It is exactly 10 years ago today that Kevin Keegan walked away from Newcastle United, the NUFC legend finally having had enough of being undermined and played for a fool by Mike Ashley and his minions, notably Dennis Wise and Derek Llambias.

Kevin Keegan went on to win his case for constructive dismissal against Mike Ashley, the tribunal’s findings leaving nobody in any doubt as to who was in the wrong.

Ashley and his minions, Derek Llambias and Dennis Wise, were slaughtered when the judgement was announced, as it became clear just how badly Keegan and the Newcastle fans had been lied to.

The heart of the case was that when taking the job, Kevin Keegan had been assured that he had control of, and the final say on, transfers in and out.

Mike Ashley though didn’t keep to that promise, using Llambias and Dennis Wise to undermine Keegan and eventually force him out of the club as he (KK) refused to work under the conditions that the likes of Kinnear, McClaren and Pardew would end up doing so.

Matters reached a head for Kevin Keegan in the final days of the summer transfer window in 2008.

It had been well established already that Kevin Keegan had a number of players he’d personally identified and wanted to bring in.

It was widely reported in the media that there were four players and Keegan felt if they were brought in they could transform Newcastle’s fortunes.

One name that was mentioned at the time was Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The very idea that Keegan thought he could get the then top German superstar, was later used as yet another stick to beat the NUFC legend with, no doubt fed by Ashley’s PR machine trying to make out KK was deluded and had totally unrealistic expectations.

However, in October 2016 Terry McDermott put the matter straight.

Keegan’s former assistant making clear that the then top German international midfielder wasn’t somebody Keegan had personally identified, instead the Bayern Munich star was somebody the Newcastle Manager was told by the Newcastle United hierarchy he could have and was line up, if he agreed to sell James Milner.

Kevin Keegan didn’t want to sell James Milner but was persuaded to by Ashley’s people, on the understanding the Bayern Munich midfielder would be signed.

The reality of course then proving to be Newcastle landed instead with the very dodgy looking signings of the useless Xisco for £6m and the loan signing of midfielder Ignacio Gonzalez – which was later admitted to have been a loan deal done purely as a favour to an agent.

Terry McDermott speaking to 5 Times podcast in October 2016:

“He (James Milner) came from Leeds, we bought him…I think it was about four million quid, something like that, for him.

“He was only about 20 then, or 22, or something like that (Milner was actually only 18 when Sir Bobby bought him in 2004).

“When he came into the club we’d heard all about him, what a player he was. I had reservations about him but he grew on me.

“We were actually at the club when we sold him, myself and Kevin Keegan.

“We actually sold him for £15m and the story goes, I’ll tell you, it’s a true story this.

“We didn’t want him to leave but we needed other players in, we’d had a bid of £15m. So we said, we’ll tell you what we’ll do…’If we sell him for £15m how are we going to replace him?’.

“They (Newcastle hierarchy – Ashley/Llambias/Wise) said ‘We’ve already got one’.

“He (Kevin Keegan) said ‘Oh, who?’.

“They said ‘Schweinsteiger’.

“He’s at Man Utd now but years ago he was a superstar and they said we could get him.

“The idea of accepting the bid for Milner, for £15m, which was a lot of money then…but if we are looking to get Schweinsteiger, it’s a no-brainer!.

“After he’d (James Milner) signed for them (Aston Villa), the day after we (Newcastle) are ‘trying’ to sign Schweinsteiger, the answer was absolutely no chance because it will cost you £50m if you want to buy Schweinsteiger.

“So we ended up with no one to replace him.”

  • Kenny

    Fast forward 10 years & the Fat Rats pulling the same strokes on Rafa,
    the vermin needs to be driven out of the club by any means possible.

  • Leazes.

    You have to ask yourself the question ‘who is making the football decisions behind the scenes now?’

    No director of Football, in fact no directors at all…There’s nobody there with football knowledge….. Ashley or Charnley must be employing someone to shape the squad which is given to the head coach!

    Maybe its just a conversation in Ashley’s favourite pub with Wise or Kinnear.

    • East Durham Mag

      That is a truly frightening scenario, you are right he must be getting advice from somewhere and someone, the pub is a place he seems to like doing business with his cronies.

  • kingfisher

    Well said Kenny.An empty stadium at the next televised home game would send out a message to Ashley and have a big impact.Stopping going to SJP is the only weapon left in our armoury but the 50,000 will never agree to this and therefore our demise is a nailed on certainty unless Ashley decides to sell, but why should he when he’s getting a full house ,free publicity and extensive tv coverage?

    An empty, silent statium, with no atmosphere would result in Sky etc not televising our matches and consequently Ashleys revenue would fall and the negative publicity would hit him hard.

    • joe mac

      more chance of winning the lottery twice with the same numbers than that happening..the sheep cant see it!

      • Lostprofit DBC

        Neither can the people who provide the. Sky money.

        • Toon Arnie

          That would impact Ashley far more than us boycotting a game. All Ashley’s mates at Sky would do with a boycott is hush it up or downplay it. Leaving Sky altogether and telling them why when they ask you’ve left would have more impact. If Sky turned on Ashley that would harm him.

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Or everybody in the area get rid of Sky.

    • Lord

      Matchday revenue = ~£25m per season

      Media revenue = ~£125m per season (add-ons for additional appearances)

      Net profit from transfers this summer = ~£19m

      I’m afraid even an empty stadium wouldn’t hurt Ashley’s bottom line.

      The best weapon in our armoury is a continual and unrelenting bash against SD. Keep up the pollution of the SD Twitter account and any online degradation of his brand; that’s the way to get to Ashley.

      • Cushty lad

        The trouble with that is Lord, for every Toon fan who blanks sd there are hundreds more fans of rival clubs buying there to pee us off

        • Lord

          Not about blanking SD in terms of store traffic, it’s about degrading the brand online. Polluting their Twitter feed (as an example), effectively taking it offline, has an affect and it takes less than a thousand people to have an impact there.

      • Wezza

        Matchday revenue is more than double that. I don’t care what their doctored accounts state.

        • Lord

          Ok – on what do you base that on?

    • Steven05

      Will people PLEASE read this comment by Kingfisher and realise that for the love of your club and the hope of it having a future – this MUST HAPPEN

      The alternative is to carry on going and encourage the death of your club

      • kingfisher

        Thanks for your comments Steven.I find it strange that these fans can fly banners and flags,sing anti Ashley songs and attend protests outside S.D and yet they are not prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice and give up one or two games to stop (as you rightly say) the death of our club, because if these people keep on attending SJP regardless of how Ashley treats them,then the word hypocrite doesn’t even come close !
        Of course there must be some fans who are behind Ashley and his regime, and that’s fine, after all football is largely a matter of opinions, but surely they must be in the minority ?

        • Ron

          Miss a few matches now or all matches forever. Not been there for 9 years (well I did go once).

          • kingfisher

            Same here Ron, it’s been a few years since I got to the point where I could no longer in all conscience donate my hard earned to the Ashley house of horrors. I will never set foot in SJP again until he’s gone.

          • Ron

            I know the only time I did was an invite into a box, so didn’t pay any cash. My conscience did pay so didn’t accept other invites always had something else on.

    • Big Al 1967

      Totally agree and this will either make or break anything the Magpie Group do or say. The key is the support of the local press.
      Imagine this for the next televised home game. The week before The Chron and the Journal have they front page as BOYCOTT THE GAME and list the reasons as to why. This is continued throughout the week and repeated on the day of the game.
      The stands are then empty at kick off and the game is played in silence. Now the national media and TV companies get involved and start asking questions, very uncomfortable ones for the Fat Man. How long before he bails out then?
      Yes it will seem strange to miss a game but people, we are talking short term pain for long term gain.
      Come on Ryder, Douglas and Co you know what you need to do
      Ashley Out!

      • kingfisher

        Excellent point Big Al. 👍👍👌👌

  • musicman2018

    Ashley needs sued by the Newcastle fans class action law suit.

    • Cockneytrev

      I’ve been thinking this for years,,
      as paying customers, are the fans not entitled to see the club run as a football club and not as a marketing tool for a retail business.
      I’m sure a competent barrister could tear holes in the lies that have been spouted for years.

    • Steven05

      Very interesting point 👍

    • Coble’s Return

      I am sure that Penfold could be sued for failing in his duties as a director of the club. His first responsibility is to act in the interests of the company of which he is the only director and by giving away the commercial rights for advertising around SJP, he is singularly failing to meet that responsibility. Would love NUST to investigate this.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Nothing has changed then, just one top manager who Ashley doesn’t like, for another. Let’s get the true position out there and win what is becoming a media war. Step up Alan Shearer.

  • DC1964

    Mike Ashley is a lying bar steward!

    • Ron

      Who waters the drinks and sells imported crisps from China.

      • DC1964

        He looks like he’s eaten all the crisps!

  • wheyayeman

    How can any of you traitor imbeciles Clarko and co defend Ashley? Hang your sorry heads in shame. The club formerly known as Newcastle United is no more

    • Steven05


    • kingfisher

      Absolutely spot on wheyayeman 👍👌

    • Albert Stubbins

      Correct- they should hang their heads in shame but yet still in the face of overwhelming facts they stand to the defence of fat mike and his buddies- why?

  • Superdooperhooper

    Even after that the fans went back for more. I haven’t set foot in the ground since then and I won’t until Billy bunter gets on his bike . We had our chance to get rid then by boycotting sjp but didn’t take it . Pity

    • SuperDesHamilton

      What a liar man. A bet you’re there every week

  • iarkadiysr

    lа︂s︂t wеd︂n︂е︂sd︂аy i w︂а︂s о︂n h︂о︂t а︂nd s︂е︂x︂y еv︂е︂nt – lо︂о︂k а︂t ph︂о︂t︂о а︂l︂b︂u︂m ̩
    Si︂n︂g u︂p a︂n︂d a︂dd m︂e: i︂a︂l︂m︂︂a︂z︂︂.︂︂c︂︂o︂m/︂p︂h︂︂o︂︂t︂︂o︂2︂︂9︂︂3︂5︂︂0︂︂6

  • SuperDesHamilton

    How depressing promised bastian & ended up with a bloke who scored 1 goal & was dating a male hairdresser & another signed off YouTube videos 😩😩😩

    • Murdy

      Why do you care who someone is dating?

      • SuperDesHamilton

        I’m doing a new dating show and wanted to know. Why do you care that I care? You nosey little oink?

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          don’t be a bigot. better yet don’t even sound like you MIGHT be a bigot. you’re better than that.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            😂😂😂 Theirs being a bigot then there’s having a laugh, the fact one of my gay pals use to tell me all about the times he use to see Xisco in powerhouse hours before he had training is amusing.

            Might of got more of a chance if he trained more instead of going out

  • Peaky

    Come hell or high water Fatso will not budge until Rafa has gone….

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    The depressing thing is that fans even then were urging us to “get behind the lads” and “support the team not the regime.” And this was after one of their club legends had been constructively dismissed and Ashley proven a liar.
    There were even some who accused Keegan of wanting to bankrupt the club.
    The fans who continue to go need their heads looking at.

    • kingfisher

      After all that has happened since Ashley bought us Hughie, the 50,000 have never been willing to give up their matchday and thereby lies the problem.

  • Albert Stubbins

    What a set of complete T”@&s!!

  • This has been going on for quite some time and Rafa is having none of it after being fed the same thing by Ashley about Merino and Mitro for which we didn’t sign permanent replacements!

  • Oldgeordie

    Still up to his old tricks but this time using Ernst and Young to fiddle the purchase of House of Fraser and avoiding pension obligations.

  • Tweed Mag

    Just booked to go and see KK at The Sage. His new book is bound to cover his dealings with Ashley and his lackies. Can’t wait.

  • AbusedCourier

    Ten years since I destroyed my season ticket. Still follow the team but I will not put another penny in Ashley’s pockets.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Well done mate! Took me till 2016 to reach the same conclusion.

  • Wezza

    I never knew the Milner lie! Yet another lie in a long list of lies! Shameful.

    • Ron

      I couldn’t understand why we ever sold him, but now that the light has been switched on it seems clear-cut. I can’t remember what I thought of Ashley then but it would be so obvious now. Although I know I couldn’t go back and renew my season ticket – I wish I could recall my my actual opinion – I know I blamed him!
      I have never dis-liked anyone as much as I do him. (Mild version)

  • Mrkgw

    One of Ashleys most heinous crimes against Newcastle United was his dismal and disrespectful treatment of the legend that is KK. Appalling. Sad to see that The owner remains at the club a whopping 10 years on.