‘A wall of incompetence, arrogance and deceit’ – Kevin Keegan

The words that sum it all up. The train wreck that is Newcastle United under Mike Ashley, beautifully encapsulated by Kevin Keegan.

That KK has shown the world just what a complete joke of a football club it’s become under this putrid regime, is as pertinent now as it was in 2008. This is because history is pretty much repeating itself, it would seem.

For every gaffe and misdemeanour detailed by Keegan, so we see it all being revisited on Rafa Benítez in 2018. His staying power has been immense in the face of it all. It surely cannot last?

It would be great for Newcastle fans to write something nice and positive about the club, but there isn’t really much there to cheer at the moment, no matter how much we try.

And in the classic farce that has characterised the Ashley era, we are in one of those runs when the public relations disasters just keep on piling up.

Whether it’s former stewards at Stamford Bridge (Tony Jimenez) trying to unpick his own lies and smear a club legend, or the local boxer (Lewis Ritson) who gets barred from using the club crest on some of his merchandise.

The owner vanishing into thin air after a summer of borderline shambolic recruitment and under investment, only to suddenly reappear at Selhurst Park, smirking away as the fans demand change.

The info war being waged in the national media to spin against the manager and the fans.

And how about the claims that some of the facilities at the training ground and St James Park are actually up to scratch, when in reality they’re mired in the 1990s and desperately need modernising.

Ashley has turned a proud football club into a laughing stock. We’re now a very easy target for pundits to poke fun at us and some even have the neck to suggest it’s not even the fault of the owner.

The rank and file staff at the club may be just as frustrated as fans. There is much they’ve done right over the last few years. Their approach to social media is excellent, as is the ongoing success of the NUFC Foundation. I have sympathy for the staff.

But the big ticket issues, the meat and drink that makes a football club, remain so badly managed and neglected that it is often hard to believe that it could be done so badly.

You look at other clubs and how they’re going about things and you’re left scratching your head and wondering why Newcastle can’t just operate in the same way. Not just a clutch of fellow Premier League teams either. There are sides in the championship at the moment who are going about their business well in advance of our lot.

The awful fixture list and run of poor displays and results has only added to the maelstrom. There’s a sense of implosion and where there was once excitement there is now a feeling of huge uncertainty, apathy and hopelessness.

Kevin Keegan was lucky. He got to walk away. The fans are still here – and to borrow another quote from his book – ‘We still have to share our oxygen with these people’.

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  • Wor Lass

    Good article. It says it all when the best stuff on the Mag is ripping the club to shreds. I do think the tide has turned in the real world, though. You can`t fool all of the people all of the time – as fatty is finding out.

  • Leazes.

    No…I disagree

    ”‘A wall of incompetence, arrogance and deceit’’
    ”For every gaffe and misdemeanour”

    Not ‘Incompetence” or ‘Gaffe’s”…. everything was done by planning, with forethought to harm the club and especially to bring misery and a feeling of hopelessness to its fans.

    Selling the clubs development land to himself when our competitors were expanding their stadia and closing the clubs shops to give himself the control over merchandise when it was recently leaked out that the club had been for sale from the start.

    Why would he deny a new owner that land or marketing? Eleven years of silence as the club was taken backwards deliberately, an exercise to see how little they could do and still survive.

    …a wall of incompetence, arrogance and deceit….A wall of Silence and deceit masking malevolence’

    We know why they hide from the light…. the lot of them are crooks!

    • thewildchimp

      Spot on!

  • Leicester Mag

    There is a choice to walk away. Everyone is entitled to a view and far be it for me to criticise people who go to games. My view is the only card not played is staying away something Arsenal fans did very visibly last year, arguably with success.

  • Mike

    Reading parts of his new book surely will silence the Cashley lovers on this site! Very very timely lets unite and get this rotten to the core shower OUT

  • TheFatController

    At least the Ashley Out campaign is having an effect – by demonstrating, journalists are now seeing mileage in writing against Ashley, the tide has turned there.

    Even financial journalists reference the motivated campaigns by fans against his retail operations.

    Then you have Bishop contacting the Police about elements of the disruption, amid the tatters of his ‘blow over by September’ notradamus-like prediction – clear proof he rarely visits the city, or listens to the supporters, despite being responsible (irresponsible) for PR relating to the club.

    Today, match of the day tweeted that Alan Pardew is now 6 years into his 8 year contract. Whilst Rafa has 8 months left. Those two contract statuses alone should make every fan know the club is run by people with limited football club acumen.

    With £150m debt, a squad depleted by comparison due to competitors spending huge sums on their squads, and the manager (and top players?) and many supporters leaving next summer, Ashley is facing a monumental distaster.

    However, being a billionaire and dispassionate it’ll be us not him that can’t walk away, yes…

    As Prince sang ‘they don’t care where they kick, just so long as they hurt you…’ – Ashley will hurt us long beyond the catalyst of next summer’s many departures.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Cannot argue with any of that and the nightmare just continues !

  • t00nraider

    You dont agree with copywright? Other clubs like who? Sunderland?