Wednesday night sees an open meeting organised by The Magpie Group, a collection of fans who have come together under this one banner.

It is a public meeting open to all (incl Under 18s) and is taking place at Newcastle Labour Club (11 Leazes Park Road, NE1 4PF) just along and down from the Gallowgate End.

Protests are ongoing against Mike Ashley and tonight is billed as an opportunity to ‘Discuss the current ownership of Newcastle United‘, with the meeting kicking off at 7pm.

The Chronicle report that Greg Tomlinson from The Magpie Group will outline the group’s aims and how they hope to achieve them.

With then Kevin Miles (Football Supporters Federation Chief Executive) the guest speaker.

An open discussion will follow, with fans able to ask questions and put forward ideas on how to take the campaign forward.

In advance of the meeting, Newcastle fans are invited to suggest questions and discussion points by using the #TMGRafa hashtag on Twitter.

  • mactoon

    Their website hasn’t been updated since 17th August, I would have expected this meeting to be advertised on the site by now?

  • Paul Patterson

    Watch out for dodgy sorts in the room wearing fake moustaches, hat and dark glasses. No seriously, Ashley/Bishop/Charnley etc will have their spies..

    • 1957

      Will the Monk be there to explain the error of their ways…

      • Big Hairy Man

        He missed the train from Shirebrook so he may be late.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Stuck in the lift

      • Squintytoonarmy

        I’ve got nowt against the Monk – he’s not a troll and like Brian Standen said he’s from our excitable lads – it’s the likes of Ghostie, fleck man , vodka who need to give their head a wobble or renew their Man U season tickets

        • Wezza

          Anyone who hates KK, loves Ashley and spouts the ‘Rafa gets every penny’ line even AFTER that appalling summer window is a troll. Simple.

        • Carverlier football

          Doesn’t mean he can’t also be a troll – he certainly seems to enjoy winding folk up. I think most people can’t get their head around how a genuine fan could actually believe that Ashley isn’t a cancer holding the club back despite all of the evidence to the contrary…

        • SuperDesHamilton

          I’m the same, monks my favourite person on here. He’s the type that would back the toon to Barca. His enthusiasm is just a bit misplaced however

          • 1957

            I’m know he’s not a troll, and I’ve had some good natured banter with him. Our only difference is his support for MA.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            It’s weird but a think to him any sort of word against the club he thinks we aren’t real supporters ha ha that’s why I like him, he’s proper hardcore

    • drc74

      mike will be wearing the tache he wears in his gocompare ads

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    United Under One Banner, Is that the Pavel Srnicek one that got nicked ?
    So “The Judean People’s Front” or “The People’s Front Of Judea”, Are meeting to discuss Mike Ashley’s ownership of the club ?

    So What Do You Think Of Mike Ashley’s Ownership Of Newcastle United ?

    Well We think it’s s**t !

    Okay, See You Next Week…

    I am sorry but yet another debating club is not going to solve anything.

    You can just see them sitting there coming up with ways to voice their displeasure at Mike Ashley : I Know What We’ll Do, On 11 Minutes During The Match We Turn Our Backs To The Pitch, (Because That Is How Long He Has Been Here), For A Minute then turn back and enjoy the game.
    Whilst all the while forking out their hard earned cash and paying for season tickets, YEAR IN YEAR OUT !

    • NUFCLX

      Best to just sit in the house, post comments on websites and tell everybody else what they should or shouldn’t be doing, that will get rid of Fatman.
      Just been to the first 90 mins of the meeting and it is genuine fans trying to actually do something. Any so called fan who thinks taking No Action is the best way to go needs to have a serious look at themselves.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        I applaud anyone who wants to take a stand to help get our club back.

        • NUFCLX

          One of the speakers tonight hit the nail on the head. He had often complained that fans should do something about what happens to our club, then realised maybe he should try and do something about it. It might not always work but if we do not try we will never succeed.
          I would rather go down fighting than holding my hands up.

          • mentalman

            What else was said

          • NUFCLX

            Think there is a recap on the chronicle website

          • relaxed

            There is some of it on the if Rafa goes thread on Twitter
            here is a snippet
            Questions being asked from the floor about what actions @TheMagpieGroup_ are taking.

            The panel mention the SD AGM and that #NUFC fans “may” be inside the meeting and “may” be outside as well and “may” have banners and there “may” be a couple of coach loads of Rangers fans going

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Like a said you can’t fault the lads one bit for trying one bit. If we all had their attitude we might of got rid of fatty

          • nufcslf

            Stop giving the fat c**t any money would kill him. 50,000 against Arsenal simply f**ks Newcastle United and Sports Direct United wins. He owns the club and a full ground looks like all is in order. Go ahead, but nothing wll change.

          • kingfisher

            Well said nufc.The rest of the football world must think all is ok at NUFC with 50,000 turning up.These people are doing irrepairable harm to our club by not being prepared to boycott at least one game.

            You can form protest groups, fly banners and flags and debate the issue ’till the cows come home but unfortunately, as long as these people keep burying their heads in the sand and keep giving Ashley their money, then nothing will change!!! 🐏🐑🐏🐑🐏🐑

          • nufcslf

            I think the scariest thing of all is the bad start to the season that anyone with half a football brain knew was going to happen with yet another summer of pysh taking by fatty is still not enough to wake the majority. The fixture list came out with still more than enough time to get players through the door. So no matter who was to be played first or last, this rotten excuse for a football club even with a good manager was set up to struggle and fail. Nothing to enjoy, look forward to and especially give full support. Used to hate International breaks, quite looking forward to this one and no matches this weekend. Shame.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Taking a stand is one thing but buying season tickets then protesting against an owner is Classic Stupidity !
        I bet most of this fan group are people who are wilfully putting money into Ashley’s pockets.
        When people do this then you are nothing more than a collaborator and have no right protesting because you are in fact a willing accomplice.

        Who is saying do nothing ?
        The only recourse you have is to stop giving the man money and hope that constant empty stadiums and eventual fan apathy will kill off his regime.
        Realistically that is all that can be done and anything else is just p*** & vinegar !

        • NUFCLX

          That is not the be all and end of all of it. Opinion is widely divided on a boycott or giving up ST’s.
          So, as fans we cannot agree on that issue, does that mean we should do nothing else ? There is more than one way to skin a cat.
          Doing something, however little, is better than doing nothing.

          • X,WHY,Y MAN.

            Look at the minutes of their meeting tonight with the main things being : Let’s continue to picket outside of Sports Direct on Northumberland St.
            There was also talk of a boycott but “Surprise-Surprise”, They couldn’t even decide on how to go about it lol

            Look I am all for supporting a proper cause if it was done properly but as per usual it looks like a load of hot air and very little else.

            Mike Ashley must be sitting at home soiling himself lol

          • X,WHY,Y MAN.

            “Opinion Is Widely Divided”, And there in lies the problem !
            No matter how many groups they get together nothing is ever agreed upon and it goes nowhere.

          • Toon

            Standing outside a shop and pointing at it, while some are holding SD shopping bags?

        • nufcslf


        • kingfisher

          Spot on X.It’s gone way past debating about how to get Ashley out.The only thing he cares about is money and his precious S.D. Consequently an empty stadium and negative publicity would hit him hard.

          I (like many others) can’t understand how some can protest outside S.D and then go to SJP ! Likewise as you say, how can they be willing to pay hundreds of pounds for a season ticket,then protest during the game?
          I’ve said this many times : fool,lie,cheat and con us once,shame on you Ashley. Fool,lie,cheat and con us twice,shame on us.

          If you are happy with Ashley (and some are ) then continue to go to the game,enjoy it and good luck to you, but if you are not happy then in all conscience, how on earth can you keep giving Ashley your money and continue as if everything is fine ?

    • nufcslf

      Empty ground, the only way to shift him.

  • Vodkamagpie

    I will never understand the Ashley hate. Newcastle spent around 230mil in the last 4 and a half seasons, fans protesting against would suggest Newcastle have spent 20mil. Yes it’s not NET spent, but net spent means absolutely nothing.

    • Big Hairy Man

      I would go easy on the vodka if I were you.

      • Vodkamagpie

        My point is, if Ashley is so horrible, why does he spend 230mil in 4 seasons?, he doesn’t have to

        • Wor Lass

          He does have to if he doesn`t want to end up like Sunlun. That`s the only reason he spends anything – to protect his investment as cheaply as possible, you plonker!

          • Wezza

            Vodkamagpie is another troll alias. Who is blocked.
            Funny isn’t it. The Magpie group is meeting st the Labour club and the Tory based trolls are all over it.

    • drc74

      tell you what, i dont usually do this, but i bring it down too your level, FXCK OFF YOU PAEXO CXCK SUXKING CXNT,

    • Down Under Mag

      While clearly a troll, clearly some sad pathetic twit with nothing better to do (who I genuinely feel sorry for given they have so little in their life that this is what makes them happy), I will reiterate for those who may tune in and believe the KB led rhetoric.

      Net spend DOES matter, especially when it involves constantly selling your best players and failing to replace them with adequate quality, (i.e. spending the same amount on a similar player of similar quality), instead we rely on raking around the bargain bin of football hoping to purchase another high profit margin player out of nowhere…so it continues, we buy lots of new players for very low amounts each, make a huge profit off those few who do work out and are left paying the wages of the majority who fail to make the grade.

    • Come&TakeIt1836

      I would say the ‘hate’ is really down to a few core items… net spend and long term trends are symptoms of the core issues.

      Communication. He failed to see the difference between owning a private company and a community institution. I’m guessing a bit but based on his actions, he bought the club thinking he could be the good guy/life of the party/head of the table/hero for the community while providing an additional asset to his portfolio and new business that dovetailed well with Sports Direct. Win-win as it were. When the club’s finances became apparent and the real world of debt and relegation hit, he quickly became anything but all the fun aspects of being the owner. Instead of communicating clearly the issues and the plan to recover he recoiled out of the public. This lack of exposure and communication left a vacuum which was always going to be filled with guesses, conspiracies, and untruths (depending on the topic). Alienating and cutting off the local press made things even worse. What was without question was the general mediocrity of results over several years. The few comments made were at such a high level they did mean much and the continued mediocrity did not suggest they really have represented any change. This lack of communication has therefore created or was based on a lack of trust that now runs in both directions between him and the fans.

      I’m not sure anything else is equally core to the lack of communication but when the good times ended, he was left with only the financial side of his original win-win model. Now he seems to prioritize financial efforts (which, in the short term, pretty much only benefit him) almost exclusively.

      If you were married to a person that was the primary ‘bread winner’ in the relationship who wasn’t around much, didn’t talk to you substantively, and appeared to provide little beyond your very basic sustenance, you might come to think they didn’t care for you. The truth might be different as there may be circumstances limiting that person but without adequate communication, you are forced to make judgements based on actions. With apathy not much of an option in the short run for lifelong NUFC followers, hate is the next closest option. Perceived apathy or self-serving efforts from the owner will generate hate from the fans. If it went on long enough, it would become mostly apathy but I’m guessing that would take another decade or so.

    • nufcslf

      You mean other than the fact he he is a lying fat sack of sh*t. Cashley has spent 11 and now going on 12 years f**king this club over and there is no need for hate. Grow up.

    • Kenny

      because you are a vermin [email protected]#king troll

    • SuperDesHamilton

      If you can’t see the problem then it means you’re either backwards or part of it, maybe both.

      Also operation Yewtree would have a field day on your hard drive

  • jalexvaka

    ︅h︅e︅r︅e i︅s︅︅ m︅︅y d︅i︅r︅t︅y h︅o︅m︅e︅por︅n︅ wi︅t︅h m︅y ︅f︅r︅i︅e︅n︅ds︅.
    C︅h︅a︅t m︅e︅︅ ̩▶️ i︅︅a︅l︅m︅a︅z︅.︅c︅o︅m︅/︅︅a︅l︅b︅︅u︅︅m︅56︅7︅5︅︅5︅6

    • ybandar123

      ︅th︅i︅︅s i︅s t︅h︅e b︅e︅s︅︅t I︅’︅v︅e s︅e︅e︅n︅

  • Vodkamagpie

    Thanks for the feedback, I cant reply to you all, I’ll just post a general comment to all. I don’t see a massive difference in spending and selling between Newcastle and other clubs. For example, Newcastle have roughly spent the same amount as tottenham in the last 4.5 seasons. How can anyone of us determine what is the correct amount to spend on transfers?

    • Come&TakeIt1836

      I agree a specific amount is difficult and subjective but not having adequate cover at all the positions is a pretty objective measurement. I personally don’t care about net spend or new spending records… those are for people to brag about to friends, family, or coworkers who cheer for other clubs. If the club leadership can work the market better than the opposition, good for them.

      But when we are one injury away from being forced (key word… forced) to promote an U23 (Sterry, Longstaff), playing a player who’s skill has been proven to be marginal (Manquillo), playing a player who has ‘promoted’ into the PL but is unproven at that level (Muto, Murphy, Atsu, Hayden, Schar), or playing a man out of his natural position in multiple places…well that is our case throughout the starting XI… the leadership left us/Rafa short and didn’t spend enough. This is the status of pretty much every position on the field except goal keeper and center back.

      I think we are a better team than the one that started last season but we are one serious injury away from disaster in 8-9 positions on the pitch.

      • Vodkamagpie

        I’m sure most clubs would like adequate cover in all positions, newcastle are not alone. There were quite a few rumors of potential fullbacks coming in, didn’t happen for what ever reason, work permit etc. Another potential reason might be the fact rafa hasn’t signed a new contract, are key players not signing because of the uncertainty of the managers future, is the club not sanctioning any major transfers coming in for the same reason. How can any fan know what is truly going on behind the scenes, in the boardroom.

        • Come&TakeIt1836

          I don’t put much stock in the ‘Rafa hasn’t signed a contract’ theory. I think the game is much more immediate than that and the players are signing for money first, chance at playing time a distant second in many cases, and winning or manager or club size after that… maybe as a tie breaker between offers. Maybe I’m wrong but behaviors don’t seem to say so much.

          There had to be a list of ‘needs’ and then ‘nice-to-haves’. Signing Dubravka was a given (1). Left and right back cover (2) had to be on the ‘needs’ list along with a new striker group (2-3) and getting Kenedy back (1). A replacement for Merino, Mbemba, and Lejuene (3) became a ‘need’. Upgrading the youngsters backfilling the other spots were ‘nice to haves’. So of 9-10 needs, 7 were completed. Anything less than 9 of 9 (or 10 of 10) is failure. NUFC has the money for this list and thus the money for adequate cover. None of the signings needed to be at marquee prices to get this done (and none were, which, as I said before is fine.)

          When the window is winding down and ‘failure’ is ahead, the budget needs to be adjusted (particularly when the overall net spend, even considering the timing of payments, cannot be very much or is none at all) and the effort ramped up. The risk incurred far outweighs the savings of not spending another £15-20M. I cannot speak to if efforts ramped up or not… as you say, who knows? But defining the outcome is not based on all the unknowns. It is their job to overcome the hurdles and thus the final judgement is based on the results which were not enough.

          • Vodkamagpie

            Surely not having the commitment of the manager plays a huge role in transfers. We can all agree that is very unlikely rafa will be manager of newcastle next season. Purchasing players might be a need in certain areas, however players coming in now might well be made a hindrance for the club next season. A new manager in charge will most likely disguard current newcastle players, and the less players we have, the less disguarded players we shall have, in theory.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            We will have to agree to disagree on that point. Regardless, I stick to my overriding point that whatever hurdles there are, it is Ashley ala Charnley’s role to overcome them to recruit an adequate squad within reason. This was not done satisfactorily. A reasonable budget allowed for the spend necessary for further fullback cover considering the other business as completed.

            We’ve strayed quite a ways away from the ‘why people hate Ashley’ question. I, myself, would not call my stance ‘hate’… if he would simply communicate adequately and in a straightforward manner, follow through on his plans, and provide people hope for the future, I think he could be okay. Unfortunately he doesnt do any of those things and so is a poor leader/owner… even if the team wins. That said, I’m fearful the next owner will be even poorer or have their own learning curve to maneuver through.

            MA’s apparent personal goal (value maximization) should work out to onfield competitiveness but his long term financial strategy is too austere in the short run… so austere to the point of tripping up and delaying the long term effects with reboots after a relegation. Most people want some reasonable hope of a secure tomorrow and maybe a little ambition to be better. He offers none or very close to none even in a balanced, judicious review.

            Thanks for the reasoned discussion.

          • Vodkamagpie

            Adequate squad is what we have, certain areas could of have been improved, unfortunately that was not the case for whatever reason or reasons. The way fans believe, talk, protest against Ashley, if I were Ashley I would find it extremely difficult to communicate with fans in positive manner, and quite frankly I don’t believe he needs to. Do you know Newcastle has spent around 230mil in the last 4.5 seasons?, do you think that is not enough money?

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            We have an adequate starting XI. But a squad without a reasonable backup at either wing back position for a second year in a row isn’t adequate. I’m not looking for a Mendy and Walker to be brought in. It would be cheap(-ish), young, moldable talent from abroad.

            Things are probably too far gone now for Ashley. If he can find a way to keep Benetiz and end up building a squad and infrastructure, things might repair with some time and winning. Ashley’s mistake was 8-10 years ago when he went into his bunker so to speak and also cut off the local media, etc. which was the exact opposite of what he should have done (…and then Carr/Carver/McClaren ruined his quiet efforts). I’m not looking for granular details. That gives info to competitors. But there is a level of transparency possible that provides hope. Most fans need(ed) this.

            I am aware. Listing a total spend over a long period of time is too simplistic. I make essentially the same argument all the time on here against the folks saying the net average annual spend over the 12 years is next to nothing. The circumstances each year are different and require a more finesse review. And regardless, if the spend didn’t cover the basic needs this year and there is cash available, then no, it wasn’t enough. What was spent 3 years ago or even last year is not relevant. If we disagree on what is adequate, then that is what it is.

            In your number, a large amount of the spend (and most of any net-spend) occurred toward the beginning of the window you have selected (while McClaren was the coach/when the club’s books started to be fixed but before relegation) so it skews the sound of size of the total spend. MA came out with his plan to spend £150M over 3 windows (which is still a significant amount now but a very major amount back then – only Man City outspent us one year) but relegation interrupted that program after two windows. That early spend proved to be on the wrong type of players and created and unbalanced squad. Rafa spent quite a bit the summer before the Championship but a lot was sold, too. The average player skill level was not enhanced but the team’s cohesiveness and mentality ended up better (certainly better balanced) and the group was solid for the purpose of promotion.

            Since then, the net spend has been pretty small which suggests the club hasn’t developed much over the two years…just minor tweaks. That said, I don’t really care what the net spend is if they can be more/better creative in their approach v. a more traditional strategy. I think net spend is a red herring for most of the fans and pundits. But the squad should be adequate.

            We may yet end up in 8th place on ~53 points this year. But if either Yedlin or Dummett are injuried long term, then we are more likely looking at 35-40 points and pretty tough slog while Benetiz pulls ‘the blanket’ back. Thankfully we still have a lot of time and the January window.

          • Vodkamagpie

            Surely you can see Ashley’s point of view. Why spend money on players that are basically going to cover yedlin and dummett, who might actually be fit to play the 38 league games. The squad already contains players which the club struggling to off load, and players that are being sold is at cheaper price than the purchase price in most cases. The club is technically losing money in certain player trades, which is a massive negative. As for adequate cover, manquillo can play either flank, Clark can play left back, the forgotten Lazaar left back, Hayden right back. Another possibility of formation change, play with 3 CBs, Ritchie kenedy wing backs. If the right player was not available to bring in this transfer window for cover, then that is that. Far to many transfers of players that don’t actually make a contribution to the starting eleven, and become a hindrance to club for 3-5 year due to their contracts.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            We then also disagree on what is adequate cover and I still hold it is Charnley’s job to get it done regardless of the hurdles. His job is to remove/overcome the hurdles. Rafa cycles the starting XI with the players he trusts so bringing two in would not to be to sit. They would play sporadically, compete in cup tourneys, and develop for a year or two and ultimately replace the current starters. It is inconceivable to me to believe there isn’t a recruitable left and/or right back in the world of the correct, affordable profile…much less probably five options for either position.

            In my view (and think it is a very supportable, judicious review), Manquillo has proved he is outclassed at this level and Clark is likely expected to be the fifth of five central backs once Lejuene is back and Schar is up to speed. Playing him out of his natural position suggests his level play wouldn’t be adequate as a PL left back or he’d already cycle through there once or twice. Lazaar is forgotten for a reason. Hayden reportedly doesn’t want to be here and was completely a fish out of water in his short stint at right this year.

          • Vodkamagpie

            Lazaar is forgotten for a reason. That sums up my point, if rafa wanted yediozo and fywanyer as cover for yedlin and dummet, Charnley and co might be unimpressed since lazaar was meant to be the original cover. Barring in mind the fact rafa is highly unlikely to be here next season.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            If the point is Rafa has to get transfer requests right something approaching 100% of the time because he is stuck with the player or no positional cover otherwise, that is pretty unrealistic expectation…particularly when it is a new player coming in from abroad. They are cheaper but there is a greater risk it won’t work out. The fact Lazaar couldn’t make it with a Serie A minnow should further confirm the need to replace him… not use him as a reason to not do necessary business…if that is even what they did.

            I think it more likely they had strict values set on players… both prospects and the current squad, and they played hardball in the negotiations squeezing the value out of every transaction or walked away. The problem was that process/strategy was very slow. As the window progressed, some dominoes fell, and once other clubs began to deal a little more freely, they ran out of time to get all the deals done the wanted. They finished deals that were deemed higher priorities (Fernandez) and were closer to completion (Rondon).

            There is going to be a percentage of deadwood on every club’s payroll. That should be an expected cost of doing business. Manage it. Limit it. But there will always be some. Surely they have figured that out and put it in their annual budget by now.

            I’m not convinced Rafa’s departure is a given at this point (certainly no reason to believe internally they think it is highly unlikely he stays) but a good way to make sure Rafa isn’t around is to leave the team short of players and they end up struggling all year or are relegated. Relegation is also a good way to devalue an asset which brings me back to them risking ~25% of a ~£400M investment over ~£15M to have adequate fullback cover when there has to be at least that much cash available. It is losing sight of the forest for the trees.

          • Vodkamagpie

            We might need to replace him (lazaar), unfortunately we can’t get him out to replace him. We cant keep on purchasing players to cover the covers which haven’t worked out. If a new manager is in place next season, he and a transfer committee/board, must determine which players can improve the fullback positions, whether that be the starting eleven or the squad. Clearly we have different views.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            At least 1) we cheer for the same team and 2) we can have a civil discussion despite still disagreeing to some measure which is pretty rare on here. Thank you.

          • Vodkamagpie

            True, you seem to be a decent bloke, rare as you say, let’s get 3pts against st the arsenal. What’s your opinion on Fulham wolves Brighton huddersfield spending more than us?, is there a reason for that?

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            IMO, Brighton had been building their organization for years for promotion. They were well set to follow a plan and continue to spend the additional monies they received. I think Huddersfield is enjoying it while it lasts. They know whenever it is over, they will have to rebuild so spend now and worry about the future when it arrives. Both of those squads needed better players just to come up to the quality of the NUFC squad so they had some catch-up to go.

            Fulham has a little bit of the same ‘shoot the wad now, worry about tomorrow later’ attitude but it seems their owner may be more willing to invest his own money. Wolves certainly have an ownership with a plan to build a team that sustains PL status at a top 10 level and so are supporting the club with their personal money.

            All of those methods have varying levels of waste/inefficiency in their approach. I think most of them are aware of the (potential) waste but have approved it in the effort to stick around. Squad growth goal has been for significant upgrades quick (whether it really is the right players, I’m not sure.)

            On the counter, Ashley is trying to build an ultra-stable club financially…Shed waste and cut out all inefficiency…Work harder and drive a hard bargain. Once stable, more money may yet be released than has been the trend but continue to expect it to work hard. He is trying to build the squad in increments. His method does not compare to really any other owner I’m aware of and, of course, he could not care less.

            I don’t think it is a bad strategy but I think, from a football standpoint, he is trying to effect financial stability too quickly which drives the extra-austere approach and risks relegation. He has been tripped up by the relegation with this strategy once already. He is counting on Rafa to make it work for one more year. I think he think Rafa is disposable to a degree and, to an extent, he is correct. The strategy works great for increasing the value of the club as they fix the financial woes of the past…some of which he has now added to himself.

          • Vodkamagpie

            Very well written, you take great thought in your responses, I don’t agree entirely with all your opinions, but who am I to question an intelligent football fan.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            Your opinion and questioning is as valid as mine and I appreciate hearing it and anybody else’s so long as it is coherent and an opposing thought isn’t steam-rolled out of hand. At its best, the comment section should be an open discussion and transfer of ideas that refines the quality of our being a fan. I do analyze, contemplate, and ‘organize chaos’ as a habit (and as a career) but realize reality doesn’t always follow the most rational path particularly in the football world (or at least what I think it should be) so I find I’m as wrong as I am right to varying shades in these conjectures. I do try to be judicious in my opinions.

            Thank you for the complement.

  • gordon

    hilarious – just been perusing the tweets on ifrafagoeswego and came across these two by someone called twitchytoes:

    ‘You’re a dummy mate, the club was in huge debt to the bank, had maxed it overdraft, owed ten of millions for past transfers and was losing huge amounts of money, just because the terms say the debt will be paid by X doesn’t mean the funds are there to pay it. Idiot’ and
    ‘you went to the school of non economics i see’

    🤣🤣🤣 any of that sound (very, very) familiar!!? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Wezza

      Ha! Well Jezza and Leazes did say they troll elsewhere as well!

      • gordon

        Yeah had a look at the twitter account – no personal info whatsoever, nufc only mentioned in relation to supporting ashley or attacking fans, no evidence whatsoever that this person has ever attended or even watched a match – rumbled bigtime 😜