Mike Ashley is still desperate to keep Rafa Benitez at Newcastle United.

That is a claim in a new report on Tuesday morning.

The Telegraph report that the Newcastle United owner has instructed Lee Charnley to find out from the manager, what it would take to convince him to stay on beyond this season.

As always with Mike Ashley, you never know what to think, although by now I think we have all come to assume the worst.

Obviously you’d first of all have to assume that the newspaper’s information on Mike Ashley’s thoughts on Rafa are on the money.

Which to be  honest is a lot easier to accept/believe than the idea that the NUFC owner has any genuine intention of trying to convince the manager to stay.

These past four transfer windows have actually seen Ashley seemingly working against Rafa, never mind the bizarre idea of actually properly backing  him.

Rafa Benitez has repeatedly talked of broken promises made by the club’s owner, how om earth that equates to supposedly belatedly wanting to satisfy the manager’s needs, is anybody’s guess.

The Telegraph report claims that Mike Ashley hasn’t been understanding enough of the financial situation at St James Park.

Whatever that financial reality is or isn’t, it could never justify this summer’s insistence on making a £20m+ profit on deals in and out.

A policy that has guaranteed Newcastle United will be fighting relegation this season, as everybody else has strengthened, whilst Newcastle have arguably gone in the other direction.

As Rafa Benitez has made clear himself since the summer window closed, he is waiting to see what happens in January before there can be any chance of staying on at Newcastle United.

After not allowing Rafa to buy a single player in the past two January windows, can we really believe anything will be different this time?

I think the vast majority of Newcastle fans clearly want Mike Ashley out of the club no matter what he now does, over 11 years experience tells us he is poison when it comes to NUFC.

However, Rafa Benitez is a pragmatist and loves being at Newcastle United for many other reasons beyond the owner, so you just wonder what it would take from Mike Ashley to convince him to stay at a club where he really does want to stay?

The Telegraph:

‘Newcastle United will have a meeting to discuss their transfer budget for the January window this week, as part of an effort to persuade manager Rafael Benitez to remain in charge beyond the end of the season.

Benitez will make a series of requests when he sits down with managing director Lee Charnley, who has been urged to find out what the Spaniard feels he needs by owner Mike Ashley.

Ashley attended his first Newcastle game for almost 18 months at the weekend and witnessed a dire 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace in London, in which their lack of firepower in attack was made blatantly clear.

Although Ashley still feels Benitez has not shown enough appreciation of the financial situation at St James’ Park, frequently complaining about a lack of ambition in the transfer market, he remains keen for him to stay on as manager.

Benitez, who has argued he is yet to see proof of that desire to keep him, will not agree to sign a new contract until he has heard how much money he has to spend.

Ashley’s view (this summer) was that there was no point signing players on long-term deals if the manager who brought them to the North East was not going to commit his own long-term future to the project.

That led to the imposition of a sell-to-buy policy that left Newcastle more than £20 million in profit when the window closed at the start of August.

Critics have argued Ashley’s stance was an act of self-harm as it deprived Newcastle of the same sort of investment enjoyed by the other Premier League clubs looking to survive this season.’

  • SuperDesHamilton

    That won’t go well, Charnley struggles with basic things, like putting one foot in front of another

    • Kenny

      All Rafa will get off Penfold is lies & false promises

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Wrote in crayon

  • Kenny

    There has always been a sell to buy policy under the Fat Rat & buys like Hoss, Manquillo, Murphy & now Mutu has wasted £30m on players not fit to wear the shirt. he will not change & i hope Rafa realises that.

    • Ram Kishore

      I think Murphy will come good only when he gets played more and so will Muto

    • Ron

      Too early to judge Muto so can’t comment, Murphy though could make it, the others though not fit .

  • Sickandtired

    I’m guessing it would now take a fatal heart attack and Rafa named as Ashley’s beneficiary for him to stay….

    How deaf is this fat oaf?

  • Albert Stubbins

    So are we to believe that during the numerous “reported” meetings between Penfold and Rafa last season that not once was the subject of the lack of financial support for future transfers going to prevent him from staying on beyond his contract? Fatty has been perfectly aware of what it will take for Rafa to stay beyond this season as is everyone who has even the faintest interest in football. Is the Telegraph going the same way as the Chronic and assuming everyone who reads their b/s is stupid? The fact of the matter is even if Fatty were to offer Rafa a war chest akin to what Pep would be expect I’m afraid Rafa would still tell him where to stick it- why? because how can you trust a compulsive liar?

    • Ron

      Easy to offer a “War Chest” as long as you keep the key to it, surprising about the Telegraph though, look out for SD/HoF advertising in it’s pages shortly.

  • Dutch

    You can see what is happening here. Ashley is going to offer the world to Rafa for a new contract to be signed. Sadly once signed Ashley has won and the January window then becomes another total farce. Secondly Ashley thinks this will stop the demonstrations against him if Rafa signs. Remember years of lies and deceit from Ashley. I have always said a leopard never changes its spots. So I believe Rafa could or should sign in February and carry on disrupting Ashley’s business at full speed.

  • Ashley-out

    Die, you fat horrible parasite

  • Leazes.

    ….”Rafa doesn’t appreciate the financial situation at the club”’… no but Ashley does…

    The financial situation at the club is that the owner has/is taking money from it in free advertising and has closed its retail outlets so that SD gets all of its sales.

    Buy Nothing from SD

  • Cockneytrev

    He knows already,,
    1)players fit for purpose brought into the club
    2) the training brought up to standard
    3)The academy improved.
    They you go Ashley, not need for that grinning oaf Charnley to have a meeting ,, just do it!!!!
    Ashley out
    Keep up the pressure.

    • Danimal

      Given Ashley’s own lack of character and the shifty company he keeps, he probably still can’t grasp that any prospective employee might be interested in anything other than the salary.

      • Leazes.

        They are shifty aren’t they…. they have something in common…. they don’t like paying tax.

        Wise, Redknapp, Grey, Ashley, Hall, Ameobi all tried to use legal devices to avoid tax….and they do like telling lies.

      • Cockneytrev

        Never has the saying
        “judge a person by the company he keeps”
        Been more apt than when it refers to Ashley ,,,,

        • Ron

          Lie down with dogs and get up with fleas.

  • Waxi

    Who makes this stuff up. Click bait

  • JohnnyH

    It’s all shaping up to become Rafas fault, stand by for; “we promised to back him in the transfer market, but he’s thrown it back in our faces”.

    Looks like more PR lies from the fat thief.

  • Peaky

    The PR machine in full throttle now just in time for KK’s book coming out…..

  • TheFatController

    Dear Boss,

    Further to your enquiry, it would appear you’re not selling then?

    Just asking for a friend.


    • Leazes.

      That’s the obvious conclusion…. no sale…no change.

  • Billmag

    They were all their on Saturday (all 3 of them that matter)would it not have been prudent for fatty to say to Rafa we will have a meeting after the game to discuss what it would take for you to stay, it’s all B/S and until we see the colour of fatty’s money 💰 nobody will believe a word of it.

    • Ron

      They wouldn’t allow booze inside the ground so not sure if a meeting straight after would be constructive if MA was shaking violently. He’d agree to anything then, even every last penny.

      • Billmag


  • East Durham Mag

    This is just 100% extracting the urine. How about you selling up then removing every last trace of your tenure Mike? All the tat around the stadium and the legacy of neglect.

  • MidlandsMag

    Ashley hasn’t ask Charnley to do anything to keep Rafa.
    This spin is ridiculous and anyone who believes it needs their head checked.

    • Leazes.

      I tend to agree, it sounds like its the final stage of this particular game…. and this is for the consumption of Starforth and Douglas and any complicit journalist.

      The name of the game for Ashley is keep it going, keep it struggling.

    • Jezza

      Spot on. They will already have a Pardew type puppet or Pardew himself lined up for next season.

    • Ron

      Why would he ask Charnley to find out something when the writings been on the wall for so long. Needs to read that and not the SD logos splatted all over the place!

      • Kneebotherm8

        Ashley wants Rafa oot…….simple as……..when he goes at seasons end we’ll get all the excuses about how he did his best to keep him……….the fckn FCB must think we’re all thick as pig💩……..one loathesome individual is he…….

  • Danimal

    Is The Telegraph asking us to believe Mike Ashley just been rescued from a cave somewhere, after several years of no contact with the outside world?

    • Tweed Mag

      Possibly. They are also using a different outlet instead of the usual dross from the Chronic, Mirror and Sky.

  • BanJones

    Don’t get excited, he just wants to know what it would take – doesn’t mean he has any intention of following through.

    • Peaky

      Bet he’s the master of “following through”…..especially after 4 vindaloos & 12 pints of London Pride….💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

      • BanJones

        Howay Peaky, big Mike’s toilet etiquette is best left well alone, I can’t help imagining it squirting out of both ends at the same time – charmed i’m sure.

        • Peaky

          🤣😂🤣 There’s a Viz character somewhere in there waiting to be unleashed..

          • BanJones

            You are on to something there Peaky, Chris and Simon Donald are both Toon fans – they should be approached to do some cartoons of the oaf as antifatty propaganda. I think there might be a fireplace involved somewhere.

  • joe mac

    fattty says rafa can have all the house of fraser gift cards he wants!!

    • Ron

      “So sorry that you’re leaving us” would be his first choice

  • Leazes.

    What happened at the Fans Forum?

    • Ashley-out


      • Leazes.

        That’ll make the minutes come out quicker than usual then.

        • Jezza

          Seconds rather than minutes.

          • Ron

            typed on loo roll to save time when flushing

      • Phildene

        Surely the fans forum meets tomorrow Wednesday?

  • Peaky

    See Modric just won worlds best player….too small for us though ???

    • Leazes.

      Not Xisco then…. how did Tony Jimenez ever come to have belief in his judgments as a football expert….he’s another tax avoider living in Dubai…. like Amanda Staveley.

      He fell out with Ashley over verbal promises on a property deal.

      • Martin Rooney

        Darron mcDonagh, Jason Drysdale, et al there’s a massive list of players Kev should wish could be put down as favours for mates if it was his profound football scouting skills their signing are dubious!

  • Tweed Mag

    Penfold: “Rafa, what will it take to make you stay?”
    Rafa: “A new owner for Newcastle United Football Club”.
    Penfold: “Er, em, er, I’m just the office manager . . . . ”
    Ashley knows fine well what it would take to keep the Manager, this is just another pathetic PR stunt.

  • Fisherking

    Ashley’s head on the penalty spot at half time will do with 52,000 mags waiting for a go

  • Lord

    Charnley: “Rafa, we’re really pleased you netted us £20m profit this summer by selling unwanted players and replacing them with loans and bargains. We’re curious, what on earth can we do for you in January to make you stay. By the way, if you could just nudge us up from 18th to 17th, the boss would be really chuffed.”

    Rafa: “…….”

  • TheFatController

    Best tweet seen yesterday :-

    Who should Anthony Joshua fight next ?

    I think we can all guess the toon fan’s response …

  • 5floorshigh

    Dear gullible Geordies…………………….utter garbage !

  • relaxed

    TFCB knows for sure that Rafa has him and his rsholes sussed and wouldn’t go anywhere near any new contract offered by him or any one of his payrole crooks.
    If he did even I would start to question Rafas sanity.
    All that fat cockney c*nt is trying to do now is trying to shift all the blame on Rafa for him leaving and try to make himself look the good guy by whatever means it takes.
    Can you imagine the headlines ” I offered Rafa everything and more i begged and pleaded but he still decided to leave our sinking ship because he doesn’t care at all about the club and our loyal supporters”

    • Ron

      “I even promised him every last penny…..again!”

  • Hughie

    He’ll be promised every penny and won’t get it in writing.

    • Leazes.

      The club were willing to write off another season before it started only to go in to January’s transfer window with a manager with less than four months to go and a cataclysmic underspend to offer!…..

      ….It might work who knows….certainly doesn’t help the club to treat managers and fans….everyone as an enemy to be confronted.

      They are a ‘backs to the wall’ regime hiding from everyone….and everyone hates them….and they seem to get a perverse kick from this stance, the remote control….the insolent dumb silence…..

      …..its oh so quiet, it’s over and then Shh shh It’s nice and quiet Shh shh

      Why does Charnley hide from Scrutiny?

      What happened at the Forum?

      • Hughie

        Spot on Leazes- anyone kn ow any other multi million public facing business where the MD or owner cannot grasp the importance of transparency and two way communication. The approach- regardless of the miriad of mindless decisions -has lost them millions…. incredible stupidity. It negates the good work of the club in the community- eg the Foodbank help etc. The extent to which Ashley delegates is unclear, but the fact that the MD has retained his job suggests to me that either Ashley condones his management, or the MD has something on Ashley/MASH Holding’s financial affairs.

        • BigHairyDog

          Charnley is allowed to hide and avoid scrutiny from his good friends at the Chronicle, especially Ryder!!!

    • Kneebotherm8

      Verbal hot air/bull💩 promises by Ashley once again…..one tiresome psstaking individual…..

  • Leazes.

    With all managers deals have been allowed to fall through because those above them have deliberately dawdled during negotiations.

    Its about who is in charge!

    The time is coming to empty the stands….. and show them it us!

  • Kenny

    Just chalked up another 12 hour ban off twitter for having a go at the ponces at talksport, well worth it.
    what happen at the fans forum, 😂 sweet FA i bet

    • bob0411

      From the chronicle, quoting forum member Jon Lane – “Very open, lots that can’t be minuted” – does anyone else see the irony there?

      • Ron

        Open but secret but they don’t see any problem!

        I can’t believe it!

        • bob0411

          Uncle Tom in full effect….isn’t this the same joker who wrote an article on here a few weeks back? Seems to be a little too taken with himself in my view.

          • Ron

            you’re right!

  • Mxpx

    Not sure if he needs to ask penfold in truth I’m pretty certain he knows the answer is a transfer budget … Even I know this… Since he’s not going to give him what he wants why ask the question

  • Rosco

    Nice Keith Bishop led article to try and get fans off Ashleys back. Trouble for Bishop is they are so easy to spot these days because we have heard them all before.

    Rafa has given Ashley a list of demands, transfer funds, upgrade training facilities etc, this has been reported many times. So if it isn’t obvious to Penfold by now then he should be fired for incompetence.

    Ashley Out!!

    • Wezza

      Spot on mate. They’re desperate – even the PR is the same old rinse and repeat. They have no new material. Lying scum that they are.

  • Carverlier football

    What a load of rubbish. Rafa has already made it quite clear what he wants, and he didn’t get it.

  • FatParosite

    The club is already dead why argue about how you want the cadaver to look?

  • Mike

    Did he not promise on numerous times Raffa would get every penny zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz liar

  • grantham mag

    It a no brainer eff off you bloated fat tw#t.

  • t00nraider

    Every penny providing the right deals are available. If not the money goes to the next window. There was no insistence of £20mil profit, we just did well getting a lot of money for a player who played a major part in our last relegation and someone who Rafa did not want.

  • kingfisher

    We need to stop this cycle of under investment, Ashleys lies, fighting relegation, promises of this and that,boring horrible football repeated year after year after year etc.
    As Leazes says below: The time is coming to empty the stands ! How much longer can this situation be allowed to continue ?

    • FatParosite

      It will go on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on In 2009 we were relegated…. The fans said they would protest….. I’m still waiting…

  • mentalman

    a decent transfer kitty, a decent MD who is from a football club background & a decent experienced DoF to help rafa out

  • 1957

    Charnley to find out what Benitez wants to stay so Big Mike and him can do the opposite

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    In the words of Victor Meldrew : “I Don’t Believe It.”
    If that was the case then why hasn’t Rafa been offered what he wants long before now ?

  • panther

    Ashley needs to leave then raffa and I will both be there next season

  • Wezza

    Duh. What it would take to convince him to stay? Sorry but it’s too late for that. This is clearly PR to make people think that MA actually wants Rafa to stay when I think the reality is he couldn’t care less.

  • graham18

    Unless everyone is on planet Zog,I think it is for FCB to flog the club.Ashley has relegated the club twice and possibly the 3rd time.But the 3rd time will be the last

  • drc74

    you’d think yhe myriad of people shouting’you fat cxnt get out of our club, ‘ would’ve been a big enough hint

  • BigHairyDog

    11 years of prime advertisement fees would go to someway of providing the funds for Rafa.

  • magpiefifer

    Rafa’s answer to that question should be very easy – a new owner!

  • Blackburn1066

    Can you make the Fat! C-nt sell the Clooooob