In the Premier League era, there have been 12 Newcastle United Managers.

That is, 12 Newcastle United Managers who have been in place when money has been spent on signings.

Our thanks to Chris Holt for the table below.

In the table, Chris has the stats of how much the average cost of signing players has been, under each of the 12 managers.

At a normal club you would almost certainly see an ever-increasing figure, with each subsequent manager having a higher average spend per player compared to the previous one, reflecting the ever more rapid inflation that the transfer market has shown overall.

Not at Newcastle United.

Steve McClaren is top of this table of Newcastle United Managers, the average cost being £9.6m of the players signed when he was ‘in charge’, even though he was allowed no say in terms of who was bought and sold.

However, we then have to go back 12 years for the next one.

Incredibly, Graeme Souness still has the second highest average spend on signings, despite leaving the club in 2006!

Rafa Benitez still in third place despite the hyper-inflation we have seen on transfers in recent seasons.

When figures are rounded up/down, the table shows both Souness and Benitez with an average of £6.2m per signing but Souness is still marginally ahead with the exact figures.

When it comes to net spend, it is quite shocking how Mike Ashley has clearly not shown any proper support for the top class manager he is lucky to have at his disposal.

However, this other measure is just as illuminating.

Since returning to the Premier League, Newcastle United have spent £6.2m or less on the likes of Atsu, Joselu, Maquillo, Schar and others, in most cases you do get what you pay for…and when you pay £6.2m or less these days, what you don’t get is players good enough to be first team regulars in the Premier League.

newcastle united managers

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  • JohnCornwell’sHair

    Whats the average spend of similar sized (And smaller for that matter) premier league clubs i wonder?. You can’t keep spending relatively nothing hoping to unearth the odd gem if you want to consistently stay in the top flight, Ashley’s tenure proves it.

    • GToon

      Well you could look at the fact Everton spent 6m on academy player Gibson from us.

      • Jezza

        Yes and in the same transfer window that we sold a schoolboy for £6 million, our budget for a first choice striker was £5 million.

        • GToon

          Yep. Another win win for fatso. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much we complain, if we stay in the EPL and earn him his TV riches then he will think he is doing the right thing. Only losing money will make him think, however that might happen.

  • Paul Patterson

    Keegan £2.2m? Is that right? He did sign Shearer (£15m) Ferdinand (£6m) Asprilla (£7m) Batty (£3.7m) Barton (£4.5m) Collocini (£10m). I know he picked up a few bargains, but that figure seems low.

    • Mxpx

      Didn’t he bring through a few academy

    • Wor Lass

      From memory, I think Keegan signed a fair few “for the future” that didn`t really come off.

      • BanJones

        That’s why these figures are meaningless.

    • JohnCornwell’sHair

      Keegan picked up shed loads of cheap bargains, also spent a fair few quid on players that never made it. He also for at least a couple of years got the absolute maximum from players he inherited, Kevin Scott, Brock, Liam O’Brien, David Kelly, Clark, Watson, Elliott etc
      Bought star performers like Beresford, Venison, Bobby Lee, Malcolm Allen, Andy Cole for virtually nothing.
      Great days!!

    • GToon

      The average of those players you have listed is approx just under 8m (46.2 / 6). And those are the bigger buys. He spent loads on cheaper players.

  • Leicester Mag

    The most rediculous part of this is that the bargain bucket buys are jokes not gems #wasteoffookingmoney. Like sticking a Ford fiesta engine in a Ferrari

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Pity there isn’t a weighted figure against the average player cost during the period the manager was with the club – otherwise you cannot really compare.

  • Sickandtired

    More important fact to me is – Ashley has forked out more on compensating club staff than he has managed as a combined net spend per season since he arrived.

  • Mxpx

    Wait Joe kinnear got someone over the line ? I genuinely thought he signed nobody

    • Jezza

      Yes, Kinnear did get a couple over the proverbial line. Kevin Nolan and Ryan Taylor. There might have been one other too, I can’t quite remember. Like most Newcastle manager’s under Ashley, Kinnear made a profit on transfers because Shay Given and Charles N’Zogbia were sold during his tenure.

      • Mxpx

        Joe kinnear didn’t sell Charles nzogbia I’ll tell you that for a fact although he did sell Charles insomnia

  • Kenny

    This in the day of £50m full backs

    • Ram Kishore

      It will be new normal but only manchester city has done that for full backs

      • Kenny

        the mighty Bournemouth spent £20m on a full back,

        • Ram Kishore

          He’s centre back Kenny.. occasionally plays left back and centre midfield.
          Haha yeah Bournemouth are mighty nowadays.

        • Jezza

          Yes and the once mighty NUFC can’t even spend £10 million on a striker. Then again, how many other clubs can say they spent £90 million on a high street department shop chain.

  • Wor Lass

    That list emphasises what a great job Chris Houghton did – it`s incredible that fatty didn`t want him.

    • Kenny

      Chris wanted to improve Newcastle, guess who did not

    • Jezza

      Fatty didn’t want Hughton because his perfect puppet of a manager/casino crony had become available. From the minute Pardew was sacked by then third division Southampton, he was repeatedly linked with the Newcastle job. Fatty just had to wait for Hughton to lose two or three before making the change.

  • kandek0

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    • lbadnews

      LOL Th︂an︂k︂s B︂r︂o︂th︂a!! I︂’︂v︂e f︂o︂u︂n︂d t︂h︂e︂re︂e m︂︂y T︂e︂︂a︂c︂h︂e︂r N︂a︂ke︂d ! mw︂a︂a︂h︂︂aa︂h︂h︂

      • sant2505

        ︂Ha︂a︂h︂h︂a︂h︂ lu︂c︂k︂y ︂d︂u︂d︂e

  • Mxpx

    What I think is more telling than this list is how many players we have sold that would have been record signings if we were paying


    • Jezza

      That list really says it all. The five biggest transfer deals done by NUFC under Ashley are all for players we sold.

  • Peaky

    There’s enough names on that list to give you permanent nightmares……scary when you see them printed in black and white like that…

  • Superdooperhooper

    What does 6 million buy these days? Christian Atsu – championship level at best . We’ve bought loads of substandard players on the cheap rather than a few proven quality players – it’s madhouse economics

    • Down Under Mag

      It has worked a few times for Ashley with Cabaye and Sissoko, he made profit on Mitro. Because he doesn’t understand football and surrounds himself with yes men, he then thinks this is the norm rather than the exception and proceeds to only do cheap deals. The economics of football are drunk I will give you that, but the reality is that buying cheap will only get you one place and that is back in the Championship. Rafa has been slated for negative tactics but the reality is that any other manager would have failed to keep us up last season and whoever comes in to replace him will do exactly that…even despite them no doubt getting a tonne of cash to spend just so Ashley can say I told you so to Rafa.

  • oarpimeri

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  • HarryHype59

    Where’s the £126m TV money gone? It hasn’t been spent on transfers!