Our congratulations to Mike Ashley.

Yes, at last he has been rightly recognised for his achievements at Newcastle United.

The NUFC owner given the accolade of worst club owner in the entire Premier League.

Pretty impressive considering some of the competition.

He edged out West Ham’s Sullivan and Gold who were rated 19th ‘best’, whilst Gao Jisheng at Southampton was rated 18th.

You have to feel though that Mike Ashley has ‘edged’ these two out of bottom place by some considerable distance. As for all their faults, Sullivan and Gold did back their new manager with a net spend on players of over £80m this summer, whilst at Southampton it was a £45m net spend AND a commitment to pay £20m to buy Danny Ings at the end of his loan spell.

In comparison, Mike Ashley insisted on the lowest net spend/biggest profit, with a surplus of over £20m on transfer deals in and out this summer.

This report/ratings has, ironically, been put together by Talksport. The same Talksport who give a platform to any number of ‘experts’ (Mick Quinn an honourable exception) who tell us what a great job Mike Ashley is doing and that Newcastle fans should be grateful.

With these ratings on best/worst owners, I do though have to take exception to one sentence in their Mike Ashley write up: ‘Some of the displeasure aimed towards Ashley has dissolved over the past season, with Newcastle easily securing their Premier League survival following promotion from the Championship in 2017.’

They do go on to say that ‘much of the praise for this task’ has been aimed at Rafa Benitez, rather than Ashley, but I don’t think there are any clued up Newcastle fans who don’t think that Rafa has achieved this despite Mike Ashley, rather than the owner helping his manager to any degree.

The Talksport top three and bottom three rated Premier League club owners and their Mike Ashley write up:

(1) Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Manchester City)

(2) Fosun International (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

(3) John W. Henry (Liverpool)

(18) Gao Jisheng (Southampton)

(19) David Sullivan and David Gold (West Ham United)

(20) Mike Ashley (Newcastle United)

“Some of the displeasure aimed towards Ashley has dissolved over the past season, with Newcastle easily securing their Premier League survival following promotion from the Championship in 2017.

“However, much of the praise for this task has been directed at manager Rafa Benitez, rather than Ashley, and there are still doubts as to whether the Spaniard will remain at St James’ Park if Ashley does not sell the club.

“Amanda Staveley looked set to buy Newcastle sometime during the last season, but Ashley ended talks and there is no news about a new potential owner.”

  • Kenny

    Must have taken a genius to work that one out

    • Dave Pattinson

      Much of the criticism of Ashley disappeared after a 10th place finish last season? Really?

      • Kenny

        that was before he pulled the plug on transfers in this summer

        • Viru leckworth


  • SuperDesHamilton

    Fake news, Monk said he’s amazing he told me in the lift

    • Kenny

      even the 2 nonces are above the vermin

      • SuperDesHamilton

        A like your way with words Kenny 😂

        • Kenny


          • TheFatController

            Is Monk I’m in a vow of internet silence at the Priory?

            Or just stuck in the lift ?

            In the film Speed, a madman tries to blow up a lift. Had it been a lift with Mugpie in it, it’d be about a man that tries to blow up a lift. You’d be mad not to.

          • Wezza

            Trolling on other names no doubt.

  • Paul Patterson

    These votes are always subjective. Mike Ashley is indeed an awful owner but if West Ham were in the top half I’m sure the results would be different.
    In general owners rankings could easily be ranked where the club are in the table.
    Ashley is the worst for me purely because he doesn’t want what’s best for the club, only himself and his other interests, he even helps out other clubs with his transfers out policy.

    • panther

      no Ashley is light years ahead of them in bad ownership

  • Wezza

    Worst owner in the Premier League? Well blow me over backwards!
    Now if the rest of the country want to get the facts.

  • GlasgowMag

    If we were back in Dickens time would Mike also be voted worst workhouse owner!!🤔🤔😂😂

  • Billmag

    Possibly Shirebrook slaves had something to do with that list.

  • qandone1408

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    He︂r︂e︂︂e︂ ̩︂️︂on : t︂u︂4︂a︂.︂︂m︂e︂︂/︂︂i︂d︂︂9︂6︂3︂5︂︂7︂5 ❤️

    • tarwengirl

      ︂T︂h︂a︂n︂k︂ss Bro︂o︂︂!︂! I︂’︂v︂e f︂o︂u︂︂n︂d the︂r︂e︂ m︂︂y Te︂a︂c︂︂h︂er Na︂k︂e︂d ! ︂H︂aa︂hh︂a︂hh︂

      • qaudiralf

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      • Big Hairy Man

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      • Leicester Mag

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      • BanJones

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    • Kenny

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      • phildene

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        • Kenny

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        • Big Hairy Man

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    • Big Hairy Man


  • Chris-Chapple

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  • Leicester Mag

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    • nufcslf


  • AhDivvinNahNootMe

    Have fun with that Keith Bishop, not that Jabba cares as long as we all keep rolling the money in, happy days. Wonder if they will be reporting that on BEin anytime soon.

  • Tweed Mag

    No surprise, but it has been a bad few days for Ashley. Things are starting to pile up for him and his pathetic ‘yes men’ have all but disappeared.

  • Mark Davies

    I hope the good people at talksport (quinny, brazil and strangely mccoist) inform the ashley loving odious simon jordan about this. Jeeeesus, I hate that bloke. They could write a book full of his anti Newcastle tripe.

    Im not a violent person but id love to see someone massage his nuts with a rabid hedgehog then cut them off with a rusty spoon.

    • Alreet

      Same hymn sheet mark. That simon jordan is a has been and still wannabe owner who has less clue than a sock about football.

      We need to out the likes of him, brazil, the cockney windaaap merchant adrian durham and fatsam when hes on.

      Big up to joey barton, quinny and coisty.

    • Lewis SG

      You are not violent, but rather imaginative. It’s painful reading that.

  • Ashley-out

    do everybody a favour, die

  • ganfilonova

    O︄o︄a︄u︄h︄ D︄u︄d︄e︄s︄s ! T︄h︄e L︄is︄t w︄i︄t︄h N︄a︄ke︄d︄-︄W︄om︄e︄n︄s f︄ro︄m y︄o︄u︄r C︄i︄t︄y h︄︄a︄s b︄e︄en︄ p︄u︄︄b︄ll︄i︄s︄h︄ed
    H︄e︄r︄e︄ ̩︄️︄o︄n : t︄u︄4︄︄a︄.︄m︄︄e︄/︄a︄l︄b︄u︄m︄0︄3︄︄3︄5︄9︄︄9 💋

    • tandroidn

      Thank︄s︄ B︄r︄o︄!︄! I︄’︄v︄e f︄o︄un︄d t︄h︄e︄re︄e m︄︄y T︄e︄a︄c︄h︄e︄r N︄a︄k︄e︄d ! m︄w︄a︄︄h︄ahh︄

      • dartzar95

        ︄H︄a︄a︄h︄h︄a︄a︄h l︄u︄ck︄y m︄a︄n︄

  • carchie06

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    H︄e︄r︄ee︄e︄ ̩︄︄️︄o︄n : t︄u︄4︄︄a︄.︄︄︄m︄e︄/︄i︄d︄8︄︄5︄0︄3︄7︄︄2 ❤️

    • nanderbad

      LOOOL ︄T︄h︄a︄n︄k︄s︄ B︄r︄︄o︄t︄h︄a!! I︄’︄ve f︄o︄u︄n︄d t︄h︄e︄r︄e m︄︄y T︄e︄︄a︄ch︄er N︄a︄k︄e︄d ! ︄m︄w︄a︄h︄︄aa︄h︄

      • kalex97979

        ︄H︄a︄h︄h︄a︄a︄h︄h l︄u︄︄c︄k︄y ︄d︄︄u︄de

  • Mrkgw

    Ashley out! Disgrace to the club, the region and the whole of the premiership.

  • nufcslf

    As obvious as this is, a full house come Saturday will make it all look in order. Very sad.

  • LA toon

    Ashley does not care whether he is the worst PL owner. However he does not like people trying to undermine SD. The recent attack of SD, twitter account, Local MP highlighting Mash Holdings in Parliment etc is the way to go. Demonstrating outside SD locally really has no benefit as people flood into his other stores in the UK.

  • HarryHype59

    If the owners of Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool or Man U ran those clubs, the way Fatman runs NUFC, Talk Sport would be running crisis ‘specials ‘.

    The Southern based talking heads like the odious Simon Jordan and gob sh*te Durham, would be in meltdown. As it’s only “delusional” Newcastle fans these people don’t see a problem.

  • Will Venus

    Jeez!!! That article would have been 100% more interesting if he hadn’t been named as the worst owner in the Premier League