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Manchester City fans with plenty to say about Newcastle supporters, Rafa Benitez and 2-1 win

4 years ago

Manchester City fans enjoyed a superb season last time out.

To gather 100 points and score 106 goals in the Premier League last season was something special.

A lot of them appear to be feeling the pressure, worrying as they only ave 10 points from a possible 12, having only drawn at Wolves and then a one goal margin against Newcastle.

Difficult to remember when as Newcastle fans we had the luxury of being able to look at and analyse as a negative any victory!

Plenty though Manchester City fans not impressed by what they saw from their own team.

Whilst some very interesting and wide ranging views on what the say from Newcastle United – the NUFC manager, the team and the supporters.

Manchester City fans comment via their top Blue Moon message board:

‘Can’t imagine being a Newcastle fan. Rafa has them playing some really negative stuff.’

‘I think that if you’re a fan with low expectations, a hard-fought, backs-to-the-wall result against one of the top teams in the league would be awesome.

They almost did that last week and although we looked comfortable this week, it would only have taken one bit of luck at the end for them to get something from the game.

If you’re a Newcastle fan who thinks they should be challenging for the title and playing in the CL, then yeah, it must be painful to watch games like today.’

‘The trend of packing defences and filling spaces is worrying for the Premier League.’

‘How do you fix complacency/laziness?

That’s what Pep is going to have to figure out this season as the early signs are suggesting we’re in for a slog of a season.’

‘Glad that’s over it was a frustrating watch.’

‘Below par performance. Hopefully we come back raring to go after the international break.’

‘Just got back to the hotel. A very “meh” performance overall, which should have been a lot less nerve racking with Jesus fluffing a decent chance in the first half, and fu.. knows what Serg was thinking of at the end.

I was in 314, about 10 yards away form those lovable Geordie scamps.

As per usual, we got the WWYWYWS chant, which is pretty ironic given their attendances pre the first coming of “Wor Kev”.’

‘Mendy wasn’t as good today because Newcastle had worked him out. As soon as he got the ball they blocked him in with 3 defenders.’

‘Relieved when that was over.. Thought stones was top again as well as walker.

Was funny seeing all the tough guys outside be separated by one tiny steward. Fair few angry Geordies there today!’

‘I really did not enjoy that.

What were we doing first half pep?

Take the points and run.’

‘Three points which is good, Bernado needs to start every time for me but thinking back to how Bernado was received last year we need a bit of patience with Mahrez, Dinho was properly off it today.

Fat Sam must wonder why he was run out of the toon by the fans while Rafa gets a free pass for the same sh…’

‘Poor performance from every player bar the back 3 and Sterling, walker streets above.’

‘MOTM was Stones for me,he was awesome and saved us on a couple of occasions.’

 ‘The whole team looked crap.

A wins a win but my lord one mistake and that’s points lost. A Kyle walked thunderbolt saves the day

 ‘Unless we batter teams 3-0 the media narrative is “they almost got a point”… we “deserved” to be 4-1 up by the 65minute point if I remember right, there was nothing close about that game.’

‘2-1 is always close.’

‘Terrible shape first half but pep isn’t scared to try different things to beat the parked bus.’

‘I’m struggling to think of many chances we created from open play. Two goals from great long-range shots and a few half chances from set pieces, but not many clear chances other than that.

Partly because of the opponents, but it was telling that we looked a lot better when we had Bernardo making late runs from midfield.

Still, it’s nice to be in a position to moan despite winning a game.’

‘Not a vintage performance but an important three points.

Is every opposition keeper going to have a worldie against us?’

‘WTF was going on with the Geordies in lower tier

They were snarling outside at the fences, not sure if they thought we were sports direct workers.’

‘Benitez did his homework, no doubt he studied the Huddersfield game. Newcastle defenders conceded zero space and time with the ball in the flanks.’

‘I’d be angry if I was a Geordie.’

‘Not the best looking bunch are they! Lol.’

‘Newcastle are sh…, some of their fans are also a disgrace, effing and blinding at kids outside Asda, if my pregnant Mrs wasn’t with me, the utter …. screaming about Adam Johnson in my face would have got a crack, group of 10 or not.’

‘A group went past me, I laughed and shouted “Baby squad??” At them as they looked about 13-20 lol.

I guess if you get a young away following they will pi.. about more. They have all watched the hoolie films and try and recreate it, not realising those days have long gone. I am an old bugger now but I still get that old urge to hand out a slap when I see a crowd taking liberties, terrible I know lol!’

‘We were a bit arrogant at 1-0 today imo (and also Aguero at 2-1, shameful). Newcastle scored due to relying on us, trying to entertain the paying public.

Otherwise we did the job against a team who were happy to play the same a goal down, as they would have a goal up.

i wonder how many points these kind of boring ….s have won, by playing that way, against us or anyone, compared to actually trying to win points. I reckon it’s not many.’

‘Laboured performance, against a team who worked their socks off. Always makes it more difficult that it needs to be but a win is a win.’

‘Not our usual smashing of Newcastle but the 3 points are what we are looking for. Great win today considering we didn’t play good, I’m a bit concerned about Mahrez today very predictable trying to get the ball on his left foot every time to cut inside.

Atmosphere was good today also the geordies played there part.’

‘Listening to talksh… on the way home and it was said that Newcastle took more points off the “big six” than any other bottom half team last season. Plus they were a little unfortunate not to beat Chelsea the other week.’

Talking of Newcastle, how many of those occasions were when they were forced to come out ?

I am guessing, but I bet they didn’t score first in many of the games they took points off the top teams. They were just playing to lose v Chelsea, but suddenly became a viable opponent when they tried to score.’

‘Why Benitez stays there I don’t know?

He might like being the underdog and try tacticly to win points, plus the zero pressure he is under, quite understandable really.’

‘To be fair Benitez is a really good manager and Ashley is the bad guy but what Benitez is doing is what fat Sam was doing, got dogs abuse and got him the sack in a record time, to be hornest the Newcastle fans are a bit hypocritical regarding that.’

‘I don’t understand their love for Benitez. What has he done for their club to justify it? The football he serves up is absolutely dire and doesn’t get results.’

‘The ones I know are 100% sure they would have gone straight back down last season with any other manager that they could get.

They are resigned to losing him but want him to get them through this season, but they made a £20 mill profit in the last window so they know the squad is actually worse than last season.’

‘I think the barcodes deserve a bit of credit for their general play, they made several crucial interceptions and made life very difficult for our central players. It was not the “11 men-back-hoof-it-anywhere” that we were expecting.

City played a bit “predictably” for want of a better word, Dinho was forced into some risky passes that didnt come off. NU had done their homework.’

‘Thought they were solid and set up very well made it very hard for us and Benitez isn’t daft he will play more expansive football against the teams he has to get points of and I’d expect Newcastle to stay up comfortably.’

‘I was sat in 314 yesterday, about 10 yards from the unwashed hordes. The whole game they were banging on about him. After the first dozen times, it gets a bit tedious. The Ashley chant is mildly amusing, mind.’

‘Credit also needs to be given to Newcastle and Benitez for a lot of solid defensive work.

At this stage of the proceedings, that was a good win.’


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