Kevin Keegan has been making all the headlines.

His new upcoming autobiography is out on 4 October and extracts have been published in The Times as tasters.

Both Newcastle fans and neutrals have lapped it up.

The disgraceful way Mike Ashley has ran the club, and the not fit for purpose clowns he has employed (with rare exceptions), all laid out by Kevin Keegan.

Keegan of course has just been reinforcing the truth that 99% of Newcastle fans already know/accept, as is the case with any reasonably informed outsider.

There was of course always going to be a fightback/retaliation from Mike Ashley and his shameless minions.

Ashley turned up on Saturday at a Newcastle match for the first time in 13 months, it wasn’t coincidental, he is saying he isn’t going anywhere and is going to try and brazen it out, as always.

Confusingly for a lot of Newcastle fans, is that Ashley’s PR goons have managed to use The Times to start this fightback against Kevin Keegan and the Newcastle fans.

With it being The Times that are publishing the Keegan extracts, people will wonder why they are willing to accommodate Mike Ashley?

The Times of course have no collective rigid editorial line on Newcastle United (not everybody is George Caulkin!) , they will simply publish whatever sells papers.

It also helps of course that The Times have somebody who is a serial offender when it comes to pro-Mike Ashley coverage, propping up the NUFC owner (see below).

Matt Hughes is Deputy Football Correspondent at The Times and now he has given Tony Jimenez a platform to try and have a go at Kevin Keegan, just look at some of the nonsense below and gauge who you believe.

What also really sticks out for me is that Dennis Wise and Tony Jimenez were appointed by Mike Ashley weeks after Kevin Keegan was given the job, yet Jimenez says they were theer at the heart of the Keegan interview process.

Like everything else at Newcastle under Mike Ashley, it stinks.

Matt Hughes talking to Tony Jimenez in The Times:

An hour in the company of the wise-cracking Tony Jimenez provides a fascinating insight into the nature of modern football for good and ill. Particularly his stormy nine-month spell at Newcastle United and bruising battles with Kevin Keegan.

Among the businessman’s more eye-catching anecdotes are his claims that Mike Ashley never wanted to buy Newcastle and rejected the chance to sell the club to Sheikh Mansour before the Abu Dhabi takeover of Manchester City. There is also a litany of allegedly botched transfer deals that raise questions about Keegan’s judgment.

Jimenez jokes that he is happy to help Keegan sell more copies of his autobiography, My Life in Football, but also wants to give his side of a story that caused uproar when serialised in The Times last weekend.

It is claimed that, in his role as a vice-president of Newcastle, Jimenez rejected the chance to sign Luka Modric in 2008 on the grounds that the Croatia midfielder was “too lightweight”. The 55-year-old’s recollection of the Modric transfer negotiations is very different, while his list of young players whom Keegan allegedly rejected as not good enough would make quite a fantasy football team.

Almost the only thing that the pair can agree on is the toxic nature of the relationship between Keegan and the Newcastle hierarchy that appointed him — Ashley, Jimenez and the director of football Dennis Wise. Jimenez portrays Keegan as a diva-esque figure who signed up to the club’s business plan of targeting young players before making impossible demands to sign household names. He allegedly threatened to resign when he did not get his own way, even walking out during his job interview, which he says was the result of being offered a contract with a 12-month break clause.

“Kevin was told at the interview that this is the job, these are the financial constraints — don’t take it if you don’t want it,” Jimenez says. “Go back to Glasgow and run your Soccer Circus rather than creating a circus in Newcastle, which is what he did. He just said yes to get the job.

“Kevin was a great player but lives in a time-warp. He played in an era when the top managers ran every aspect of football clubs and thinks his status in the game means he should have the same control. He didn’t understand that it doesn’t work like that anymore. Perhaps God had given him so much talent in his feet that he’d taken something else away?”

The seemingly endless rows, beginning at their first meeting in Mayfair, central London, would make a fine black comedy if it were not for the misery they caused to Newcastle fans. “Things seemed to be going well as we explained our business plan, but after an hour he decided he wanted to go and talk to his wife, who’d come down to London from Glasgow with him,” Jimenez says. “He left the room, but the ten minutes turned into 20, 30, then 40 minutes so we went looking for him.

“We couldn’t find him in the building and it turned out he was driving back to Scotland without having said anything! That was his first tantrum, and he didn’t even have the job.”

“The minute you questioned him he lost the plot,” Jimenez says. “During that window we offered him the players that we were working on when we thought Harry Redknapp was coming as manager — Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch, Lassana Diarra — and he said none of them were good enough. The other player we were really keen on was Daniel Sturridge. He said he’d had him as a kid at Man City and that he wasn’t good enough for League One.

“He didn’t want Hatem Ben Arfa or Karim Benzema either. We asked Kevin for a list of players for every position, bearing in mind he had £25 million to spend. Our list included Benzema and Ben Arfa who were young players at Lyons, as well as Samir Nasri.

“Kevin took one look and called them all chancers. His list was David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Ronaldinho, Kaka among others. We added their transfer value up and it was £399 million, plus £100 million in wages.”

There were other wrangles of contract negotiations, with Newcastle unwilling to meet Michael Owen’s wage demands and Keegan eager to sell the then 19-year-old Andy Carroll to Norwich City for £300,000, less than 1 per cent of the fee that they received from Liverpool for him three years later. “Kevin wanted to give him [Owen] a new five-year deal on £140,000 a week,” Jimenez says. “We made a counter offer of £80,000 which would reach £120,000 if he played 65 minutes per game. Keegan went ballistic.

The final straw for Keegan came when Newcastle signed Xisco and Ignacio González in August 2008, as detailed in his book extracts this week, but Jimenez suspects that he had been looking for a way out for some time and that the sale of James Milner to Aston Villa that month was just as significant.

“He has made a lot out of Xisco and González, but they were part of deals to sign Fabricio Coloccini and Jonás Gutiérrez, who were also players he didn’t want who did well for Newcastle,” Jimenez says. “Sometimes you have to take a player to get the one you really want. He’s made a lot of only being given YouTube clips, but he didn’t go and watch Coloccini and Gutiérrez.

“Kevin was looking for an excuse to go and could have walked out at any point from the moment he joined.”

The Mag – 5 August 2018:

A number of dubious media stories have come out in the last few days as the cold war between Rafa Benitez and Mike Ashley hots up in advance of transfer deadline.

Rafa isn’t shy of using the press himself, as he tries to get things done properly at Newcastle United.

However, when Mike Ashley and his PR sidekick Keith Bishop (pictured above) are on the move, they are simply looking to mislead and spin, to muddy the waters and confuse people. They don’t necessarily need to totally convince fans/public, it is enough to just put doubt there in many/most cases.

One person who has regularly ran stories on Newcastle United from an ‘informed’ perspective, is Matt Hughes at The Times.

Many times he has written stuff that appears to most Newcastle fans to have been fed by Ashley’s PR sidekick, one example you can see below.

Back in October 2017, backing up the idea that Mike Ashley was supposedly serious about selling Newcastle United, Matt Hughes claimed as fact that aside from Amanda Staveley’s group, Mike Ashley had ‘Three separate groups of potential investors conducting due diligence at Newcastle United.’

Most Newcastle fans have come to accept it is simply a lie that Mike Ashley has any intention of selling up, the owner gaining so many benefits from his ownership. Ashley has claimed a number of times NUFC is up for sale but clearly that hasn’t been the case, if he had been serious then the club would have been sold by now – it being 10 years since he first claimed Newcastle United was up for sale and he supposedly wanted out. If indeed there have been any approaches to buy, Mike Ashley has obviously priced the club out of any chance of selling.

If there had indeed been people seriously looking to buy last October and going so far as doing due diligence, according to Matt Hughes, why was there never any follow up(s) about why a sale hadn’t happened? If indeed three parties had been bothered enough to get to due diligence, they must surely have already known the ballpark figure Mike Ashley was asking, and to be seriously interested in buying the club. It is very far-fetched to then believe that all three interested bidders lose interest for no apparent reason.

The latest this weekend from Matt Hughes (Keith Bishop???), claims a reason for Rafa Benitez not getting any transfer budget, is due to Mike Ashley wanting to sell Newcastle United…

I think we have all heard this somewhere before.

Hughes claims that Ashley doesn’t want to commit to buying players by instalments, as every other club does, because then any sale  would see a buyer demanding the money still owed to be knocked off the selling price.

What a load of rubbish.

Money committed to transfers isn’t money down the drain (hopefully!), it is used to buy something that then becomes an asset of the club you are buying.

Take the example say of Liverpool, who bought Mo Salah for £35m last summer. Say if Liverpool still owe£15m or £20m now, would a buyer of their club be expecting to get it for cheaper overall now, because of money still owed on Salah? Not only the player’s value having increased in these 12 months but also what he has contributed in that time to make the club more valuable.

Similarly, go back to the days when Newcastle actually bought players, 22 years after the event and in these past 11 years Mike Ashley has still failed to even match the £15m that was paid for Alan Shearer. Back then, if Newcastle had sold Newcastle United in the weeks and months after buying Shearer, do you think a buyer would believe he’d be entitled to a discount because Newcastle still owed £5m or whatever on the NUFC legend?

Matt Hughes also claims: ‘To compound matters, Ashley has had little choice other than to accept fees for sales in instalments.’ This is rubbish, there is no reason why Mike Ashley (a billionaire just in case you have forgotten) couldn’t have insisted that say Fulham (also owned by a billionaire) paid all the money up front for Mitrovic. To get the deal done it might then have meant a sale price of say £18m or £20m instead of £22m, but no reason why that couldn’t have happened, it is purely Mike Ashley choosing that this is how things are done, he isn’t forced to do it.

No amount of PR spin via friendly journalists can convince otherwise.

The intention surely here is to put that bit of doubt in people’s minds, to get some thinking/believing that not allowing spending  on essential Rafa signings is somehow justified, or even a good thing as it will (supposedly) help the club to get sold.

Matt Hughes writing in The Times:

“Rafael Benítez’s difficulty in getting Newcastle United to spend significant sums in the transfer market this summer has been exacerbated by owner Mike Ashley’s insistence on paying all fees up front, which is highly unusual in the Premier League, where spreading payments over instalments is standard practice.

“Ashley is reluctant to follow this model because it could affect the club’s value in the event of a sale, with interested buyers likely to deduct any liabilities from their offer price.

 “To compound matters, Ashley has had little choice other than to accept fees for sales in instalments, leading to the unusual situation where Newcastle could make an accounting loss on player trading in this window despite agreeing to sell them for fees that will eventually bring in more than £40 million.”

The Mag – 7 October 2017:

There has also been claims that the NUFC stories emanating from The Times headquarters in London, are likely to be the work of Mike Ashley PR goon Keith Bishop feeding the story/stories to the London based journalist.

Matt Hughes writing in The Times:

“There are three separate groups of potential investors conducting due diligence at Newcastle United in addition to PCP Capital Partners, which is run by Amanda Staveley, who held informal talks with club officials at St James Park last weekend.

“Unlike PCP, the other interested parties have signed non-disclosure agreements and are pushing for a quick deal, ideally before the next Premier League TV rights package is completed in February, which they all expect to have an inflationary effect.

Mike Ashley, the owner, also wants a quick sale as he is keen to avoid an outlay in the January transfer window on an asset of which he is in the process of disposing, having conceded that Newcastle’s squad requires strengthening.”

  • Paul Patterson

    End of the day- Court proven liars!

    • Cockneytrev


  • DC1964

    “these are the financial constraints” This should never be the case given the size of Newcastle United and the wealth of Mike Ashley!

  • Cockneytrev

    One lie in there I know for a certainty,,
    Peter crouch never had any intention of coming here at any time,,

  • Lewis SG

    *Slow clap*

    Simply Brilliant!

    Best Fiction of the Year!

  • Cockneytrev

    What is it about these journalist courting favour with Ashley,, “THE WISE CRACKING JIMENEZ” what is that all about, this is supposed to be a counter piece to set his side of the story straight,,

    • Dillon Tovak

      As if he becomes more likeable and reliable if they paint him as relaxed and personable.
      Talking of wise cracks, I’d like Wise’s skull to be cracked.

    • Leazes.

      London Calling…. remote control.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Seeing although Beckham was on around £300,000 a week, if you additionally sign Ronaldinho, Kaka, Lampard and the undisclosed “others” on a 4 or 5 year deal. You’re talking about much more than £100m in wages. Proof he’s just chatting out his backside and making things up on the spot.
    The PR battle continues.

    • Paul Patterson

      Plus, Keegan would know that those deals would be logically impossible.
      All these players leaving Champions or league challenging clubs, for what would obviously much less money?
      More holes in this than a string vest . .

  • Dillon Tovak

    If what he is claiming is true (which it isn’t) then it only serves to prove the regimes incompetence, who hires someone that storms out of a job interview?

  • Albert Stubbins

    What a bunch of chancers!! Ashley and co. Out!!

  • JohnnyH

    There’s about 11 years worth of irrefutable evidence, there for all to see, to support KKs account of how the club has been destroyed by the fat [email protected]

    • Leazes.

      Yup how did their new thinking turn out?…. despite their resignations the policy they laid down was put into action….relegation struggle, player sales, asset strip….

  • Leazes.

    Dennis Wise, Tony Jimenez and Jeff Vetere were appointed AFTER Keegan arrived

    from the club…

    NEWCASTLE United announces that Dennis Wise has agreed to join the Club in the role of Executive Director (Football). Also joining the Club are Tony Jimenez as Vice President (Player Recruitment) and Jeff Vetere,… the arrival of these three new recruits follows on from the recent appointment of Kevin Keegan as manager. Kevin will be responsible for all matters related to the First Team.

  • Carverlier football

    Oh no, how confusing! Two completely conflicting accounts of what happened! If only there were some way to get an idea of who might be telling the truth, of whose account can be trusted… Maybe a legally recognised precedent where there were conflicting accounts from both parties… You know, where somebody like, say, a judge sets out which one of these two can’t be trusted… If only there were such a precedent…

  • Billmag

    Was Jiminez at the tribunal when KK won his case I know Wise was, can anyone enlighten me because if he was there nobody believed what he had to say after all he was VP, and if he wasn’t there why not.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    Yes I remember Keegan squandering John Halls millions, he never developed players like Howey, Watson, Elliot, Clarkie, 750k for Rob Lee, what was he on and 15 million for Alan Shearer and the return of service he gave us makes me want to believe Jimenez, is Jimenez spelt backwards Lying Tossa!

  • Tweed Mag

    Every time the Ashley apologists take to the press they make fools of themselves. This is a classic. Not only do they get minor details wrong, but they are now putting themselves in a time machine to re-write history. Ashley and his crew were exposed as liars when KK took them to court. Jimenez is a low life chancer who should never have been anywhere near a football club. We should be grateful to Bishop and his PR expertise, he is doing a great job at making his master look a complete tool.

  • Robbie

    Why do Muppets like Ashley and the stupid minions come into football why don’t they just buy another store and just f#*$ off or is it the fact they just think they can mistreat everything and everyone like it was proven in his misdealings at sports direct he’s a lying fat b…tard and can’t handle the truth!!

  • MadMag83

    Yes, a businessman telling a football manager who he can and can’t sign, if that’s not a recipe for disaster then I don’t know what is.

    Sometimes you have to sign a player you don’t want in order to get the one you want, seriously? That tells you all you need to know about the dodgy dealings of the Ashley regime.

  • Philippines

    This article puts ‘War and Peace” in the shade. I think most of us know who to believe.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    Whether to believe a twopence halfpenny football steward with a gift for making connections with the ‘right’ people or Kevin Keegan? Mmm… a tricky one.

    • Sickandtired

      It’s hilarious that anyone would put forward the words of a man sued for fraud three times.

  • Wezza

    Jimenez speaks like he is a football expert but we all know he has nothing to do with football what so ever.
    Nice try at the PR, Jimenez you were shocking.
    Bring on the autobiography and more of the truth.
    Keep up the pressure.

  • Cockneytrev

    Before this transcript was printed,, it would have been so easy to confirm who is lying, pick up a phone and have a chat with the relevant parties ( names mentioned) and ask if this is true.
    The problem with this article in the times, is a lot of people will believe it, most Newcastle fans know it’s nonsense, but others around the country won’t, even if keegan sued the paper, it would take years and the paper would just have a retraction, the damage has been done.

    • Sickandtired

      Why would the Times choose to give this fraudster any print space? Wise and Ashley have both sued him.

  • Salty

    I loved KK for his time as player and the Entertainers, the best periods in my life as a fan. Bringing him back was a huge mistake, he’d been out of the game too long and lost touch with a game that had moved on. I still recall an old interview with Chris Mort, the only credible Board member Ashley has ever employed. He said when KK was asked for a list of transfer targets he cane up with Thierry Heny, Sol Campbell and Aidan Mcgeady- 2 household names and 1 he knew from running his circus in Glasgow. That was why Wise was brought in. Kev hadn’t heard of Colo and Jonás so his Metersaker claims are hard to believe
    If only we’d brought in a credible manager after Fat Sam the last 10 years could have been very different as we’ve lurched from one crisis to the next

    • HarryHype59

      Keegan was magnificent in his first spell as manager. His return was a mistake for him and the club. The game had changed.

      His apointment reminded me of someone getting back with their ex wife. Great at first, but the reason why you split become all too obvious very quickly.

      • Cockneytrev

        Keegan was not the answer , but that’s not the issue here,,
        it’s wether you believe Ashleys puppet or a manager who loves the club and fans,,
        You choose

        • HarryHype59

          Keegan every time, over the ex Chelsea steward and Ashley poodle.

          • Cockneytrev

            Exactly,,, no argument!!!

        • RAFmag

          Keegan could have been the answer if supported properly.

      • Sickandtired

        Game changed my backside. If KK had been at City when they were taken over – you’d have exactly the same thing as has happened there.
        The same football everyone now drools over, but hammered Keegan about 20 years previously.

        • HarryHype59

          He wasn’t at City though after the takeover was he? He looked like he had lost his “mojo” the second time at NUFC. Granted, Ashley was guilty of making appalling appointments after KK left. However, it was never going to work secind time around under “King Kev”.

          • Sickandtired

            That was my point. If he had been, with the Sheihk and the money, he would have made them the same as what they are now.
            If he ‘lost his mojo’ is it any F’n surprise with that gang of crooks we had here?
            Sad fact is it hasn’t worked with anyone here under Ashley, because of Ashley. And back then made even worse by Jimenez, Wise, Mort and Charnley who were all heavily criticised by the Tribunal and called out as liars.

          • HarryHype59

            Keegan’s win ratio at NUFC during his first spell was 55%. This dropped to 32% in his second period 2008 at this club. I accept he was working under the dead hand of this awful regime and that could have been a mitigating factor.

            Those statistics however, also prove Keegan didn’t have the impact expected second time around. The club finished twelfth that season, which was hardly a return to the glory days of the “entertainers” season.

          • Sickandtired

            Give owa man. First time around he had the players he wanted. Second time he was lumbered with players foisted on him. No comparison at all.

          • RAFmag

            The impact he had was slow because he had to undo the anti-football Sam had instilled into the players. It was like they having to learn how to play football again from scratch. No doubt in mind that they were improving before he left. Do you think the team would have been relegated the year after if he had the whole season?

          • HarryHype59

            No don’t think the team would have been relegated. However, I don’t think he would have brought the glory days of 1993 to 1996 back either.

        • RAFmag

          Spot on!

        • HarryHype59

          So why didn’t they come in for him after he left NUFC?

      • Dillon Tovak

        How did the game change between ‘05 and ‘08?

        • HarryHype59

          Keegan had gone as far as he could with NUFC by 1997. He was past his best when he rejoined NUFC the second time. It was never going to work under Ashley.

    • Cockneytrev

      So you believe Ashleys puppet?

    • Cockneytrev

      Wise signed some belters,,
      You can’t possibly think Dennis wise and a chancer were a better bet than keegan,,

      • Salty

        Despise Wise as much as anyone but can see why they brought someone else in when KK came up with his transfer targets – I believe Chris Mort’s version more than any of Ashley’s other cronies but there are some parallels with what Jimenez next is saying. Sadly, that wasn’t the first time Kev walked out in the club, had a history of hissy fits

        • Sickandtired

          They were in place before KK signed, not afterwards, you numpty.
          Jimenez sued by both Wise and Ashley afterwards for fraud.

          • Salty

            Don’t find Jimenez credible, which is why I reference Chris Mort who has a much better reputation. You numpty

          • Sickandtired

            And what references are they? Given that he was part of the criticism of the Tribunal, i find your claim odd.

        • Cockneytrev

          Keegan walking is called integrity,,

        • TheFatController

          He walked out on the Halls when they went for a public sale of shares, KK saw it as them lining their own pockets at the expense of the the club.

          With hindsight we know he wasn’t wrong either.

          You don’t like facts though, sort of ruins your ‘shoot from the hip morally superior no need for truth ’ standpoint, unsurprisingly

    • Dillon Tovak

      He left Man City in 2005, what changed about football in between then and coming to Newcastle?

    • RAFmag

      Keegan had no experience of management and had been out of the game 8 years when first appointed as manager. Keegan was a credible manager when Sam left! Keegan worked miracles in building a team from promising youngsters, championship players and seasoned pros. Lee, Beresford, Venison, Howey, Clark, Watson, Sheedy, Kilcline, Kelly etc. I would trust his judgement on players and Ashley should have also. His biggest mistake in my opinion.
      Blaming Keegan for the 10 years we have suffered is rediculous. The many crisis we have seen have all had one common cause – Ashley.

  • Peaky

    Who does the fatcunt think he is with “KING KEV” on the back of that shirt…..only person I know who could get that Welsh railway station name on in full and still have room for a dozen pies…🐷🐷🐷 OOT OOT OOT….!

  • Cockneytrev

    The more I think about this article the more angry it has made me,,,
    Would they have done this to
    St Daglish of Liverpool?
    Sir Alex of Manure?
    its a fracking disgrace , some nobody chancer against a English icon, a winner of the ballon dor x2, European player of the year, a man who Almost single handadly dragged Newcastle up not once but twice,
    I wish I knew how to crank the pressure up more, but it needs doing,,,,

  • mactoon

    Maybe Keegan’s ‘tantrums’ had something to do with the fact he knows about football and he was banging heads against a group of people who know nothing about it and can’t see that their business model just doesn’t work. Move to the present day and it’s much the same scenario with Rafa.

    Simon Jordan on talk sport just said two words that come to mind when he thinks of Jimenez, the first starts with B*** and the second starts with S*** 😃

    • FatParosite

      It would be the first time Jordan had words that were accurate.

      • Cockneytrev


        • mactoon

          Jordan does infuriate me the way he speaks as though everything he says is correct and can’t be questioned. His views on Ashley are unbelievable in terms of supporting him as an owner

    • Cockneytrev

      Are they talking about the article on Talk sport?

      • mactoon

        Aye they discussing the Jimenez article and saying it’s just him ‘having a go back’ at Keegan and Jordan saying he knows him and he’s a bullsh1tter

        • Cockneytrev

          At least it’s being talked about as garbage,,👍👍

    • HarryHype59

      Simon Jordan is the one usually talking BS.

      • Kenny

        had a twitter ban for that wanka as well

    • Paul Patterson

      There is also an interview on YouTube from Jordan stating that what Dennis Wise knows about football scouting he could put on the back of a postage stamp. Good company to keep at the club . .

      • Leazes.

        Think Ashleys appointments from the start were a huge mistake…. they were an isolated group who felt like outsiders, they behaved with contempt for everyone and the consequences are still with us….

        …an isolated group of Londoners conversing with London journalists….

        …. it doesn’t look like a regime capable of being part of Newcastle United Football Club.

      • Sickandtired

        So trustworthy that even Wise sued him.
        And February this year. “This week a man called Darius Khakshouri was awarded $4m in damages at the Royal Courts of Justice. In Court 9, Mr Justice Green found in favour of Khakshouri and against Tony Jimenez and Kevin Cash after the property developer claimed he had been deceived by the pair over a loan. That loan was of £1.8m, made in the autumn of 2013, in a last-minute bid to keep Charlton Athletic in business.”

      • Dillon Tovak

        When Simon Jordan thinks you’re a [email protected] you really are the lowest of the low.

  • Leazes.

    In 2007 Sturridge was a 17 year old…..Modric was an accomplished 22 year old!

    Nice try you tax dodging crook!

    • FatParosite

      Wasn’t a nice try…. It is usual ham fisted Bishop back of an escort PR cobble…

      • Leazes.

        Its a figure of speech.

        • FatParosite

          Furry muffff

  • Kenny

    1 day 23 hours ban off twitter for using abusive language to Matt Taylor about the wanka Jimenez
    well worth it.

    • Realist

      Constructive day for you then Kenny.

    • Realist

      Well done little Kenny from the Denton, proper menace yee like.

  • Flasheart

    Am I missing something here? The entire world knows Keegan resigned and won a constructive dismissal case against Ashley because he was promised the last say on transfers yet was given NONE! Now Jiminez says Keegan turned players down? How exactly can a manager that has no say on transfers turn one down? Pure fantasy.

    • Sickandtired

      Not missing the fact that he’s a lying toerag, sued twice.

    • TheFatController

      Agreed – colo and Jonas signed despite Keegan not wanting them, but he turned down benzema et al??

      They haven’t thought it through have they? At least make they could make the lies sound plausible ….

  • Sickandtired

    ‘He had £25 million to spend’. Benzema was sold to Real for a fee reaching 41 million Euros. That’s just a start to this piece of [email protected] set of lies.
    “Kevin was told at the interview that this is the job, these are the financial constraints — don’t take it if you don’t want it,” Jimenez says. “Go back to Glasgow and run your Soccer Circus rather than creating a circus in Newcastle, which is what he did. He just said yes to get the job.” Yeah, sure, he really really said that to KK before he took the job anyway.
    And of course let’s not miss the glaring fact here. WTF qualified Jimenez for the position he was given anyway?

    • Leazes.

      Jiminez’s argument seem to fall apart faster than a Sports D***** item after two washes.

      • Sickandtired

        Breaks down faster than Mike Ashley attempting to jog…

        • Leicester Mag

          Saw reports of Buluga whale in Thames yesterday. Maybe it was Ashley in his Speedos?🐋🍔🍟

          • Sickandtired

            Don’t think he owns Speedo brand – so probably him in Donnay trunks ;-)

          • Big Hairy Man

            I’m sure he wouldn’t wear his own brands coz he knows they’re shyte. Anyway his brands only go up to XXXXL.

    • NUFCDan

      Not to mention in the same time frame;
      Nasri went to Arsenal for £14m
      Crouch and Defoe went back to Spurs for £30m
      Diarra went to Real Madrid for £18m
      Ben Arfa to Marseille £10m
      Add Benzema to that and its well over £100m worth of transfer fee’s for players who were established internationals at that point for £25m? I mean we all already knew it was BS but surely even the biggest simpleton can see straight through this kind of nonsense.

  • Sickandtired

    .LOL, even Ashley sued him over the same golf course deal Wise did.

    2017 “Mike Ashley, the billionaire owner of Newcastle United, is moving from the pub to the golf course in his latest high court dispute with a former business partner.

    Ashley claims his former “trusted friend” Tony Jimenez, an executive at Newcastle United under Ashley until 2008, lured him into handing over £3m linked to a fraudulent investment in a French golf course.”

    • Leazes.

      Noticed that Jiminez is protecting himself not Ashley who he landed in it stating it was the owner who pulls the plugs.

      • Sickandtired

        Just amazed that anyone would give a fraudster print space.

        • Leazes.

          I think the Times got him in to lift the lid on Ashley but he ended up trying to justify himself and have a go at Keegan!

          Poor use of time from the journalist.

          • Sickandtired

            Trying to play ‘Devils Advocate’ but again completely failing to give entirely relevant background on this scrote.

  • Leicester Mag

    Just let these clowns continue, so farcical they simply continue to bury themselves in lies. Even Trumpies would laugh at this 🐴💩.

  • Allan

    JUST keep targeting Anything and everything that has ASHLEY’S grubby hands on or in it. ESPECIALLY ONLINE


  • Rosco

    Jimenez is a funny guy…..

    Jimenez says. “Go back to Glasgow and run your Soccer Circus rather
    than creating a circus in Newcastle, which is what he did. He just said
    yes to get the job…..

    Who is Keegan’s replacement…. Joe Kinnear…

    Jimenez says. “He didn’t want Hatem Ben Arfa or Karim Benzema either. We asked
    Kevin for a list of players for every position, bearing in mind he had
    £25 million to spend. Our list included Benzema and Ben Arfa who were
    young players at Lyons, as well as Samir Nasri.”

    Who did we sign,… Xisco and Gonzalez.

    Jimenez says. “He has made a lot out of Xisco and González, but they were part of
    deals to sign Fabricio Coloccini and Jonás Gutiérrez, who were also
    players he didn’t want who did well for Newcastle,” Jimenez says.
    “Sometimes you have to take a player to get the one you really want.
    He’s made a lot of only being given YouTube clips, but he didn’t go and
    watch Coloccini and Gutiérrez.”

    This proves Keegan’s point, Deals were signed who he didn’t want and which other teams sign players who they don’t want in order to sign players they do want. Can’t say I have heard any other club in this Situation.

  • 1957

    I’m sure when reading an article about Carroll when he was making one of his comebacks from injury, Willie Donachie was quoted saying Carroll wasn’t really rated by successive managers at the club and it was only because Hughton was left with no other options that his potential was realised.

  • Jonathan

    Ashley and cronies play to London/National media and many believe it. Bad news stories about other clubs is great.
    We know different but are irrelevant
    The biggest culprits here are the local press which struggle to support the fans