An update on the bottle throwing at Crystal Palace v Newcastle.

Sky Sports have confirmed that the FA have launched an investigation into the second-half incident, where a plastic bottle was thrown from the Newcastle away section.

It hit Aaron Wan-Bissaka who was unhurt.

Sky Sports say that the FA are ‘seeking observations’ before deciding whether to take the matter further.

The individual needs to be caught and punished, obviously, but I made my feelings known earlier today (see below).

Back in 2015, coins were thrown by Crystal Palace fans at Newcastle players and Coloccini was struck, then the same thing happened three days later, that time it was Liverpool players targeted by Palace supporters.

In the end nobody was caught and punished but Crystal Palace themselves weren’t punished, or the wider Palace fanbase. So surely the same should apply this time for Newcastle and their supporters?

Sky Sports:

The FA have opened an investigation after Crystal Palace defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka was struck by a bottle during his side’s 0-0 draw with Newcastle on Saturday.

The bottle appeared to be thrown from the area containing the Newcastle supporters at Selhurst Park.

Although Wan-Bissaka did not require treatment, the FA are seeking observations before deciding whether to take the matter any further.

The Metropolitan Police also confirmed they were aware of the incident, but say no suspects were identified.

A statement read:

“Police were aware of a bottle thrown onto the pitch at 16:33hrs on Saturday, 22 September at Crystal Palace v Newcastle.

“CCTV was reviewed but no suspects were identified or arrested.

“Additional measures were taken by police and stewards during the remainder of the match to assist in preventing further incidents. No further offences were identified or disclosed.”

The Mag – Earlier today (Monday 24 September 2018):

The Crystal Palace match on Saturday wasn’t the most exciting.

The goalless draw featuring last on Saturday night’s Match of The Day as Newcastle came away with their second point of the season.

With such a poor match, it is a real gift to the media when something happens off the pitch that proves newsworthy.

So when Crystal Palace defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka was struck by a plastic bottle thrown from the away section, no surprise that it has been given plenty of press coverage.

However, talk of punishment for Newcastle United and the wider fanbase is surely a bit of a joke.

When one loser does something as lame as this then it is that person who needs punishing and nobody else.

It would be different if you have an ongoing culture of bad behaviour at a club and they have done nothing to identify and help punish those responsible.

In fact, we have the perfect precedent from an incident (actually incidents) that previously happened at Selhurst Park.

On 11 February 2015, Crystal Palace played Newcastle, the first match between the two since Alan Pardew had swapped clubs.

Papiss Cisse gave Newcastle the lead and coins were thrown by a Palace fan (or fans), one of them hitting Fabricio Coloccini.

Both club and Police pledged (see below) to catch the person or persons responsible but nobody was ever identified.

To make it worse for Crystal Palace, three days after that incident, coins were then thrown at Liverpool players during an FA Cup match.

Once again nobody was identified/caught.

Crystal Palace themselves were not punished themselves in any way for either/both incidents, so all a bit crazy to suggest Newcastle United should be held responsible for one individual in an isolated incident, that they had no control over.

There were rumours post-match over the weekend that the offender had/has been identified, hopefully that is the case and he (or she…) can be punished, and we can all move on.

Crystal Palace official statement – February 2015:

‘We have conducted our own investigation into the incidents at our last two home matches (v Newcastle and Liverpool), as well as making our CCTV footage available to the police.

We take a zero tolerance approach to this sort of behaviour and, if the perpetrators are identified, they will be banned indefinitely from the stadium.’

If they are season ticket holders their cards will be made void without a refund.

The stupid behaviour of a few supporters risks creating a negative image of our club and we would appreciate the help of Palace fans in identifying the culprits, who are not welcome at Selhurst Park.

The club already has extensive security measures in place, including body cameras for stewards, and will continue to improve CCTV coverage at the ground.’

Police statement after that February 2015 Coloccini incident:

‘Officers in Croydon Borough are investigating coins being thrown during the Crystal Palace FC vs. Newcastle United FC match on Wednesday, 11 February.

The incident was reported to police by stadium staff and is understood to have occurred at around 20:45hrs after Newcastle scored in front of the Holmesdale End.

There were no reports of any injuries made to police. There have been no arrests and officers are working with the club and match officials as the investigation continues.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information about it can call police on 020 3276 2219. Alternatively anyone wishing to remain anonymous can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or via’

  • Leazes.

    Do you really need another thread on the same subject?

  • Paul Patterson

    Since when have the FA been consistent and unbiased?

    • magpiefifer

      I’m still waiting for that to happen!!!

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Slow day at the mag today?

  • mactoon

    Maybe the FA should investigate how Newcastle United uses the central payments given to them to “Support them in their efforts to develop and acquire talented players and build and improve stadiums”

    • Paul Patterson

      The club have acquired new talent and improved its facilities.
      Apparently everything is improving at House of Fraser ..

      • mactoon

        Ask the workers at the shops he is closing because the landlords are “too greedy” if things are improving. You couldn’t make it up!

        • Steve Smith

          Some of the “greedy landlords” being cash strapped councils who need that money for their social care system rather than lining the pockets of a fat cockney.

        • Paul Patterson

          Next summers TV money will be spent on two strikers– Mark and Spencer..

    • FatParosite

      I was just going to write the same…..

  • Ron

    I remember (I think Grimsby away – the night KK secured promotion) that someone threw a pie at the Grimsby keeper just before a corner. It splatted against the crossbar and Micky Quinn picked up a big chunk and ate it!

  • Hdeagle

    No wonder Newcastle fans are moaning if they have to watch Rafa’s turgid interpretation of football every week.
    They were about as entertaining as watching paint dry and I feel sorry for the fans that have to endure these park the bus tactics with 11 men behind the ball.
    Football is an entertainment business and I have seen more entertaining friendly matches than what was served up on Saturday.
    You cannot expect to win games unless you venture over the half-way line.
    At least Palace showed some attacking endeavour and tried to entertain.

    • mactoon

      Thanks for the empathy but one thing I’ve never been able to agree with is that football is an entertainment business.

      Football is a competition where the teams playing in a league compete to get the most points, if you are entertained that is a bonus. We have a team that is unable to compete due to the decisions of an owner who doesn’t care about anything except money.

      Even with the squad available to Rafa we should still expect to be competing with the likes of Crystal Palace.

      • Hdeagle

        Newcastle will finish below Palace this season

  • BanJones

    This is the sort of thing that happens when boys drink men’s beer.

  • Hdeagle

    It seems that it was not just a Newcastle fan that lost his bottle as Newcastle were too scared to advance over the half way line in an ultra defensive performance in the second half at Palace.

  • Benmagpie

    One of the few shots on target

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  • geordiejay1983

    Plastic bottle. Fairy palace fans. Take me to the ball