Neymar is obviously a brilliant player but even in friendlies he can’t take a break from the playacting.

Friday night saw Brazil playing in New Jersey, a star studded side up against a youthful USA team looking to rebuild after a dismal World Cup qualifying campaign for Russia.

Newcastle United’s DeAndre Yedlin is now the USA’s most experienced player in the team, the 25 year old having now 53 caps after this Brazil match.

Having drawn 1-1 with eventual winners France before the World Cup, in their last friendly, the USMNT were hoping to add tp that promising result.

They actually ended up losing 2-0 but gave a good account of themselves, especially DeAndre Yedlin who was up against Neymar for 80 minutes before the winger was subbed.

Firminio scored on 11 minutes and then Neymar made it 2-0 just before the break, the 26 year old now with a remarkable 57 goals in 91 games for Brazil.

However, no fault for Yedlin in this one as it was one of is teammates who gave away the penalty that Neymar scored from.

As one small example of Brazil’s strength and range of options (see team below), Everton’s £40m+ signing Richarlison made his first international appearance last night.

(Brazil team v USMNT – Alisson, Fabinho, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva (Vital da Silva 80), Filipe Luís, Fred (Ramos de Oliveira Melo 60), Casemiro, Coutinho (Tolentino Coelho de Lima 71), Douglas Costa (Willian 61), Roberto Firmino (Richarlison 75), Neymar (Sousa Soares 80))

DeAndre Yedlin battled well all game against Neymar, using his pace to limit the winger’s impact, the Newcastle defender also able to get forward a number of times, especially in the first half, to help create some dangerous moves of their own.

One spot of light relief 20 minutes in, saw Yedlin spoken to by the referee, as Neymar theatrically ‘suffered’ after a tackle, the Newcastle defender replying to the referee ‘Did you watch the World Cup?’, in reference to the over the top playacting we saw this summer.

Next up for DeAndre Yedlin and his teammates is another tough game, home to Mexico on Tuesday.

  • Wor Lass

    He`s a good lad. If he can learn to efend, he`ll also become a really good player.

    • 52k

      Probably a better winger ?

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      I’m the biggest Yedlin homer on this board. But he’s 25. At this point he is what he is. His speed makes up for all of his bad habits at the moment, but once that starts to slip my guess is his career falls off a cliff.

      • Ruel Intentions

        Yedlin is one of our best players.

      • Wor Lass

        You`re probably right about that but at least he has a good coaching team to bring him on and he`s a bright lad and keen to learn.

  • sanikNason

    O︆o︆a︆u︆h D︆uu︆u︆de︆s︆s ! T︆︆h︆e L︆︆i︆s︆t w︆︆i︆t︆h N︆a︆k︆e︆d︆-︆W︆om︆en︆s f︆r︆o︆m y︆︆o︆u︆r C︆it︆y h︆a︆s b︆e︆e︆n︆ p︆u︆b︆l︆is︆h︆e︆d
    He︆r︆e︆e︆e ̩︆️︆o︆n : t︆u︆4︆a︆︆.︆︆m︆e︆︆/︆g︆a︆l︆︆l︆e︆r︆y︆0︆︆9︆2︆︆7︆2︆︆9 ❤️

    • gavto85

      LOOL ︆T︆h︆︆a︆n︆k︆ss ︆Br︆o︆!︆! I︆︆’︆ve f︆︆ound t︆he︆r︆e m︆y T︆e︆︆a︆c︆her N︆︆a︆ke︆d ! H︆a︆a︆h︆︆a︆h︆

      • aalmasproh

        ︆H︆a︆h︆h︆a︆a︆h l︆u︆cky ︆d︆u︆d︆e

  • Peaky

    Neymar like many over rated Brazilians is a cheat and a disgrace to the game….lazy showboating arseholes a lot of them….

  • gordon

    It’s about time Neymar started getting booked for blatant cheating or retrospective punishment if the ref is too cowardly; the bloke is an embarrassment to football