Jesus Gamez was one of Rafa Benitez’ first signings as Newcastle boss.

it bore all the hallmarks of a deal that ad happened due to the new NUFC manager’s connection with, and experience of, La Liga.

A versatile defender (can play both full-back positions and centre-back) with loads of experience of playing in La Liga and the Champions League.

Now 31 and no doubt on very decent wages at Newcastle after being a free agent following his release from Atletico Madrid.

His experience though would surely be a massive help to Rafa, helping first to get Newcastle out of the Championship and then all being well, the transition back into the Premier League as well.

Twenty four months later and Jesus Gamez left Newcastle, having only started three league matches, two in the Championship and one in the Premier League.

This was a player who had played 31 times for Atletico Madrid in the season before he came to Tyneside.

So where did it all go wrong?

Well, three months after leaving Newcastle the player is still without a club, Jesus Gamez says he had offers from Turkey and La Liga this summer but was holding out for a return to Malaga who are currently top of the Spanish second tier.

Interviewed by Malaga Hoy, Jesus Gamez claims that everything was all but agreed with Malaga but then the goalposts kept moving, despite him agreeing to three different wage cuts, he says the club have left him in the cold and haven’t been 100% truthful.

In the interview they also ask about his ‘complicated’ two years at Newcastle United.

Gamez admits he had injury/fitness problems early on and then things took a further turn for the worse when breaking his collarbone.

However, he slates Rafa Benitez for not showing enough ‘understanding’, reading between the lines it appears that the Newcastle manager didn’t think the player was that desperate to get fully fit and play.

Gamez says he and his family loved living on Tyneside and he describes the fans and rest of the Newcastle squad as ‘sensational’ in his time at the club.

The interviewer plays up to him by putting a loaded question saying isn’t it curious that not many players ‘speak well of Benitez’, which is strange because most when interviewed do speak highly of Benitez, those that don’t tend to be the ones who might not have got a lot of playing time under him…

Jesus Gamez says ‘You cannot talk or argue with him (Rafa Benitez) because he always wants to be right’ – well he is the manager and he person in charge.

It did always seem a strange one when Jesus Gamez didn’t get a game even when fit, he was on the bench 18 times in the Championship and yet was only used for 56 minutes as a sub in the second tier. A time when you thought his experience would be invaluable in seeing out games.

In the Premier League it was even more extreme, only given 7 minutes off the bench as well as his solitary PL start at Swansea.

Bit of a shame Jesus Gamez has come out with this now when nothing really to be gained, just another player who is bitter he didn’t get more games under a particular manager.

Jesus Gamez talking to Malaga Hoy:

‘The two years in Newcastle were complicated?’

“Yes, it got complicated at the beginning with an injury, then I broke my collarbone.

“At the family level, the experience was very good (living in Newcastle).

“At sporting level, the fans and the teammates…sensational.

“But the coach did not understand the situations that happened and also the deal was not the ideal one.

“Rafa Benitez…He is a person that I do not like talking about because he did not contribute anything to me in these two years and I have nothing to say about him.”

‘It is curious, there are not many soccer players who speak well of Benítez?’

“When someone is so selfish …They do not know how to read situations and understand that things are not always the same.

“You can not distrust everyone. I showed him my professionalism. Time proved me right.

“I had an injury, I was not fooling anyone at all. The physios and the medical services of Newcastle knew how to understand the situation.

“You cannot talk or argue with him (Rafa Benitez) because he always wants to be right.

“It is normal that you (players) do not speak well of him. I have nothing more to say.”

  • Keeganontherebound

    What’s the Spanish for ‘sour grapes’?

    • robbersdog

      Uvas agrias.

    • Philippines

      Scottish is Souness Grapes.

      • TheFatController

        Or Sour Graeme…

  • Wor Lass

    “You cannot … argue with him … because he always wants to be right.”

    That`s the problem with having a boss.

    • Kenny

      that is why i am self employed 😂, i also voted Brexit as i hate the French.

      • Wor Lass

        Leazes told me to tell you you`re a moron.

    • Philippines

      Well, Wor Lass, my lass is also always right and I can’t argue with her.

      • Wor Lass

        Ah knaa! Where does that leave me, like?

  • Mike

    wonder how much he got out of the town wages wise? Waste of time and money

  • Dillon Tovak

    Meh, you aren’t gonna be happy if you don’t play.
    However he was at the tail end of his career and always injured, so…🤷‍♂️

    A boss desires respect, not friends. Rafa has a lot of respect from real football people.

    • Ram Kishore

      A boss desires respect i agree.
      Gamez is not a real football person?
      He’s played at the top level for many years..
      He has his reasons which maybe true. Let’s not forget Rafa makes mistakes and not infallible

      • Dillon Tovak

        I didn’t mean that as a slight to Jesus, just saying there is plenty of respect from other quarters.

  • Ram Kishore

    This week’s already been hell lot of crazy for the club and the people who are/were associated with it.

  • mentalman

    it’ll be interesting to see the comments on here next season when rafa is gone and some of the golden boys speak out about him

  • Toontone100

    “He is a person that I do not like talking about because he did not contribute anything to me in these two years ” ????? … Funny … but I thought it was the player that should be contributing to the manager not the other way around …. Total garbage from Gamez

    • Realist

      So are you saying that a manager does not have to put any work into his players?

      • Toontone100

        No…. but the emphasis should be the player contributes. He seems to expect it the other way around and with that attitude I doubt I would be picking him either

        • Realist

          I think gamez thought he would play more and so did I when we bought him. I think rafa is the type who if your not part of the starting 11 or subs he won’t interact with you much. I also think he buys players knowing he’s hardly going to use them and deliberately overloads the squad.

          • Toontone100

            deliberately overloads the squad ? …. pmsl ! wow. Well you’re entitled to your opinion but I doubt there’s much support for that comment. I am firm in the belief that Rafa would have had good reason to leave him out – whatever that may have been.

          • mentalman

            he had manquillo to play instead of him, what more reason do we need

          • Realist

            He does overload the squad Murphy manquillo lazar Joselu he’s done it everywhere he has been. Buys bang average players. He needs to stat being more positive in his tactics against teams around us Cardiff palace was diabolical. I know this cause I go everywhere. He sits back invites pressure and tries to nick a goal on the break, even this Saturday I bet against Leicester who we should be taking the game to it will be the same tactics. I say it as I see it.

          • Martin Rooney

            I support that comment Hayden, atsu muto lazaar our keepers, five central defenders, had Gayle mitro Armstrong and bought josrlu, why? Why bother? Just to make a point???
            Doesn’t make sense?

  • Kenny

    Not a bad player but always seemed to be injured

  • Leazes.

    Totally irrelevant and diverting article….no need for it.

    • Natturner26

      People are obsessed with complaining about the articles on here. They’re all relevant. Don’t click on them if they don’t interest you.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Leazes is the ayatollah on here what he says goes…or so he thinks the gimp

    • Ram Kishore

      How can it be irrelevant when it’s about the club’s former player and the present manager?

      • Martin Rooney

        It gives a bit of momentum to the opinion that newcastle’s current ills are the managers responsibility and not the owners that’s why it’s irrelevant and diverting.
        Off message and enlightening, to some of those teetering on the edge in their hatred of the clubs owner, it doesn’t suit this crackpots agenda.

        • Ram Kishore

          This week’s been pretty crazy already.. we are struggling a bit on the field, these off field issues keeps going on and on in exponential terms .
          I expect Rafa and the team to put up a good performance. It seems like no match will ever be easy for nufc

  • MadMag83

    You have to wonder why clubs aren’t fighting over his signature.

  • Mrkgw

    Hard to dismiss these accounts for, he didn’t rock the boat when here. Having played at the highest level, he has no reason to make such a statement out of spite which begs the question of Rafa, dull tactics, dull football, dull signings, dull squad selections. What next? I no longer buy into this Rafa hype. It upsets a few but I’m no longer convinced. Not at all.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      You blame Benitez for 9/11 man so nothings new

      • Mrkgw

        No, thats not fair Des. But, as I’ve said I no longer buy into the theory that Benitez is the only way forward for us. Who would replace him is another matter.

    • thewildchimp

      Not gonna act like I know Benitez personally, but judging from his and a few of his former players’ interviews, he strikes me as an honest but extremely stubborn person. He’ll give his all, but it’s his way or the highway. I’ve met a few people like that along the way and the air and the people around them are all quite similar.
      The problem with our current situation is that many fans give all the credit to Benitez and zero to the players when things are going good, yet the total opposite when it’s the other way round. It has little impact on the pitch but it’s still not a very healthy atmosphere.

  • Damon Horner

    Two sides to every story. Personally I won’t judge on some comments made by a discard regularly on the fringes, he has no details, right about what exactly? Rafa could have been right in every conversation with him but Gamez’s ego maybe couldn’t accept it. Move on for me, doesn’t change anything.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Disgruntled ex employee absolute abomination of a signing

    • Martin Rooney

      …..of Rafa’s