A special day for Wyn Davies on Saturday.

The name will always light up the eyes of those who watched him play for Newcastle United back in the 1960s.

A formidable centre-forward, ‘Wyn the Leap’ was a key member of the team that won the Fairs Cup in 1969, Newcastle’s most ‘recent’ trophy win…

Now 76, Wyn Davies says he was ‘humbled’ when he found out that there was going to be an unveiling of a commemorative plaque, marking  his birthplace.

The former Newcastle player travelled from his home in Bolton to his birthplace in Caernarfon, to see the unveiling on the wall of 17 Maes Barcer.

Considering he also played for Man City and Man Utd in his career, lovely to hear what Wyn Davies said on Saturday.

The former striker said ‘Newcastle was the best club I played for. Humble people and fanatical.’

He also remarked on a yearly visit that 40 Newcastle fans make every year to come and see him, with former NUFC centre-back also joining them each time.

Wyn Davies speaking to the Daily Post:

“It was great of them to do this for me.

“I was a bit nervous about it but it was very humbling.

“There were many other good players to come out of Caernarfon, not just me. I am very grateful.

“Perhaps I should have come home when I finished playing with Newcastle. The people are down to earth and it’s home.

Newcastle was the best club I played for. Humble people and fanatical.

“Around 40 Newcastle fans still come down every year to see me and another player who played after me, Pat Howard.

“They still sing the song to me that they used to sing on the terraces: ‘Come all without, come all within, you’ve not seen nothing like the Mighty Wyn’.”

  • Kenny

    I’ve seen old pics of him in the air above other players, I didn’t realise anyone could get that high, truly awesome.

  • Peaky

    Just before my time but my dad even to this day often comes out with…”aye they divvent make them like the Mighty Wyn nee more”….

    • Kenny

      he is right there

    • kingfisher

      Aye Mr Peaky, he was as hard as Welsh granite and took some formidable stick but never complained and just got on with it, not like the watery French tarts that pass for footballers these days !

    • Jezza

      Yes, just before my time too, sadly. Would have loved to see him playing for Newcastle.

  • Leazes.

    We used to play to get a corner and it was like getting a penalty…. nobody could come near him in the air…..

    • Kenny

      we get a corner these days it starts the attack for the other side 😂

      • Peaky


  • kingfisher

    So nice to see Wyn getting recognized in his home town.I was a 15 year old just starting out on a lifelong Newcastle United journey when he and the rest of “The class of 69” stuck it up some top European sides.
    Fantastic memories of snow blizzards and Pop Robson goals, happy exciting times !

    Compared to those times,this complete joke of a football club is an embarrassment not only to themselves and the fans, but to the whole of the North east !

    • nufcslf

      Before my time as well, but have heard all of the stories and would love to have seen him play in person. Talking about knocking on player’s doors. Used to live not that far away from Tommy Cassidy and went there with my mate Andy. When his wife answered the door, to my dad’s amusement we asked, “Is your Tommy home”. Credit to all involved she went and got hot him to sign a couple of programmes. Oh for this present cock-up to be about football again.

  • Phil Yare

    first things first, we need a plaque for des hamilton

  • Phil Yare

    and im glad we’ve sold the land above the metro station as that now means there is room for a sissoko statue outside shearers bar

  • superalansuddick

    we`re all agreed
    Mcfaul is better than Yashin
    Wyn Davies is better than Eusebio
    and S********d are in for a thrashing.

    • kevin Walsh

      Good one superalansuddick. Suddick was brilliant. Tragedy Joe Harveydidn’t understand him. That song – I think it was Marshall rather than McFaul. Wynn would most probably have stopped us getting promotion on that GoodFriday in the early sixties when playing for Bolton had not John McGrath deliberately crocked him with a knee into his thigh

      • superalansuddick

        My earliest memory of that song was boxing day 1967 v the scum at home 2-1 (Davies and Ankles Bennett), and Mcfaul was our keeper that day,As for Alan Suddick the man was a magician at bending an old leather casey .Devastated when he got sold to Blackpool where he became known as the king of Bloomfield road.

        • kevin Walsh

          You’ve stirred the memory banks now. Equally devastated when Harvey sold him. Similar to Bryan Robson going to West Ham. The current Mitrovic mismanagement , tragedy as it is, is much smaller scale. I don’t recall that Boxing Day match but do you remember the match against them around the same time when the hilarious song first appeared – Grandad, Grandad, – Harris, that’s what we all think of you. Also remember Suddick scoring a blinder into the Gallowgate end from outside the box, left footed and across Montgomery. Ankles Albert seemed fairly mediocre until the ankle issue arose, they put him on the wing and he was fantastic. One memorable goal when he seemed to dribble past most of the Sheffield We’d team before scoring from the left again into the Gallowgate goal. By the way, can ‘t recall who was there first, Suddick or Gordon Marshall, probably Suddick, but the first line of that song in his time was “ Suddick is better than Pele “

  • ash1001

    My best memory of Wyn was when he was asked at Newcastle Airport on the teams return with the Fairs Cup how he felt at the end, ‘I was knackered’,
    Wyn you give every game your all and you song is still the best of them all, it used to resound around the Newcastle Labour Club when it was in St James St before every home game. one of the very best and hes also a canny Bread Maker.

  • Cockneytrev

    He lived on the the road that runs through heaton park, just beside the ousburn,, one summer me and my mates knocked on his door , his wife answered the door ( I presume his wife) and i asked if Wyn was coming out for a kick about , she said “he isn’t in love, would you like some biscuits” she went and got us a biscuit each,,,
    Can’t imagine kids knocking on players doors these days,,,

    • Jezza

      The kids wouldn’t get past the 12 foot gates in the walls surrounding the players’ mansions these days.

    • Geordiegiants

      The players these days think they are something above human. It’s a shame but with all the money floating around and of course the fatcunt, our club is nothing to remember these days anyway.

  • magpiefifer

    Great memories – especially the better version of the Manfred Mann song!!!! Boy,did Wyn live up top his ‘Wyn the Leap’ nickname – a very modest footballer,but a hero to those of us who had the pleasure of watching him on a regular basis.

  • Toonarden

    Untouchable in the air and the heart of a lion.
    A magnificent beast in full head on mode.
    Frightened the life out of defenders at corners none more so than the foreign players in the Fairs Cup. They couldn’t live with him.
    Privileged to have watched regularly him in his full pomp. Best wishes mate.

  • Brian Marshall

    Watched him head a ball down from a corner against Setabul and it hit the top of the bar and went over.
    Was standing in the gallowgate end
    Never seen anything like it
    We will never We the likes again.
    Simple the best.

  • Milburn_Taylor

    Only seen the Leap a few times back in the day as i joined up in June 69 and my job before that entailed working Saturdays but will never for get him, he used to get in a cafe in the Percy St area and would take the time to talk to everybody,
    Newcastle Legend.

  • Brian Standen

    Only saw him a few times as unfortunately was too young for the fairs cup! But absolute legend according to my late dad!

  • Rich Lawson

    Loved him and Pop Robson as the big bloke/little bloke combo.Still rmbr a header he got against Arsenal at St James,he was so much higher up than the other jumpers and the ball went in like a bullet. He took a lot of stick from defenders (and handed it back),Fairs Cup semi at home to Rangers stands out,Grieg and McKinnon(I think ?) tried to kick him off the park,but he had them both.Proper centre forward and a good man.

  • Mike

    A Legend…..reminds me of going to the games with me Dad (sadly gone) peanut seller, pss running down the steps, bovil etc…..ha ha the bad/good old days!

  • Philippines

    In the early 70’s before I left UK to live overseas, Match of the Day always started with some goal clips. One was of Wyn Davies scoring with a header from almost the halfway line. I have tried to find that clip on line, but no luck.