Jeff Stelling is one of the good guys, especially when it comes to those who are active in the media.

Born and bred in Hartlepool, he is obviously well grounded.

Speaking of the decent/talented people in the sports media, you have Ian Abrahams (‘The Moose’), who isn’t (decent/talented).

Instead he is the worst of the worst on Talksport, which takes some doing…

Just in case you missed it, Abrahams was doing  his latest piece of attention seeking (see below), insulting Newcastle United, the fans, and worst of all, our City.

One of his ignorant/unfunny claims was that Newcastle United only get 52,000 at games because there’s nothing else to do in Newcastle.

Saturday saw Jeff Stelling take up the gauntlet on behalf of the City he knows so well, having grown up only 30 miles down the road.

Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports;

“You may have also seen this week that a radio reporter said that the only reason Newcastle get 52,000, is because there is nothing else to do in the city.

“Now this is not a rant but….

“He has probably never been to St James Park.

“He has probably never had a night out in the Bigg Market.

“He has probably never eaten at any of the wonderful restaurants.

“He has never appreciated the marvellous architecture of Grey Street.

“He’ll never have been to the Theatre Royal.

“Never have been to the Racecourse.

“He’ll never have strode along the Quayside in the shadow of the Tyne Bridge.

“I doubt that he has ever visited the Baltic gallery.

“He probably doesn’t know that Greggs opened their first ever branch in Newcastle in 1951.

“He’s never had a Newky Brown.

“And he’s never had a stottie cake…actually, e has probably eaten a stottie cake, quite a lot of them in truth.

“It is a wonderful city with loads to do and loads to eat and loads to drink and don’t believe what you hear on the radio.

“Trust me.”

The Mag – 25 September 2018:

With the odd exception (hello Mick Quinn), Talksport does continually scrape the bottom of the barrel.

One of the truly terrible presenters/reporters is Ian Abrahams (AKA The Moose, AKA Hopeless).

On Monday, he launched an embarrassingly over the top juvenile attack on Newcastle United, and even worse, Newcastle Upon Tyne and the overall region (see below, an article written by Dean Wilkins yesterday).

As well as Newcastle fans calling him out on this, the West Ham supporting idiot found himself being slaughtered for his stupidity by pretty much every other Talksport presenter, via social media.

Fans of numerous other clubs also came to the defence of Newcastle United and especially Newcastle Upon Tyne as a City, even Sunderland fans(!) when it came to saying our brilliant City is a class place to live/visit.

Tuesday morning has seen Abrahams/Moose give a grovelling apology, no doubt ordered by his Talksport bosses, as even they must have been embarrassed by how he went on.

He tries to save a bit of face by telling those who ‘were just rude and abusive’ to have a good look at themselves regarding their conduct.

Maybe the Talksport loser should do that to himself when he looks in the mirror each morning.

Ian Abrahams (AKA The Moose, AKA Hopeless):

“I have spent some time and read the constructive criticism of what I said yesterday about Newcastle and it’s Football Club.

“I was clearly wrong about what I said about the City/area, but maintain attracting a big crowd doesn’t equal a big club.

“I appreciate the constructive and well put comments pointing out the errors of what I said.

“For those who were just rude and abusive, I suggest you look at how you put across your arguments in future.”

The Mag – Monday 24 September 2018 – Article by Dean Wilkins:

Are Newcastle United a big club?

Like a scab you can’t stop picking and making bleed, it was difficult to switch off this daft nonsense on Talksport.

We (Newcastle United) ended up with Jim White as our great defender, whilst Danny Murphy and a real loser called ‘The Moose’ (otherwise known as West Ham fan Ian Abrahams, who is useless even by Talksport standards as a presenter/reporter).

The ‘debate’ is given below between the three of them…but the very fact that they are (as usual) talking about Newcastle United, might answer their own question as to whether NUFC is a ‘big club’, whatever that is.

Funnily enough, Danny Murphy admits that he has now changed his definition of what a big club is, because his previous idea(s) had ended up not fitting in with something he’d wanted to say, so he’d ditched a regular full stadium so he could now include Aston Villa as a ‘big club’.

It is great with all of these filling air time debates, by the way they speak you would think everybody was walking around Newcastle City Centre stopping any stranger to remind them that NUFC fit in as a ‘big club’.

It is an ideal subject of course for something like Talksport as there is no definitive answer, so it can be a never-ending debate…

Success is supposedly an integral part of being a big part but of course that comes and goes for clubs all the time.

At the minute you have Manchester City with the most expensive and probably best quality squad in the world, they won the Premier League last season setting records on points and goals, yet hilariously they can’t fill their stadium in the Premier League or Champions League. Are they a big club? PSG have the second most expensive squad in the world and just like Man City, they were the beneficiaries of a roll of the dice, whereby they got people taking over the club with access to massive wealth, and via that are now said to be big clubs.

Back in the day, Monaco were very successful, ridiculous funding provided to build the team despite only having a handful of fans.

As a generalisation I would say that to be any kind of a big club you do need at least two things:

Having lot of people who really care about what happens to the club – including those people don’t necessarily get to matches at that moment in time.

Then also, being a club that neutrals take an interest in and talk about.

Newcastle United get two big fat ticks on those two factors but sadly everything else is out of our control.

In the raffle for new owner, we sadly ended up with Mike Ashley, somebody who sees only as the advertising arm for his retail empire.

Newcastle have a decent sized stadium and a manager with an excellent CV, another two factors which you can throw into the big club mix.

However, it is all a non-starter, in terms of success, when you then have an owner that not only has no interest in the health and success of his football club as a separate entity, but actually works against it being successful.

I’m quite happy if anybody wants to say Newcastle aren’t a big club because it is meaningless, though obviously the ‘Moose’s’ infantile comments about Newcastle as a place, are equally annoying/laughable.

A Talksport ‘debate’ as to whether Newcastle United are a ‘big club’?:

Ian Abrahams (‘Moose’):

“Everybody keeps telling me what a big club Newcastle are, like Leeds, at least Leeds have at least won the title in the last 30 years – Newcastle since I was born have won nothing, not a thing.

“Since colour television was invented…zilch. Absolutely nothing.

“So when Jim (White) says Newcastle are re a big club, they get fifty two thousand, yeah well what else is there to do in Newcastle?

“Some smart Alec on Twitter sent me a link to Trip Advisor about what there is to do in Newcastle; I looked at it, there’s one art gallery and a few parks to walk around.

“Whoopee, I won’t go to the footy, I’ll walk around the park.

“Yes they get a lot of people through the gate, I’m not denying that but that doesn’t make you a big club, when you get 52,000 people through the gate, when there’s practically nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon.”

Jim White :

“They are a big club.”

Danny Murphy :

“You are correct Moose, regarding what you have said.”

Jim White:

“Hang on Dan, are Newcastle a big club?”

Danny Murphy:

“Newcastle are well supported but they’re not a big club,”

Jim White:


Danny Murphy:

“They’re a team that yo-yos between the Championship and the Premier League. How is that a big club?”

Jim White:

“I am absolutely flabbergasted.”

Danny Murphy:

“I got mullered for saying Villa weren’t a big club, I had to retract a little bit, they have been a big club because they won the European Cup and they’ve competed at the top of the Premier League in my lifetime, so actually I was partly wrong there.

“What I meant was, and why I never felt it was a big club, was because every time I went there the stadium was never full.

“So I’m contradicting myself because if the stadium is full, it creates a big club atmosphere, but actually I was wrong about that because the stadium being full or not doesn’t constitute being a big club.”

Jim White:

“So what does constitute a big club?”

Danny Murphy:

“Success and worldwide support does.”

Ian Abrahams:

“Last time I checked, you don’t go to Spain and see people walking up and down the promenade and beach wearing Newcastle shirts. You do with Liverpool and Manchester United, you even do with Rangers and Celtic.”

Jim White:

“You see people wearing Newcastle shirts, yes you do.”

  • Geordiegiants

    Go on Jeff you diamond, we need someone like yourself on TV, down to earth and with the real people.

    • Kneebotherm8

      He was great on Countdown too………sensibly humorous is Jeff..

  • Paul Patterson


  • Mrkgw

    Well done Jeff. You have done our region proud with that blast of a put down. Brilliant.

  • Steve Smith

    When these people try to gain some cheap fame it does make you wonder why they choose such a small club as ours. Surely a bigger club like Villa or Palliss would gain them more exposure.

    • Phil Yare

      palace are a huge club when you think of their massive dilapidated ground and legends such as ian dowie

      and villa have always been ‘massive’ because paul merson said so!

  • Leicester Mag

    The attack on the City was rediculous and crass attention seeking. Are we a big club? Think the terminology is wrong we are a failed club and will remain one until we collectively fight Ashley even if it takes us to the edge of obvilion.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Newcastle as a city always comes in for this sort of criticism until people actually visit the place to see the reality.
    The abuse always comes from people who have never set a foot within Newcastle and have no clue what so ever.
    You forever here those who visit for the first time say : “Didn’t Realise It Was Like This.”

    Newcastle truly is an untapped jewel of a place with architecture that rivals any other city in this country.
    It could be far worse and have the misfortune of having Stoke as your city because that is particularly bleak !
    Sorry to all people from Stoke but it is really bad…

  • DC1964

    Always liked Jeff Stelling, even more so now!

  • WildBill

    Top job by Jeff, the wife texted me about this as I was sitting bored to death in the Gallowgate end. The best part of yesterday for me. The worst part was sitting on a row of mostly elderly fans who were all fans of Ashley!!! Disapproved of any anti Ashley chants, stand up if you hate him etc. “He’s kept us afloat” blah blah blah. Seriously, you couldn’t make it up! When there’s a % of OUR OWN FANS who spew this rubbish we’ve no hope. That was even more depressing than the teams performance and that’s going some.

    • Phildene

      Wilbill quote ‘I was sitting bored to death in the Gallowgate End’ so why go??????

      • Gallowgate Dave

        I’ve seen you bleating on to match going fans on here too many times and you’ve deliberately ignored me every time I’ve asked if you have Sky Sports although your post above regarding Jeff Stelling would suggest you have. Ashley makes 5 times the money from TV revenue that he does from gate receipts so rather than sitting at home watching it on TV and effectively funding Ashley anyway I suggest you get up off your backside on Wednesday and get down to The Magpie Group meeting and try something constructive instead of moralising to other fans when I’ve no doubt you do absolutely nowt except not bother to support your own team yet think you’re better than others who do go.

      • panther

        probably daytrippers

      • WildBill

        Not everything in life is black and white mate, no pun intended, I had friends in Town that I had promised to go with to this particular match, I won’t be at the next one. I’m all in with boycotting until TFCB home as much as anyone. I’ve got friends coming from overseas for new year who want to see a match so I’ll go with them Vs Man U on new years day. I’ve got from Wales visiting later in the year and if they want to see a game in obliged to take them. They’ve been good hosts to me when I’ve visited them, including buying tickets for games, I’d be a sh-t mate if I didn’t return the favour. I have no plans to attend the rest of season other than in special circumstances.

        That’s the only reason, bet what you like but you know nothing about me, don’t be so quick off the mark to judge in the future mate.

  • mactoon

    Since his ridiculous comments his bosses sent him to do a roving article in newcastle on Friday where he spent the full day visiting the various attractions and doing pieces to radio throughout the day. The result of which has 100% changed the ignorant idiots opinion and he totally backtracked stating he had an amazing day
    Stable door and horse bolting springs to mind. I’m surprised he’s still in a job

    • panther

      sounds like they were thinking of getting rid, he wouldnt be missed its like listening to forrest gump

  • Phil Yare

    jeff is a great bloke,, a great anchorman and has always stuck up for us. my favourite was when we beat feyenoord and he said

    ‘and UNITED have done it!!!’

    the whole panel looking confused and probably 99% of the viewers….. of course it was a having a sneaky dig at all those in the media and fans who think that there’s only one team called united. whilst also giving our success that night the true coverage it deserved.

  • Phildene

    Jeff Sterling is a gem. We always have Jeff on and watched him give hell -he is passionate about the toon as well as Hartlepool

  • Peter

    Well done Jeff…great to see him remembering his Northeast roots….

  • Big Hairy Man

    The derisory comments of Abrahams and the London based media in general towards the North East are born of ignorance and stereotyping. Do we think all Londoners eat jellied eels, wear pearly king & queen outfits and sing 🎵 “knees up Mother Brown” 🎵 at the Nag’s Head every night? Good to see he actually came up here for the day, had a fantastic time and has apologised unreservedly for his comments.

    • Colin Brumwell

      Maybe Pearly Bhurkas and Suitings

  • Ba ba.

    Great bloke…. 👍

  • Colin Brumwell

    Does anyone still listen to Talkshite anymore