I have been a Newcastle supporter all my life and attended my first game in 1963.

In my time I have witnessed many rebellions against the various boards/owners.

Let me tell you, boycotts have never worked, as we are all too loyal.

Too many of us will not boycott games, FACT.

In the past few years a merchandise boycott has been mentioned but people still bought strips.

Let’s try another way, very simple, but it will let the thick-skinned cockney know the true feeling of supporters. At present the fans taking action and members of action groups are a minority and I am sure that is what he thinks.

Let’s start a simple petition to tell Mike Ashley how many fans want him to go, he then may realise the strength of feeling against him.

I am convinced we could achieve signatures from more than 50% of the St James Park capacity.

I know it’s a soft option but it will show how many supporters care about the Toon.

We want Rafa to stay and have a fair crack of the whip (he has not yet).

The actions can still continue but please do not ask us to boycott games, as this is counter productive to the team itself and as I say, have not worked in the past.

Let’s get at least 25,000 signatures before the end of December to show our true feelings.

You never know what he might do, as a businessman he is a bit of a loose cannon, so let’s hope he goes off.

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  • Paul Patterson

    Survey the crowd on a match day and I will assure you, it won’t be 50% against him. More like 95% (you’ll always get some idiots).
    As for showing him that we want him to go- He knows, he just doesn’t care.
    Not while the 💰💰💰💰💰 is rolling in ..

    • Toontaff

      Maybe if we sang ‘we want you to stay’ the fatman might go!

    • Geordiegiants

      Exactly and who is giving him money?

  • Sickandtired

    Err, refer to his ‘letter’ of 2009 and his acceptance that we wanted him out. He’s still here.

  • Cockneytrev

    I’m sure you mean well,,,, but he is under no illusion that he is not wanted,, the only people who support him are the ,, 💩 houses who troll on this site, his sycophant lackies, the press who he is paying and fans of clubs that are terrified of the potential of this club if we are finally run properly,,

  • JohnnyH

    Worth a try, but for me it would have to have a bit more to it.
    Who is the intended recipient? PL?
    We should maybe demonstrate reasons in said petition why we want him out? Stealing the TV money?

    • Phildene

      I have emailed the PL three times and so far nothing, apart from automated acknowledgement. I’m now asking the PL if they’ve got any back bone as it’s their rules which are being blantantly abused by Ashley.

      • Billmag

        Maybe if loads of people E-mailed the PL it could be better than petition’s.

        • Phildene

          That’s a good one Bill. If many email the PL and bombarded them surely they can’t ignore that? As I’ve said it’s the PLs own handbook rules which are getting abused and for the PL to simply ignore fans emails is shocking! And I think bombarding the PL may well get more noticed than a petition, as judging by the apathy of the fans a petition may not raise enough names to get into parliament. Those who sit in the terraces will not help but they will hypocritically accept a decent outcome via fans who have boycotted the matches and making sacrifices.

      • JohnnyH

        I asked them if they know what happens to the TV money, the response was;

        There is no specific audit of how central payments are spent, however our Handbook contains wide-ranging requirements relating to relevant areas such as club finances, governance and stadium criteria etc. You can download our competition rules in full at the link below:

  • Steve Smith

    “Let me tell you, boycotts have never worked, as we are all too loyal.

    Too many of us will not boycott games, FACT.”

    So how do you know they don’t work if they don’t happen?

  • Waxi

    Ed all you will get on this site is you are the problem a knacker.and loads of other insults just for saying you attend the match. I agree with you 100% as i have also been going to games since the 60’s and have never seen a boycott or a demo have any real impact on an owner of NUFC. The only time anything worked was when John Hall started putting big pressure on McKeag as he had the funds and the backing to buy the club and up to now we the supporters have not. I think an E-Petition needs to be started as that would get it in to the house of commons as a debate on how clubs such as ours are being ripped off. The premier league rules state the money from them should be put back into the club to invest in the playing staff infrastructure etc and ours clearly is not.

    • Geordiegiants

      Waxi I think your mistaken about boycotts and rebellion. I was part of the rebellion against Mckeag and the original magpie group came along on the back of that.

      • Waxi

        Yes Geordie but my point is that is the only group that ever got the end result in a protest/takeover as it was funds by Hall & Shepherd etc that got the change. I have done the walkouts etc but they have never worked. I like you would give anything to see the back of the FCB but it is the Sly money that keeps him at NUFC and this season alone has seen him pocket 150 million of NUFC money so why would he give that up. Johnny H has the right idea IMO that we should go down the how the TV money is spent route as he does not use it as intended on the team training infrastructure etc. So unless we can find a fan with 5 to 600 million quid to spend on us all the kicking off in the world might not work.

        • Geordiegiants

          I agree we don’t have that money Waxi, and not many if any NUFC fan does have £3-500 million but keeping going and giving to the problem is never going to sort anything either is it?

  • Leicester Mag

    Sticks and stones and not buying my sheight or damaging my brand will hurt me, signing a petition wont

  • mactoon

    So you haven’t started a petition then?
    I was expecting a link to change . org.. or somewhere

  • Anne Mumford

    Like others I was expecting a link and would gladly have signed

  • kingfisher

    “Too many of us will not boycott games, FACT.
    Let me tell you, boycotts have never worked, as we are to loyal”

    So do you think that those who still go are more loyal than those who have made a stand against Ashley and have stayed away Ed? Surely it would’nt hurt to miss just one game, if that would hurt Ashley?
    A lot of fans and media think it is some kind of badge of honour and something to be proud of when there’s a full house at SJP but that’s the very reason Ashley will not sell because despite everything he does he knows that there will always be 50,000 who will line his pockets FACT !!!

    • Geordiegiants

      You would think that they were being asked to give up for ever. Try one game and protest outside. See what happens, see what media attention it gets. If it doesn’t get any coverage or doesn’t have the desired effect, then people like myself and others will have to give it a rest and try something else. I do know one thing though, there isn’t a single business in the world that could continue without any customers.

  • Geordiegiants

    The fatcunt know well enough why we think. What a moronic post!

  • Allan

    Target Sports Direct especially online pile it on , no retreat.
    Hussain TYRANT DEAD

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Hahahaha a hate the man but comparing him to genocidal maniacs & a fighter of the free world is mental 😂😂😂

      • BigHairyDog

        Robert Maxwell DEAD
        Mike Ashley ????

        • Geordiegiants

          Soon hopefully.

  • graham18

    I’m even thinking of phoning crimestoppers on behalf of the toon fans because of what the FCB has done to the club-it’s nothing short of criminal.
    Keep up the pressure on his Sports Direct business.One of these days he will get his just desserts….just wait…