Manchester City fans enjoyed a superb season last time out.

To gather 100 points and score 106 goals in the Premier League last season was something special.

A lot of them appear to be feeling the pressure, worrying as they only ave 10 points from a possible 12, having only drawn at Wolves and then a one goal margin against Newcastle.

Difficult to remember when as Newcastle fans we had the luxury of being able to look at and analyse as a negative any victory!

Plenty though Manchester City fans not impressed by what they saw from their own team.

Whilst some very interesting and wide ranging views on what the say from Newcastle United – the NUFC manager, the team and the supporters.

Manchester City fans comment via their top Blue Moon message board:

‘Can’t imagine being a Newcastle fan. Rafa has them playing some really negative stuff.’

‘I think that if you’re a fan with low expectations, a hard-fought, backs-to-the-wall result against one of the top teams in the league would be awesome.

They almost did that last week and although we looked comfortable this week, it would only have taken one bit of luck at the end for them to get something from the game.

If you’re a Newcastle fan who thinks they should be challenging for the title and playing in the CL, then yeah, it must be painful to watch games like today.’

‘The trend of packing defences and filling spaces is worrying for the Premier League.’

‘How do you fix complacency/laziness?

That’s what Pep is going to have to figure out this season as the early signs are suggesting we’re in for a slog of a season.’

‘Glad that’s over it was a frustrating watch.’

‘Below par performance. Hopefully we come back raring to go after the international break.’

‘Just got back to the hotel. A very “meh” performance overall, which should have been a lot less nerve racking with Jesus fluffing a decent chance in the first half, and fu.. knows what Serg was thinking of at the end.

I was in 314, about 10 yards away form those lovable Geordie scamps.

As per usual, we got the WWYWYWS chant, which is pretty ironic given their attendances pre the first coming of “Wor Kev”.’

‘Mendy wasn’t as good today because Newcastle had worked him out. As soon as he got the ball they blocked him in with 3 defenders.’

‘Relieved when that was over.. Thought stones was top again as well as walker.

Was funny seeing all the tough guys outside be separated by one tiny steward. Fair few angry Geordies there today!’

‘I really did not enjoy that.

What were we doing first half pep?

Take the points and run.’

‘Three points which is good, Bernado needs to start every time for me but thinking back to how Bernado was received last year we need a bit of patience with Mahrez, Dinho was properly off it today.

Fat Sam must wonder why he was run out of the toon by the fans while Rafa gets a free pass for the same sh…’

‘Poor performance from every player bar the back 3 and Sterling, walker streets above.’

‘MOTM was Stones for me,he was awesome and saved us on a couple of occasions.’

 ‘The whole team looked crap.

A wins a win but my lord one mistake and that’s points lost. A Kyle walked thunderbolt saves the day

 ‘Unless we batter teams 3-0 the media narrative is “they almost got a point”… we “deserved” to be 4-1 up by the 65minute point if I remember right, there was nothing close about that game.’

‘2-1 is always close.’

‘Terrible shape first half but pep isn’t scared to try different things to beat the parked bus.’

‘I’m struggling to think of many chances we created from open play. Two goals from great long-range shots and a few half chances from set pieces, but not many clear chances other than that.

Partly because of the opponents, but it was telling that we looked a lot better when we had Bernardo making late runs from midfield.

Still, it’s nice to be in a position to moan despite winning a game.’

‘Not a vintage performance but an important three points.

Is every opposition keeper going to have a worldie against us?’

‘WTF was going on with the Geordies in lower tier

They were snarling outside at the fences, not sure if they thought we were sports direct workers.’

‘Benitez did his homework, no doubt he studied the Huddersfield game. Newcastle defenders conceded zero space and time with the ball in the flanks.’

‘What a sh., game today.

If I were a Newcastle fan I would ask for my money back.

The tactics today were shocking & made a game of football fecking boring. I can’t remember the last time I left a game before whistle but this was dire to watch.’

‘I’d be angry if I was a Geordie.’

‘Not the best looking bunch are they! Lol.’

‘Newcastle are sh…, some of their fans are also a disgrace, effing and blinding at kids outside Asda, if my pregnant Mrs wasn’t with me, the utter …. screaming about Adam Johnson in my face would have got a crack, group of 10 or not.’

‘A group went past me, I laughed and shouted “Baby squad??” At them as they looked about 13-20 lol.

I guess if you get a young away following they will pi.. about more. They have all watched the hoolie films and try and recreate it, not realising those days have long gone. I am an old bugger now but I still get that old urge to hand out a slap when I see a crowd taking liberties, terrible I know lol!’

‘We were a bit arrogant at 1-0 today imo (and also Aguero at 2-1, shameful). Newcastle scored due to relying on us, trying to entertain the paying public.

Otherwise we did the job against a team who were happy to play the same a goal down, as they would have a goal up.

i wonder how many points these kind of boring ….s have won, by playing that way, against us or anyone, compared to actually trying to win points. I reckon it’s not many.’

‘Laboured performance, against a team who worked their socks off. Always makes it more difficult that it needs to be but a win is a win.’

‘Not our usual smashing of Newcastle but the 3 points are what we are looking for. Great win today considering we didn’t play good, I’m a bit concerned about Mahrez today very predictable trying to get the ball on his left foot every time to cut inside.

Atmosphere was good today also the geordies played there part.’

‘Listening to talksh… on the way home and it was said that Newcastle took more points off the “big six” than any other bottom half team last season. Plus they were a little unfortunate not to beat Chelsea the other week.’

Talking of Newcastle, how many of those occasions were when they were forced to come out ?

I am guessing, but I bet they didn’t score first in many of the games they took points off the top teams. They were just playing to lose v Chelsea, but suddenly became a viable opponent when they tried to score.’

‘Why Benitez stays there I don’t know?

He might like being the underdog and try tacticly to win points, plus the zero pressure he is under, quite understandable really.’

‘To be fair Benitez is a really good manager and Ashley is the bad guy but what Benitez is doing is what fat Sam was doing, got dogs abuse and got him the sack in a record time, to be hornest the Newcastle fans are a bit hypocritical regarding that.’

‘I don’t understand their love for Benitez. What has he done for their club to justify it? The football he serves up is absolutely dire and doesn’t get results.’

‘The ones I know are 100% sure they would have gone straight back down last season with any other manager that they could get.

They are resigned to losing him but want him to get them through this season, but they made a £20 mill profit in the last window so they know the squad is actually worse than last season.’

‘I think the barcodes deserve a bit of credit for their general play, they made several crucial interceptions and made life very difficult for our central players. It was not the “11 men-back-hoof-it-anywhere” that we were expecting.

City played a bit “predictably” for want of a better word, Dinho was forced into some risky passes that didnt come off. NU had done their homework.’

‘Thought they were solid and set up very well made it very hard for us and Benitez isn’t daft he will play more expansive football against the teams he has to get points of and I’d expect Newcastle to stay up comfortably.’

‘I was sat in 314 yesterday, about 10 yards from the unwashed hordes. The whole game they were banging on about him. After the first dozen times, it gets a bit tedious. The Ashley chant is mildly amusing, mind.’

‘Credit also needs to be given to Newcastle and Benitez for a lot of solid defensive work.

At this stage of the proceedings, that was a good win.’

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    awfully easy to spot which “fans” of theirs started following within the last 7 years…

    • edith macrodwell

      About 7000 or so have jumped on board at city in recent years , compare/contrast with stretford and Newcastle who actually doubled their average home gates in the 90s ?

      • Ashley-out

        vast areas of empty seats.

        • edith macrodwell

          A few hundred missing yesterday and a big empty section in the away end , stretford have got a 30 start on city success wise so hardly surprising city’s crowds still lag behind theirs .

          • Andy Bell

            I have always respected the majority of fans from clubs like NUFC, Burnley, Wolves and others like City where they turn upin their droves no matter how bad the times have been. NUFC belongs to the fans not the fat man, he is just the latest leach to profit from the loyalty of NUFC fans to the shirt and badge.

            I was one of the missing on Saturday. We have 3 season cards and have had for over 35 years. Now we no longer live a handful of miles from Maine Road, as we did for 20 of those years, we live in the West Highlands (Argyll) and have a 620 mile round trip for home games at the Etihad.

            When we can’t go we try to give the seats to folk we know who are fans but can’t afford SC’s. On Saturday a Dad took his 8 year old son to the game with two of our cards. An 80 mile car to Glasgow and a return train journey. The photo of a City mad 8 year Scot, old dressed head to toe in City kit made it well worth while for us. That’s what it should be about – supporting your team through thick and thin, welcoming the new generations and not being precious about when a fan comes on board or what motivated it.

            I became a City supporter back in the 1950’s by choice, a kid growing up on the West Hants coast – 20 years old before I saw them play for the first time in 1968, was at Wembley for the fateful 3rd Div play off against the Gills, no ties to Manchester by birth, a Mancunian now by choice and being rewarded for a lifetime of pain and great camaraderie with the fellow sufferers we have sat with for more than two decades.

            Oh and as for Kenny, the part of me that I like least thinks he should have been put in a hessian sack at birth and drowned. The best of me accepts that all clubs, City included, have fans we wish would go away and do something appropriate like play in the drains.

          • edith macrodwell

            The likes of Kenny are not worthy of discussion mate, despite what some may think I have nothing against Newcastle or their fans and also ( with The exception of stretford and lately Liverpool) any other fans for that matter . The point I am trying to make is that the grief city get from other clubs fans is ridiculous and in particular from fans of clubs who have been bankrolled themselves in the dim and distant past . I started watching city as a young lad in 68 so had a good 10 years after that , 30 years of mostly dross and a decade of brilliance since2008 . Great to hear your story , I have 2 lads born in the eighties who suffered horrible stick from stretford fans in school and now have some success to enjoy . All the best for the rest of the season and also to Newcastle , we had our own ” ashley” in the form of swales so appreciate only too well what their fans are going through .

          • Andy Bell

            Spot on!
            I would add that the Anfield Bin Dippers have achieved something I would never before have thought possible. I now dislike their fans even more than I dislike the Stretford rags!

      • glassjawsh-got-banned

        Because everyone who fancies themselves a citeh fan and posts on the message boards shows up to the games. The VAST majority of people who “support” manC online ambled on over in the last 7 years. Fact.

        • edith macrodwell

          And Newcastle attracted plenty of not rites when shearer ,ginola and the likes were doing well ….the price of success ?

      • Sing in the Leazes

        Seriously? I mean full marks for your gumption Edith but haway….
        nobody handing out supporter loyalty points is going to think “ooh yes, better take those plaudits away from the glory-hunting Toon fans and hand them over to those wonderful city fans” are they?
        Our attendances went up in the 90’s because we doubled the size of our ground, cos we filled it every week, and there was a 20000 waiting list for season tickets!
        You can try to spin that as a negative but you’ll only fall over and look daft. Empires come and go, cities can change from red to blue, but one thing is constant – Geordies support their team in large numbers, and they never win owt.
        The one club in the whole country that you can’t get into a debate about loyal supporters with, is us pet. We are the benchmark. The gold standard.
        We have the furthest to travel of anyone, every other week, but we always fill our allocation, and we almost always drown the home supporters out for the whole game.
        We filled our own (huge) ground every week in the championship last season but one, breaking the all-time attendance record for that league. Even for the games against teams like Burton.
        On top of that, we have to sit through ‘difficult’ football week in week out as Rafa squeezes a couple of extra points out of the season, helping us climb an extra 5 places last year, but not making for good viewing. Incidentally – as the team improved through the season we started to become more expansive and played more attractive football. Which is why Rafa is not fat Sham.
        Why do SKY put us on the telly so much when we are so poor? Cos we fill our ground. Empty seats are not good for the product – you lot are seriously embarrassing.
        And we’ve done it whilst simultaneously trying to NOT GO TO GAMES because we hate giving our money to our vile owner! Haha! Even during a decade-long Ashley boycott, with nothing to cheer for and no hope, we still fill our ground! We might be a bunch of idiots, but we are THE loyalest!

        • Ram Kishore

          Claps 👏👏

  • Kenny

    Plastic fans & on another day we would have taken a point even with a team bereft of real quality, I’d be worried if I was them they won’t be strolling the league this year.

    • Andy Bell

      A ‘nonce’ is a sexual deviant, specifically a child molester.
      Understand what you are writing before you make a complete fool of yourself.

      • Kenny

        I know exactly what I’m posting so f##k off you Nonce

        • Andy Bell

          What an unpleasant coward you are Kenny
          Brave as they come in anonymous print.I bet you think of yourself as the pride of Tyneside?
          Most of the Geordie fans I have had the pleasure of knowing would give you a good slapping for what you have just written.

          • James B

            please excuse him. he’s a thick bell3nd who should go back to school next week :)

          • Andy Bell

            All the best for the rest of the season James, Ben, you may need it!
            NUFC fans deserve better than they are getting from a man unworthy of being the custodian of a great traditional club.

      • Ben Jones

        Sorry mate, there is an awful section of nufc support that comes in here, they are not representative of the 50k fans that actually go to the match and are not true supporters. Take no notice of them, they spoil this site for us too

  • panther

    very arrogant bunch now they have money

    • DC1964

      Yep, some of their comments beggar belief!

    • edith macrodwell

      Not really , city fans are sick of the double standards from fans of clubs who have had money chucked at them for decades ( stretford , arsenal and Liverpool being the main culprits ) and to a lesser extent spurs and even Newcastle for a time , it is hardly city’s fault if other clubs cannot run themselves properly is it ?

      • Kenny


        • edith macrodwell

          Brilliant answer , didn’t you once appear on mastermind ?

      • Gallowgate Dave

        Personally I can’t begrudge your core support success after so many years living in the shadow of Man Utd, I also think Pep and his squad play wonderful football and thoroughly enjoyed the documentary on Prime (except as a reminder of how badly our own club is run!), but I used to sit below the away fans years ago at SJP and (see my post above) City had the only fans in the league who used to spit on our heads, it happened EVERY year, not an isolated incident of a few idiots, that struck me as pure scum. You lot were also so vocal with the WWYWYWS chants despite their being sound reasoning behind drop in attendances (see post above) and yet it must be embarrassing that you can’t fill your stadium watching probably the best team and footy in Premier League history. We’d fill it twice over easily with the perfect owner, manager and players you have.

    • Kenny

      They are Mancs they’ve always been arrogant considering they live in a schitt hole of a City

      • Ram Kishore

        Kenny sometimes i feel like.. u could tone down with few comments that crosses the line.. it’s not always a good thing when people are here only for open debate.

  • Cockneytrev

    We were bereft of any attacking ideas, but a couple of the posts had stone as their MOM and their defence being solid,,
    It can be one or the other not both,,
    Can’t believe the number of empty seats, maybe they have been spoilt the last few seasons, but terrible that it’s not a full house every game with a team like that to watch,,,,, maybe season ticket holders are picking and choosing their matches???
    Like to add it’s disgraceful if our fans were abusing pregnant woman and children,, out of order!!!

  • Steve Smith

    “As per usual, we got the WWYWYWS chant, which is pretty ironic given their attendances pre the first coming of “Wor Kev”

    That was 30 years ago now. Can’t be many supporters with an 1892 season ticket left these days.

    • Cockneytrev

      Yes when you look at it,, how many of our fans attending weren’t even born when keegan first arrived? 10% 20% 30%?????

  • Ashley-out

    must be nice to have an owner worth £40 billion & willing to give his manager anything he wants.
    Ashley, die & make it quick, parasite

    • BanJones

      “What’s that Skippy?, a helicopter crash in Derbyshire?”

      • Ashley-out

        that would do

    • edith macrodwell

      Didn’t you have the big money when Keegan was first manager 25 years ago ? Don’t recall any city fans bitching about Newcastle back then ?

      • Ashley-out

        City fans are always bitching, even now with a half a billion pound squad. pathetic

        • edith macrodwell

          Really ? Any examples you can offer ? Or are you just quoting utter B.S. ?

          • Kenny

            F##k off back into your box you piece of schitt 💩💩

      • Keeganontherebound

        Nice profile pic. Didn’t he say something along the lines of ‘In the days when you were hopelessly poor/I just liked you more’?

    • Ben Jones

      Sugar daddy is what you want buddy, sing it loud and sing it proud but at least now sing it, instead of hiding behind we don’t want a club that wins we want a zzzzzz

      • Kenny

        Vermin troll

    • Kneebotherm8

      Yeah ashley is worth 10 times less than their owner and he spends 100 times less on our team……

    • Ram Kishore

      Wanting him out is one thing and wishing him to die is not the right thing.
      I would prefer the former..

  • Jimblag23

    “A group walked past me and I shouted, Baby Squad, as they were 13-20”
    Why is this person admitting to such a lame insult? 😂

  • HarryHype59

    This lot were playing in the same league as the Mackems when the “Entertainers” were playing! How times have changed.

  • Mrkgw

    They are easily the best side in the Premiership and given the result, I don’t think our side disgraced themselves. A couple of sub-standard performances -Atsu and Kennedy in particular but other than that, we did ok’ish.

    • Ashley-out

      they came up short yesterday then for being the best in the premiership

    • gallowgate26

      Without Kenedy our goal would not have happened, fantastic bit of skill to bring the ball under control and set Rondon away but he had an awful game at Forest and we’re relying on him to improve. The top teams are relying on proven superstars, that’s the difference.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Typical comments you get from fans with short memories, And to think City fans used to be an okay bunch at one time.
    Back in the days when they were a struggling club which wasn’t that long ago, I hasten to add, They were more magnanimous and gracious.
    Now they bare all the hallmarks of a Working Class Rock group that started with nothing but became overnight a**e h**es the minute they got success and money.

    They really need to think on who they bash on the way up because it will be a long way down if they were to fall.
    Don’t forget that they are some foreign countries plaything at this moment in time but that could all change in a heart beat when they get sick of them !

    • Ben Jones

      cant even compete with ‘the likes of’


    • CaptainCaveman

      I’m sure many of our fans would be the same if we were bought by someone with ambition and went on to have the success they have had.

    • Colin Brumwell

      City fans probably still are but the new editions are just like their obnoxious neighbours

  • robbersdog

    Oh well, if there’s one thing worse than being talked about, it’s not being talked about. So whatever they’re saying, and I can’t really be bothered to read City fans’ comments, it’s a compliment of sorts.

  • Vodkamagpie

    Hopefully we can give them a game at st James. Last season we beat man utd, arsenal and Chelsea at home. Once we get our main team back and on form, which should be against arsenal, we will be hard to beat in our standard formation, which rondon will be a massive influence in positive results.

  • Gallowgate Dave

    I used to sit below the away fans in the Leazes and these delightful bunch used to spit on our heads every year, never even got that from Mackems or Smoggies. They were also easily the most vocal with the tiresome WWYWYWS chant even though it was over 30 years ago, it was the 80s, footy was unfashionable, hooiiganism was rife, all clubs attendances suffered, we were fighting the board with boycotts (some things never change?) and actually the average attendances, freely available online, are nowhere near as bad as made out. Pep and his footballers play brilliant footy and richly deserve all the plaudits (the Man Citeh documentary highlights they’re light years ahead of us behind the scenes) and I’m sure some Citeh fans are spot on and deserve the success after years in the shadow of Man Yoo but some of them are the worst kind of nouveau rich, unbearable lottery winners who still can’t fill their stadium despite watching the most successful playing side in Premier League history.

  • GlasgowMag

    Just imagine if the fat lad had let Rafa invest only half of the tv money this season do you think we would be just sitting on 1 point by now!!!

  • GlasgowMag

    On another note why do teams like City invest millions in their youth academy systems!! Can anyone advise if any of their home grown talent ever get close to the first team!!!

    • simonjames60

      their academy is incredible but doesn’t contain huge numbers of genuine
      local home grown players

      their current under 12s and under 14s first and second teams contained 50% local boys and 3 scousers and then a selection of boys from france, spain, and north african countries.

      they seemed to have plundered them from various countries and moved them and their nuclear famalies over with them.

      • Dave

        That’s coz its a business not a charity! Blame that in the premier league not City.

        Of course the going to get them where they can, Iheanacho cost £25k but sold for £25m!! Was it OK for Utd famously to do it for the last 20 years? And all the others Arsenal, Chelsea etc? Is it now not good because it’s City or is it just that they’re better at it that annoys? Love City this lot haha pure confuse, clueless rubbish and their having adid at picked out on purpose City fans! Wow

    • Blue Mancunian

      We currently have 3-4 youngsters on the doorstep of the first team. Phil Foden, Brahim Diaz, Tosin Aderabioyo (Despite the name he is actually a mancunian) and Aro Muric (Who is now on the Bench due to Bravos injury) There are more very good players just waiting for their chance. It takes time to develop them and intigrate them to the first team. No one wants them to succeed more than we city fans

  • tanjelica

    i jus︁t mаk︁е а b︁rаn︁d n︁е︁w n︁аk︁е︁d pict︁u︁r︁еs – cоm︁е 4 c︁r︁аz︁y ph︁оtо︁s︁е︁t ̩
    S︁in︁g u︁p an︁d ad︁d m︁e︁: i︁a︁l︁︁ma︁︁z︁.︁︁c︁︁o︁m︁︁/︁︁g︁a︁l︁︁l︁︁e︁r︁y︁︁9︁︁4︁1︁︁1︁8︁︁7

    • calex1999

      Y︁ou ar︁e s︁o b︁ea︁ut︁i︁fu︁l︁.

  • Andy Mac

    Citeh fans claiming our chants of WWYWYWS were ironic ? Sorry Citeh but you’re so far up your own R’s nowadays you probably arent aware that your club wasnt around in the early Prem years because you were wallowing in the second and third tiers of the Football League. If it hadnt been for Gillingham you might still be there ?

    As far as I recall we’ve been in the Premier League more seasons than your mob, even Villa have been in the PL longer so let’s try to keep some perspective here ? Because one day the oil money will have drained out of the sump !

    • Blue Mancunian

      The Oil money stopped about 3 years ago when the club became self sufficient

      • Andy Mac

        Ha ha ha you Mancs are a riot !

  • Brent Jackson

    A lot of them were fairer than some of our own fans.