For such a miserable time in our lives, the atmosphere was strangely upbeat before the match. Rumours began to circulate that a Peter Kenyon takeover was in the pipeline and the sun shone with unseasonable gusto on a packed Strawberry Place for the latest, and biggest so far, round of protests.

There was a sense of the carnival as huge flags were unfurled from the Gallowgate concourse with images of Keegan and Benitez, depicting the virtues of Honesty and Hope respectively. The staff at the club have no such qualities however, as jobsworth stewards were soon on hand to remove both, adding fuel to the fire of hatred for an oppressive regime taking any opportunity to throw its weight around.

The air of defiance grew as a van depicting an unflattering vision of the owner did laps of the street (in amongst the unfathomable dafties who choose this time of week to take the Nissan Micra to Eldon Garden) and the police struggled to keep the roads clear for said silly sods as both sides of the road were packed out with the chanting disenchanted, interspersed with pockets of curious Leicester fans taking pics and having a bit join in. There’s never a dull moment round here is there?

Actually, there is a dull moment. There’s 90 of them every weekend now. I used to struggle to condense games into reasonable sized match reports but I reckon there’s about a paragraph’s worth each week now as we really make that ‘last on Match of the Day’ spot our own.

Moments of note first half were Perez playing a perfectly weighted through ball to send Joselu away clean on goal. Joselu’s excruciating, laborious waddle towards goal looked slow motion from the Gallowgate, allowing Harry Maguire time to cut over and clear when our bargain bin lone striker should at least have made Schmeichel move.

This wasn’t to be our best chance though. Mo Diame timed his run into the box brilliantly to meet Atsu’s teasing cross, but his unchallenged header was pitifully wide. Diame for me epitomises the folly of transfer gambling, as his stellar form in the latter part of last season suggests there was no need to strengthen in the middle. With Diame returning to lesser form and Shelvey struggling with injuries this year, this is a problem that can’t easily be unlocked, especially with Ki missing.

Shelvey also got in on it, spotting Schmeichel off his line and looking to do a Philippe Albert from within his own half, but the Dane managed to scramble back in time to prevent the spectacular and preserve what was now a lead for his side. Shelvey’s effort would be our only shot on target.

It’s debatable whether Yedlin’s handball in the box was unlucky or foolish, but my immediate reaction was that it was a blatant penalty, as he jumped with his hands above his head and effectively did a basketball charge down from a Leicester corner. The American has arguably been one of the better performers early on, but he’s had some poor moments at SJP, snoozing to allow Alli to win it for Spurs and popping in the Chelsea winner himself prior to this indiscretion. Dubravka got as close as he possibly could to Vardy’s penalty, but it was smack in the bottom corner, filed under ‘you don’t save them’.

Current form suggests that there is no way back from falling behind and the crowd increased its efforts to let the surprisingly present owner know what they think of him, Ashley responding with a repulsive smirk and a mutter to Keith Bishop, possibly suggesting they dredge up some new disgraced no mark to deflect attention in the coming week.

The second half began with Maguire performing a move known in wrestling circles as the Rock Bottom on Perez in the box, but we aren’t allowed penalties and it’s a bit probable someone would have missed it anyhow.

Things were then put firmly to bed as makeshift left-back Kenedy conceded an unnecessary corner, booting over his head inexplicably and Slabhead Maguire headed City’s second.

By now some of the paltry attacking impetus had been lost, with the withdrawal of Matt Ritchie, who at least looked up for having a go. The crowd voiced displeasure at this, which some have erroneously attributed as negativity for the oncoming Murphy, and Ritchie seemed to share this disbelief. There is a question mark over Rafa’s tactics of course, as we look on collision course with the Championship, but I think this is dangerous chat.

Yes, Rafa may have introduced Muto earlier, changed the formation, withdrawn the anonymous Atsu etc but this is all just rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. The issue is that the squad is not equipped for the Premier League, with the absence or loss of form of any key player causing the team to look utterly woeful.

Add in the fact that the manager is almost certainly just seeing out his contract and the misery from the stands and you have a permeating sense of hopelessness that’s manifesting on the pitch. The tactics may be negative but focusing on that deflects attention from the big fat smirking iceberg that has brought this ship down, and to dwell on this would be playing directly into his hands. So please don’t.

The Kenyon chat is likely to fill some newspaper space this week and my take on this is that we are looking at Staveley mark 2, as Ashley courts an alleged buyer to remove pressure and forge an excuse for zero investment come January. Kenyon is arguably too credible a character to be played like this, but I’d advise everyone to just assume the worst and be pleasantly surprised, rather than risk another disappointment.

The sight of Ashley’s minions tearing down a giant black and white banner proclaiming ‘Hope’ could turn into the single greatest metaphor I’ve ever seen in real life.

We still have that banner though.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 Leicester 2


Leicester: Vardy 30, Maguire 73

Possession was Leicester 59% Newcastle 41%

Total shots were  Leicester 12 Newcastle 6

Shots on target were Leicester 5 Newcastle 1

Corners were  Leicester 9 Newcastle 5

Referee: Simon Hooper

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin (Manquillo 80), Lascelles, Clark, Dummett, Ritchie (Murphy 65), Shelvey, Diame, Atsu, Perez (Muto 69), Joselu

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Schar, Longstaff, Hayden

Crowd: 51,523 (3,000 Leicester approx)

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  • Leazes.

    Yes it was a metaphor for Ashleys misrule, remember when he had the St James Park’ signs ripped down by a ‘Mackem with a jemmy’….

    ….and we wonder why he appointed aa PR (and actually owns the Bishop Associates company) to improve his public perception?….

    …I think NOT!

    Bishop is there to keep the misinformation about possible takeovers bubbling!….. and to keep Douglas and Ryder fed!

  • Paul Patterson

    Expect a PR deluge this week. Keegan’s books out . .

    • Billmag

      Probably another Craigie interview.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It just shows you how pathetic Ashley and his gang of acolytes truly are !
    This latest talk of take-overs seems to have Ashley’s hand all over it.
    I could be wrong but it could be another PSY-OP by Ashley and his team to steer away from events on the pitch and Keegan’s revelations in an effort to quell the protests and unrest.

  • Stephen

    Watched the game on TV
    Shouldn’t have bothered.
    One point Ashley’s smile and sideways glance and comments to cohort was masking discomfort at his situation.

  • Billmag

    If Kenyon is genuinely positioning himself to front a bid for the club he should come out and say so, if not he should distance himself from the fat oaf.

    • Leazes.

      The Chronicle are looking for tenuous links to show the Kenyon ploy is real….

      ……From Ryder……apparently Perter worked for Steve Gibson as an advisor at Boro…. Boro is in the North East….therefore Kenyon knows the North East…. therefore Kenyon is ideal person to buy out Ashley therefore… the noises about Kenyon are all true!

      There’s a problem in his logic…. its illogical nonsense.

      Ashley isn’t going anywhere, he’s appointed a spin doctor to perpetrate the story of a sale not the first time this is about the fourth! …and Ryder has been used every time!

      If Ashley sells United….. his online company will have to find a new route to advertising….it will take a huge hit.

      Ashley has no interest in United but he does have interest in S**** D****

      • Mrkgw

        I really dislike Ryder’s reporting. Much preferred the days of Oliver and The Pink.

        • Leazes.

          aaaaaaaggghhhhh…… Ryders dad………..exactly the same reporting by proforma…..Alan ‘wide of the mark’ Oliver! was pathetic, made up bucketfuls of apologist rubbish for the despicable Shepherd and Hall.

      • Billmag

        Agree with you there that’s exactly why Kenyon should show his hand and stop the rumour mill from gathering pace. Since the Stavely debacle we have never heard a squeak from her, was it genuine or a con trick.

      • Ron

        Not for sale (FULL STOP)

        How can the fat fool divert attention from KK book – rustle up a potentially bigger story – an offer for the club, that’ll do.

        For pities sake!

        I know you know this but it’s driving me mad that it’s even being talked about as if it was real.

        • Taz

          I agree, the only thing that is real at the mo is the nightmare we are living. Th fatfuck isn’t going anywhere, sad sad times

    • panther

      I expect its all lies and Kenyon knows nothing about it

  • toonterrier

    So what were the supporters doing when these dicks were tearing down the KK flag. Surely they should have stopped it happening. Probably half a dozen stewards and fifty thousand fans so obviously wouldn’t be easy but worth a go.

  • Alex

    They weren’t minions, they were stewards. Presumably, mostly Newcastle supporters, too.

    Now, if my ‘steward manager’ asked me to pull down a banner showing KK, I’d have replied, “Sorry, that’s Special K, I can’t do that.” And, guaranteed, all the other stewards would have then done the same.

    It just needs a bit of balls to stand up for right against wrong. Next time, I hope the stewards make the right decision.

    • Paul Patterson

      Sadly, they would probably have been sacked. I’m surprised they weren’t hoyed off the concourse.

      • Leazes.

        Flag bearers will need backup protectors in future.

        • Cockneytrev

          Here here!!!!!

      • Alex

        It’ll be 4 hours pay, minimum wage, twice a month. Not exactly a full time job that’s under threat.

        He can’t sack all the stewards immediately. As I said, it just takes a bit of balls at a given moment.

        • Ron

          Probably get lessd than min wage because they see the match for nowt! There’s a treaty for them.

        • Kneebotherm8

          He’d sack all of them apart from the ones like him ………the bar stewards………….

    • GlasgowMag

      I agree Stewards are just doing there job otherwise knowing our workhouse owner he would of sacked them personally!!! Some of these guys probably need these jobs to support their families so no blame should be allocated!!Ashley out!!

    • Kenny

      You work for the Fatberg then you’re a minion

  • Philippines

    VAR would have given a penalty for that foul on Perez. Overall I was astounded how many times NUFC players passed the ball to Leicester players, including Shelvey who did his England hopes no good whatsoever.

  • Kenny

    You get what you pay for in this life & i wouldn’t give you a nut for Perez, Joselu, Diame. those 3 would be 1st out the door in January, Oh there is plenty more but that trio need to be binned

    • panther

      they wouldnt be replaced, so bad you couldnt replace them, traffic cone might get in the way

    • Wezza

      Exactly and why is Rafa getting stick do for the results when he has had signings forced upon him (Lazaar Hanley?) Hasn’t had his first, second, third choice signings, the owner hasn’t paid the going rate for a proper striker so how is it Rafa’s fault? Some people want to wake up and see that Ashley is the main problem here.

      • Jonas

        Its the asking for prettier football too, like were so comfortable we should be providing the luxury of style and entertainment.
        the only teams i can remember playing ‘good’ football in relegation battles never even looked like staying up.

  • Mr wobert

    If peter Kenyon was interested,surely the reporter would check his sources then approach kenyon for a comment???
    Sadly creative writing ( making up BS to sell a rag) so don’t hold your breath waiting for the miracle of fatty upping sticks and getting to f**k out of town