With a £20m net spend this summer, Mike Ashley could have still fooled some of the people some of the time.

It still wouldn’t have touched the sides in terms of delivering what Rafa Benitez and the first team squad needed. However, it would have at least kept Mike Ashley in the game, when it came to his PR people claiming that the NUFC owner was giving ‘every penny’ in backing to his manager.

Not many Newcastle fans would have been fooled but of course Mike Ashley isn’t bothered about them. Just so long as it would have muddied the waters enough for many neutrals, as well as giving his shameless allies a starting point to argue from, it could have been enough.

Instead, Mike Ashley did everybody a favour.

He broke through the very outer boundaries of what could be believable.

Only a fool would still argue that Ashley wasn’t seriously undermining Rafa Benitez and indeed the whole football club. A few fools have still followed orders and tried to do so but the likes of Keys, Wise and one or two others have somehow lowered reputations that were already lower than a snake’s belly.

There really is no way back now, surely?

How can this owner, manager and supporters of Newcastle United ever possibly co-exist?

Even if Rafa Benitez is somehow convinced to stay on, the feeling is that there are thousands and thousands of Newcastle fans who will still see no point in continuing, if Mike Ashley remains.

This summer proved once and for all, that for whatever reasons, Ashley has no intention of ever playing fair and properly trying to turn around his ‘reputation’ at NUFC.

If Rafa did stay beyond this season then it would be the equivalent of putting a finger in the hole in the dam, the club permanently on the edge of disaster once the finger/Rafa is removed.

It has gone far beyond how somebody runs a football club, instead it is a fanbase and owner who clearly despise each other.

It says it all when this season other issues are far more important for a massive (majority?) proportion of Newcastle fans, than whether the team stays in the Premier League or not.

  • Kenny

    I will say this only once, if Rafa leaves next May & St James Park is still full next season then Newcastle United is lost for another decade because even if the Rat leaves it will take a manager of Rafa`s calibre at least 3 years to repair the damage, At least 3 years

    • Cockneytrev

      Exactly right,, I think more than 3 years,,,

    • Paul Patterson

      A manager of Rafa’s calibre, maybe three years. The manager we would get? We could be down for an awful long time . .

    • Kneebotherm8

      As long as SJP is full every game there’s no chance Fat Rat will leave…….

  • Waxi

    If Rafa goes we go. The slug has killed any hope we had that he might give Rafa some money and it hurts to say it but it will take years to get back to where we were before the FCB got his grubby little fat hands on our club.

  • Leazes.

    Allo,Allo…. There has to be a realisation that this owner isn’t motivated by greed or money in what he’s doing to United….he’s motivated by hatred.

    You would have had to been there in September 2008 following the Keegan constructive dismissal, the protest was long and frightening at the West Stand Entrance, his group were inside trapped and the police did nothing, it went on and on ……and a few days later he and Wise ran to the Emirates like frightened chickens….. it has been ingrained in both of them….I can still hear the echo….

    ….and so can he!

    ……thats why he holds the club hostage, and chips away, and puts matchsticks under its fingernails…. because he can….that’s what happens when a controlling sadist gets punished, he gets revenge remotely.

    Malice in Ashleyland….. ever wondered why Charnley hides?

    • Peaky

      I’m down in Dorset at the minute….been in the local…..took 5 minutes to bring up Fatty….if they didn’t hate him before hand they certainly do now..

      • Leazes.

        The poor beggars, are you standing on a table giving a speech?

        • Peaky

          Got wrong off the missus….probably went on a bit….I blame the cider…..been “testing” a few !!

          • Leazes.

            Don’t drink cidre and talk people will think you are Boris Johnson.

          • Paul Patterson

            Attention all fireplaces . .

  • wheyayeman

    It’s time to turn the tables and hound him and his like out for good!

  • Dillon Tovak

    If I read that “fool some of the people some of the time…blah blah blah, all of the people all of the time” one more time…😫

  • Peaky

    Has someone told Augustus to do his best De Niro impression up top ?? He failed…

  • Jonas

    There’s still some numpties who don’t get it, how they can work in football is frightening.
    just the other night Gabbiadini (who i don’t mind generally) said Newcastle are not a badly run club because they haven’t plummeted like Blackpool, Blackburn, Portsmouth and the mackems. Which is like saying Bob the Builder was a great song because it was number1.
    its inspire of the owner not thanks too him.

    • HarryHype59

      Gabbiadini has spent the last two seasons playing down the problems at SAFC. The fact they are now in the third tier of English football shows Marco isn’t that good as a football ‘expert’.

  • Lewis SG

    It should be -£20m net spend

    or a transfer profit of £20m

    You are giving Ashley way too much credit.

    • Lord

      He said Ashley *could* have spent £20m then it would have been enough to keep the neutrals at bay. Not that he did spend £20m. I read it the same as you first time around.

  • Ashley-out

    Newcastle win today & the fat oaf dies, perfect