Chancel Mbemba eventually joined Porto this summer.

The defender having no future under Rafa Benitez and a transfer suiting all parties.

The impending transfer was first reported in the Belgian media on 12 June but took fully six weeks for a deal to be done.

The DR Congo international eventually signing on 23 July 2018, with claims of a transfer fee of around £8m.

However, a new report in Portuguese newspaper O Jogo, now states that their information is that Porto only actually paid £4m (4.5m euros) for the player.

This could well fit in with just how long the transfer took, with no doubt Mike Ashley desperate to get back at least the £8m that Newcastle United reportedly paid for Chancel Mbemba back in 2015. The NUFC owner eventually having to accept that Porto were the only club interested and weren’t prepared to pay any more for the former Anderlecht defender.

The entire summer window saw outgoing transfers taking forever to actually happen, if at all, as the Newcastle United owner insisted on unrealistic valuations.

Matz Sels was another who took forever to be sold, whilst Henri Saivet went out on loan, Achraf Lazaar seeing a loan move fail at the last minute as Newcastle were insisting on a binding sale at the end of the year-long loan to Genoa.

As for Chancel Mbemba himself, he hasn’t made the best of starts in Portugal.

Injured almost immediately in a training session, the defender is still out injured and hasn’t kicked a ball as yet for Porto.

It is now six weeks since the transfer and still no sign of him returning, the player also missing out on playing for DR Congo, they have an African Cup of Nations match against Liberia and Chancel Mbemba wasn’t able to travel due to injury.

23 July 2018  – Chancel Mbemba moved from Newcastle to Porto:

Chancel Mbemba:

“I come here to win titles but first and foremost I will continue to work to win.

“I’m going to work to earn my place, I want to give everything I have to show what I can do for everyone.

“If I work well, I believe I can do it.”

Porto Official Announcement:


Central defender, international for the DR Congo, signed for four seasons

Mbemba joined FC Porto. The central defender, 23, international for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, signed for four seasons, until June 30, 2022.

“I will give everything for this shirt”, the blue and white reinforcement stated, talking as a FC Porto player for the first time, adding: “I’m happy to be here. Everyone knows FC Porto, a great club. I remember being in Africa and seeing FC Porto win the UEFA Champions League, and I remember the great players that have been at the club. I am very happy to sign for FC Porto”.

Chancel Mbemba Mangulu was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) and started playing football in the streets of Kinshasa, before starting his training at clubs such as ES La Grace and MK Etanchéité. In 2011, he left Africa and joined Anderlecht. Mbemba was in the victory over the Belgian Supercup in 2013, despite not leaving the dugout, but reinforced his status in the next season, assuming an important role in the victories in the Jupiter League and the Supercup, in 2014.

Signed by Newcastle in the summer of 2015, the central defender was regularly used in his debut season, still in the Premier League. In the following seasons, he played less, but still helped Newcastle win the Championship in 2017, the third title in his professional career, contributing to the return of the Magpies to the main division.

Mbemba shared the dressing room with former Dragons Steven Defour and Rolando (Andrelecht) and Christian Atsu (Newcastle). Curiously enough, the Congo international player has a chance of facing his former club in the presentation match of FC Porto, scheduled for next Saturday.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Everything fatty does is for a reason, generally to the detriment of our club

    • Ram Kishore

      U r biased here lol..
      How is selling him detrimental to our club?
      I would like to hear your reasoning for your comment?
      Rafa wanted him out.. is it not?
      Now you just seem to complain that sale for 4 million, u also know that club tried to get 8 million .. At that time most wanted him out because Rafa didn’t want him nor did Chancel wanted to stay. Many here were blaming Ashley for not selling him soon because he was being greedy and asking for 8 million… now selling him a bit early did cost us. Now u r blaming him for selling him?

      Surely we don’t really know what was the value of the deal. This same report told the we sold him for 7.2, now 4.
      I don’t really know for how much we bought whether it’s 8 or 10.. because nothing is accurate as all are undisclosed

      • SuperDesHamilton

        You don’t seem to grasp irony or sarcasm it seems.

        Ashley is the root cause of every single bad thing at this club.

        • Ram Kishore

          😂😂 Lol ok. Missed that “Ashley is the root cause of every single bad thing at this club”.
          Ig i should remember that all the time when I read a comment or post in Mag lol 😂

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Just remember all bad things head back to Ashley 👌🏻

          • Ram Kishore

            Haha 👍👍

      • Danimal

        Doesn’t matter if we sell players for 4 million, 400 million or 4 pence, the transfer fund will still be mysteriously stuck at sub zero.

        • Ram Kishore

          😂😂. I am not gonna think about transfer business until December ig.

          Just saw that Bobbi fleckman has been blocked by the Mag.. isn’t it weird that Mag is a fanzine and all and blocking someone for reason other than something genuine is a bit out of the line. I mean he may have different views and all but it has never been anything that’s bad or anything

          • Danimal

            A bit surprised about Bobbi F. Maybe used offensive language but the bar for that is quite high on this site!

  • Gary

    Made no sense at all getting rid of him for next to nowt and replacing him with 2 centre half who couldn’t the his boot laces. ….

    • Foggy

      Clearly Rafa didn’t rate him and unlike Mitrovic, I tend to agree with him on this one.

    • Ram Kishore

      You are such a talent in identifying who wont be able to tie who’s laces..
      So selling him.. who’s mistake?
      Rafa or Ashley?

      • Gary

        Nothing to do with Ashley he probably doesn’t know who mbemba is

    • Billmag

      Fernandez is 100% better than him.

      • Gary

        Don’t agree mate he got ragged all over off big mushy an owls journeyman. Not saying mbemba is a world beater but better than the 2 we brought in… he tried everyone up front bar mitro with Gayle it’s all about if and bits but those played in the right way would easily score enough to keep us up. Mitro is we do proving him wrong

        • Billmag

          We finished 10th without Mitro, Gayle has found his level, and Mbemba had a mare against Chelski last season, out of those three maybe he has made a mistake with Mitro I personally don’t think he has but time will tell.

  • Tony English

    Porto must seem very familiar to him.

    The Dom Luis I Bridge looks like the Tyne Bridge and High Level combined…if you haven’t seen it type “porto bridge” into a search engine. Freakish.

  • dauswand

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