Like many of you, I was a bit miffed by Ian Abrahams (Moose of Talksport ‘fame’) and his comments about Newcastle –the city; he can please himself with his opinions on the club.

I don’t tweet much, and I don’t reply to much, either, but just as I was about to make an exception, I thought, hang on… what if he decides to challenge his own ill-informed views, broaden his ickle-wickle mind, and see what our city is really like? We might have to put up with him actually being here.

Nah. You just leave it to us. Anyone who agrees with you can help you with the big words.

Also like many of you, I’m not really bothered about the big club-little club debate. Johnny Campbell explained this beautifully the other day.

It’s funny to see the comments from fans of other clubs in the days before and after they choose the match over our parks and one art gallery, with the intensity and rawness reaching a crescendo of generalisation and stereotyping from some, and the acceptance that while the match might not be pretty, and that we’ll be hard to beat, the city is pretty, and is also hard to beat. The ones that don’t like Newcastle will, like Abrahams, miss out. That’s their problem.

But I did take the chance to ask a few fans of other clubs what they thought of our plight, and how our response to it is perceived by those looking in.

One of the lads at work is a big Boro’ fan. Maybe it’s because of the proximity, but he sees our situation as us complaining despite being financially stable (well, that depends on who you ask), and a Premier League club who will struggle but, he added, probably won’t be relegated. I think there’s supposed to be some sort of comfort in there.

A Mansfield Town fan I used to work with was much more sympathetic. He sees us a loyal bunch who have lived on –as Johnny mentioned in his article – the missed bus of ‘the year we didn’t win the league’, and that even though we have tumbled twice since then, have maintained high attendances. He believes that other fans have sympathy for what is going on, particularly since the Richard Keys episode, which could be seen as Ashley and his media mates trying to pin the blame on the wrong people.

And an Arsenal supporting mate, who used to work in football, reckons football fans can read between the sycophantic, attention-seeking validation spewed by some experts.

She went on to make the point that while lots of football fans will find something to moan about no matter what (remember, she supports Arsenal), ignoring your customers (fans) is to be done so at the business’ peril. She, and many other fans, recognise that Newcastle United could be their club; a few bad decisions away from financial and footballing trouble.*

So, sticks and stones from Talksport, and something a bit more reasoned from some genuine fans who have no real agenda, or self-validation issues; from fans of clubs at opposite ends of the success spectrum.

Does it really matter?

Do any of us listen in and believe this hooey?

Or is it audio bear baiting, with Newcastle United fans as the angry bear?

Do some people believe that because an ‘expert’ has said it, it must be true?

Hopefully not.

As football fans, we’ve been underestimated by owners, the media, government, and sometimes managers. I’m not suggesting there’s some sort of solidarity love-in going on; there probably isn’t. But there is a very real concern from other clubs that they could be next. Or ‘do a Leeds’. Or a Blackburn Rovers. Football isn’t quite at crisis point, but it should be shuffling nervously.

Teams might represent us but clubs are advertising vehicles and image rights. Cities, on the other hand, are alive, and outlive the ownership of those revenue streams.

*All three fans thought Newcastle as a city is brilliant. That’s a 300% increase on the Abrahams of this world at Talksport.

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  • Carverlier football

    I think it does matter. Pertpetuating ill-informed opinions about what Newcastle and its people are like ultimately feeds into the institutionalised marginalisation of the whole region by central government

  • mentalman

    What exactly is it he thinks newcastle is missing

    • mactoon

      He actually said Newcastle aren’t a big club because they have never won anything in his lifetime and the only reason we get 52,000 in every week is because there is nothing else to do in Newcastle on a Saturday afternoon.

      • mentalman

        What i want to know is what he w wants to do on a saturday afternoon that you cant do in newcastle

        • mactoon

          nothing. It was just an ill advised comment from an idiot who has probably never set foot in Newcastle city centre. Since his comments he has been shot down by several journalists from outside the area, been torn apart on twitter and had to back track and apologise.

          • Kneebotherm8

            He’s fckn clueless and shouldn’t be given airtime….

          • mactoon

            how he kept his role in the company after blatantly insulting a whole region is beyond me. This comes after it was revealed that his team West Ham topped the list of reporting misleading attendance figures with them reporting attendances of 55,000 when in actual fact they had 42,779 through the turnstiles! 22% more.

          • Dave Pattinson

            Talksho!te is a well southern-biased station, & am including ManUre in that. Nearly all their focus is on Spuds, Gooners, Wet Spam, Chelski et al. The other bit is for ManUre fans to ring in & have a daily whinge about Pogba, Mourhino & the fact that they won’t win a trophy this yr. Only time we get mentioned is for negative reasons. And for having ‘unreal expectations’. Abrahams a journalist? My ass! Stick to BBC radio 3!

    • East Durham Mag

      Not him thats for sure.

  • Ba ba.

    He needs a hiding and at some point he will get one .

  • mactoon

    Talksports bosses have suggested the moose visits Newcastle, he’s coming tomorrow so his reception will be interesting.

    The problem with media is that people blindly believe reporters without digging into the story. So many times I’ve seen other fans talk about deluded fans/owner financially supporting us/manager moaning about no signings and so on. If they found out just a little bit of what is going on they would feel different, that’s why it’s important that the likes of Shearer, Howey, Keegan etc. need to tell their side of the story to the public as insiders who know what is going on

  • Grahame Johnson

    2015, 52000 in the ground 10000 in fan zone, hundreds at monument to watch a rugby match!!!, Magic weekend for rugby league well attended,30000 for a falcon game,150000 over 3 days for eds concerts,rugby European finals nxt year and a England game, how does our little useless city cope!!

    • Vincent Gigante

      By making sure everyone is suitably hydrated in our hundreds of bars??

  • Kneebotherm8

    Mickey “Moose” commentator …….

  • SuperDesHamilton

    He needs a good kicking

  • HarryHype59

    The Moose is a WHU supporter. The most bleakest and soul destroying place I lived were in the Essex heartlands of West Ham United. Absolute dive of an area.

  • Andy Mac

    Apparently he’s coming to the Toon on Friday night ? However as I said on social media this has blown up out of all proportions because some numpty, who claims to be a journalist, has never read the many comments from opposition fans, who visit the Toon and have nothing but praise for the fans, the nightlife and the whole weekend experience.

    He’s just a saddo, take no more notice.

  • panther

    Ive herd this moose fella wittering on, doesnt strike me as anyone with the capacity to think