Newcastle United are struggling at the wrong end of the table.

Rafa’s team are 18th in the Premier League and have failed to win any of their six games so far (seven if you include Forest in the League Cup).

You have to factor in of course that amongst the six PL matches, Newcastle ave faced four of last season’s top six.

However, in three hours of football against Cardiff and Crystal Palace, Newcastle couldn’t conjure up a goal.

As we all know, goals win matches and the Premier League table backs up the importance of scoring.

None of the other 17 clubs have scored as many goals as any of the top three, whilst at the bottom, nobody has scored less than Cardiff, Huddersfield and Newcastle.

Stating the obvious but of course you need shots to score goals (and win games) and a new report by the CIES Football Observatory, has highlighted the importance of number of shots across all major European leagues.

They have looked at how many shots (whether on target or not) every European team has had, then expressed the figures as how many minutes on average for each side to have a shot.

They have highlighted the three best and three worst in each league.

The top three in the Premier League table are also the top three when it comes to number of shots, Man City having one every four minutes and two seconds, Chelsea every five minutes and seven seconds, whilst for Liverpool it is five minutes forty seven seconds.

As for the worst PL figures, Huddersfield take twelve minutes andย  eight seconds, closely followed by Newcastle on twelve minutes four seconds, these two way ahead of next worst Brighton every ten minutes forty seven seconds.

Indeed, in the five major European Leagues (Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League, Ligue 1 and Serie A), only Real Sociedad (Mikel Merino’s new club) and Eintracht Frankfurt have less shots than Huddersfield and Newcastle.

CIES Football Observatory – Number of minutes and seconds per shot so far this 2018/19 season:

newcastle united

On Saturday, the stats (via BBC Sport) show Newcastle as having six shots, which works out at one every fifteen minutes, with three of those on target. However, in reality the Palace keeper didn’t have a proper save to make.

Far more/better is needed from Newcastle United, starting against Leicester on Saturday.

  • Leazes.

    Seems we’ve been asset stripped of football too….. the sooner this charade is over the better.


    • Kenny


  • mactoon

    Shots aren’t the important thing. You can have 20 shots on goal but if none of them go in and the other team score with their only shot on goal you are beaten. Goals are the important fact, and we ain’t scoring any

    • panther

      only ones we had capable of a goal is at Fulham and the other is at West Brom

  • Kenny

    New excerpts from KK book have been released today and slaughters the Fat Rat and rightly so

  • Ron

    Interesting we can score against the top teams (and lose) but cannot against the lower teams.

  • robbersdog

    What’s the point of taking more shots when it’s Joselu doing the shooting? I reckon we should put Lascelles at No.9 and tell the likes of Ritchie and Kenedy to stay wide and put crosses into the box in the hope that Jamaal gets his nut on a couple of ’em.

    Yep, it’s a rubbish idea, but our current forwards are one big rubbish idea.

    • Roland

      I’d like to see 5-3-2 with wing backs (Kenedy/Yedlin) or 4-3-3 with Murphy/Muto buzzing around Rondon. We keep trying to play a number 10 yet haven’t had one, ever.

    • molend

      As you say, it’s a rubbish idea, bonny lad, but it’s what we’re reduced to. Mebbe try Yedlin somewhere up front. Crackers, obviously, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Roland

    The blame lies with the owner, for sure, but the manager’s just a bad fit for the club right now. Rafa’s never played expansive football, he stifles freedom too much IMO. That’s ok when you have the attacking talent he had at Valencia, L’pool, Napoli, Real and Chelsea, but when it’s Joselu and Perez all you’re going to see is defending for 90 mins, week in, week out. There’s no way out. We watch it every week – defend well, hoof long, lose ball. Defend well, pass to Perez, lose ball. Defend well, give to Shelvey, Hollywood pass goes out of play. Any Rafa team, without good attackers, is going to be painful to watch. Pardew had us playing better, with better players, none of whom cost much (Ben Arfa, Cisse, Ba, Cabaye, etc.). And I hate Pardew, man, he was shocking – but in all honesty Rafa’s worse for THIS club at THIS moment in time.

    • molend

      Defend well, pass to Ben Arfa. Defend well, give to Cabaye, pass to Ba. It’s not Rafa’s fault that he doesn’t have these players

  • panther

    would have been easier if they just said ASHLEY