Thursday afternoon has seen reports that Newcastle United have allegedly been approached with offers of replacement managers for Rafa Benitez.

However, it is claimed Newcastle have turned away the approaches because they still hope to persuade the current manager to stay.

The story has been carried/broken by The Mirror, who report that agents approached the club of their own volition, offering the services of their client(s).

The newspaper claims that Newcastle United have refused to encourage any of those approaching them, at least until a meeting is held in the near future, where they supposedly hope to persuade Rafa Benitez to stay.

It isn’t difficult to work out that any potential candidates being put forward will almost certainly be out of work at the minute.

For starters, you would have a car full with the likes of Allardyce, Carver, Pardew and JFK all currently unemployed/unemployable.

If/when Rafa Benitez ever does leave whilst Mike Ashley still owns the club, the one thing we can be pretty certain of, is that any replacement will not be good news.

The Mirror:

‘Newcastle are refusing to give up on keeping Rafa Benitez — by rebuffing all contacts from possible replacements.

The Magpies’ manager is under contract until June, but has been involved in a stand-off with owner Mike Ashley since the summer.

With Benitez’s long-term position uncertain, the club have, unsolicited, been offered a host of interested replacements by agents.

However, Toon chiefs have refused to get involved in any discussions over a successor for the Spaniard as a key meeting, which could seal his decision, approaches.’

  • Peaky

    Remind me….when is Keegan’s book out again….more PR bollox….

    • Kenny

      The 4th, going to the Sage on the 2nd, Keegan there & a signed copy of his book, tickets £40. iI’ll read the book then flog it to Leazes 😜

      • nufcslf

        Perfect timing for Keegan to take front stage and talk. Hope it heeps more mysery for the fat c**t and wish I lived closer to be there.

      • Peaky

        Sing his name so loud I can hear it down here in Sheffield……KEEEEEEGANN….

      • Wor Lass

        The book`s not in joined up writing is it? …. lol

        • Kenny


    • Kenny

      the Bishops finger

  • Kenny

    More like the Fat Rat won`t pay up his contract, it`s about money with that vermin nothing else

  • Leicester Mag

    Thought I’d sarcastically reel off a list of gutless nackers but realised however stupid I made them I couldn’t beat the reality of the fish-heads already given the role before Rafa

    • Kenny

      Aye, Pardew will be sitting by the phone

      • East Durham Mag

        FFS that doesn’t bear thinking about.

  • If Rafa is not backed in January we all know he’s 100% leaving come summer.
    I doubt Ashley is really interested in selling the club for less than 350m but I really don’t get how he thinks Rafa will stay and trust him again?
    We all want 50M + sales spent on a striker and winger/n.10 in January but that could not prove enough as we all know it’s almost impossible to get a decent price on a quality player then.

    • Kenny

      The Rat has made it crystal that no money will be spent.
      Rafa will be off ok, you cannot work under that man

    • Wezza

      “If Rafa is not backed in January”

      No offence Steven but we all know exactly what will happen. Just like before and just like every other January window. Nothing will change. I’m sure MA gets off on letting us all think he will change.


    As sad as it makes me to say it, we need Rafa to go as that will be the straw that breaks the camels back and maybe then we can get rid of the Fatman.
    For me, the worst thing that could happen is Fatman backing Rafa in the Jan window to get the fans on side, we all know he will then revert to type in the next window and want to claw his money back.

  • Rosco

    Yeah right…. All part of the Keith Bishop PR show to get the fans off Ashley’s back. They know the risks of losing Benitez in that he is all that is between crowd attendance falling off a cliff and facing relegation and lose £100m overnight. Don’t believe 90% of mainstream press articles on nufc these days. They are good for comedic value though.

    • graham18

      Yes let them/him loose money.Let us go down a few divisions if it means FCB selling then so shall be it.

  • GlasgowMag

    Yes they have been approached by agents
    of Loopy Loo, Humpty Numpty, Animal out the muppets and John Carver!!🤔🤔🤣🤣😂😂

    • Kenny

      John Carver frightens me, the rest do not. 😃

      • GlasgowMag

        I know that’s also the one who gives me nightmares as well😂😂

  • toonterrier

    No doubt fatty will give Rafa a sack of gold to spend in January on the understanding that he will sign a new contract for the next twenty years then it will be back to normal with selling our better players and bringing in loans so no loss for fatty but another nineteen years of dross.

    • Dillon Tovak

      And that’s the best case scenario.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    It’s frightening to wonder who’ll replace him. You’ll still get a full house no matter what though even if it’s mike Bassett 🐑

    • Kenny


      • SuperDesHamilton

        It’s not even worth thinking about.

        Can imagine him truly believing he’d be popular and the cringey interviews

    • kingfisher

      Yes Des, Ashley is laughing all the way to the bank !

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Ashley out! While they have that season home shirt on & a season ticket…couldn’t make it up

  • mentalman

    There’ll be some big name managers on the list, its a very appealing job

    • Kenny

      Zizou will be gutted

  • Steven05

    If Rafa goes I go – why??

    Why wait until Rafa leaves? Why not start boycotting NOW, fight with all we’ve got NOW

    • Geordiegiants

      I’m not saying all but many of them are spectators and not fans, they aren’t there for the greater good, they are there for a day / evening out and to catch up with pals they wouldnt see any other time and sit in the stadium on their phones all match.

      • Steven05

        I think you are absolutely spot on

  • Tweed Mag

    Complete and utter cobblers. What pathetic regime would set out to undermine one of the best managers the club has ever had by circulating daft rumours like this? The answer is simple – a regime led by Ashley. He has not got the courage to meet Rafa and discuss things man to man, instead he instructs his slimy underlings to spread stupid stories. The only good thing is they look more desperate as each day passes.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      It has to be a distraction tactic now KK’s book launch is approaching fast

  • Wezza

    Oh yes the Mirror… the clubs PR partner.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Future Mirror article, “Newcastle chiefs did everything in their power to keep Rafael Benitez, however he has decided to move on. Newcastle are pleased to announce however, that they have pulled off a coup and been able to land long term target Frank De Boer as replacement, signing a lucrative 16 year contract.
    A world class player in his day and keen to take another crack at English football after being given such a small time frame to implement his philosophy at Crystal Palace. De Boer has been handed a place on the board and a war chest of “every penny” by the toons supremo Mike Ashley. De Boer has been quoted as saying Newcastle have a big stadium and passionate fans and he looks forward to awakening the sleeping giant.”

    Next headline, “De Boer sacked after record breaking season with zero wins”

    • HarryHype59

      It will be Fat Sham!

      • Geordiegiants

        No doubt about it and still the sheep will flock.

        • HarryHype59

          They buy into the ‘Samalution’ relegation battle and fill SJP in the noble attempt to finish 17th.

    • NUFCDan


  • Damon Horner

    I hear being ignored by Ashley and working with Charnley is a big drawer for successful managers.

  • graham18

    Don’t blame Rafa if he decides to go.It will take a helluva lot in convincing him to stay.He’s gave the FCB and the rest of his shower plenty of notice.Hopefully the FCB and Harry Hill (Charnley) will be bricking it now.It’s possibly coming to our 3rd relegation under the FCB.Judging by news on SD and the city for a longtime,FCB you’ve been found out.PLEASE SELL NUFC ASAP!!!!

  • wheyayeman

    It’s as you were if Rafa stays and as you were if he goes. The only thing we need is Ashley Out!

  • Weyhhadaway

    I threw my hat in the ring weeks ago, but had to decline due to a total lack of respect for my football integrity when the offered up John Carver as my No. 2.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Don’t know who the alleged managers are (almost certainly none). It certainly won’t be anyone with any self-respect or ambition if they are willing to work for Ashley after the way Rafa has been royally shafted.

  • Wezza

    So what is next from the PR bandwagon?

    Shortly before the January transfer window opens:
    ‘Rafa can have every penny the club generates’ The smallprint stating that TV money doesn’t count!

    ‘We made a massive loss’ Even the accounts cant make an excuse up this time.

  • GToon

    If Rafa leaves I hope he turns the light off when he does. That will be the end of it for me. In fact, leave the light on and run up the leccy bill.

  • Andy Mac

    I’m not in the Rafa lovey dovey camp but I do know for sure if he goes and takes his ambitions for this club with him – the Fatman will continue to turn this club into a smaller, insignificant version of its former self where, one day, we’ll be compared to the likes of Preston, Barnsley and Wigan and you’ll wonder how it happened ?

    So stop sitting on your hands, get up of your sorry R’s and do something you’ll be proud to tell your grandchildren in many years to come. #Givemebackmyclub

    • Geordiegiants

      Very very well said!!!!

    • NUFCDan

      At least Wigan won the FA Cup!

  • Rabid Dog

    This is getting a bit cringeworthy now….

  • magpie0722

    Hope they keep all the applications as come Xmas, if we are still in a relegation spot, they will save on advertising costs for his replacement.

  • Tino o

    How pathetic are they? As for his long term future being uncertain? It couldn’t be more certain he leaves at the end of his contract

  • Mike

    Pard and Shteevie Bruce Im a Geordie in the front of the Q