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Sunderland fans dreaming of winning Checkatrade Trophy – Some classic comments

3 years ago

Sunderland fans are desperate to win the Checkatrade Trophy.

Dreaming of a trip to Wembley to win a trophy  that only Newcastle United’s Under 21s have ever entered!

Obviously Mike Ashley is doing his very best to take us down to their level, the joys of League One and your first team playing in this cup competition.

However, for the time being lets not think of that , just enjoy the comments from Sunderland fans below, who are desperate to win the Checkatrade Trophy for some reason, despite a quarter of the teams competing being Under 21 sides from big clubs such as Newcastle…and Stoke.

Tuesday night saw the Mackem first team take on Stoke Under 21s on Wearside, Sunderland struggling to a goalless draw and it is such a tinpot cup, they even have their own rules. Stoke getting a point for a draw but penalties taken to see who would get a bonus point, the Mackems winning the shootout 4-2 before a lap of honour.

A tough group though as they still have to play Morecambe and Carlisle…

A few voices of reason but enjoy the comments below, the fear of having to play Newcastle United Under 21s (NUFC kids won 3-1 against League One Doncaster’s first team last night) in the final is quality.

Comments taken from the main Sunderland fans message board Ready To Go (and lose to NUFC kids in final of the Checkatrade Trophy):

‘I have said it before and I’ll say it again – this is a trophy that, this season, we should be aiming to win.

We will do fu. all in the FAC, we are out of the league cup so all thats left is promotion and this trophy.

Southampton made a beeline for a Wembley final when they were last in this league.

SAFC v Portsmouth final would be attended by 90k. No problem.’

‘One in the eye for a few clubs I reckon if we did win it.’

‘Would be fantastic if we won at Wembley.

I think the owners understand that.

Hopefully we can put strong teams in if we get through the group stage.’

‘Serious question. If we won it would you really feel any sense of pride?

Being in a position where we are even playing in it is a stain on the clubs history.

To celebrate winning it for a club of our stature is cringey as fu..

We should be keeping our heads down and mouths shut and be looking at putting things right.

Its a sad indictment of where standards have slipped to.

WE ARE FU..ING SUNDERLAND MAN!! Not some tin pot all club. 6 times english champions!’

‘I have accepted the fact we are in league 1, I have followed Safc for 43 years, I have seen us lose to Norwich, lose to Charlton, lose to liverpool, lose to Man City,

I just want to see us win the checkatrade I just want to enjoy a weekend away with 45,000 likeminded fans and go home happy.’

‘It is tin pot but I’ll be there. Just like league one is tin pot.’

‘Sunderland V Newcastle under 21s final would be interesting.’

‘Won’t happen as the final will be the winner of the Northern section v the winner of the Southern section.

My money on a Sunderland v Portsmouth final. With us pumping Newcastle U21’s in the Northern section final, which is effectively the semi final from what I can gather.’

That’s not right mind, the whole north and south section thing stops at the quarter final stage, so it is possible that we could play the mags u21 side at Wembley.’

’56,000 screaming mackems.’

‘Would you be at Wembley with 35,000 plus others? HAAAAWWWWAAAYYYYYY we’re on our way!’

‘I’ll go.

‘Can’t wait to pay £15 a pint.’

‘It’s not embarrassing for a L1 club to take part at all.

That what we are.’

‘It’d be a great cherry on the cake if we win it along with promotion.’

‘For me the competition became cringeworthy when the FA allowed teams from the top 2 divisions to field their reserve teams in it.

Just suppose we got to the final and for example played Chelsea U21?’

‘Humiliating if we lose and under valued if we win.Monstrosity of a competition.’

‘I think it was Methven who said that we cant act the billy big bollocks and need to accept where we are, respect our opponents and earn our way out of it.

Being in this competition is very much part of where we are and if you find it ‘cringey’ then you clearly have not accepted where we are.

Don’t be so bloody precious man. We are favourites for this and if we treat it properly could go a long way. Its an opportunity to be grasped. If you can’t afford a Michelin star restaurant or even some decent pub grub, then you might just have to accept the odd McDonalds happy meal…..’

‘Methven is talking out of his a*se tbh. His comments the other day were ridiculous regarding the mags. He is the one who wants to be accepting where we are.

He’s taking a pop at a champions league manager who finished tenth in the premier league last year. This is what I mean about keeping our heads down and mouths shut and just getting the job done.’

‘People are saying it’s a tinpot trophy etc. but I bet you every penny I have that IF we got to the final they’d be just as excited as everyone else.’

‘Nah would honestly not bother. Its embarrassing to even be involved in my opinion.’

‘It was a first team game for us, but not for Stoke.’

‘If the mags Under 21’s got to the final they’d be there in force acting as if its the biggest trophy ever so I don’t see why we shouldn’t be happy if our first team get there, a trip to Wembley for a cup is always a good day.’

‘Only mags n southampton won out of 7 u21 sides last night, hopefully most go out early doors again!’

‘I disagree. The whole competition is a joke. Rather we were out immediately and focussed on the league.’

‘Canny turnout (7,644) that mind. Better than I was expecting.’

‘At £3/£1 some folk would have just went for something to do. Burton Albion charged £16. If we had done that there would have been less than 2k there (and rightly so).’

‘Not sure it’s first team when stoke call their team u21.’

‘But it was our first team.’

‘Thought our crowd was impressive tbh because I expected 2k. Don’t think any Checkatrade Cup games should be anymore than a fiver for adults. Burton charging 16 quid is beyond belief.’

‘Don’t mind the competition personally. Flanagan, Wyke and Sinclair being an example. Absolutely crucial game time for them.

Not sure we will go all out to win this but its helpful imo. Look at Hume standout performer now people want him in the team. There’s pros and cons to it. People believing it’s embarrassing we are in it need to wake up to reality.

There’s a reason we are in it.’

‘We should hang our heads in embarassment that we are in the competition.

I couldn’t give a sh… how we do in it, and should use it only as a series of useful fixtures to give injured/fringe players a run out. I will not be going to the final, all giddy to watch a Sunderland fringe team take on Bristol City U21s for the prize of 2 points to the winner.

I know we are in League 1, but we’ll end up staying there if we, as some desire, fielding full strength teams and take niggles and fatigue into the league games, all because we wanted to win some rinky dink pub trophy? Would you take finishing 3rd in the league rather than top 2, but got you got your day out in London? I’d rather we rotated so that our best players were available for as many league games as possible.’

‘Newcastle U21’s….. Imagine getting beat by those lot at Wembley…’


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