Free transfers are back on the agenda for Newcastle United.

That is, according to various newspapers.

One local north east paper in particular, seems to be relentlessly pushing this kind of story, putting out list after list of possible free transfers coming to Newcastle, from the Premier League and other European leagues.

You understand that in this era of NUFC misery, the papers desperately looking for positivity/a story, but surely signing of big name players on free transfers is exactly the least likely thing to happen at the moment.

For starters, the vast majority of free transfers are players who are very much at the wrong end of their careers. Footballers with no resale value whatsoever, I can really see Mike Ashley going for that, not.

As for any younger players that end up as a free transfer, you have to really ask yourself why?

Either their clubs don’t want them any longer and haven’t offered a new contract, which of course raises loads of questions.

Whilst if a player has ensured a situation where they can leave as a free agent, and get higher wages because of no transfer fee, then I think you would have to doubt their character and commitment for any club.

On the subject of wages, that is surely the biggest obstacle when it comes to Newcastle United. We have repeatedly been told that the club struggle to sign players as much because of a refusal to pay market price wages, as it is the transfer fees stopping NUFC landing players.

So if Mike Ashley refuses to allow market level wages to be paid for normal signings who could be sold one day, what chance is there of ageing big name former top stars being signed, with far far higher wages? Zero chance is the obvious answer to that.

It is one thing giving a very average squad player such as K Sung-yeung (to replace Mikel Merino who was sold for £10m) a two year contract after Swansea didn’t keep him on – but a very different thing to make an ageing former top player massive wages, instantly making him your biggest earner.

The reality is that the clubs who sign free transfer players who still retain a high level of ability and fitness, are the same ones who are prepared to buy good quality players.

Newcastle United are not one of those clubs, obviously.

I wouldn’t care if Newcastle did go down the route of bringing in two or tree older players on massive wages because it would at least show some kind of plan to improve the squad.

Instead, this summer Rafa Benitez was forced to look for bargains where there was minimal/no competition for the players, whether it was free transfers (Ki), loans (Rondon and Kenedy), or when buying the odd player (Schar, Fernandez).

Yes, we all hope Rondon and Kenedy can do the business but reality was that there was no queue of clubs battling Newcastle for their signature. A striker who had scored 24 Premier League goals in three years at West Brom and a winger who has still only played around 20 league games at a top level.

Nothing wrong with these signings but they should have been as well as a number of other more ambitious (almost certainly more expensive) other signings.

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  • Paul Patterson

    Jack Colback- Enough said . .

  • Jezza

    The club are clearly looking for the next Shefki Kuqi.

    • Sickandtired

      Scouring Youtube for a Xisco Mk2. Or Asylum camps for another Ferreyra.

    • Mxpx

      Peter odemwingie might wander in if we leave the door unlocked for him

  • We need quality players here. No point in buying another Ki or even worse, another Manquillo, Collback or Lazaar.
    Go in January and buy two 20m rated players which Rafa thinks can really improve the level. No point in getting anything else.
    Would rather play Longstaff, Roberts and Fernandez rather than actually buying another Muto.

    • CKO

      Judging Muto after 56 minutes of Premier League football and saying that you would rather play Longstaff and Roberts who have a total of 0 minutes of Premier League football. Makes sense…

      • You forget Muto played almost the entire Cup game against Forrest and was as shocking as the rest. Longstaff and Roberts both looked better than Kenedy and Muto in that match, against Championship opposition.

    • Ron

      Problem is Charnley can’t remember where he put the £123M from Sky. He’ll find it in his sock drawer in a couple of years!

  • Leazes.

    Stan Collymore has tweeted #ASHLEYOUT

    • Cockneytrev

      Read that ,, hats off to him,

      • WildBill

        The wife beater and the gobber (Carrager) come on board. All we need now is Beardsley to join them and we’ve got a full house of creeps.

  • Billmag

    We are the poor relations of the Premiership, a market stall of a club that isn’t going anywhere soon, run down by a cheapskate of an owner backed by the troll’s that infiltrate this website.

    • Ron

      Latest one is “Realist” had a bit of a go at me on “Premier League refuse access to Newcastle United official report” – feel a bit sorry for them really their life must be a thrill a minute!

      • Billmag

        NUFC haters they just post Shyte about how Ashley saved this club, a man that in 11+years since he bought it has done his damnest to destroy it

        • Cockneytrev

          Any one who posts saying that Ashley has done a good job, hates keegan and Shearer etc. could not make it any more obvious that they are not Newcastle fans.

  • Sickandtired

    The Chron – nowt more than a click-bait rag now. Douglas and Co give us nothing more than any blog site written by similarly uniformed writers who simply regurgitate stories appearing elsewhere.
    This week they even (and Gazette) managed to engineer an entire story based upon nowt more than Douglas’ musing in their previous pitiful ‘Q&A’ articles (the £300 mil [email protected]). Pretty sure there is no one even asking such questions, they make them up, somewhat like the ‘5 things which must happen’ etc.