comments about Newcastle as a place, are equally annoying/laughable.

A Talksport ‘debate’ as to whether Newcastle United are a ‘big club’?:

Ian Abrahams (‘Moose’):

“Everybody keeps telling me what a big club Newcastle are, like Leeds, at least Leeds have at least won the title in the last 30 years – Newcastle since I was born have won nothing, not a thing.

“Since colour television was invented…zilch. Absolutely nothing.

“So when Jim (White) says Newcastle are re a big club, they get fifty two thousand, yeah well what else is there to do in Newcastle?

“Some smart Alec on Twitter sent me a link to Trip Advisor about what there is to do in Newcastle; I looked at it, there’s one art gallery and a few parks to walk around.

“Whoopee, I won’t go to the footy, I’ll walk around the park.

“Yes they get a lot of people through the gate, I’m not denying that but that doesn’t make you a big club, when you get 52,000 people through the gate, when there’s practically nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon.”

Jim White :

“They are a big club.”

Danny Murphy :

“You are correct Moose, regarding what you have said.”

Jim White:

“Hang on Dan, are Newcastle a big club?”

Danny Murphy:

“Newcastle are well supported but they’re not a big club,”

Jim White:


Danny Murphy:

“They’re a team that yo-yos between the Championship and the Premier League. How is that a big club?”

Jim White:

“I am absolutely flabbergasted.”

Danny Murphy:

“I got mullered for saying Villa weren’t a big club, I had to retract a little bit, they have been a big club because they won the European Cup and they’ve competed at the top of the Premier League in my lifetime, so actually I was partly wrong there.

“What I meant was, and why I never felt it was a big club, was because every time I went there the stadium was never full.

“So I’m contradicting myself because if the stadium is full, it creates a big club atmosphere, but actually I was wrong about that because the stadium being full or not doesn’t constitute being a big club.”

Jim White:

“So what does constitute a big club?”

Danny Murphy:

“Success and worldwide support does.”

Ian Abrahams:

“Last time I checked, you don’t go to Spain and see people walking up and down the promenade and beach wearing Newcastle shirts. You do with Liverpool and Manchester United, you even do with Rangers and Celtic.”

Jim White:

“You see people wearing Newcastle shirts, yes you do.”

  • Down Under Mag

    Another on the Bishop Payroll with well timed remarks designed (and sadly working) to deflect criticism over the Keegan reveal about just how embarassing things were during his time here. Sadly, no-one is talking about, asking questions about or interrogating those responsible for that fiasco…my guess is because they are all in bed with one another, or more rightly being paid by Ashley.

    I see now Ashley is sendign in his incompetent cronies to try and “sort out a deal with rafa”… no doubt as some more deversionary tactics whereby they will try to blame Rafa for being too unreasonable when he asks for more than a loan signing and a packet of Quavers in the January window!

    • Leazes.

      I think there a some idiots at the Mag posting a few nothing stories to knock other more meaningful and pertinent ones back, shame that they do this.

      ….I’d never heard of this guy Abrahams until it was mentioned here.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Neither had I……..he seems like a very forgettable individual……

      • Kenny

        neither had i

        • Peaky

          He can apologise all he wants but he’s still atwat and London is still a shithole….

          • kingfisher

            Sorry Peaky but I don’t agree with your “London’s a shithole” comment.It’s not as good as that 🤣💩😆💩🤣💩🤣💩🤣💩

      • Hughie_Gallacher

        He seems to be the resident figure of fun at Talk Sport – there to make people like Adrian ‘King of the Wums’ Durham feel superior. I don’t know how he can stand it, but I guess his wage packet helps.

        • MadMag83

          Adrian Durham is the worst of the lot. He must read the news, then sit and think what the popular opinion will be so he can then claim an completely opposite opinion, just so he can have a debate. Never seems to agree with his sidekick Gough or the caller’s.

    • kingfisher

      “Packet of Quavers” furking luv it,Down under 🤣😁🤣😁👏👍👏👍

  • mactoon

    The Telegraph journalist Luke Edwards has just been on and totally trashed the moose for what he said and explained what a great place Newcastle is. Great piece with the Talksport presenter admitting moose can be “an idiot at times”. It was an all time low for the moose who to me is just a waste of airtime and spends more time explaining what he has eaten at a match than reporting about the football. The bloke has probably only been inside St James Park and not sampled what is available in the city itself. How he has a job in journalism (and kept it) is beyond me.

    • Leazes.

      Good guy Luke…his wife is a United fan.

      • Leicester Mag

        He’s also a bone fidi journalist as opposed to the crayon scribblers at the Chronic. Even Weez keys Louise is a step above the Chronic

    • Kenny

      He is a Moron

  • JohnnyH

    Talk sport is gutter radio, they fill hours of broadcasting by provoking argument and insulting.
    Abraham’s is just a failed journalist who has somehow found a little niche on the periphery of sports journalism, like Richard Keys.
    This ‘apology’ reads like it was made through gritted teeth.
    Personally I don’t give a flying [email protected] what they come out with and I don’t think their verbal dross deserves reproduction on the Mag.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    If anyone sees him let him know we aren’t a forgiving lot

    • Carverlier football

      That’ll be tricky – nobody knows what he looks like :)

  • BanJones

    He’s probably quite famous in his own house.

  • Mrkgw

    Disgrace. Should have been sacked!

    • Peaky

      Followed by a public execution in Fenwicks window…

  • Peaky

    Just googled him…all I can say….one of those faces….

  • panther

    Another mong who think the world ends at the northernest part of London

  • MadMag83

    Danny Murphy really does talk utter gibberish, he thinks Newcastle aren’t a big club because they’ve yo-yo’d between the Premier League and the Championship, but Villa are because they’ve competed at the top during his life time! Before Ashley, Newcastle enjoyed Champions League football, I don’t recall Villa having made it beyond the qualifying round of the Europa League for a long time. That’s not a dig at Villa either, neither club is currently in a position to lord it, rather a criticism of Danny Murphy and his conflicting views.

    In terms of world football, Newcastle are not a big club and neither are Celtic, etc. The truly big clubs are few in number, teams like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona. Teams who are almost always competing at the top. City aren’t a big club, same as Chelsea, just two clubs with a billionaire owner who is willing to throw money at it.

    • BigHairyDog

      Murphy said we haven’t competed at the top of the league in his life time, he must’ve been born in 2005 then.

      • Peaky

        Height wise he was….stunted little neebody…

      • Dave Pattinson

        So football didn’t actually take place before Abrahams & Murphy were born? They must be very special people. [email protected]!

  • Tony Bonner

    Never even heard of him until now , mind I don’t listen to talksport , what did he do beforehand to make him such an expert the bell

  • BigHairyDog

    They can’t spend hours slagging off Arsene Wenger at Arsenal anymore, looks like Rafa and us are their new number 1 target. I wouldn’t mind if they got their facts right and pointed out the asset stripping conducted by Ashley in the last 11 years or the way Ashley’s minions treated cancer stricken Jonas Gutierrez but they never mention that.

  • Down Under Mag

    This is clearly Bishop fed B.S. designed to deflect heat from Keegan’s book. And its working. However, it is really nice to see these idiots constantly being called out when they make off the cuff incorrect statements for once, perhaps they will think twice before slagging fans, regions, clubs, managers or players off with absolutely no fact based argument in future! I doubt it but the fact he had to issue an apology is hilarious…did you see some of the stick he was getting off current and ex-players even let alone fans? Even Mackems were jumping on board telling him how stupid he was!

  • Phil Yare

    using their stupid logic, anyone can be a big club tomorrow if someone comes in and invests a billion quid (eg man city).
    the fact that they are talking about us (again) says a lot

  • Paul Patterson

    I’m not interested in the ‘big club’ vs ‘not big club debate’.
    I just want us to be a club that actually competes like a Premier League club . .

  • TheFatController

    Amazing he hasn’t got the police in after the abusive comments from toon supporters.

    Richard Keys had to get the police involved for replies to his twitter abuse of us.

    And Ashley also was told by police that his family wasn’t safe going to games.

    The police denied Ashley’s claim, no one has been arrested by the police for replies to Richard Keys.

    It’s almost as if the regime like to infer they are victims of aggressive and life threatening abuse that involves the police to divert attention from more accurate things such as, oh, say, Ashley’s saying he’s selling for ten years but never selling ..?

    In psychology, it’s called deflection. It’s one of the top abuser tactics: ‘I’m not abusive, they are’

  • Anne Mumford

    I hope that NUFC fans are careful in what they say in reply to these ignorant people, who are just trying to justify whatever salary it is they are getting. These ‘small’ minded people would not hesitate to take action against the fans, who I consider to be the best in the world. How many other fans would remain faithful to a Club which treats them like this

  • Paul Smith

    Danny Murphy just cemented my view that he’s about the worst pundit on mainstream television… Even Steve Claridge is better.

    His comments make no sense. He says he changed his view on Villas “big club” status and 1 of the reasons he’s given is that at least they’ve competed at the top of the premier league in his life time. Only once have they achieved a finish that you could say that about when they finished 2nd in the very first season of the premier league in 92-92 but they still finished 10 points behind Man U and only 2 ahead of Norwich (does that mean Norwich are also a big club?).

    It’s just a plain fact that Newcastle have competed at the top of the premier league more regularly than Villa have. Since the premier league began Villa have had 2 top 4 finishes to Newcastle’s 5…

    The comments about Newcastle being a yoyo club make no sense when comparing to Villa either…. Newcastle have spent 2 seasons out of the premier league since it started while Villa are already in their 2nd season out of the premier league since it started and at the moment it doesnt look like they will be coming up this year.

    So Villa won the European Cup… anyone can get lucky in a cup competition as proven by the fact that since the premier league began teams such as Millwall, Cardiff and Wigan have played in the FA Cup final while Tranmere, Bradford and Bolten have played in the league cup final.

  • Will In Despair!

    I often try and envisage what it’ll be like when it all comes tumbling down, the Premiership bubble eventually popping?

    The most obvious would be the colossal drop in TV monies, who the hell is sky! Once this revenue stream vanishes, who actually will bother?
    Perhaps the millionaires are bored and have found other ways to amuse oneself. With TV viewings rock bottom, which businesses would be willing to invest or sponsor etc. a dead past time, some would argue similar to Snooker.

    Would it then come down to each and every club having to rely on the good old paying fan left keeping their business afloat?

    I wonder then which Clubs would be classed as the big ones? Just a thought.

  • mactoon

    The moose is coming to Newcastle tomorrow, that should be interesting.