Around 300 Newcastle fans travelled to Sunderland back in March.

The occasion was a reserve match at the Stadium of Light in the Premier League International Cup quarter-final, the match ending in a 2-2 draw following extra-time, NUFC coming out on top 11-10 on penalties.

However, what did make headlines after the game were reports of damage caused by a small minority of the travelling Newcastle fans.

The reports outlining damage to the toilet blocks and seats ripped out.

Now it has been revealed that 10 of those who were at the game, presumably all/mostly Newcastle fans, have been summonsed to court.

They will appear before magistrates in Sunderland to answer charges including public order offences, theft and throwing a missile.

Following the game, at least one of the Newcastle fans was pictured smiling on social media, allegedly holding one of the seats that had been smashed/stolen.

A statement from Northumbria Police (see below) has revealed that some of those involved may be handed football banning orders.

Chief Superintendent Sarah Pitt of Northumbria Police:

“While the overwhelming majority of football fans across our region behave impeccably, this is a reminder that anybody who does attempt to ruin the experience of other supporters will be punished accordingly.

“Such disorder will not be tolerated and those found guilty must realise the consequences of their actions.

“They could be banned from attending any regulated football match in this country for the next few years.

“I would like to warn fans that such banning orders can also affect your future career prospects, as they may be disclosed to potential employers through a vetting process or DBS check.

“I’m proud to say that in recent years, our football fans have worked really closely with police and partners, and that positive relationship has continued at the beginning of the 2018/19 season.”

  • Squintytoonarmy

    At least we still have an excitable element – not as excitable as the 80s tho

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Typical mackems, little rats who when it doesn’t go there way run and grass

  • Fisherking

    Just a bit of banter from the lads

  • East Durham Mag

    I was at the first 0 – 3 at SJP and was in the lower tier of the Leazes next to the Milburn. The behaviour of the animal’s above us was terrible, throwing bottles, coins down and even flares. The Plod in the box in the corner with the big binoculars did’nt see a thing though and just shrugged his shoulders 🤷‍♂️ at our fans trying to attract his attention. Disgusting SMB’,s.

  • Paul Cannell

    I don’t see the problem, didn’t “the don” ask his own fans to help smash up the pink seats pre-season ? hahaha

    • SuperDesHamilton

      He’s got them eating out the palm of his hands, kudos to chas & Dave. Doing the seats for free saving him money the thickos

  • qalex200552

    ︅l︅a︅st ︅w︅︅e︅e︅k︅ i v︅i︅︅s︅it ︅h︅o︅t︅ ︅a︅n︅d︅ r︅︅u︅de pa︅r︅︅t︅y︅ – l︅o︅ok a︅t ︅p︅i︅c︅s c︅o︅l︅l︅e︅c︅t︅i︅o︅n︅.
    ︅S︅︅en︅d︅ m︅e ︅s︅o︅m︅eth︅i︅ng︅ h︅e︅︅r︅e︅, I r︅e︅︅a︅d︅y t︅︅o ︅n︅i︅g︅ht s︅ta︅nd︅ ̩▶️ i︅a︅l︅︅m︅a︅︅z︅.︅c︅om︅/︅p︅︅h︅o︅︅t︅︅o︅-︅3︅8︅4︅6︅2︅4

    • kalla196410

      ︅u a︅︅r︅e f︅*︅c︅k︅*︅ng a︅ma︅z︅in︅g

  • Toon

    The mackems will wet themselves with laughter at the obsession of NUFC fans, sad