Life under Mike Ashley rolls on.

This is the 12th season of his reign and the lack of investment in the training ground, St James Park, and the Academy, has been shocking.

This is without even mentioning the Newcastle United first team squad.

For those of you on Twitter, you have no doubt seen fans posting photos of neglect at St James Park.

A lack of pride in the cleanliness and look of the stadium, as well as many instances of signs, posters and announcements that are out of date by months, and in some cases by a year..or years.

It won’t be because those who work there don’t care, more a combination of Mike Ashley running the club with a skeleton staff and no proper executive management team to ensure the club is ran to a certain standard.

I’m guessing there will be many individuals working lower down within the club who will feel just as embarrassed, if not more so as the supporters.

On this theme, you just have to look at the official club website.

Well into the season now and as you can see on the tickets section, images of Chancel Mbemba and Massadio Haidara being used to promote the selling of tickets for home and away matches.

newcastle unitedAs for the Newcastle United fans forum, we all know how much contempt Mike Ashley and his minions have for the fans prepared to give up their time and energy to take part. Not having a single meeting for the whole of last season until safety was achieved in April, whilst the first one of this season that had been scheduled for four months, was cancelled at the last minute to prevent any awkward questions being asked.

On the official club website nobody bothers to update anything, listing the fans forum members who were involved back in 2016 for the Championship season:

newcastle united

Then in the NUFC official website write-up ‘About the Fans Forum’, they still refer to ‘the most recent forum in August 2016’, we know they aren’t keen to hold them and are keen to cancel but they don’t quite go over two years without one…yet.

newcastle unted

No doubt some of you will be saying these aren’t the most important things to be bothered about but if you can’t even make an effort and keep on top of these most basic and simple jobs, what chance is there of Newcastle United getting things right in the more important/vital areas?

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  • David Richard McMeekan

    Rise again Under whose Leadership
    From Cullercoats No Ashley No Club

    Is he Any Worse than The Pirate Westwood

    TORY BOY McKeag

    JOHNNY The Makem Crook Hall


    • Squintytoonarmy

      Discus – it is an Olympian sport. How’s that?

    • Big Hairy Man

      Yes he’s worse than all of them. The Pirate and Mckeag were freeloaders but at least under Hall we had something that Ashley doesn’t understand. Football.

      • Sickandtired

        Born in North Seaton as well. Mackem?
        F’ knows what the chump was smoking when he typed that rambling nonsense.

        • Lord

          A quick google shows he is a Labour councillor for St Mary’s.

          Looks like he’s done as well on his upvotes as he did in the local election he lost.

    • Sickandtired

      Call an ambulance, you’ve ovbiously overdosed.

    • Wezza


    • Superdooperhooper

      Wrong thread muppet !

    • Danimal


    • jack

      Having lived through the Westwood ,mckeag years , yes he’s a hell of a lot worse ,,he’s a cancer eating away at Newcastle and if he finally goes only then will you see the real damage

    • The BBC is FAKENEWS

      Yes. Even a child could work that one out. Follow the money, it sure as hell hasn’t gone into the Team, the training ground, the stadium or anything else football related. So where has it gone genius?

    • Pezza

      Ashley is fat

    • Carverlier football

      Yes he is.

      Shot put.

  • Ron

    “The neglect of Newcastle United and indeed St James Park under Mike Ashley is obvious, her are a few more examples.” ………Michael – just for the record just how long is a piece of string?

  • Mrkgw

    Have noticed signs of shabbiness externally and the stadium walls are a decaying shadow of what once was. What is this idiot doing to our club?

    • Pezza

      Keith, I thought you boycotted the match and lived in Kent.

      have you gone happy clapper?

      • Mrkgw

        Definately not Keith, Bob. Yes, I reside in Kent but get back up north to visit family and go to the odd game. So, yes, I’ve noticed the decaying walls for sure. Not crumbling but certainly grubby. But no, I’ve not gone happy clapper and am extremely disillusioned with our club, regime and right through to Rafa.

        • Pezza

          So you noticed this when? Were you at Spurs or Chelsea?

          • Mrkgw


          • Pezza

            So when did you observe this decay?

          • Mrkgw

            Every time I visit St James. Green on the brickwork, shabby paintwork. So, you haven’t noticed it then?

          • Pezza

            So you’ve not mentioned it before the lemmings of social media started?

          • Mrkgw

            I thought that it was a case of me being a bit harsh and expecting too much. But, when reports began to circulate, it struck a chord. Nothing wrong with that, surely.

  • Wezza

    Of course, this is how he works. You asset strip down to the bare bones and get the “managing director” to do the job of 10 people – to “save money” more like straight into MA’s back pocket.
    I wonder if the media are even aware we only have a managing director and unspecified couple of lackies. No director of football, no other backroom staff. The club is ran like a joke from top to bottom to maximise revenue for MA.
    Get this cancer out!

    • Pezza

      Yeah, cancer out.

  • Jimmy_toons

    Also presume one of the reasons we don’t have a woman’s football team is probably because of the cost implication of setting one up. Never heard it mentioned, aired or raised, likely because of finances.

    • Down Under Mag

      A womens team, at this stage (and this isn’t being sexist or anything, just a fact), is not financially viable as the crowds would not be large enough to make it worthwhile for Ashley to care about. Ashley is never going to do anything in his time here “for the greater good”.

      • Jimmy_toons

        But Bristol City, Reading and Yeovil Town can all invest and support Premier League Women’s football?
        It’s obviously not just about money – why does the club bother investing in the Academy if it was? – but Ashley sees no return as unthinkable, and there is no inclination short or long term about investment, development or strategy about moving the whole club forward other than a 12 month plan of staying in the Premier League at the lowest possible cost. And the highest possible return to him.
        Has anyone at The Mag or Chronic either looked into this? About time they did.

    • The BBC is FAKENEWS

      It would cost next to nothing in the overall scheme of things to support a woman’s team. £100k would easily cover it.

    • robbersdog

      Google ‘Newcastle United Women’. Not only does the club have a women’s team, it is also heavily involved in sponsoring women’s football in the region.

  • JohnnyH

    I’ve posted this before, an extract from the Premier League Handbook, which details how the TV money should be spent by clubs;

    ‘The collective and central way the Premier League markets its rights and distributes revenues to clubs supports them in their efforts to develop and aquire talented players, build and improve stadiums, and make a huge contribution to the entire football pyramid and a range of community programmes and good causes’

    Well over £100 million has cleared into the opaque accounts of at least one of the organisations controlled by Ashley, without any evidence of it being reinvested in the club or its infrastructure. The PL are at best turning a blind eye to this.

    I’ve written to the premier league pointing this out to them, we could make life uncomfortable for both Ashley and the PL if we can get this out there.

    Magpie group seem like the Judean people’s popular front when it comes to concerted action. Get into the media – Try Chris Jackson to do an expose on the Inside Out programme.

    • Pezza

      Much as I hate the fireplace vomiting fat cockney, I don’t think there is any evidence of any money being cleared into the opaque accounts of at least one of the organisations controlled by Ashley, let alone over £100m