How much are the squads of Premier League clubs worth?

What is this current Newcastle United squad worth compared to the other 19 clubs?

Detailed below is a league table of the ‘Market value’ of all 20 Premier League clubs.

Obviously, a bit like your house, players are worth at any one time what somebody is prepared to pay for them.

However, this is an interesting comparison by transfer specialists Transfermarkt who update regularly the transfer market values of all Premier League players and clubs, using their own algorithm based on a number of factors.

The most obvious one is transfer fees paid, to help towards these club valuations.

As you can see below, the money spent by promoted clubs Fulham and Wolves this summer, meaning they are already valued higher than Newcastle United.

With the same process being used to value each club/all players, I think it does give a decent overview below.

As you can see, the total estimated value of all 20 clubs combined is £7.21bn, ranging from Man City’s £952m, right down to promoted Cardiff at £89m.

As for Newcastle United’s squad, the value is put at £157.23m, with only four clubs lower. The likes of Brighton, Burnley and Palace all higher, whilst Everton are valued at more than twice as much as NUFC and Leicester close to double as well.

premier league clubs

(The full list of individual values compiled by Transfermarkt for all the Newcastle players can be seen HERE)

  • Mrkgw

    Absolute disgrace. ASHLEY OUT!

    • Mrkgw

      And to add – for the benefit of wealthy prospective parties interested in buying the club, factor even our lowly rated squad, the stadium, guaranteed full capacity, Premiership status, sponsorship and TV revenue, what it means to the region, the club is worth every penny of £400m – surely. Please, get this shambolic excuse of an owner out of our club.

  • Paul Patterson

    And that’s probably where we’ll finish . .

  • TheFatController

    There is almost a direct correlation between value and league placing.

    Although it’s value not spend, it does bring into question the apologists’ view that spending big money is mostly wasted.

    They never back it up with evidence. Which is not like them, I think we can all agree. But this evidence seems to suggest they have it completely wrong.

    Which is not like them also, I think we can all agree. Much.

  • Wezza

    Hey ho let another damning statistic to support the fact that Ashley is a cancer.

  • Lord

    Ashley started asset stripping the squad this summer.

    We must not forget Rondon and Kenedy are loans and therefore don’t add to the squad value whilst leaving us with expensive holes to fill next year.

    Two newly promoted clubs with significantly higher squad values. Anyone on this site defending this is not a true supporter of our club.

  • CKO

    That table/value is calculated by the website’s individual, independent valuation of the players from each team, it’s not valid unless you think that Lascelles is
    worth £13.50m.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Shows how far we have fallen under the parasite’s stewardship. What’s left is an empty shell of a club. How are we ever going to compete with the financial might of Brighton, Palace, Bournemouth etc.?

  • lbarkas89

    O︆o︆o︆a︆u︆h︆h D︆u︆u︆u︆d︆e︆s︆ ! T︆︆h︆e L︆i︆︆s︆t w︆i︆t︆h N︆a︆k︆ed︆-︆Wo︆me︆ns f︆r︆︆o︆m y︆o︆u︆r C︆i︆︆t︆y ︆w︆a︆s p︆ub︆lli︆s︆he︆d
    H︆e︆r︆e︆ ̩︆️︆o︆n : t︆u︆4︆︆a︆.︆m︆e︆/︆p︆︆h︆o︆t︆o︆1︆8︆4︆0︆1︆︆4 💋

    • halex055

      ︆T︆ha︆n︆ks︆s︆ ︆Br︆︆o︆!! I︆’︆︆v︆e fo︆u︆n︆d t︆h︆e︆r︆e m︆y T︆e︆a︆︆c︆h︆e︆r N︆a︆k︆e︆d ! ︆m︆w︆ah︆a︆a︆︆h

      • talex5772

        ︆H︆a︆h︆h︆a︆h︆ lu︆︆c︆k︆y ︆d︆u︆d︆e︆

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    16th. Right where the fat rat wants us. In perpetuity…

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Also, lol West Ham. They’d be far and away the most expensive side ever relegated.

  • Toontaff

    Swap Watford-West Ham, Southampton-Bournemouth and you probably have the final league table!