Mike Ashley and his running of Newcastle United is an emotive subject.

Newcastle fans make countless points about why these last eleven years have been such a disgrace.

However, there is a small but determined bunch who are keen to oppose these points of view.

People such as Richard Keys, Andy Gray, Dennis Wise, whoever is responsible for giving Wise a free unopposed platform on Sky Sports, Shola Ameobi, Rio Ferdinand, Simon Jordan, as well as journalists such as Andy Dunn (The Mirror) and Martin Samuel (The Mail).

As fans we know where we are coming from but what do this bunch above base their arguments on?

Well, what it comes down to is that they pretty much repeat what Mike Ashley has said and present that as proof that the owner is doing his best by the club.

Bottom line then is that their arguments stand or fall on whether Mike Ashley is telling the truth…

Mike Ashley says he has been trying to sell Newcastle United for the last 10 years.

(If your neighbour has had his house up for sale for 10 years and it is still unsold, whilst everybody else who has put their house up for sale in the street in the meantime have sold theirs – would you believe he/she was genuinely trying to sell it?)

Mike Ashley says he has given Rafa Benitez ‘every penny’ to spend on players.

(BT Sport presented the figures, since promotion in May 2016 the net spends have been: Brighton £110m, Huddersfield £78m, Newcastle United £1m, this despite Newcastle actually having far higher revenues than the other two promoted clubs)

Mike Ashley says he will give Rafa loads more money to spend if only he signs a new contract.

(Yes the promises on transfer funds really stood up to scrutiny these past four transfer windows…)

Mike Ashley says that it is all Rafa’s fault for the problems at the club because he (Ashley) has never had an invite to watch a training session.

(Yes, obviously the owner always received an invite first from Pardew, Carver, JFK, McClaren when he used to turn up in his helicopter at the training ground)

Mike Ashley says he isn’t even allowed to watch the football team play, that he owns, because the manager hasn’t said it is ok to do so.

(Yes, the reason Ashley never goes to matches now is because Rafa Benitez doesn’t allow it.)

Mike Ashley says nothing bad that happens at the club is his fault because he doesn’t interfere in how it is ran.

(Obviously it is only mischief when people suggest that Ashley is very hands on at NUFC via the likes of his shadowy minions Justin Barnes and Keith Bishop, who it is alleged pull all the Newcastle United strings on his behalf.)

Mike Ashley says Lee Charnley is totally in charge at Newcastle United.

(The last available accounts show Lee Charnley as the very lowest paid named highest earning senior Director/Executive at any Premier League club, with Sunderland’s getting paid more than four times as much and Charnley earning less than 3% of what one rival CEO/MD gets.)

Mike Ashley says changing St James Park to the Sports Direct Arena, with no money paid by SD to NUFC, was just to help try and find a new (paying) stadium sponsor.

(Yes,this is what any normal club does…Uses the stadium to promote his other businesses for nothing rather than getting companies to bid for naming rights.)

Mike Ashley says (a note in the official 2014/15 NUFC accounts) Sports Direct will now start and pay a market price for the so far free massive advertising and promotion given to SD by Newcastle United.

(No sign of this commitment/promise being followed up with action in the following years…)

Mike Ashley says that the big problem is that he can’t compete with sovereign states who own football clubs.

(How indeed can you compete with clubs in the transfer market who are owned by sovereign states, you know, such as Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Burnley, Brighton, Fulham, Wolves, Watford, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Southampton…?)

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  • Paul Patterson

    A court proven liar- So no.

  • Steven05

    Quickest skim-read ever

    The headline alone gives you the answer

    He’s scum

  • East Durham Mag

    Lying fat 🐖

  • Ron

    There are two ways to tell when he’s lying:

    1) He’s awake (though that isn’t 100% true I’m sure he can lie in his sleep, have to ask Monky about that).

    2) He’s speaking.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Good article. Where is the challenge? Would Spurs and Arsenal fans be subjected to such abject misery and austerity without a media outcry, I think not. Ashley is everything bad about the greed in the modern day game and needs to be put on the spot, not supported.

    • porciestreet


    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      Everything bad about how modern capitalism is run. A throwback to an unreconstructed Scrooge.

  • porciestreet

    He’s a pathological liar and he won’t even lie straight in his coffin.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Shame our glum friend Rio didn’t look at the facts last night before absolutely embarrassing himself

  • Mrkgw

    Many statements filled with promise however, as we have evidently found, they have been empty. If it were many of us, we would be embarrassed but not Mike Ashley who appears to lavish his role of party pooper, sticking yet another spear in the side of the good name of Newcastle United and its supporters. Tragic how one man can bring down the curtain on the enjoyment and good times at our club.

  • Tweed Mag

    Ashley is now pointing the finger at the previous owners of HoF who he wants ‘investigated’ over debt levels and poor management prior to his purchase. Enid Blyton would be proud. He accuses the previous board of ‘totally’ misleading suppliers. He has ‘totally’ misled everyone involved with NUFC for 11 years, including the apologists who swallow his stories. Arrogance at its very worst.

    • Sickandtired

      Like when he put USC into administration over a debt to Diesel for stock.
      He’s after HoF landlords to stop being ‘greedy’ (oh the irony!), which is the same approach he takes with SD. Keep moving stores, perpetual closing down sales, as he moves around for cheaper rents.
      Nowt surer he’ll sell off all the prime located HoF stores. Those that will be left will more resemble a pick n mix Woolworths rather than the ‘Harrods of the High Street’ he claims.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      Ashley did NOT buy the liabilities for HoF. His £90m only covers the assets. The pension fund, apparently currently in surplus, was left with the administrators, along with all the main liabilities which include supplier debts. Nor did Ashley undertake ‘due diligence’ when he bought the Toon, WTF does he expect when he buys a business that has collapsed ?

      • Tweed Mag

        Reading between the lines, it looks like he is suffering because the firm that distributes HoF goods is no more. The debts have nothing to do with him, he side-stepped them all. Perhaps he will learn to invest properly and things will recover. Buy cheap. buy twice.

    • Ben Jones

      You can’t get it into your thick head that he doesn’t deal with huge volumes of debt as he knows where it Ends up, this is how you want newcastle ran(chuckied up with as much debt as possible to buy the bestest players) he doesn’t do business like that, of course he’s complaining, he’s right to, look at the position the company ended up in with the debt pulling it down

      • Malcolm Fisher

        ” bestest playerss” ?are you serious. Take English classes.

        • Ben Jones

          lol, im emphasising how childish his opinion is

      • James Hopkins

        Huge volumes of debt. Like the 1 that he has around the clubs neck.

        • Ben Jones

          the ‘debt’ is included in the asking price of the club , its irrelevant as theres no interest on it, he owns it

          • James Hopkins

            Your funny.

    • Ron

      Kettles and frying pans I think.

  • Sickandtired

    There’s only one PL club owned by a state. One of only two in Europe. That’s a red herring of an excuse by Fatty.
    Ashley is around the 10th wealthiest Club owner in the PL, and worth more than Liverpool’s owner.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      And they have just turned down a £2 billion bid for Liverpool, with current investment programmes aiming to add another billion to its value.

  • Leicester Mag

    Took 2 seconds to decide a proven liar end of.

    • Kneebotherm8

      He’s a proven liar and he’s the gift that just keeps on giving……

      • Leicester Mag

        Or the liar who keeps taking

  • TheFatController

    I await him grabbing his chest, rolling on the floor, and saying ‘aaaasrgggghhhhhh’…

    • panther

      hope you have earthquake insurance

  • Big Hairy Man

    I do believe he tells porkies🐷

  • panther

    the moment this alledged human being makes a sound,you know its a lie

  • bapolo8208

    l︁а︁st f︁r︁i︁d︁аy i v︁i︁s︁i︁t о︁n cr︁аzy а︁nd r︁u︁d︁е е︁v︁е︁nt – n︁оw i︁s ph︁о︁tо а︁l︁b︁u︁m ̩
    S︁i︁ng u︁p a︁nd a︁dd m︁e: i︁a︁︁l︁m︁a︁︁z.︁c︁o︁︁m︁︁/︁p︁h︁o︁t︁︁o︁5︁9︁︁2︁︁2︁5︁︁1

    • malexbush90

      ︁I l︁ik︁e y︁o︁u︁r t︁i︁ts

  • The sooner he sells the better. I really don’t get it, why aren’t investors interested in NUFC? Ashley will consider anything above 300m now and it’s more than a fair price for club who has 50+ thousand present every week, has a good squad and a World-Class Manager. New owners don’t even have to re-invest in grounds and such, just get 100m to buy 2-3 quality players to the team and we will most likely be pushing for a top 8 finish and could give one of the cups a go. We all know it’s almost impossible to break into the top 4, but certainly 5th and 6th are up for grabs every year.