Always interesting to get things from a neutral perspective with Newcastle United.

Often you can be too close to a situation to take a rational view on things.

However, a report looking at which player has been the biggest disappointment at each Premier League club so far, won’t see much disagreement from Newcastle fans.

The excellent Football365 have identified Kenedy from a Newcastle perspective, though he is in decent company as the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Harry Kane and Leroy Sane have been picked out for their respective clubs as well.

The big problem for Newcastle, is that unlike those other clubs mentioned, the cupboard is pretty much bare when it comes down to other players taking up the slack when somebody such as Kenedy is finding it tough.

It says it all really about the lack of backing for Rafa Benitez from Mike Ashley, when he wasn’t even allowed to try and buy the player this summer AND the fact that we are so reliant on a 22 year old loan player who has still only made 20 starts in a top league.

With Atsu and Murphy having little/no end product, it is very hard for Rafa Benitez to take Kenedy out of the firing line

However, it isn’t difficult to identify why the loan player might be finding it tough so far.

As well as other clubs now knowing what to expect from the left winger AND being so aware of how much Newcastle rely on Kenedy for creativity and threat, it is also the case that the player had only 67 minutes in pre-season friendlies as he was allowed time off due to the new arrival of his baby daughter.

At any other PL club he would almost certainly have been eased in and started the first handful of games on the bench, However, Rafa and Newcastle don’t have that luxury.

In that second half of last season when arriving on loan, the two goals and two assists Kenedy provided were very welcome, but more than that was the fact that other teams could no longer count on Newcastle having nobody who would take them on, meaning it had become very easy and predictable in terms of nullifying any threat. A static team making it all but impossible for Shelvey to unlock the opposition with incisive passing.

This two weeks break could and should do Kenedy wonders and that home match with Arsenal in 11 days time is an ideal time for his and Newcastle’s season to kick off.

If that doesn’t happen, then as Football365’s report says: ‘If he doesn’t improve, Newcastle could be a bit buggered’, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Football365 ‘Fix up, look sharp: One per club who has started the season slowly’:

Newcastle United: Kenedy

“One of the saviours of Newcastle’s campaign in 2017/18, Kenedy has started this season in rotten form.

“Could have been sent off against Cardiff City and missed a penalty in the same game, was robbed of possession to concede a goal in the EFL Cup against Nottingham Forest and has failed to create a single chance in the Premier League.

“If he doesn’t improve, Newcastle could be a bit buggered.”

  • Kenny

    He’s class & is just going through a bad patch, didn’t get a full pre season in & there were signs of improvement against City

  • Paul Patterson

    We’ve played four games, one of which he didn’t play in and the other two were against two of last seasons top six and we were on the defensive for the vast majority of the time.
    I think it’s a bit early to form a proper judgement . .

  • East Durham Mag

    Next a report on the bleeding obvious.

    • Ron

      Apparently something to do with the Owner withholding funds in order to get the club out of reverse and into first.

  • panther

    quality player and our only real threat, im worried he doesnt yet have the experience to shake off the markers

  • Magpie1974

    He’s young, inexpepianced, perhaps been trying to hard. He has a lot of pressure of expectation which he maybe didn’t have when he came last season. Hopefully he’ll improve as the season progresses.

  • Down Under Mag

    Kenedy has been woeful. But he is still young, probably came back wanting to move heaven and earth to prove himself or just to repay the faith. It look sfo rall the world that he is just trying too hard. I’m sur ehe will get back to the form we saw last season.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    I think Rafa knows it’s a confidence thing, not class or ability, and will be able to manage him back to form

  • easterix387

    l︎о︎оk а︎︎t m︎︎y h︎о︎t︎еw & r︎︎u︎d︎е h︎о︎m︎е︎p︎о︎rn w︎i︎︎t︎h m︎y bi︎t︎c︎hе︎s︎, s︎е︎n︎d m︎е h︎е︎r︎е ̩
    A︎︎d︎d m︎︎e︎: i︎a︎l︎m︎︎a︎z︎.︎c︎︎︎o︎︎m︎/︎p︎h︎o︎︎t︎o︎︎-︎1︎0︎︎4︎6︎2︎3

    • kaliski

      ︎oh m︎y g︎o︎d , y︎o︎︎u︎r bo︎dy i︎s l︎it︎er︎a︎ll︎y p︎e︎r︎fe︎ct︎