The subject of Neymar diving (‘simulating’ as they say these days) isn’t a new one.

A player blessed with great talent, he is always in danger of that talent being overshadowed by his cheating in both club and international football.

For both Barcelona and PSG his playacting has been repeatedly highlighted, whilst on Friday night (early hours of Saturday morning in UK time), it was his latest episode for Brazil that was in the spotlight.

Rather than the storyline being about his 57th goal in 91 appearances for his country, instead the headlines were all about an incident involving DeAndre Yedlin.

The Newcastle defender was clearly see saying to the referee ‘Did you watch the World Cup?'(see below) as the official pulled up the USMNT player for a foul on Neymar, Yedlin’s reference to the fact that the Brazilian was embarrassingly writhing on the ground, going totally over the top.

Neymar himself has now responded to the incident and what DeAndre Yedlin said, NBC reporting that the Brazilian answered:

“I don’t have much to say but I feel sorry for him (Yedlin).

“I don’t know him and so I don’t have any reason to worry about him.”

The Mag – 8 September 2018:

Neymar is obviously a brilliant player but even in friendlies he can’t take a break from the playacting.

Friday night saw Brazil playing in New Jersey, a star studded side up against a youthful USA team looking to rebuild after a dismal World Cup qualifying campaign for Russia.

Newcastle United’s DeAndre Yedlin is now the USA’s most experienced player in the team, the 25 year old having now 53 caps after this Brazil match.

Having drawn 1-1 with eventual winners France before the World Cup, in their last friendly, the USMNT were hoping to add tp that promising result.

They actually ended up losing 2-0 but gave a good account of themselves, especially DeAndre Yedlin who was up against Neymar for 80 minutes before the winger was subbed.

Firminio scored on 11 minutes and then Neymar made it 2-0 just before the break, the 26 year old now with a remarkable 57 goals in 91 games for Brazil.

However, no fault for Yedlin in this one as it was one of is teammates who gave away the penalty that Neymar scored from.

As one small example of Brazil’s strength and range of options (see team below), Everton’s £40m+ signing Richarlison made his first international appearance last night.

(Brazil team v USMNT – Alisson, Fabinho, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva (Vital da Silva 80), Filipe Luís, Fred (Ramos de Oliveira Melo 60), Casemiro, Coutinho (Tolentino Coelho de Lima 71), Douglas Costa (Willian 61), Roberto Firmino (Richarlison 75), Neymar (Sousa Soares 80))

DeAndre Yedlin battled well all game against Neymar, using his pace to limit the winger’s impact, the Newcastle defender also able to get forward a number of times, especially in the first half, to help create some dangerous moves of their own.

One spot of light relief 20 minutes in, saw Yedlin spoken to by the referee, as Neymar theatrically ‘suffered’ after a tackle, the Newcastle defender replying to the referee ‘Did you watch the World Cup?’, in reference to the over the top playacting we saw this summer.

Next up for DeAndre Yedlin and his teammates is another tough game, home to Mexico on Tuesday.

  • gordon

    Hmm not just a cheat but a horrible little schitt as well – absolutely no class whatsoever

    • BB

      Ah yes, Yedlin protesting a referee decision by taking a pot shot at his opponent is the epitome of class. Of course.

      • gordon

        Hero worship genuinely baffles me – the perception that I have of Neymar comes directly from Neymar himself; it is not influenced by the media or twitter or anything else you might like to blame – it is derived solely from the way he rolls about like a little girl if any one breathes in his general direction; combine that with the arrogance he displays at every opportunity and what you get is the aforementioned ‘horrible little schitt’. As a football fan It is embarrassing to watch when in the company of those who aren’t.

  • GlasgowMag

    Taking the diving aside I think his reaction towards the referee when he touched him during the World Cup tells you everything about this character!! Referee had slightly touched him while having a discussion with him and he reacted if the referee was a piece of [email protected]!! Neymar is a prime example of to much money in the game it creates god like monsters who are to full of their own self importance!! Yes Neymar has all the talent in the world but unlike his predecessors the Talented Brazilian players of old he does not have the same dignity or humbleness because the money and fame has turned him basically into a spoiled brat!!!

    • BB

      LOL I don’t think you are aware of Romario, a talented Brazilian player of old, parading around Brazil with his flashy cars back in the day, being kind of a womanizer, and missing practice. Don’t let your nostalgia googles get in the way of seeing clearly. Also, you do realize Lionel Messi is the highest paid footballer in the world, right? Money hasn’t done anything. Neymar has always had temper problems on the pitch, especially if he’s getting fouled a lot. That’s one of his biggest flaws, but in the grander scheme of things it’s not even that bad. You’re acting like Neymar is the only football player who ever lost his temper at the referee. But I’ve seen players actually shove referees. All Neymar did was snap at the ref not to invade his personal space once, and he’s a “god-like monster”?? What kind of priorities do you have?

  • Wor Lass

    Eden Hazard must be a contender for the most fouled player inthe PL – I know we gave him a bit of a going over – but he doesn`t carry on like this. OK, it must be frustrating to be kicked from pillar to post every time you go out to play but blatant cheating will just get refs cynical about you and make it worse. George best was the most skilful British player I ever watched but he wouldn`t give people the satisfaction of thinking they`d got to him.

    • Mr wobert

      Your right,George best was one of the hardest players I ever saw play.
      He used to get kicked from pillar to post,no complaints,he would get up and chase for the ball.

      • Wor Lass

        One of his best goals was against Chelsea where he went right through their team – Chopper Harris tried to take him down two or three times and ended up on the deck watching him waltz the ball into the net.

  • Steve Smith

    The lady boy ponce would have been a rent boy in a Brazilian slum if not for football. I’m sure Yedlin is losing sleep…

  • SuperDesHamilton

    He might end up with more goals than Romario & Ronaldo but he couldn’t hold a candle to either

    • Peter C

      Or Pele

  • Come&TakeIt1836

    I don’t have much to say but I feel sorry for him (Neymar).

  • BB

    Embarrassingly writhing on the ground? I know this is a Newcastle publication but can’t you at least TRY to be objective? It was a clear foul and Neymar was brought down, then stayed down and winced a bit. He didn’t writhe or otherwise make a huge stink, and you’re implying he was doing an interpretative dance. You are clearly taking advantage of the fact that it’s likely your readers didn’t watch the match, and such misleading behavior is way more embarrassing for a news publication than anything Neymar was doing. This nonsense wouldn’t even be news if people hadn’t caught Yedlin making a dumb comment at the referee. You’re the second British publication I saw trying to blame Neymar for the headlines not being about his goal, but guess who writes the headlines? Guess who chose to focus on Yedlin’s comment and tried to reframe a clear foul as “Neymar playacting”? I can’t get over how dishonest this is: Yedlin, like many defenders, protests the ref’s accurate call with a low blow about the World Cup, social media collectively decided this is SO hilarious that it goes viral, and then suddenly it is Neymar’s fault that all the attention is on this non-incident. If you were even remotely honest, you would point out that the most controversial moment of the game was Fabinho drawing a penalty. But nah, what’s journalistic integrity? Much better to continue with the smear campaign against Neymar, and lie to yourself about how you’re outraged at his “cheating” when what you’re really outraged at is the fact that Neymar is a phenomenal player despite not being your ideal stoic manly man with testosterone oozing out of his pores. Having any sort of reaction at all is clearly a capital crime when it comes to the English.

  • xasdf9696

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    • aartbeel

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      • tanchykann

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