Kevin Keegan is doing a magnificent job.

The Newcastle United managerial and playing legend exposing just how disgusting and clueless the Mike Ashley ownership of the club really is.

Many of the stories we might have heard before, or a version of them, or at least part of each revelation.

However, when day after day they are now been laid out in front of us, from Kevin Keegan himself, word for word. They take on a real power.

Mike Ashley and the shameless lapdogs that he surrounds himself with, must be hating it.

It is one thing our north east outpost knowing pretty much most of the nonsense that has gone on – but when the likes of The Times are publishing extracts from Keegan’s upcoming autobiography (4 October) day after day – plus all the other national papers greedily lapping it all up. Mike Ashley will not like it at all, his regime at NUFC exposed for exactly what it is.

Another classic episode as now been reported by Ian Herbert in The Mail.

Extra details on that moment when Mike Ashley’s people had told Kevin Keegan that they had Bastian Schweinsteiger lined up to buy, if KK agreed to sell James Milner (bear in mind Milner was sold for around £12m-£14m).

The depths of how unfit for purpose and clueless Ashley’s people were, is summed up by how little they thought of Kevin Keegan. Not just how disrespectful they were to Keegan, but also, how stupid they were in not understanding how switched on and connected he was.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was a massive star by this point, had just won his fourth Bundesliga title with Bayern Munich, had been part of the German team at the 2006 World Cup and had just finished runners-up in the 2008 Euros.

Kevin Keegan got straight on the phone to Bayern’s Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, to check that what he’d been told was true, about Newcastle having the Schweinsteiger transfer sorted.

Instead, Rummenigge told him that Jimenez had offered just over £3m for the German superstar midfielder, Rummenigge telling his old friend ‘We killed ourselves laughing.’

Bear in mind three years earlier Newcastle had paid over £16m for a crocked Michael Owen and indeed £10m two years earlier for Obafemi Martins, Mike Ashley and his people were of course taking Kevin Keegan and the Newcastle fans for fools.

Just think of all those times in the last decade when we have been told that Newcastle haven’t managed to get this and that signing over the line. If you aren’t prepared to pay the going rate on transfer fee and wages, then you are never going to stand any chance of signing somebody. Which is why we find NUFC in such a mess today.

There will still be some Newcastle fans out there who will still blindly believe, mainly because they want to, that Newcastle United under Mike Ashley are really just the same as any other Premier League club.

That hidden away we have top professional people pulling the strings on every aspect, including transfers, and that despite everything else fans hear, that somewhere somehow Mike Ashley does have an interest in the club/team succeeding, rather than basic survival at the lowest possible cost.

However, surely this group of ‘believers’ must be feeling pretty lonely now, their numbers dwindling to all but nothing.

Just read these other classics below, as Kevin Keegan relates what Dennis Wise’s mate Tony Jimenez told him, Jimenez who was Ashley’s appointed transfer expert at the time.

Ian Herbert writing in The Mail:

‘There is episode of how Keegan, having been promised by Jimenez that Bayern Munich’s Bastian Schweinsteiger would be signed as a replacement for James Milner that summer, called the German club’s Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to be sure that an offer had actually been made.

It tuned out Jimenez had offered €5million (£3.4m in 2008) for the then 23-year-old and Keegan relates his cringe-inducing phone conversation with Rummenigge from a London hotel room. ‘Five million euros, Kevin! We killed ourselves laughing.’

Keegan describes how he left the German ‘chuckling at the other end of the line and rang off.’

Jimenez talked about going for Joleon Lescott, then an England international. Except he kept calling him ‘Julian.’

He talked about bringing in South American players who ‘nobody else knew about’ and turning them into multi-million pound assets.

Keegan, as aware as anyone in football about the work-permit problems if these player had not featured in internationals, asked in one early meeting how they were going to get such individuals in. ‘We’ll fly them in, of course,’ said Jimenez.’

  • porciestreet

    Given the almost terminal situation at Newcastle , I would have KK back in a flash in some capacity or other.

    • Realist

      He would play better football than rafa that’s for sure

      • JohnnyH

        Here’s another one

        • Realist


        • RAFmag

          Another what? Troll, because he preferred the football we played in the 90s? Keep admiring that Rafa defensive shape because the players can do no better? I would like us to at least try and play a bit of football with the ball. When we currently win the ball back we are absolutely clueless. How much does Rafa work on ball retention and pass and move? Doesn’t appear to be at all.
          I would have Keegan back in a heartbeat. In any capacity!

          • Realist

            Anyone who questions Rafa in any shape or form is a troll on here. Apparently from Manchester also. They can’t hack anyone with a different opinion to the mainstream, bless them.

          • RAFmag

            What people forget was that the team Keegan built were not world beaters at the start. He put sone seasoned professionals in with some promising kids. The training was purely with the ball mainly in five asides. Every player was used to being on the ball and playing in tight spaces. He made them better than they were and made them believe they could beat anyone. Everything was entirely positive. Can’t say that now. Damage limitation and trying not to get beat first then hope for a mistake to fluke a goal. It is depressing beyond words.

          • Realist

            I agree. Kk era we had a game attitude always had a go. Rafa goes into games simply wanting to not get beat, very rare he goes into a game wanting to win from the first whistle.

  • Lord

    This book looks like it’ll be a good source of Mag articles for some time.

  • Paul Patterson

    If anything comes out that incriminates Ashley and his cronies and it gets them out.
    A statue at the ground should be there for KK.

    • porciestreet

      ” The KK Stadium”
      How does that sound…..?

      • Keeganontherebound

        Pretty good.
        And we could call the toilets the Mike Ashley Suite.

        • Billmag

          Boggs would be better than suite mate.

          • mactoon

            with a photo in every bowl 😃

  • Ram Kishore

    These people whom Ashley hired actually knew nothing about anything.. that includes not just football but everything

  • Wezza

    It was happening then and the same thing is happening now. Especially over the summer.
    We aren’t a football club anymore we are a cash cow for MA.

  • Wor Lass

    One of the most common comments about Ashley and how he treats people is, “You couldn`t make it up”. The thing is, if you did make it up you`d probably find it was true! The man is a complete and utter ar$ehole and has made our club a laughing stock.

  • Carverlier football

    There’s something on the Mirror website citing a Times article where Jiminez basically says everything he was accused of (thinking Modric too lightweight etc) was actually Keegan. I can’t work out whether they’ve got completely mixed, or whether Jiminez has actually come out with this rubbish, or whether it’s a bizarre Bishop ploy. Given it’s the Times serialising KK’s book it seems implausible they’d run this story…

    • Cockneytrev

      Surely even they would not try and turn this around,
      there is the players agent who is a witness,
      Keegans solicitors would have went over the book with a fine tooth comb to make sure there was no legal come backs,
      in fact the stuff that keegan would have had taken out of his book would have been some of the best.

      • Carverlier football

        Looks like they actually have… Time for KK to go two for two in the courts?

        • Cockneytrev

          Fingers crossed,,

          • Carverlier football

            They’re clearly rattled – we should view all this as encouraging and a sign to keep on at them!

    • Tweed Mag

      Modric’s agent would be able to confirm what was said – he was involved throughout. What is the betting Jimenez ends up looking the fool?

      • Leazes.

        Jiminez confirmed that Modric was flown to Newcastle and Ashley pulled the plug not him!…. he then told Keegan and Kev thought it was his intervention.

        Seems that there was no dialogue between people and it is still that way at the club today…. silent running.

        That’s what you get when you parachute a bunch of Londoner’s in to run our affairs….an isolated group….as isolated as the looked in the press photograph on Saturday.

  • Lewis SG

    Once the club is sold, they should continue the movie Goal! IV with the current storyline of a football owner with a bargain sports store. It will be a great comedy.

    I think the offer of €5million for Bastian Schweinsteiger will tickle everybody, along with the appointment of Joe Kinnear.

    I’m controlling my laughter right now, as I am controlling my tears from the reality of my beloved club.

  • Tweed Mag

    Can’t wait for next Tuesday at the Sage to hear from the man himself. And it won’t be spin and PR waffle, it will be the way it all happened. There is no one in Ashley’s camp that can tell the truth (or even recognise it when they hear it).

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    It takes something to make a German laugh, but Ashley and his tosspot minions somehow manage it with their transfer ‘offer’.

  • Peaky

    No words needed KK….your gesture on the photo speaks for all of us….

    • Paul Bell

      Really LUV IT !

  • Flasheart

    This is actually old news. This came out a couple of years after Keegan resigned, maybe at the tribunal? The first I heard about this story was a couple of days after he walked.

  • robbersdog

    This Jimenez fella sounds like a total clown; an even stupider appointment than either Kinnear or Carver, and that’s saying something.

    • molend

      Should have stayed at Lord’s or the Oval.

    • Peter C

      If these events are true, and I have very little doubt Kevin Keegan is giving an honest account, of what went on.

      Jimenez must be the stupidest appointment, in the history of professional football.

      He makes Joe Kinnear and John Carver look like genuine footballing geniuses, and anyone with half a brain, knows they’re not, in fact, anyone with no brain.

      The more I find out about Mike Ashley, the more I’m totally dumbfounded and amazed, he’s a successful wealthy businessman.

      When he was born, he must’ve fallen into a barrel full of horse [email protected], and come up, smiling of roses.