Newcastle United were up against it today.

I couldn’t get down to the game today so was forced to watch it on BT Sport, with the sound muted so I didn’t have to listen to Glenn Hoddle.

If ever we wanted the perfect example of how wrecked the Premier League is AND how within that, Newcastle United are even more ridiculous, we got that at the Etihad.

Manchester City have bought players for fun and it was exactly 10 years today since the current owners came in.

Pep Guardiola having  the luxury of being unable to find a place for the brilliant Leroy Sane who they paid £47m for (including add-ons).

What a contrast when you look at Newcastle United, a different kind of lunacy.

Mike Ashley insisting on making a profit this summer in the transfer market, whilst all the rest were trying to strengthen their squads.

As a result, Rafa was left relying on a front five today who cost £7m…

Loan – Kenedy

£2m – Ayoze Perez

Free – Ki Sung-yueng

Loan – Salomon Rondon

£5m – Mohamed Diame

Money doesn’t automatically solve all your problems but not having the necessary cash available does guarantee you problems.

A quick count up of the rest of the starting eleven is interesting as well:

£4m Martin Dubravka

£0 Paul Dummett

£4m Jamaal Lascelles

£6m Federico Fernandez

£5m Ciaran Clark

£5m DeAndre Yedlin

So in total, today’s Newcastle team cost around £31m, little more than half what Leroy Sane cost, who couldn’t get in Man City’s 18 man squad.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Manchester City 2 Newcastle United 1


Newcastle: Yedlin 30

Man City: Sterling 8, Walker 52

Possession was Man City 78% Newcastle 22%

Total shots were  Man City 24 Newcastle 3

Shots on target were Man City 8 Newcastle 2

Corners were  Man City 4 Newcastle 0

Referee: Kevin Friend

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Clark (Murphy 81), Dummett, Ki, Diame, Kenedy (Atsu 54), Perez, Rondon (Joselu 73)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Sterry, Longstaff, Muto

Crowd: 53,946

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(Jermaine Jenas “I feel sorry for the Newcastle fans when I see what I see there” – Read it HERE)

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  • Billmag

    And pundits and some fans want us have a go at them, see what happened near the end when we did eventually push forward, Aguero was left one on one with our keeper, the gulf between us is unbelievable and until Rafa or whoever gets any backing from fatso nothing will change.

    • Mrkgw

      Quite right. Absolutely shocking. If Ashley is intent upon not selling then it’s high time that he pumped money back into the club as this recession at St James has gone on far too long. Of course, I’d sooner he left full stop.

      • Billmag

        Hi mate see you’ve resisted telling me your mate scored again today, any more goals I’m going to have to eat humble pie. 😀😀😀

        • Mrkgw

          Haha, I did mention would you believe, in another thread, but was shot down for his having also given away a penalty. But, he is in prolific form at the moment and is only 22 or so. Quite a future ahead of him albeit, not with us. All the best anyway.

      • Ram Kishore

        I know the tactics are frustrating with no ball in our control for even sometime..Even if we do have its almost impossible to play from the back..
        Yet by playing this way we had improved a lot compared to the Chelsea game. i remember u hadn’t liked the way Rafa played the team last week..But u can see the reason why he played..
        Chelsea are playing more better than Man city ig

        • Mrkgw

          There was evidently improvement but the gulf in quality was still there. Only one man is to blame for that – Mike Ashley. The way that he runs the club is nothing short of criminal and he is undoubtedly the disgrace of the footballing league.

    • Kneebotherm8

      absolutely right….

  • Cockneytrev

    Whatever happened to financial fair play?
    I suppose it doesn’t matter when you have an owner who is asset stripping on an industrial scale,,,

    • ban Bobbi F

      FFP was designed to draw up the drawbridge behind those who had a period of spending big, basically, nobody else can join the gang now

      • Cockneytrev

        I think Ashley helped them pay for the most,,,,,

      • TheFatController

        Yes, that’s proved by the FFP being based on wages structure from the previous year.

        So every club that was paying stupid wages had the advantage as they were guaranteed to be the highest wage bill clubs from here to eternity …

        • Ram Kishore

          I think the year 2012 was made the base year for the wages .. by that top 6 had twice our wage budget

    • Ant

      How would FFP afect City? They’ve made profits for the last three years and when the year end is in for this year will set a record profit seeing how they only spent £5m net in the Sumer.

      • Cockneytrev

        They made no profit to begin with, like Chelsea and PSG just had money pumped in,, they now make a profit but if the rules had been adhered to when they were bought, they would have not been in the position they are now.
        This is one of the things Ashley has never grasped, speculate to accumulate, if in the beginning he had brought in decent footballing people running the club in the right way (not cronies and yes men) and invested in a squad that can compete, The club would now be worth billions,

        • Steve

          Are you aware the FFP is ‘supposed’ to be about clubs damaging themselves? People who aren’t thick know it’s about keeping the cartel at the top, that includes City. Debt is the damage causer not investment, if clear City’s investment is paying off even with huge transfers spending they’re still turning a profit on the last three seasons. This year City spent around £10m nett, so at tax year on on this year what do you think their profit could be? Consider in a year they spent over £160m nett they made a £20m profit?

          Sorry for the decent NUFC fans on here and their are some,but NUFC is held back by the very FFP you asking what happened to. New investors can’t lose over £25m in three seasons, so why would they even try to invest in a low turnover club? Their hands are tied by ur FFP! The only clubs worth anything is the huge turnover club, the rest are only any good as a cash cow, something Ashley has clearly made you club, sad state of affairs, but many of your fans wanted FFP now you got it. Most city fan unlike Chelsea, Utd Arsenal fans etc were one of the only fans saying no. The top teams (inc. city) knew it cemented their place the lower teams in the UK were more bothered about the green eye monster, it may slow city down etc, they failed to realise it was about stoping their own clubs. Now it favours City like the other top clubs. Bed is sadly made now you gotta lie in it

  • Paul Patterson

    How the other half live . .

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      the other 1%…

      • Paul Patterson

        Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea’s (and Spurs until this season) spends are outrageous compared to ours. However, Everton and now Fulham and Wolves have spent fortunes, we are in profit. This can’t be right.

  • GlasgowMag

    Mabye the spotlight should be put more on Pep than Rafa. The money these guys have spent is obscene but the only way they could beat our pound shop financed team is by a a single wonder goal!! PS If Rafa had City’s buying power do you think he would of had another European trophy by now!!🤔🤔

    • Steve

      Yes look how well he did at Madrid, funny how Utd, Barca, PSG and evert other top club can’t see what u can, yet they’d all jump at the chance of Guardiola. What fools they all are!!! Pahahaha

      • GlasgowMag

        Pep at every club he has been at has had loads of cash I guess some managers know how to kiss ass better than others!!! Good luck this season I suppose if you are too far behind Liverpool by January he can always spend another 100million on 2 new players to buy the league again🤔🤔😂😂🤣🤣

        • Steve

          Pep’s been given cash because he spends it well, that because he is currently the Worlds number 1 manager clearly. He’s wanted by all the top clubs and has been for ten years! Rafa is nowhere near even the top 30! Are you high? it’s time for a reality check!!!

          If City are behind Liverpool come January I’ll be gob smacked playing a handful of relegation teams and a Leicester missing their best players yet scraping past then isn’t exactly a good sign is it? They struggled v Brighton at home as well. Did city struggle v your lot? No at all you keeper was your best player, Wolves? No handed a goal that was clearly handled in. City will drop points just like last year but Liverpool will drop more. City don’t have to improve but they have already have a better GD than last year even though they played Arsenal away. Liverpool have a lot of ground to make up ;)

          I think you missed who spent the £100m plus this season. it wasn’t City their nett spend is £5m! Liverpool’s is £177m! £166m net the highest ever in the British game! Does that confuse you? lol I suppose if they are behind in January then they could buy two players maybe a defender at £75m and looks like they might need yet another keeper maybe this ones concussed too lol So that’s £65m for a keeper bit more than the £100m city would spen eh? Try to call city for spending whiler Liverpool just blew the market right open? What a dxxk!

          • GlasgowMag

            “Peps been given money because he spends it well” sorry but what a load of [email protected]!! Your team has spent more money on your youth academy than any other team in the premiership in the last number of years how many players in your team yesterday came through the ranks??? Ps your manager is a cheque book manager nothing more and nothing less!!!

          • Steve

            You’re clueless! My team has made more than any with their youth academy anything they spent they more than doubled back!! 2016 Boyata £3m, Lopes £9m Rekik £4m Pozo £2.5m 2017 Fofana £4m, Lejeune £1.5m, Rulli £5m. 2018 Unal £12m, Ihenacho £25m, Zuculini £1.5m, Sobrino £1,8m, Ntcham £4.5m, Sancho £8.5m 2019 Angelino £5m up to £9m, Maffeo £9m, Kayode £3m, Gunn £13.5m, Celina £3m, Kongolo £1m, Denyer £5.8m. that’s well over £120m!!

            But what has that got to do with Pep’s spending and how does it become ‘[email protected]’? Again get this through to that brain of yours, city academy makes more than any by millions and millions.

            The Academy complex cost £200m it’s practically paid for in 4 years!!! Are you trying to make yourself look stupid on purpose? To play for City their youth must be the very best, Like the 18 year old Foden looks like being, the rest are sold with buy back clauses in case they become the best.

            You see getting in Newcastle’s team is something many of the youth players City have sold in that 4 year probably could have done, but to get in city’s team you have to be among the best Diaz and Foden both have come through as have other but those two look to be near the ;best; Again that academy you say city spend on is the other way round you just want like many of your fan to have a dig. So again that’s well over £120m in sales 4 years imagine that!

            City had two youth players in the squad . Funny thing Newcastle also had two but not the best first team you’d think they’d have more, strange they don’t!

          • GlasgowMag

            You’re answer is very long winded but reading between the lines the answer is no your 200 million academy has not produced any players that have came through the ranks to play for the 1st team!! It is also interesting to see that basically your new state of the art facility is being used to attract the best young players in the world and then farm them out at a profit!! Your club is nothing more than a play thing for a rich Arab state once they are bored they will spit you out and move onto another toy, other than that good luck with the season ahead!!!😂😂🤣🤣

          • Steve

            Wow you’re special you aren’t you? It’s not there to churn out 6 world class player a year no academy in history ever will or has, their may be 1 in 10 years but what there will be is lots of good, excellent and outstanding players who would get in many teams but not the top, are you able to understand that? The academy isn’t there to do what you want to suit a total idiotic point you made, it’s there to make money as football has been a business since 1992. Maybe if you get an owner with any sense he’ll do it too, them you can tell all ya pals how daft it is lol

            My club is the best run in the prem clearly even the numbest can now see that (in front of you)

            If the Arabs get bored you silly clueless man the Club is now worth we’ll over £2.5B as 13% ofcitys shares were sold for £265m to Chinese investor in 2015, three years ago the value has risen since the to!!! Do the math (get ya toe out lol) those Arabs are so stupid, they’re just a ‘play thing’ of a man who o lay showed up once! Sorry hate boy but their investors who on this year end (you’ll see in 2019 tax end) are about to rake in one of the largest profits ever in the game, around £200m, that’s profit not turnover. Yet they just gonna walk away for their £2,5b because they got bored? Wow you even out laughing faces, why are some of you so bitter?

          • GlasgowMag

            Your a funny guy!! They call the toon fans deluded ok you won a gold watch good on you guys but to try and say if these guys decided to leave tomorrow you wouldn’t be [email protected], your having a laugh!!!!!

          • Steve

            You tool you think if they leave tomorrow (with zero reason lol) no one would be interested in a club that turns £500m a year? Are you for real? Again the value of the club is £2.5B it’s like saying ‘what if the owners of Cadbury’s chocolate got bored and left tomorrow what would happen?’ It makes no sense, it’s unbelievably naive and the kind of thing only retards would come up with. Their a million times more of a chance that fat Mick willl walk away from Newcastle as no one wants them, do you think that would happen? Is it making any sense to you while the billionaire owners othe the club worth billions of pound wouldn’t just up and leave as it make millions per year, do you think they might think ‘hang on we could sell.this?’ Lol do you think the billionaire that bought it would think ‘hang on Fxxk it let’s take this profit making club, that even makes a profit after buying £160m worth of players and run it into the ground’ yeah that’s probably what u think? Wow prize plum you hahaha just your weird fantasy real life doesn’t match

            P.S no ‘gold watch’ for you, but the dunces hats in the corner!

          • GlasgowMag

            God did I hit a nerve lol!! you better watch your blood pressure mate it’s only football after all not the end of the world stuff!! it’s not my fault you seem to have a complex about your team buying the league and bribing every young potential player with your 200 million pound academy/set your parents up for life youth policy!!!🤔🤔

    • Down Under Mag

      Fairly sure he would have yes, Rafa builds a side up from the back and as great as it is to watch free flowing attack minded football, it is a good defence that wins trophies. Rafa implemented our team right from day 1 in the Championship to be hard to beat. That served us well last season and then I expect he wanted to build on that with some flair players to make us a more potent threat going the other way, instead he was left rummaging around poundland hoping to find a rolex. The reason it looks awful to watch and Rafa is being criticised is because right now all he has is the solid defensive structure and wasn’t allowed to bring in the needed players of quality to push forward and score more goals. Not helped by Shelvey being out either it has to be said!

    • Ram Kishore

      Idk about that Glasgow but with a decent investment we could be knocking on the top 6 and outsmart everton

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    and yet, Yedlin absolutely SMOKED Gabriel Jesus in a footrace for our goal. I watched the replay a dozen times. Jesus realizes he’s being outrun at about the halfway line, puts his head down to try and catch up and never gets any closer. Remarkable speed from DeAndre.

  • SH.ER

    These arguments should go extinct …
    If we had a team full of £20m players, people like you would still say he cost more than double our players to justify they are correct …
    Now i thought we played okay, it’s just these recycled stuff that i keep reading annoys me…

    • Ram Kishore

      Next u will see an article about Arsenal having a 100 million pound strike force..

  • Ram Kishore

    Loan fees? 35million prob.. equates it with ther GK ederson

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Footballs wrecked, the bottom 14 should break away and join the Championship. A British league without cheats, big shots and hype. Let the top 6 get on with it without it being at our expense!

  • Billmag

    When a club the size of Manure can’t live with their neighbours what chance have we or other teams got.

    • Dave Pattinson

      It would certainly make for a more interesting & enjoyable competition if teams thought they had a chance of success. Outside the rich kids, for the rest of us the PL simply means struggling to stay in it, with maybe an odd sniff at a cup. Lets face it, if we’re honest, the 2 occasions we’ve been in the C’ship were much more fun than where we are now under this regime!

  • Toontaff

    Perez cost 2 million – he should be a world beater!!!

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    • zandysuk

      Awes︁ome! Li︁k︁e i︁t︁:︁)︁