Newcastle 0 Leicester 2  – Saturday 29 September 3pm

We asked Kevin Christie to give us his match ratings after Saturday’s match…

A shocker of a match. Blunt, toothless performance where we weren’t even one-dimensional.

Our only shot on target was from inside our own half!

Cardiff and Huddersfield are down already but it’s hard to see another team that will struggle as badly as us.

Things are looking grim. Or are they? Step forward, Peter Kenyon….fingers crossed!

Dubravka – 6. Dependable as ever. Had a decent first half, making a few routine saves and was very unlucky on the penalty.

Did really well to read the danger early to prevent a 1 v 1 with Vardy early in the first half.

Yedlin – 5. Defensive side of his game never convinces and doesn’t contribute enough going forward.

Offered neither security nor a threat today. At fault for the penalty. Was possibly not fully fit.

Lascelles – 6. His usual reliable self. A few important clearances and interceptions along the way.

Positioning is always sound. Couldn’t do much to help avoid this defeat.

Clark – 6. Calamitous at times but did quite well overall.

Easily beaten a couple of times as Leicester’s forwards tied him in knots but also got in some useful clearances and made one great block to deny a certain goal near the half-hour mark. Fernandez is a far better option though.

Kenedy – 5. Looked surprisingly solid on the defensive side of things, especially in what was an assured first-half performance.

Never really threatened going forward though bar the odd run to set us away on the break.

Didn’t really manage any overlapping runs either. Atsu needed more support if we were to get any joy down the left.

Ritchie – 6.  Tenacious and determined as ever – God only knows why Rafa keeps on hooking him so early.

One top quality ball into the box early in the first half, a carbon copy of his assist for Joselu’s goal against Spurs, but nobody was there to take advantage.

Always eager to get involved and try to make things happen. Put in a good defensive shift today too.

Shelvey – 5. Overly-eager at times today and sent countless aimless long balls forward to gift possession back to Leicester but, to his credit, at least he was always looking to make things happen.

Got through a decent amount of unseen defensive work with little touches and interceptions preventing further danger but just couldn’t get his forward game going properly this afternoon.

Showed great vision and quick thinking to try and lob Schmeichel from inside our own half – was unlucky that it didn’t come off!

Diame – 4. Another pitiful performance. Is a total liability at this stage.

Dispossessed time and time again and always ran into trouble whenever he did try to press on.

Crucially, missed a free header at 0-0 with the goal at his mercy after Atsu whipped a great cross in. Needs a spell out of the side ASAP.

Atsu – 6. No end product but at least he put a shift in.

Brilliant cross in for Diame header that should have put us a goal up.

Worked hard today and tried to make things happen but ran into trouble or got crowded out more often than not.

Could have done with more support from Kenedy and Ayoze as he seemed isolated a lot of the time.

Ayoze – 5. Poor again. One fantastic through-ball for Joselu early in the first half but offered very little apart from that.

Ran into trouble, misplaced a few simple passes, struggled to support team-mates.

Could do with a spell on the sidelines but is one of Rafa’s favourites for some reason. Difficult to imagine that we couldn’t have signed Maddison ourselves if we had made a move for him in the summertime.

Joselu – 4. Missed a massive chance when clean through early in the first half and things went downhill from there.

Slow, ponderous and cumbersome, he offered no threat and fluffed a great opportunity to play a through-ball in for Atsu just after the half-hour mark too.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for him with Rondón’s injury now having put him centre stage but he simply isn’t good enough.


Murphy – 5. Took up a couple of useful positions but offered little.

Muto – 5. His usual ineffective cameo appearance.

Manquillo – 5. Not really on long enough to make any impact.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 Leicester 2


Leicester: Vardy 30, Maguire 73

Possession was Leicester 59% Newcastle 41%

Total shots were  Leicester 12 Newcastle 6

Shots on target were Leicester 5 Newcastle 1

Corners were  Leicester 9 Newcastle 5

Referee: Simon Hooper

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin (Manquillo 80), Lascelles, Clark, Dummett, Ritchie (Murphy 65), Shelvey, Diame, Atsu, Perez (Muto 69), Joselu

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Schar, Longstaff, Hayden

Crowd: 51,523 (3,000 Leicester approx)

(Video – Absolute disgrace as Mike Ashley sends in his people to take down Rafa Benitez and Kevin Keegan banners – Watch here)

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  • Toontaff

    Atsu 2, at best – rubbish! Beats full back, turns back, loses ball, beating himself.
    Clark 3 – the ball seems to be a nuisance to him on the pitch, so he keeps kicking it into the stands.
    Donkeylu is clearly not a footballer – -2 for turning up!

    • Clarko

      €19.00m on those three…

      • Toontaff

        That’s the problem- these days you get 1 PL player for 19 million – or 3 Championship players. Maddison 25 million, Pereira 22million, Soyuncu 21 million……………..Leicester squad value – 280 million. You get the picture!

        • Kneebotherm8

          Exactly……Cuckoo CKO canna see it……

        • Clarko

          Schmeichel €1.68m, Maguire €13.70m, Morgan €1.13m, Chilwell €0.00m, Vardy €1.24m, Albrighton €0.00m…

          Total €17.75m

          • Toontaff

            I blame the Euro zone!

          • BigHairyDog

            Harry Maguire was £17million all told, seems like you and your master have the same regard for facts. Since you’re talking figures, how much did Inheanacho, Perrera, Iborra Silva and Maddison cost?

          • Clarko



  • Kenny

    The same under performers every week, Slomo, Hoss and Perez, as for the rest they were very poor today

  • Realist

    Rafa shyte my mind made uo

    • robbersdog

      Another cretinous troll who can’t even write a sentence.

      • Kneebotherm8

        His taaatalk is sht and his spelling is sht too…

      • Realist

        Oh my days I made a typo but I can’t write a sentence 😂 are you one of those freaks outside of the club shop today?

    • TheFatController

      Are you deflecting from the owner. Avoiding the ‘elephant in the room’ with that comment …

    • Toontaff

      U O ?

      • Realist

        You shagin ya cousin tonight blasting her with your 6 fingers up in the valleys

    • East Durham Mag

      F.o. troll.

      • Peaky

        He’s a fuckingknob….have you noticed no Monk,no Ghost,no Fleckman,no Ben Jones…..wankas one and all…caught them out a few times now….

        • Realist

          I am who I am I’m not monk blah blah blah I think rafa dosent know what he’s playing at cause I have a different opinion to you it riles you, honestly mate I’d love to meet the likes of you I’d finish you ya mong but your in Sheffield but next time your up the toon give me a shout.

          • Peaky

            😂😂😂 You’d finish me 😂😂😂 Have you any idea who I am or what you’re threatening….word of advice….don’t even go there…

          • Realist

            Id go there anytime possible

          • Peaky

            Back off small fry….you’ll end up getting seriously hurt…

          • Realist

            😂 whatever you say.

    • Dillon Tovak

      Your mind is an odd thing judging by that sentence.

      • Realist

        You look like an odd thing judging by your pic

  • Foggy

    Once again it seems you give a 4 for walking onto the pitch. There is no way Shelveycan be a 5 if Joselu is a 4.

  • robbersdog

    What the hell’s happened to Diame? He was really good for much of last season, but now he looks like a liability. Same with Perez – the guy has talent but when he’s bad, he’s VERY bad.

    There’s a negative vibe around the whole club at the moment, and the players are a reflection of that. Having said that, half the squad isn’t fit for purpose and needs shipping out. We need a complete overhaul of the playing staff, but it simply isn’t possible under Ashley’s ownership.

    Our only hope of avoiding a long, painful slide into Championship oblivion is a new owner. If reports of the Kenyon consortium are true, and the takeover does actually happen, it would be a great Christmas present for us all.

    • Kenny

      Diame has always been 2nd rate, he had a good back end of last season & that was it, the same applies to Perez as for Joselu he has always been garbage

      • BigHairyDog

        Diame is coming up against midfielders with energy to burn and he’s not getting any younger.

  • GlasgowMag

    The reality is we are being financed like a
    mid table championship club and that is exactly where we are heading!! The only positive for me is at least he won’t get his grubby hands on the TV money to finance more retail takeovers when we do go down and hopefully he may get fed up and finally sell up!! Ashley out!!! PS latest takeover talk is BS club is not for sale!!!

  • Kenny

    Who let Clarko out of his bin.

    • Peaky

      Fleckman ??

      • Toontaff

        Bin Laden?

        • Peaky

          😂🤣 Genghis Khan..

          • Kenny

            he needs to be exterminated like the vermin he is

  • Dillon Tovak

    Hayden is a complete pr1ck if you ask me, if you want a move away…earn it by playing well. He’s turned in a transfer request and judging by his current displays looks like he’s downed tools and now we’re stuck with Diame, who has no competition for his spot.

    • Toontaff

      What’s happened to Ki?

      • Dillon Tovak

        Yeah he seems to have disappeared off the radar. Maybe he slunk off to the Asia games, I doubt anyone would have noticed.

        • You must have seen he brings nothing at all. Rafa played him and he was bullied by Nottingham Forrest. Same with Murphy who gets chance after chance after chance and never produces anything.

          • Toontaff

            At least Murphy took a shot – we had 1 shot on target in the whole game- a Shelvey shot from his own half!

          • Yes, against tired defenders he had a sniff! Do you think he would have had any chances if the Leicester midfield and defense was fresh of the dressing rooms?

  • Toontaff

    Transfermarkt has Leicester squad valued at £287.55 million, with NUFC at 174 million Euros – Guess Euros make it sound a bit better?? 174 million Euros ~ £155 million.
    Who would want to do that? Maybe minions of the fatman are working for transfermarkt?

    • Paul Patterson

      Does that include Rondon and Kenedy? They aren’t ours . .

  • Just gutted from the lack of ideas and finising in attack. I don’t think we’ll stay up unless Burnley/Southampton/Fulham/Brighton turn out worse. This year we could see a record low points for staying up, as I can’t see any of the above mentioned + NU getting beyond the 30 points mark.
    The Prem got much, much better this year and the teams that failed to invest heavily in their mostly Championship squads are paying the price.
    Unless 2-3 quality attacking players are brought in January we are gone.

    • Kenny

      Not going to happen.

    • Bowlsey

      We won’t even get 30pts or anywhere near it unless Cashley sells up between now and Xmas and our new owners give Rafa £100million to spend on the squad in January. Oh look, a pig just flew passed my window…

  • Bowlsey

    I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that we’re going down. Perhaps three relegations during his ownership will finally prove to Ashley that his shoestring approach to running a PL football club doesn’t actually work in the real world, so he’ll finally sell us and move on. Well, I can dream. I can’t remember a Newcastle side this poor, I really can’t. I honestly can’t see us beating anybody at all this season and I don’t blame Rafa for one minute. There’s only so many times you can ask a top class manager to pull rabbits out of hats and polish turds. At this rate I can see us beating Derby County’s low points record from 2007/08 season. I’m just totally fed up and now only want to hear that either the club’s been sold or that Ashley has had a massive heart attack. Preferably both.

  • BigHairyDog

    Maddison ran the show, someone both Barnes and Charnley said wasn’t worth bothering Ashley’s holiday for. Truth be it there was no way in hell that a £20million transfer would be sanctioned, you only need to look at Leicester’s team, half of the team cost around the £20million mark each and people are surprised we got outclassed.

    • Bowlsey

      I’d love to know who was surprised by the result, because I sure as hell wasn’t. I sank a little deeper into depression at the state of our club, but surprised? Nope. Leicester City have something that we haven’t had for eleven years now. It’s called ambition.

      • Paul Patterson

        Paid for ambition . .

      • Peaky

        Yup Bowlsey I posted about an hour before the kick off today I feared for the result today…I was proven right…I also massively fear we’ll go down…it’s going to are spot on…we’ve zero ambition..

      • Will In Despair!

        ‘I sank a little deeper’ I totally agree.

        This is over a decade old now!

        Myself, I deliberately sank out of love, refusing to hand another penny that 0dious goit way, Sept 2007.

        Since then I’ve not been surprised by anything.

        Although, it really saddens me that 52k still go Yes, there’s armn argument to be had there, but seriously; does one wish to be always seen as such freaking push overs and so very gullible.

        • Bowlsey

          Yes, the amount of fans that still go is mind boggling. It seems that no matter how many thousands boycott matches, there are still thousands waiting to take their place. On the positive side it shows how well supported Newcastle United is as a club, but on the negative side it means that Ashley will always get a full St James Park, no-matter what he does to the club or how deep we sink into the sh*t.

    • Toontaff

      Clarko isn’t!

  • Martin

    Maddison looked head and shoulders above everyone else in midfield. I thought he had a great game. As for Newcastle-as it stands that team is getting relegated. No doubt about it. The only chance that we realistically have is to try and stay in touch with the others and spend big in January. But it may be too late by then.

  • Hughie

    Was this bloke watching the same match? Perez, as usual, was the weakest link-hopeless, repeatedly losing possession, far too slow, marking space, not looking for space- 2. Kenedy did really well as a makeshift full back 6/7; Diame was our mosst combative player winning loads of tackles and breaking up Leicester attacks- 7; Shelvey was really poor- didn’t look fit or committed 4; Atsu was a headless chicken 5; Ritchie offered virtually nothing in attack- again 4. When Muto came on we looked a diffrrent team. He is also lightweight but has pace eenables him to get to ball first and to find space. Should always start instead of woeful Perez. Benitez’s tactics far too rigid – not absolved from criticism especially for persisting with Perez. Eg Try playing Murphy and Muto up front, 3 at the back, 5 in midfield including Longstaff – cant be any worse than the current garbage!!

  • Phil Yare

    people may be right when they say gayle is a championship striker, but without him shelvey has nobody to hit….and without there is no plan B

    joselu is as mobile as the titanic and perez has been garbage for years. again we’d have been better off with gayle and mitrovic

  • Phil Yare

    and the cash we paid for murphy would have been better spent on madison who was at the same club

  • Mike

    well 2-0 away win at 11/1 a fiver on.paid for the ale. i mite bet on us beating the mancs!!!