Manchester City 2 Newcastle United 1  – Saturday 1 September 5.30pm

We asked a number of our regular writers to give us a brief instant reaction after the final whistle.

Newcastle losing the game but with a bit of dignity intact.

Yedlin scoring  a very good team goal and whilst Newcastle did have to defend most of the game, they did try to get numbers forward when given the opportunity.

An international break maybe coming at just the right time to get players back from injury.

Jamie Swan:

“To play Spurs, Chelsea and Man City in our first four fixtures is a real pig.

“To lose all three after equalising is an even bigger pig.

“Makes that penalty miss against Cardiff the biggest pig of the lot, in lipstick and heels.

“We will obviously get easier fixtures and this one truly is one of the hardest around in world football, due to the disgusting wealth of that lot.

“Going to drink rum and watch top of the pops 1986. Good night.”

George Stainsby:

“Well… before our goal, we’d barely strung together a bunch of passes falling in front of a black and white shirt.

“So after a bit of a steadying improvement, we let Kyle Walker score through three defenders.

“Positives… we can defend. Negatives… not for long enough against class. And it’s a surprise when we score. Or shoot.

“Rondon held up the ball and we frustrated City for a while.

“But it’s never great when your goalie is probably your man of the match and you still lose.”

Ben Cooper:

“Having started badly and conceding a poor early goal, the players did well to stay in the game.

“We equalised with a lovely goal on the break but an even better Walker strike won it for them.

“The last half hour was all about Dubravka but honourable mentions for a fine performance by Rondon and total effort from the defence and Diame.

“We had nowt on the bench to change the game so it all fizzled out but all in all a better performance than the last 3.”

David Punton:

“There’s a deflating inevitability about playing oil rich Man City, so to come off 2-1 was a decent effort from the players.

“If we’d invested a bit more in creative players we may have got something from all of our games so far this season.

“We’re lame ducks under this owner.

“Any billionaires out there fancy taking a punt?”

Toon Bano:

“You can’t believe you go to City and get beat by a Kyle Walker 30 yarder.

“Good work out of possession.

“In possession we are dreadful. Truly awful.

“Rondon was outstanding and bullied City defenders. An improvement on Joselu but that isn’t saying much.

“Being in the bottom three will add some pressure though.”

Kevin Christie:

“Went as expected – a solid performance where the containment game plan worked well but it was never a contest and the result was never in doubt.

“Theoretically, we were in with a shout going into the final few minutes but it was just never going to happen.

“Credit, as ever, to Rafa, the coaching staff and the players for their diligence but diligence just doesn’t set the pulse racing.

“A club primed for lift-off has been grounded by one man’s greed – we’ve been neutered, neutralised and numbed. It really is beginning to feel utterly hopeless. Ashley Out!”

Nat Seaton:

“An improved performance for sure (that wouldn’t have been hard mind you!).

“Only a couple of shots on target and no corners doesn’t fill you with hope for better things in our next game against Arsenal.

“Here’s hoping we give it more of a go than we have in the last few games.”

Paul Patterson:

“Sad though it may be, it keeps the goal difference respectable after a valiant effort.

“Onto the next game.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Manchester City 2 Newcastle United 1


Newcastle: Yedlin 30

Man City: Sterling 8, Walker 52

Possession was Man City 78% Newcastle 22%

Total shots were  Man City24 Newcastle 3

Shots on target were Man City 8 Newcastle 2

Corners were  Man City 4 Newcastle 0

Referee: Kevin Friend

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Clark (Murphy 81), Dummett, Ki, Diame, Kenedy (Atsu 54), Perez, Rondon (Joselu 73)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Sterry, Longstaff, Muto

Crowd: 53,946

  • toonterrier

    Not the worst performance so far this season but we still went away pointless. Did expect more from the Manc’s but maybe they expected a walkover. Good job we had a decent keeper.

  • Kenny

    Swap managers and the result would be the same, 2 of the best in the World,
    1 backed by the owner, the other left up Schitt creek.
    We’ll have better days when Jonjo & Matt are back & young Kenedy is starting to get his form back,
    Beat Arsenal, sure we can with a fully fit team.

    • gudwindavids

      We can’t even beat a poor Forrest side, so I doubt Arsenal will be trembling at the thought of playing us.

      • Kenny

        6 players missing against Forest, that includes our best 4. the first 11 can do a job
        but the back up is nowhere near good enough

      • glassjawsh-got-banned

        I bet they thought that last year too, right before they lost 2-1

      • Tino o

        Get yourself a season ticket for the mackems

        • gudwindavids

          Rafa can do no wrong sounds like a Trojan mackem to me.

  • gudwindavids

    The result was predictable and the style of play from Rafa was predictable. Get everyone behind the ball and hoof it up. This is going to be a long season. I can only assume that Rafa’s had a clear out of his office and found some of Joe Kinnears tactic notes.

    • Kenny

      see the Fat Rat on that one,

      • gudwindavids

        Ashley does deserve blame, but so does Rafa FFS. He is putting his teams out to play defensive long ball tactics, and it’s BS to watch TBH.

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          you’re right, better we play wide open and lose 6-1 instead of 2-1. you’d probably enjoy that a bit more.

          • gudwindavids

            This is a straw man, you don’t know we would lose 6-1, we do know we lost 2-1 playing ultra defensive long ball tactics.

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            ok. last year over 2 matches ManC beat Watford 9-1, Stoke 9-2, Swansea 9-0, Bouremouth 6-1, Leicester 7-1, spurs 7-2 and Arsenal 6-1 because those sides’ managers thought they’d have a go at them. We lost 4-1 because Rafa doesn’t like being embarrassed in that manner (and neither should you).

          • TheFatController

            Don’t give them facts, they never use them. They justt say it’s not good enough but conveniently don’t mention any alternative solution.

            Probably a result of them being mentally deranged. Or thick. Take your pick.

          • gudwindavids

            Of course there is a solution, stop playing boring long ball ultra defensive football, it’s hardly rocket science unless your thick that is.

          • TheFatController

            You’re or you are, not your.

            So you’re (see what I did there) advocating what alternative against Man City away?

            This should be a revelation to the world’s top managers as you’re (see what I did there) about to come up with a tactical strategy no other manager has yet….away you go.

          • gudwindavids

            So anally retentive and a dipshit. I’m impressed.

          • panther

            I can only assume youre an idiot, now go away youre already boring,silly little troll

          • Ram Kishore

            They have give you facts to support their standpoint.. yeah football isn’t attractive but being pragmatic is needed atm.
            I don’t say this.. but u seem to stic

          • gudwindavids

            They have gave me no facts, what facts have they given me ?

          • Ram Kishore

            Oh man… Didn’t u see the results where teams lost by big margin and wasn’t even in the match since the 10 minute..

          • panther

            yeah lets go down fighting 6-0 every game, or we keep ourselves still with a chance at the end

          • Dingus

            And we finished ahead of Bournemouth on goal difference. Rafa vindicated

          • panther

            would that be the free flowing Bournemouth who got raped most games?

          • Dingus

            The very same

          • panther

            hows the new name working out for you?

        • Ashley-out

          Ashley is one hundred per cent to blame.

        • Cockneytrev

          Man City starting 11 £400 mil
          N UFC staring 11 £30 mil
          There is no other way to play with this pass poor squad,,
          They had half a dozen players not even in the starting 11 some not even on the bench cost more than our starting 11,,,
          If he didn’t play this way we are relegated %100

        • Billmag

          Yep go all out attack and get slaughtered and you would probably switch off if we where 3-0 down I would love to see your team selection against a team costing upwards of half a billion.

          • gudwindavids

            Stupid argument because we got beat and we don’t know what the score would be if we had a go. Deal in facts not if’s or buts. Also we just got well beat by Forest, yet on paper our team is worth tens of millions more than them. Your suggestion that because our team is not full of superstars we must sit back and kick the ball long is embarrassing. Every team outside the top 6 in the PL as well all teams in the cups would play like this against the top PL6 if that were the case, but they don’t.

          • Billmag

            Why not deal in facts Forest spent more than us in the transfer window, your argument is even more stupid given the gulf in class between us and them, another fact bird brain through not getting trounced last season it went a long way to us finishing higher in the league and more than likely saved us from relegation, suppose you rather see us getting beat 0-6 off the bin dippers would you well it would have pleased you because we attacked yhem.

          • gudwindavids

            No they did not spend more than us. And again why assume we would get beat 6-0 if we had a go at Man city this year and last. So you made two points and both were wrong. Get your facts right.

          • Billmag

            Forest – £23 ml NUFC £20 ml profit and I didn’t say we would get beat 6-0 if we attacked them, I was making a point we had a go at the bin dippers when Pardew was manager and that was at home dummy now you get your facts right and [email protected]@s off.

          • panther

            yes they did

        • panther

          we wont play this way against Burnley or Huddersfied

    • Tino o

      What exactly do you expect fool!!!

      • gudwindavids

        Clearly a lot better than you do, mug.

        • Tino o


          • gudwindavids

            Whatever, mug.

        • panther

          is it lonely on youre sunderland site, just you arguing with youre other login trolling yourself

    • GlasgowMag

      Your employer Bishop is also getting predictable are you also working from a call centre/Shirebrook or from home on a pay per post zero hours contract basis!! Here’s one for you if the managers swapped positions what would the score of been!!

    • Ram Kishore

      Yesterday’s match was an improvement to Chelsea’s imo.. we did better i

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    getting awfully sick and tired of saying a game went the “best we could hope for under the circumstances”… and it’s all down to one evil human being’s disgusting greed (which I’m also sick of saying).

  • TheFatController

    Two weeks til the arsenal game.

    I wonder how many attempts there will be to refute the following facts:-
    – most Toon fans seem to hate Ashley with justifiable reasons across virtually every aspect of a football club
    – that Ashley has done well for the club and the fans, all 300k of them, are wrong and thus he’s a fit and proper owner. Thus we are not fit and proper fans, by default.

    I think we should all maybe watch Top of the Pops 1986. Ashely wants to be owner for life, what’s a little bit of hate against you when you can further your business interests if you can rubbish the integrity of 300k Newcastle united supporters ….

  • Ashley-out

    Ashley die, make it quick but painful

    • Andy Mac

      Actually slow and lingering would do for me!

  • Cockneytrev

    All in All it’s about as good as we good do against this team with what we are able to put out on the pitch,,,
    Rondon did very well and Dubravka was MOM,, the rest worked hard but just no class in the team,,,,,
    the only thing I would say is that when Rondon is holding the ball up, we needed to support him quicker, the one time we did in the first half we caught them,,

  • kapower22

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    Si︀n︀g u︀p an︀d a︀d︀d m︀e︀: i︀a︀︀l︀︀m︀a︀z︀.︀c︀︀o︀m︀︀/︀︀i︀d︀︀22︀︀9︀4︀7︀︀4

    • uanutaf2203

      ︀I l︀ik︀e yo︀u︀r ti︀t︀s

      • GlasgowMag

        If you like that sort of thing you will find plenty of them down at Shirebrook!!! 🤔🤔😂😂🤣🤣

  • ghostrider

    As long as Rafa is thought of as some kind of messiah he will do no wrong with some fans. It’s hate Ashley first and don’t question Rafa the messiah.

    The sooner this negative egotistical manager walks away or gets sacked, the better.
    Ashley knows he’s hated so hopefully he won’t be fazed by getting shot of Rafa.
    This needs to happen before the players implode and it’s getting close, because it’s as clear as day that they hate playing this nonsense negative garbage.

    • GlasgowMag

      Ghostly boy your working late at the Shirebrook call centre, but your still a funny guy🤔🤔🤣🤣😂😂

      • Andy Mac

        About as funny as piles

  • Jonas

    Bournemouth had 27% possession at Chelsea today. It was 21% when the game was active (1-0).
    Logically those in the media that slaughtered Rafa should be crucifying that boring terrible manager Eddie Howe right about now. He’s only had about £100million more to spend too and aided not hindered by his owner.
    a smidgeon if respect if they stick to their guns, none if they don’t.

  • Kevin Christie

    So much talk in the media this week about City’s 10 year anniversary under the stewardship of the Abu Dhabi crew. So unbelievably dispiriting and depressing to contrast it with our 11 years under Ashley’s thumb.

    Suffering through another decade (or more!) of this pointless dross really doesn’t bear thinking about.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Once City scored it forced us to be a bit more adventurous and we were rewarded with a fine goal to equalise….

    …….and then we stopped being adventurous, sat back again, and invited City to score.