Rafa Benitez is in Switzerland on Tuesday.

The Newcastle United boss once again invited to the annual UEFA Elite Coaches Forum.

This brings together the top European Club Coaches to discuss the important issues and challenges facing European football.

Amongst those attending today along with Rafael Benitez, are Jose Mourinho, Massimiliano Allegri, Julen Lopetegui and  Thomas Tuchel.

A reminder once again to everybody, particularly Mike Ashley, that Newcastle United need to do everything they can to hold onto their respected top level manager.

Jack Ross was unable to attend due to Sunderland’s first team taking on the Stoke Under 21s in the Checkatrade Trophy on Tuesday night…

UEFA Official Announcement:

The class of 2018.

Our Elite Coaches Forum is underway at UEFA HQ.

Annual gathering of coaches takes place on Tuesday 4 September.

The 20th UEFA Elite Club Coaches Forum will take place at the House of European Football in Nyon on the afternoon of Tuesday 4 September (14:00-18:30CET).

The forum provides an opportunity for top European club coaches to exchange views on the major issues affecting European club competitions, as well as to discuss and make proposals to UEFA that may be of overall benefit to the European game.

A number of Europe’s leading coaches have been invited and amongst those attending:

Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus)

Carlo Ancelotti (SSC Napoli)

Rafael Benítez (Newcastle United FC)

Sérgio Conceição (FC Porto)

Unai Emery (Arsenal FC)

Paulo Fonseca (FC Shakhtar Donetsk)

Rudi Garcia (Olympique de Marseille)

Şenol Güneş (Beşiktaş JK)

Julen Lopetegui (Real Madrid CF)

José Mourinho (Manchester United FC)

Thomas Tuchel (Paris Saint-Germain)

Arsène Wenger

  • Ron

    Are Pardew and Carver busy then?

    • Kenny

      Pardew is waiting by the phone & Carver is advising Pedro how to mow a lawn

      • drc74

        carvers still fighting for the job

  • Paul Patterson

    He’ll get more respect there than in the Newcastle boardroom . .

    • Dave Pattinson

      Wonder if Rafa will be sounding out the rest of them for possible job vacancies in May? If he doesn’t, he’s crazy.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    No Lucescu or Spaletti but Sérgio Conceição 😂😂😂😂

  • Tweed Mag

    Rafa Benitez is without doubt a world-class manager. That puts him at risk at NUFC. Previous managers with genuine talent (e.g. Hughton, Shearer, KK) were forced out when it was obvious they had the backing of the team and the fans. Not to mention their ambitions for the club and the knowledge they had, far exceeding the likes of Wise and Llambias. Ashley remains in his own little bubble, convinced he is right and encouraged by his apologists on the SD payroll.

  • Kenny

    If there was a meeting of elite scumbags Fat Mick would be at high table

    • Peaky

      Aye,sitting like Henry VIII with a drumstick in each hand and one hanging from his mouth…

      • Kenny

        eats 20 chickens washed down with a barrel of ale

        • Taz

          The bloke drinks 10 pints and is sick, a barrel is as far fetched as his spenditure

  • drc74

    to share best practices and views, raffa: ‘right guys, some advise, don’t go and work for that lying tub of lard’

  • Peaky

    Where’s Ginger Elvis ??? Oh sorry my mistake…it says elite coaches not elite coach drivers….

    • steven musgrave

      Dont coach drivers park buses……..oh wait!

  • Billmag

    Should have a picture of Ashley underneath WE CARE ABOUT FOOTBALL and each of them elite coaches can throw darts at it.

  • tasnamp

    fо︎︎u︎n︎d m︎y c︎r︎а︎z︎y о︎︎l︎d f︎о︎l︎d︎е︎r w︎︎it︎h m︎y p︎i︎︎qu︎а︎n︎t s︎е︎︎l︎fi︎е︎s – ch︎︎е︎c︎k , w︎h︎о︎l︎е c︎о︎l︎l︎е︎c︎t︎i︎о︎n ̩
    A︎︎d︎d m︎︎e: i︎a︎︎l︎m︎a︎z︎.︎c︎o︎m︎︎/︎i︎d︎2︎9︎8︎︎8︎1︎5

    • palevonyan

      ︎A︎m︎a︎z︎i︎n︎g︎.︎.︎. I︎m s︎o w︎e︎︎t︎

  • Taz

    I read the headlin and stopped reading, Ashley doesn’t need reminding of. Anything.. The bloke knows… Heis just a fuckingtool..

  • Down Under Mag

    Reminds me of the Blackadder episode where the butlers have a “who’s got the stupidest master” competition…Rafa would be a shoe in for who’s got the most incompetent owner!