Rolando Aarons has at last found a new club.

The winger completely sidelined by Rafa Benitez, having not been given a place in his Premier League squad.

Options were running out and Aarons has ended up in the Czech Republic.

This is one of the few countries where the transfer window was still open.

Rolando Aarons joining Martin Dubravka’s old club, Slovan Liberec, for six months.

The keeper left there in summer 2017 before joining Sparta Prague and then Newcastle.

Tuesday had seen claims (see below) that the player could end up in Bulgaria but that proved not to be the case.

Official Newcastle United announcement:

Rolando Aarons has joined FC Slovan Liberec on loan.

The winger has completed a six-month switch to the Modrobílí, who are currently eighth in the Czech top flight.

Aarons, 22, made his Magpies debut against Manchester City on the opening day of the 2014/15 season, and has made 27 appearances for the club, scoring four times.

The former England under-20 international was loaned to Italian side Hellas Verona for the second half of last season, and made 11 Serie A appearances.

The Mag – 4 September 2018:

Rolando Aarons wasn’t given a squad number when Rafa Benitez handed them out before the opening Premier League match.

The winger given only 77 minutes in the Championship season by the Newcastle boss, then a paltry 137 minutes last time in the Championship.

A disastrous loan spell followed in Italy earlier this year, the winger making 11 Serie A appearances but not getting a single goal or assist as Hellas Verona were relegated.

When the official 25 man NUFC Premier League squad was announced on Monday, Rolando Aarons was the notable absentee.

Achraf Lazaar had also not been given a squad number in early August but was then included in that official squad yesterday.

Rolando Aarons looked doomed to be training and playing with the kids and travelled down to Doncaster today, ahead of tonight’s Checkatrade Trophy group match, where NUFC Under 21s are taking on the Rovers first team.

Aarons turns 23 in November and along with Jamie Sterry was set to be one of the overage players allowed.

However, when the team was announced at 6pm ahead of the 7pm kick-off, it was revealed that the winger had been pulled out of the team at the last minute because a loan move is reportedly on the cards.

The Chronicle saying an unnamed Bulgarian team could be set to take Rolando Aarons on loan.

The transfer window doesn’t end until Saturday (8 September) in Bulgaria, so a few days left to get a deal finalised.

Interesting to see which club, if a deal happens, as league leaders Levski Sofia have Gabriel Obertan on their books.

He made 31 league appearances last season as they finished third in the table, Obertan scoring four times. This season though they are top after seven matches, winning six and drawing one.

As for the NUFC Under 21s who take on Doncaster at 7pm tonight in the Checkatrade, the team and subs are:

NUFC Under-21s team:

Harker, Sterry, Bailey, O’Connor, Gibson, Watts, Juanito, Roberts, S. Longstaff, Allan, Sørensen.

NUFC Under-21s substitutes:

Langley, Cass, Walters, M. Longstaff, Sangare, Wilson. Kick-off at the Keepmoat Stadium is at 7pm.

  • Kenny

    Wanka, he’s wasted his talent, more interested in clubbing than training hard and improving himself, a lot of footballers are now teenage millionaires, some go on to be regulars in the premiership through hard work & dedication to the game,
    I don’t see that happening with Aarons although a couple of years ago I thought he’d be as good as Sterling.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Correct Kenny. Still living off one good game he had 5 year ago

      • Wor Lass

        Didn`t he have two decent games? It was Mbabu who had one …

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Man City away is the only time a ever remember him on the pitch making a contribution

          • Wor Lass

            That was his best, no doubt. Can`t swear to it but I seem to remember him doing well in a home game – maybe against Palace?
            other than that, nothing.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            You might be right, 3-3 one when we were 3-1 5 minutes to go & Pardew blamed the fans for conceding

          • Wor Lass

            Another Pardew myth. He blamed the players, if anyone, for being naiive and getting carried along by the crowd and not tying up the win. Nowhere did he actually criticise the fans. I don`t like the guy but I don`t see the need to blame him for everything!

          • SuperDesHamilton

            He blamed the fans. Nothing was ever ‘pardiolas’ fault. Ever.

          • Wor Lass

            If he was chocolate he`d eat himself. The most disgusting thing I heard about him was a story from MC on the Chronic site. After a match in Sunlun the staff were out for a meal and Pardew saw one of his assistant`s meal, thought it looked better than his and just took it. I mean, how disgusting can you get – eating in Sunderland!!

          • SuperDesHamilton

            😂😂😂😂 I heard that one. Didn’t the creep say something like when your king you can do what you want?

            To be fair it was probably only cheesy chips anyway ha

  • WrongToon

    I can’t really see this as a good move for anyone, unless the real reason is just to get him away from any distractions (or being a distraction) and concentrate on football. But that didn’t exactly work for his Italy loan did it? A shame, as on his day he could be raw but brilliant. Another player we likely won’t be able to shift for nowt, although I’d love to be proven wrong.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Thought it was Bulgaria he was away to, Lee ryders geography for you.

    Strange one this Liberec are one of the big old clubs in Czech Republic, along with Banik (think Milan Baros is there still) a thought he’d be at someone bigger but Sparta are a mad house, Slavia have Chinese money troubles & Plzen don’t tend to buy anyone who isn’t Slavic. Still a strange one

    • Ram Kishore

      U mean Czech clubs go for Slavs mostly? Or only ?Especially Vikoria plzen

      • SuperDesHamilton

        I mean Viktoria Plzen sorry, they generally only sign Slavic players.

        Sparta had some quality young Czech players a couple years ago and appointed the old inter manager who’s name is too long for me to spell haha. Brought in a load of rubbish on high wages like Semih Kaya, Biabany & Rio Mavuba (who interestingly was born at sea & doesn’t have a country on his passport)

  • qarna15

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    • aapartama

      ︁Tha︁nk︁s︁ ︁B︁ro︁o︁o︁!︁! I︁’︁v︁e f︁o︁u︁n︁d t︁h︁e︁︁r︁e m︁︁y Tea︁c︁h︁︁e︁r N︁ak︁︁ed ! ︁H︁a︁a︁h︁h︁a︁a︁hh︁

      • tandryc

        Ha︁︁a︁h︁a︁hh︁ l︁u︁c︁k︁y ︁d︁u︁︁de