Joey Barton appears to have set the Sunderland fans off again.

Saturday’s game was going to be (relatively) ‘interesting’ enough, without the Fleetwood Manager suggesting Newcastle fans could be at the Stadium of Light supporting them tomorrow.

Having dropped to League One, Sunderland don’t have an international break, leading to the possibility, in theory anyway, of Newcastle fans travelling down to the game.

No doubt Joey Barton isn’t aware of the over the top panic that ensued towards the end of last season down on Wearside, responding to mentions/claims on social media by Newcastle fans that they were going to go and support the opposition in the club’s relegation run-in, Sunderland completely overreacted.

The soon to be relegated (yet again) club, blocked all cash turnstiles for the remaining home matches AND insisted that anybody buying a ticket had to prove they were a Mackem via a previous history of buying tickets.

Obviously Joey Barton will have all of our best wishes on Saturday but not so sure many/any Newcastle fans will bother going to watch the third tier game.

Barton’s off the cuff remark has though got plenty of Sunderland fans (see below) excited.

A bit bizarre though, with quite a few of them claiming there have been Newcastle fans at every Sunderland home match so far this season…

Joey Barton speaking to the Blackpool Gazette:

“Newcastle do not have a game at the weekend so we might have a few more fans in the Stadium of Light than is normal for a Fleetwood away game…who knows?

“Saturday was the first time in the stadium, I felt our team was really buoyed on by the (Fleetwood) fans.

“They really believed we could win that game and that filtered through onto the pitch.”

“I respect Sunderland, it is a fantastic football club, no doubt about it.

“The fans have stuck with them because it has not been an easy time to stick with them, especially when you see Newcastle doing well.”

Sunderland fans commenting  via their ready to go message board:

‘If there’s any chew with those fu..ers tomorrow I fully expect Joey Barton to get a knock from northumbria’s finest.’

‘Definitely. Can’t imagine the police will be too impressed.’

‘Eee an attention seeker seeking attention.

Whatever next.’

‘Grossly foolish for an opposing manager to come out and say that.’

‘I think he thinks the Mags like him.’

‘The morons who shout at shops do though.’

‘Barton is an idiot. Proven time and time again.’

‘I did wonder if any of that lot would make the trip with them not having a game and Barton back up here.’

‘Could land himself in bother with the FA for that.’

‘Haw’ay the unwashed, give your £20’s to us, that’ll learn Ashley.’

‘Trying to drag us into a streetfight like…

Use ya heeds the morra…’

Perfect result mags turn up we batter them 5-1 they kick off get arrested then Barton gets fined of the FA and in bother with the law for encouraging it and sacked from his job.’

‘He’s absolutely obsessed with us. This is his cup final.’

‘We’ve already seen on numerous occasions this season, that the Newcastle fans don’t need encouraging. They can’t stay away.’

‘He’s a silly boy, if there’s trouble tomorrow he should get his arse served on a plate..’

‘Can’t wait for this game to be over to stop hearing about this insignificant rat.

If they do turn up I hope they make themselves known in the local boozers and it comes back to Barton.’

‘I knew it. Let the mags come and give the club more money (it wouldn’t be the first time).’

‘Quite sad that from him. And even more sad if any of that lot turn up.

Fancy having nothing else in your life than to come along and watch us as a Fleetwood fan for the day.’

‘As if Newcastle fans needed encouraging. They’ve been at all our games this season.’

‘Our board should report him to the FA because if trouble is expected because of NUFC fans attending it could increase our policing bill. They should fine his club the difference. They’ll thank him for that.’

‘There is a problem here that the scouse Geordie hasn’t figured out.

The hard toon lads can’t sneak into the ground, jump up and shout United. then get an escort into their end. they will be scattered in random seats, with no easy access to the pitch. Hopefully one or two give it a go and get a pasting, not that I am condoning violence of course.’

‘To be fair, a few Newcastle fans paid to watch Sunderland v Scunthorpe and there was no ex mag connection there.’

‘They’ve done it at every other game so far. There just might be more of them this time.’

‘I’ve got nothing nice to say about Joey Barton, however, he isnt encouraging anything there mind… he comments that there might be some Newcastle fans there, since they dont have a game. He’s probably right too, they’re sad as fu.., he knows them well.’

  • Ron

    So they expected us to support who exactly?

  • Peaky

    Classic Joey….king of the workie tickets…..

    • Dave Pattinson

      They really don’t like Joey. I remember watching from the away end at the SOS before our bad results there. Think it might’ve been the Ryan Taylor free-kick game. Joey went to take a throw & at least 6-7 of their retards foaming at the mouth jumped out of their seats & ran down the steps to give him abuse & spit at him. Thankfully they were helped back to their seats by smiling stewards….which always happened at their place. No class.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    so toon fans have been going all season and just decide to mention it now.

    Proper jack & nory this 15 fingered lot

  • TheFatController

    ‘Some newcastle fans may come to the game’


    ‘If there’s trouble the club will have to report him to the FA’

    I once watched a bit of one of those sleepy village itv detective series (forget which one – lewismidsomerhettywainthropish) – I laughed that there was a vengeful serial killer in a sleepy village, motivated by a dairy farm argument. Not preposterous at all.

    Seems the writer of that episode doesn’t quite have the imagination for exaggeration that the mackems show on their forums however …

  • Jimblag23

    I’ll certainly hope Fleetwood win but I cannot imagine any fans actually bothering to go.

  • Kenny

    To busy tomorrow, I’m having a whisky 🥃 tasting event,
    that would be me & 3 different bottles of single malt.
    Lagavulin 16, Glenfiddich select cask & Glenmorangie 10.

    • Wor Lass

      Just got a nice 12 year Glenmorangie for my birthday. Lagavulin`s still my favourite with Bunnahabhain a close second!

  • Andynufc

    Mackems are a special breed. They’ve always had an inferiority complex. Nufc and the city itself are better in every way. Just ask the Sunderland players. They no doubt live and socialise in the city rather than Sunderland. Nufc are the number 1 club in the North East and the mackems know it, hence their bitter rants

  • multipolice

    love a good old mackem melt doon me like…joey hoying a bit bait out and the “justice for johnsoners” taking it hook,line and sinker,you can picture it,blue pop and cheese covered potatoe strips spat all over the pc monitor.

  • Fisherking

    I was thinking of going to support joey and his team but my tetanus is not up to date and don’t like rats or inbred two headed beasts

  • Jonas

    He didn’t say anything close to wrong or inappropriate and one of the first comments wants him arrested.
    even a trace of nufc turns some of those plebeians into psychopaths.

    (even decent ones will pat themselves on the back for an attendance and not give us credit for a much better gate – I experimented with this)