Mike Ashley is running Newcastle United into the ground.

The owner totally wasting the opportunity presented by having a top class manager on hand, who could help really move the team and club forward, on and off the pitch.

Instead, Newcastle are heading for what looks like a third relegation in nine Premier League seasons.

These are the views of Newcastle legend Malcolm Macdonald, who just can’t believe what is happening at his old club.

He sums up the problems facing Newcastle fans who see the only way to have any kind of a positive future, is by Mike Ashley leaving, Supermac declaring: ‘I’ve never known a situation like this. Does the owner want to sell? He says so but I don’t think he does because Newcastle are too valuable for him.’

It was September 2008 when Mike Ashley first promised to sell the club, responding to the protests that followed Ashley and his people undermining Kevin Keegan and eventually forcing him out of St James Park.

Any number of times in these past 10 years, the owner has repeated that he is trying to sell the club.

You would have to be pretty naive/simple to believe Mike Ashley is genuine when he says this.

As his people told John Hall when he bought the club, he was making the purchase because he thought NUFC would play a vital part in expanding his retail empire, the power of the Premier League’s worldwide TV exposure giving his brands invaluable (free) exposure allowing it to prosper.

Ten years later and Mike Ashley has gone from being a billionaire to a multi-billionaire.

Once again, anybody who believes the PR nonsense put out by the club’s owner that Newcastle United is somehow a cross to bear for him, rather than being a massive positive, is very naive/simple.

In these 10 years that Newcastle United have supposedly been up for sale, almost every one of the other clubs currently in the Premier League have been sold, or had large stakes in them bought by outsiders. At some clubs there has been more than one change of ownership/control in this time.

Yet Mike Ashley has the club genuinely up for sale at a realistic price and nobody is interested…???

Malcolm Macdonald talking to The Star:

Rafa was made a promise that whatever he created he could have to spend. Well, Rafa has actually made a profit way in excess of £20 million.

“But the awful thing is that the transfer money is being withheld and Rafa is totally and utterly hamstrung.

“I feel sorry for him because this is a great manager who I feel is just getting dogs’ abuse.

“He’s being used and abused and he doesn’t deserve it. He’s got a great track record and he’s done an absolutely terrific job at Newcastle.

“But he’s getting no support from above. Most owners of football clubs, if what has happened over the last couple of years had happened at their clubs, they would have been absolutely delighted.

“They would have been wanting to reward the manager. But Mike Ashley is not bothered in my eyes about the club itself. He’s not bothered about the team or the supporters or anybody.

“And I think it’s gone beyond a meeting between the two to end the stand-off. I think Rafa is just looking at the end of the season and that’s his contract up.

“It’s heartbreaking. You look and it’s a full stadium every match day with 52,500 fans. And those supporters will think: Where the hell are we going? I get the overwhelming impression that they are running out of hope.

“I shall be going (to the Arsenal match on Saturday) and have been invited by my old skipper Bob Moncur to do talks in different lounges. But whenever I’m there, I’m having to bite my tongue all the time.

“So, if I’m doing that for heaven’s sake Rafa is having to do the same. But I can’t see anything improving his lot. No matter what. I don’t think it would improve even if he won a trophy.

“Sadly, I think he is being not just pushed but shoved towards the door. He’s a great football manager getting the very best out of a very ordinary squad.

“They got away with murder last season and well done to them for having achieved it – but it doesn’t happen two years in a row. It’s not good. You get to Christmas and you need to be on 18, 19, 20 points.

“But I’m looking at the fixture list between now and the end of December and I’m not sure they will even get into double figures. They need some football talent to come in and give the team a boost – but that’s just not going to happen.

“I’ve never known a situation like this. Does the owner want to sell? He says so but I don’t think he does because Newcastle are too valuable for him.”

  • JohnCornwell’sHair

    Everything is for sale …at the right price.

    • Kenny

      his price is always to high, method in the madness

  • Kenny

    The Fat f##king Rat eases the pressure by saying the clubs for sale because if he said he was here long term them the protests would increase. evil [email protected]

    • TheFatController

      Jake Humphreys on BT to Rio Ferdinand ‘if you say you’re selling your house then you sell it’

      He was brilliant. Can’t beat that logic – of course he’s not selling.

      • Cockneytrev

        Exactly,, he has no intention of selling,, he’s making too much money out of the club

      • mentalman

        If your house is for sale but your not really that bothered about selling it you wouldn’t reduce what you wanted for it by 25%.

        Everything is for sale where MA is concerned as long as it’s on his terms

        • Kenny

          who says its worth £400m, you, because if it was a fair price it would have sold by now

          • Jezza

            The sad thing is that the club is probably worth a lot more than £400 million to Fatso because he is making so much money out of it, both directly and in terms of all the exposure it is gaining his core sweatshop business.

          • Pezza

            Not sure if that’s right, has he really taken millions? If that were the case, someone would buy the club if it’s creating millions more than the reported profit or loss.

          • cmrowley

            If MA was not benefiting from NUFC it would already be sold, it really is as simple as that.

          • Pezza

            He benefits when he sells. He’s not made anything yet.

          • Jezza

            Where do you think the £90 million for the department shop takeover came from…

          • Pezza

            From the Sports Direct reserves? It’s been bought by SD. It would be strangely generous of Ashley to finance such a purchase. Very unlikely.

          • Jezza

            I happen to believe the money came from Newcastle United and plenty others do too including Alan Shearer.

          • Pezza

            Wor Al was a great goalscorer but not the guy I’d look to advise me on corporate takeover.

            Not very likely, a) it would have to be disclosed to the SD plc shareholders, b) it would be rather altruistic of Mike Ashley c) Nufc don’t have that money hanging about.

          • Jezza

            You’re beginning to sound very much like the pro Ashley trolls who infest this site.

          • Pezza

            Being realistic isn’t about being pro or anti. We can’t go making things up to suit our agenda.

          • Jezza

            Claiming NUFC haven’t got any money when they have just received £123 million from Sky Sports sounds a lot like “making things up”.

          • Pezza

            There is a long way from me saying we don’t have £90m spare to claiming we don’t have any money.

            We know much if the £125ish million is received through the year rather than ‘just’ received and much of it goes on wages. It’s fair to say our surplus will be more £30-40m not £90m+.

          • Jezza

            I’m going to block you now. Nothing personal but I have got zero interest in debating with anybody who is trying to justify the shocking state of affairs that Ashley has created at our club.

          • Pezza

            Im aware you have a narrow criteria for debate, which is odd considering theis is a discussion forum.

            Blocking is a rather childish response to someone who is correcting what is either a naive misinterpretation of the evidence or something more sinister.

  • Cockneytrev

    shall be going (to the Arsenal match on Saturday) and have been invited by my old skipper Bob Moncur to do talks in different lounges. But whenever I’m there, I’m having to bite my tongue all the time.
    Because your getting paid to attend,, you should have been shouting from the roof tops for years, just like your “OLD SKIPPER”
    We need old players who have access to the media to speak out for the fans of the club, instead of hiding or taking their 30 pieces of silver!!!!!!

  • Paul Patterson

    “But whenever I’m there, I’m having to bite my tongue all the time.”

    Then turn down the offer from traitor Moncur, he may be your friend but he sold his soul to Ashley long ago, hence why you have to “bite your tongue”.

  • Tweed Mag

    It is very difficult to stay away from matches, especially when it has been part of your life for decades. But to go because you are being paid? Perhaps Supermac can help the cause by not accepting the invite, whatever his motive. That would send a significant message and far better than an article in The Star (that he may have also been paid for). At least he talks some sense, unlike Shola.

  • Steven05

    Come on Malcolm – just like when you were a player you are again in a position to affect the club. Scoring goals then and speaking out now. Do the right thing.

    • JohnCornwell’sHair

      Supermac gotta eat!

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Or drink more likely 😂

  • mactoon

    “It’s heartbreaking. I get the overwhelming impression that they are running out of hope. I shall be going (to the Arsenal match on Saturday) and have been invited by my old skipper Bob Moncur to do talks in different lounges. But whenever I’m there, I’m having to bite my tongue all the time”

    We have ex-players like Howey and Shearer standing by our side telling the public the truth instead of the pro Ashley rubbish being published, but you are “biting your tongue” because you have been invited by a friend who stands firmly in the Ashley camp and wouldn’t want you to tell the truth.

    Is it any wonder we are running out of hope!

  • Wezza

    He won’t sell the club because it earns him hundreds of millions and allows him to purchase high street stores like House of Fraser.

  • talleni

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    • falexbobyk

      LOL T︂ha︂n︂k︂s︂s︂ ︂B︂r︂oo︂o︂︂!! I︂’︂v︂e f︂o︂un︂︂d t︂h︂er︂e︂︂e m︂y Teac︂h︂e︂r N︂a︂ke︂︂d ! H︂a︂h︂h︂a︂h︂h︂

      • favliza

        H︂a︂h︂a︂a︂h︂h︂ l︂uck︂y ︂d︂ud︂e︂

  • dalex1986

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    • oantisusl9k

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      • fautoae

        ︄H︄aa︄h︄a︄h l︄u︄c︄k︄︄y ︄m︄a︄n︄

  • Blackburn1066

    The next time NUFC are on Sky just do not go to the ground this will send out a big message to the football world more than standing in front of his shop giving him more free Tv coverage.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    So supermac will go because Moncur (an Ashley man) does talk ins but has to bite his tongue, yet still takes the sheckles off fatty