Kenedy has struggled early in the season for Newcastle United.

The left sided player so far not managing to reproduce his excellent form of late last season when he arrived on loan.

The international break has seen the player speak to the media aback home in Brazil.

He says that being on loan at Newcastle is ‘better than staying at Chelsea and not playing’ but says his dream still is to return and play for Chelsea ‘to be a champion for the club.’

Having signed for Chelsea under Jose Mourinho, Kenedy says that he is now ‘learning from another great coach’ in Rafa Benitez.

Despite being in England for over three years now, the 22 makes the embarrassing admission that he still hasn’t got a decent command of English, something which has annoyed Rafa Benitez who wants all his players to be able to communicate easily.

Kenedy now has a private teacher and he hopes that will accelerate the process, belatedly.

He acknowledges there is no excuse: ‘I do not think it’s hard to learn [English], I’m just lazy.’

The gulf between Newcastle United now and the likes of Chelsea, is perfectly illustrated by Kenedy. Newcastle need him to provide the flair and inspiration, whilst he wouldn’t even get on the bench at Stamford Bridge.

The UOL article also shows that Newcastle’s fame is worldwide, everybody knowing what the situation is with Mike Ashley, the final sentence reading:

‘Rafael Benítez tries to lead Newcastle to the first win [on Saturday against Arsenal]  amid the club’s crisis, whose owner Mike Ashley is the target of constant protests from the crowd at St James Park for lack of investment in signings. Kenedy, for the time being, remains untouchable.’

Kenedy talking to Brazilian media organisation UOL:

“I do not think it’s hard to learn [English], I’m just lazy.

“Now I’m with a private [teacher], trying to evolve. Let’s see if it works out.

“It’s not that I didn’t succeed at Chelsea. I came to [England at] the age of 19.

“It’s nice to be on loan [at Newcastle last season and this one] for more playing time, better than staying at Chelsea and not playing.

“I [do though] have the dream to return and to be able to be a champion for the club [Chelsea].

“I played at Chelsea with (José) Mourinho, he always helped me and showed me what I had to do in training, what he taught me was learning with me, and now I’m learning from another great coach, Rafa [Benitez].

“Just being in the Premier League is a great achievement, there are a lot of people that come and cannot play, and for me it’s very good and my dream is to win a big title.”

  • Ron

    I don’t think it emarrassing at all. Kenedy at 22 is ambitious and he knows whilst MA owns NUFC then he cannot win anything (saving possibly promotion after having 1st being relegated again) and at Chelsea he has every chance.
    He’s being honest and talking sense – the players and staff can see first hand the damage MA is doing and us supporters can see only see from outside the most obvious damage.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      No ambitious player will stay at Newcastle with the current owner’s approach.

    • MrShack66


    • steve

      The embarrassing part is his lack of effort in learning English

      • Ron

        estoy totalmente de acuerdo con usted

        (I totally agree with you)

  • SuperDesHamilton

    why Do players always make an a### out of themselves when they go back home when internationals are on? It use to be sissoko. On his form this season he couldn’t be a champion on FIFA never mind Chelsea

  • mentalman

    We sign one player who struggles with learning english and sign one who cant be bothered

  • wheyayeman

    I’ve read this twice, there’s nowt embarrassing about it. He is still under contract at Chelsea and would like to play a part there and win something in the future, so where’s the embarrassing comments? He is happy here meanwhile and is learning from Rafa. Jeeezz! Owt for a headline!

  • TheFatController

    Isn’t the title mentioning ‘embarrassing’ in relation to being too lazy to learn English, and not referring to wanting to win the title at Chelsea?

    It does need reading carefully or it is easy to think it’s a comment on his Chelsea dream…

  • Vodkamagpie

    Its embarrassing because he states it’s a great achievement to play in the premier league where other players come and cant play. He was born with a gift, a talent, and yet shows disrespect to chealsea fc/ Newcastle utd fc/ both sets of fans, and every single player that unfortunately didn’t have the gift/ talent of MR Kenedy, simply by not not learning English, which he states it isn’t hard, he is just lazy.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      You hate him because he’s foreign, you’ve got previous for this.

      • Follow Follow ….

        🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 really gets under your skin this great flag doesn’t it Desmond. Your anti anything English British & armed forces. Don’t call other people out on things as you sound thick as. The reply will be either ‘up the ra’ then you’ll edit it out, or a few Irish symbols, zzzzzz won’t even bother looking at your reply. Also people don’t care about kennedys nationality it dosent come into football and nufc, standard though trying to fabricate something that isn’t there.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Condense & come back please

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Don’t forget my anti human bias as well

          • Ron

            Do you know who James McClean is?

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Not personally

        • Ron

          Have I lost the thread somewhere? What are you talking about?

          • Follow Follow ….

            The kid is another James mcclean

          • Ron

            Thanks for clearing that up. No idea who that is.

    • Wor Lass

      You`re a dik!

  • Down Under Mag

    He’s not going to win jack schite here so he may as well dream about winning something with the team who actually still owns him…granted he needs to sort his on field performances out a bit before he will get near Chelseas first team.

    As for not learning English, why is it we complain when a foreigner doesn’t learn english and yet no-one who goes abroad even bothers to try and be culturally sensitive let alone try and speak the local language?? I couldn’t care if he speaks english or not, that’s for the manager to sort out, I just want his performances on the pitch to improve drastically!

    • David2211

      Spot on.

    • Илья Иванов

      “yet no-one who goes abroad even bothers to try and be culturally sensitive let alone try and speak the local language??”

      Can’t agree. Joey Barton was superb in his french. :)

      • mentalman

        what about Schteve Mclaren talking Dutch in the interviews

        • Ron

          No that was booze talking

      • Ron

        Wasn’t that Scouse?

    • Ron

      ¿por qué pensaría usted que alguien no trataría de hablar el idioma del país en el que es invitado?

  • mactoon

    To be fair he is never going to get anything more than a loan deal here as Ashley won’t spend the money to buy him and he probably knows that. He is here to perform well and be noticed by the Chelsea boss. I don’t have a problem with him showing ambition to eventually play in the champions league for the club he belongs to.