A Sunday night exclusive has reported that Peter Kenyon has been in touch with lawyers representing Mike Ashley.

Saturday had initially seen Sky News tell us that the former Man Utd and Chelsea Chief Executive was looking to buy Newcastle United with investors backing him.

Now on Sunday, it’s claimed that Peter Kenyon has asked Ashley’s lawyers how much he wants for NUFC.

However, The Mail say that their information is that Mike Ashley has responded by telling Kenyon to make an offer, rather than him putting  a price on the club.

As always, difficult to know what to make of any report claiming Mike Ashley might be selling up, apart from being highly sceptical of course.

A whole decade of false dawns on the NUFC sale front have taught us that.

The Mail exclusive has a number of other interesting claims.

The newspaper claiming that Mike Ashley wants to start building better relationships with Rafa Benitez and the players, so is going to travel to Newcastle sometime this week and take manager, coaching staff and playing squad out for dinner with him.

The report goes on to say/claim that Lee Charnley has been trying to bring Rafa Benitez and Mike Ashley closer together, with this alleged dinner date and Ashley’s reappearance at the last two matches being supposedly steps towards Ashley trying to build a relationship with his manager.

The Mail say that Rafa and the NUFC owner have only met three times in the time he has been Newcastle United manager.

It all sounds a little bizarre and far-fetched, although I would never rule out Mike Ashley doing anything for a gimmick/PR, such as the restaurant trip claim.

Newcastle fans would say that if Ashley really did want to build a better relationship with his manager, he would have supported Rafa Benitez in the past four transfer windows, rather than messing him about and breaking promises repeatedly.

Also, seen as he has been at each of the last two matches, if Mike Ashley had any sincere intentions, then surely any normal club owner would just get in touch with his manager on the quiet and meet up in private.

I suppose the only thing that we do definitely know is that after not having been at a match for 13 months (NUFC v Spurs in August 2017), Mike Ashley has been at these last two matches.

Making a leap of faith to believing that there will be any positives for the club, Rafa and the fans, on the back of these match visits…I remain to be convinced.

It was hardly a sign of better times ahead when pre-match on Saturday, Mike Ashley ordered his people to go in and take down Keegan and Rafa flags that were hanging behind the Gallowgate End.

  • Andynufc

    Right because by asking Kenyon to make him an offer instead of naming a price, Ashley can then just knock back any bid he wants and claim it didn’t meet his valuation of the club. Ashley doesn’t want to sell the club and he won’t

    • Big Al 1967

      Spot on. The Fat Pig has absolutely no intention of selling. All PR spin from Bishop and his cronies timed to coincide with KK’s book launch

  • Sickandtired

    First thing I ask people when I’m selling my house or car. How much are you prepared to pay….

    • Wor Lass

      Well, that bucks the trend of 99% of the population who put out an advert with a price on.

  • FatParosite

    Bishop Bunkum….

  • Waxi

    The only place you get the story in the press is from the FCB usual journo friends. It is not in most of the sports pages so i think he is trying to stop the demos as he know it only makes him and his brands toxic. If the takeover happens great but i think we need a massive pinch of salt with this bull.

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘Ashley trying to build a relationship with his manager.’

    Yeah, right! He’s had two years or more.
    Charnley taking the manager and owner out for lunch this week?
    More PR sh!te.
    Keegan has a book out on Thursday . .

  • Billmag

    The reason why he’s been to the last two matches is because his pride and joy (💩 Direct) has been rattled, lots of Bishop PR has been put about lately and it’s down to the lads and lasses that’s continued to protest against him and SD.

  • Rabid Dog

    The man has no intentions of selling. The simple fact it came from his lawyers via sky is an example of the KBA PR machine (And I use the term machine loosely) in action.

  • Polarboy

    Obviously I wouldn’t put anything past Ashley, but Kenyon supposedly still has a good name and standing in the game. I just really don’t see what Kenyon gets out of it if it’s a stunt. I mean you could say publicity but wouldn’t that sort of cheap publicity harm his brand of competence and high standing. As people say I won’t believe anything until the Sports Direct banners have been taken down.

    • Rabid Dog

      Yeah, i agree. I was saying the same in another thread. There are a few tenuous Kenyon/Ashley links, Dennis Wise, being one of them, but I can’t believe Kenyon would be doing Ashley any favours by being associated with him.

      Irrespective of whether Kenyon is really putting together something, I DO NOT BELEIVE Ashley wants to sell.

      • Polarboy

        Who knows what goes on in that fat head of his. My theory for why Staveley and now Kenyon have made this public before any sale, is that they know he’s a reluctant seller. If you have a reluctant seller of a football club, and you know the fans a ready to revolt, making the offer public backs Ashley into a corner because he knows that every offer he turns down just p*sses us off even more. The one good thing that may come of this is that if Kenyon makes an offer, it’s turned down, and he makes the bid amount public, it will show Ashley up for the liar that he is.

        He’s already floated to the media that he’d take 300 million, so if he turns that or more down he’s digging his own grave. We may even see people staying away from the stadium. Kenyon is also probably a lot harder to dismiss as a time waster given his standing in the game.

        • Rabid Dog

          The announcement hasn’t come from Kenyon tho.

          • Polarboy

            Who made it public though? Surely if Ashley was just using Kenyon’s name he’d have denied an interest. So far he seems happy enough to be linked with us.

          • Rabid Dog

            The source is in all likelihood Kieth Bishop Associated, via their network. KBA is a PR firm tbat represents all of Ashley’s interests, and so I’m told, of which Ashley owns 50%.

            I can’t confirm for sure, any of the above, but it does represent popular belief.

          • Polarboy

            That still begs the question of why Kenyon would be happy to have his name attached to a possible bid if he wasn’t interested and this was all a publicity stunt. But perhaps I’m placing too much importance on him keeping a pristine reputation.

          • Rabid Dog

            Which has been my point exactly. Not sure his rep is pritine though. I believe he might be putting together something but I do not believe Ashley intends to sell.

          • Polarboy

            To be clear then your current belief is that Kenyon does have a serious interest, and said interest was leaked by Ashley’s minions to quell the fan unrest without any serious intention to follow through on negotiations and a sale. Entirely possible of course.

        • Rabid Dog

          Also, the 300 mil figure, as I understand it, came from a bit of creative licence originating at the chronic.

        • kingfisher

          “We may even see people staying away from the stadium”? I admire your confidence Polarboy,but it would take a lot more than Ashley turning down an offer to stop the faithfull 50,000 turning up at SJP wearing their S.D kit and lining Ashleys pockets !

          • Polarboy

            It was more in hope than belief that I said that.

          • kingfisher

            I know the feeling Polarboy.Hopefully someday we will see an empty SJP!

    • Jonas

      But remember Kenyon, a Man United fan, sold out and went to Chelsea with his inside info on Man U.

      though he does still seem too good to be in Ashley’s motley crew and too smart to be used by the pig but so did Amanda.

      • Polarboy

        Staveley had nothing to back her reputation up to be fair, at least in a football sense. A fancy job title doesn’t impress me. It’s also not as if someone who represents Qatari business interests is worried about reputation. They still flog people in the streets over there, and sentence people to death for apostasy and homosexuality.

  • Shields Mag

    Don’t believe it lads and lasses the fat lad has no intention of selling….keep up the pressure…ASHLEY OUT!!

  • Leazes.

    Lawyer’s offices open on a Sunday?…..

    I don’t know any that are open on a Saturday….. must be a new thing!

    • Rabid Dog

      For Ashley’s lawyers, read KBA

      • Leazes.

        For KBA read Ashley he owns 51% of KBA

        • Rabid Dog


    • Steve Smith

      Ambulance chasers open on a Sunday.

  • Wezza

    Of course he has.
    We are not fooled.

    • Leazes.

      He can do this indefinitely…. and probably will, coincidence of the ‘meeting of the grey suits’ a week ago and this is the result…. poor quality stunt which only a fool would be so gullible to believe!

  • Big Hairy Man


  • nufcslf

    I would love to get a job in the restaurant that they end up at and poison the fat c**ts dinner. As said, he has no intention of selling. Be nice though, if true.

  • Jonas

    Surely the morale building exercise and the sale concept are a contradiction.
    would this bar-steward even fork out for a group meal or care about morale if he was going anywhere?

    that meal is our transfer budget – morale building in lieu of buying a player or two.

    nothing could demoralise things more than Ashley’s presence.

  • TeessideMag

    What stage is this supposedly even at? Remember last year we had a full month of due diligence being carried out first before any ‘bidding’ was discussed. Yet here we’re already taking about Ashley asking him to make a bid… Doesn’t make sense, why would he make a bid without knowing the state of affairs. This makes it look like nothing more than a cheap PR attempt to pacify the fans again, and not even a good one.

  • Cockneytrev

    Utter nonsense,, more PR garbage,,keegan book coming out, try and take them empahasis off that..
    Never mind building bridges with players, they are getting more than well paid, he needs to build bridges with the paying customers,,,,,,
    ASHLEY OUT!!!!

  • Steve Smith

    “Make me an offer”








    “Kenyon wasted my time and we’re into January now, so we’re just going to have to pull together and see what signings we can make in the last few hours of the transfer window”

  • Tweed Mag

    Hope the lads like sausage rolls and empire biscuits – wonder if they will ‘eat in’ at Greggs? Ashley is on a bit of a budget, he has only trousered £140m from NUFC recently. Takeover talk is PR drivel.

  • Syd

    I think it’s more likely he’s trying to quell dissent in the ranks to make the club a more attractive asset to sell. Why would Peter Kenyon or indeed anyone else want to invest in a failing enterprise ?

    Also – I would imagine talk of a crisis at the club is probably a bit OTT despite the poor start to the season. Of the fixtures so far, I would rate just 3 as winnable so we have 2 points from 9 – not great but not a disaster. Away to Man U is another tough one which I expect us to lose but then there is a run of fixtures to Christmas where we can readonably expect to get some points. If those return little or nothing, then talk of a crisis. But not before then.

    • Carverlier football

      Er, the reason NUFC is a failing enterprise is Ashley, and if Kenyon or anyone else buys the club he will be gone so your point makes no sense. Sounds like you’re trying to dampen the protests (and promising jam tomorrow) which we’ve seen from very particular posters on here before… I say if Ashley wants us to believe he’s close to the door we should give him an extra hard shove to get him over the line – KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!!!

  • kingfisher

    The only way I would believe that Kenyon is interested is if Kenyon himself released a statement !
    The problem with any rumours of a sale (however ridiculous or unbelievable) is that no matter how much we tell ourselves that Ashley is up to his old PR tricks again,we are so desperate for him to sell that a small part of us clings on to the hope of a sale no matter how tenuous or unbelievable the rumours are .

  • Mxpx

    If we look at the circumstances maybe Ashley does have motivation to sell his club will be worth much less at the end of the season without significant investment a relegation combined with an empty stadium in the championship has him losing money and then once the parachute payments stop he’s losing money hand over fist

  • BanJones

    Given how he runs the club I would say this amateurish PR stunt is about par for the course. Kenyon should have him in court for suggesting that he would deal with an amateur buffoon like Ashley.

  • Down Under Mag

    Saw that he is apparently going to take all the players and manager out to “repair bridges” – seems with this and the sale talk he really is getting desperate (or Bishop is).

    • 1957

      According to the Chronicle team he is taking them out to an Italian restuaurant for pizza… more likely it will be half a dozen takeaways to share in the upstairs room in the Nine bar, paid for by Charnley with the petty cash.

      • Leazes.

        or one cheesy whopper and twenty meal deals.

        • Kneebotherm8

          Whoppers are his forte…..

      • ToonMoobs

        He says pizza now, but it will end up being a pound saver menu

        • Kneebotherm8

          He’s tekkin the pizza….again..

  • Fisherking

    Serial liar

  • ToonMoobs

    The real reason he keeps doing what he wants and laughing at all you fools of fans while his wallet gets fatter, is because you all keep going to games. I haven’t watched newcastle from the terraces for 5years or bought a shirt in that time either and i wont until Ashley is gone. Shame the rest of my fellow supporters wont do the same

  • Pezza

    There was an article a few weeks ago suggesting fans put money into a fund to assist a takeover and in turn receive shares and perhaps a seat on the board.

    As Kenyon appears