Newcastle fans are now in their twelfth year under the rule of Mike Ashley.

If any supporter doesn’t understand/accept just what a disastrous football club owner he is by now, then they really are a lost cause.

His shameful running  of Newcastle United has for the most part being a local story, who cares about a football club at the other end of the country that you have no association with?

That of course largely applies to the media as well as the general public, the London-centric obsession usually meaning  you aren’t a story if it doesn’t happen in the capital, apart from the obvious (Liverpool, Man Utd etc).

This summer though, the agenda has changed for the better.

Mike Ashley went to such extremes this summer, even the national media couldn’t ignore it.

Apart from the malicious (Wise, Keys, journalists with an agenda) and ignorant (Gray, Shola etc), it couldn’t be ignored this time how the NUFC was behaving.

After very little investment in the team last season after promotion, to have a top class manager in Rafa Benitez approaching the final year of his contract and instead of backing him, you insist on a £20m+ summer transfer profit, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that it has disaster written all over it.

All the media published the tables of transfer dealings, Newcastle sticking out like a sore thumb at the bottom. Almost every other rival club with net spending at least £50m higher than Newcastle’s, Brighton and Huddersfield, amongst others, doing everything they can to back their managers and survive/progress in the Premier League.

Mike Ashley simply laughed at both Rafa Benitez and the fans, getting his minions to stir up the likes of Dennis Wise and Richard Keys to defend the indefensible.

As the high street falls on ever harder times, you have the perfect scenario for Mike Ashley, who has made it his business to ruthlessly exploit failing brands and become a multi-billionaire.

With the likes of House and Fraser and Debenhams in a desperate state, Ashley is like a fox let loose in the hen house.

The thousands and thousands of customers and staff of these brands/companies are now getting increasingly agitated. Along with Sports Direct shareholders themselves who were treated as total mugs last week by Mike Ashley.

Some Newcastle fans are disappointed that ever increasing negative stories about Ashley’s conduct with his retail empire don’t join the dots up with what he has done to Newcastle United.

I wouldn’t worry about that, it will increase over time and of course we are selfishly more interested in our local problem.

Mike Ashley’s people have claimed now that he will ‘generously’ knock £100m off any sale price, to which many Newcastle fans worry that the lack of spending on players has been just him preparing to make that money up via other means.

Again, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Surely you must know that when we finally get rid of him, Mike Ashley is going to make sure that he leaves a massive mess behind him, one that will take a lot of cash and work to bounce back from.

However, all that matters is that we reach that ground zero moment as soon as possible, because that is when our club can start to live and breathe again.

We just have to plough on in the meantime and continue to try and add to the pressure on the NUFC and Sports Direct owner, he once thought all publicity was good publicity, but I get the feeling now that Mike Ashley is realising that even that reasoning has its limits.

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  • Dutch

    All fans should keep the pressure on him and his empire. Sports Direct advertising should not be allowed once the sale occurs. SJP should arise once again and all Sports Direct gone once and for all. Any deal involving Sports Direct should and will force fans to carry on with more demonstrations against his empire.

    • Wezza

      Yep we need to keep it up he is rattled for sure.
      I have to laugh though at Keith Bishop. He has no more PR propaganda lies intended to fool the media and fans. He has nothing left but to repeat old tactics again and again. We can see through this nonsense.

  • Colin Brumwell

    A couple of hundred outside his shop wearing new shirts bought from him and 52000 inside the ground paying him £27-30million a season is not going to have him running for the door

    • Leazes.

      Don’t be so pessimistic, there were a few wearing his stuff caught up in the camaraderie, maybe birthday presents who knows. While its true that he has absorbed hits financially i.e. the loss of premium seats to the ‘family section’ money from the club is a secondary concern to the ability to advertise his brands and business in online shopping….that is where he makes millions.

      I would like to see pressure on all of his ventures his friends and colleagues too….make it uncomfortable and yes empty the stands too….. but this is long haul he’s been here nearly twelve years and isn’t going soon despite the local press’s foolish belief that maybe he really does want out….Starforth and Douglas really are that daft!

      No quick remedy to this because this is a club with a large and passive fan base and has been kept that way by press accusations of being a demanding(sic) lot….. exactly the opposite s true! You get the likes of Jermain Genius and Craig Bellamy on MOTD and Sky demanding Spurs and other clubs show ambition….. one law for them one law for us!

      Long haul….empty seats next year…..and continued pressure into the next decade with Ashley and all of his concerns that is the way!

      He really isn’t going to sell….any time soon….why would he?

      • Colin Brumwell


    • Ron

      Their heart tells them to wear the colours to support the team, their head tells them to protest against the tyranny of the FCB who is ruining the club they love.

  • Ron

    I think he’s only got one tie.

    • Peaky

      I think that copper must be a Toon fan by the look of hate he’s giving Fatso on that photo…..

      • Ron

        He’s thinking “Did I stand something, or is the smell from him?”

  • Cockneytrev

    Shola isn’t ignorant,, he’s just greedy,, he should hang his head in shame, as should every ex player who sides with Ashley,,,

    • Leazes.

      He’s trying to ingratiate himself with the Sky pundit team by going along with what appears to be their perception of Newcastle United. He’s backing the wrong side!

      It took Shearer ten years to wake up mind!

      Is it surprising……yes, I’m totally shocked by it, as I was about his tax dodging affairs and investments with dodgy avoidance schemes. There were other United players also involved with that same company now departed.

  • Paul Patterson

    Let’s hope that the putting up of the ticket prices, shirt prices going up, transfer profit and no tv money spent (ie- a cash grab) is a prelude to him p*****g off . .

    • Leazes.

      No it isn’t …..he’s doing it to get at United fans….there’s no reason on earth why he shouldn’t have the lowest priced shirt in his own shop.

      He kick’s the dog because he can.

      Somewhere between the last promise to sell the club when he said…’I hear what you are saying, you want me out, and I shall go’, he said to himself sod them!….. I’m going to string this out and and torture their club that is precious to them in the process whilst asset stripping and downsizing!

      He just forgot to tell Miles Starforth and Mark Douglas that bit!

      Is it likely that Ashley would sell the club by leaking intentions to Starforth the sports editor of the Shields Gazette circulation 10000, when he had the Owner of the Express Richard Desmond in tow for his meeting with Staveley in the North London Curry House?

      Starforth and Douglas are being used and deliberately targeted by Keith Bishop! If Starforth and Douglas have seen anything they haven’t shared their sources and are willingly playing Ashley’s game!

      Shame on them!

      • Sickandtired

        PMSL! Starforth repeating Douglas – after Douglas made speculation in a Chron Q&A 2 weeks ago.
        His sole fact revealed was that he knew the identity of one interested party, which we’ve all known of for a year.

        • Leazes.

          He knows the identity of a company which exists on paper with no funds ….PCP Capital Partners….. a bit of meat on the fossil bones of a Scamosaurus!

          • Sickandtired

            Well today they are repeating the ‘valuation’ confirmation through Dr David Plumley, a ‘football finance expert’.

            “One thing that doesn’t take into account is the value of the stadium, which Newcastle United own.” Maybe someone needs to point out that the club doesn’t own the ground, Ashley does. The Council owns the land.

            Its original mortgaged value + interest makes up part of his secured ‘loans’.

          • Leazes.

            Yes of course the constant reinforcement of the message that the club is for sale….. get the press talking about valuations to put it into the minds of fans that the club is for sale….when its not!

            SD is dependent on advertising…he’s not going to sell the billboards.

            Expect more from the press…. you have to hand it to Keith Bishop it was an act of genius pulling the same stunt twice (it worked by accident the first time without him) and with the same reaction from Douglas and Starforth…..

            Diffusion tactics with a willing puppy dog press.

          • Kenny

            The Fat snide has no intention of selling, the Rats trying to ease the pressure.

          • Leazes.

            Bloody obvious, that’s why I say Douglas is a friend not to United but to S***** D******.

          • Ron

            I see the expert is a senior lecturer.

            That reminded me of the graffiti on the loo wall when I was studying it said “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. And those that can’t teach are lecturers at Newcastle Poly!”

            I see Dr Plumley is from Sheffield though.

          • Sickandtired

            Yeah, that old chestnut of a line. Usually however, those that can have been taught by those who allegedly can’t!

          • t00nraider

            1/2 council 1/2 Freeman for ground ownership.

          • Sickandtired

            100% Council owned freehold.

          • t00nraider

            No it is not. The Freeman own half the land of the ground and part of the town moor.

  • toonterrier

    What surprised me is that myself and several mates gave up our season tickets because of the way the club was being run or is that ruined by the fat greedy git yet we’re still getting full houses and the fans are supposed to be protesting. Stay away and hope it forces a change of ownership because as long as he’s making mega bucks he’s going nowhere.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The bad thing about it is ten years after “Keegan-Gate”, He is still here and no one has been able to lay a glove on him since.
    Even after insulting and treating a N.U.F.C legend Keegan appallingly, He has went on to wind up and upset fans in more ways after the fact.

    It is going to be extremely difficult to remove him from the club and unfortunately we might have to wait until he decides to leave of his own volition.

    • Kenny

      Stop going & stop buying his overpriced shirts

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Which is what I did years ago !

    • Ron

      Why no man
      His own volition can be helped on it’s way. Heed Kenny’s advice.

  • Steve Smith

    There’s talk of Ashley roadblocking Debenham’s attempts to keep itself going so that he can swoop in and pick it up on the cheap as he did with HoF.