Graeme Souness is at it again.

Always in denial about just what a disaster he was at Newcastle United.

Kevin Keegan had awoken the sleeping giant and then after Dalglish & Gullit had done their best to ruin his legacy, Sir Bobby Robson came along and revived the slumbering giant once again.

Newcastle weren’t a ‘sleeping giant’ that needing waking up when Graeme Souness arrived in 2004, they were a club with a team that needed a bit of a fine tuning maybe and a couple of decent signings, instead we got the disaster of Graeme Souness and the near £40m recruitment of Boumsong, Owen, and Luque.

In their 11 seasons in the Premier League, only four times had Newcastle finished outside the top six, and under Sir Bobby it had been fourth, third, and fifth, in the immediate three years before Souness’ arrival. Graeme Souness instantly took United to their then lowest ever PL placing of 14th.

The following season, Newcastle fans were saved when at last Graeme Souness was sacked after a December 2005/January 2006 run of five defeats and one draw in six games. Glenn Roeder was promoted to manager and Alan Shearer became player/assistant, the pair performing miracles, winning 10 and only losing three of the final 15 matches – which took Newcastle into seventh and an Intertoto Cup spot, which eventually led to UEFA Cup qualification.

In his latest quotes, Graeme Souness tries to make out that what is happening under Mike Ashley is pretty much the norm, saying no trophy has been won since 1969 and that fans are constantly frustrated that they should have won trophies.

Yes, we would all like to see silverware at St James Park but the sheer disgust with Mike Ashley isn’t about that.

Newcastle fans just want to see their club/team try and compete, to be the best it can be.

Graeme Souness was at Newcastle for 17 months and it was 17 months too long, when he was appointed by Hall and Shepherd everybody was stunned, as he looked set to be sacked by Blackburn after doing a terrible job there.

In fact, if Rafa Benitez did/does walk away, sadly somebody in the likeness of an Alan Pardew or Graeme Souness is undoubtedly what Mike Ashley would land us with once again.

Graeme Souness talking to Paddy Power:

“When was the last time they (Newcastle United) won a trophy? 1969. It gives you an idea of how difficult it is there.

“And, if you look at the (other) teams who have won trophies in that time…

“They are a fabulous football club, but it’s a very difficult place to work, it’s difficult to be a player there.

Mike Ashley hasn’t been at Newcastle since ’69.

“This is an ongoing problem.

There is a frustration that they haven’t done better, as they think they should have done.

“Managing there is very difficult.

“You don’t get too long, you are always firefighting.”

  • Leazes.

    That isn’t what he said at all…. can you not read!

  • Dillon Tovak

    Managers don’t get long there? He had way too long.
    It’s not easy to be a player there? Maybe if you’re Johnny Bigbollox, but the current crop get a lot of support.

  • geordiejay1983

    MA will state that he wasnt alowed in newcastle dressing room to speak to rafa lol

    • Leazes.

      That isn’t what was said….the author has made a huge mistake in interpretation of his comments.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Graeme Souness failed as a manager in 4 countries, that’s an achievement in itself.

    • Rule Britannia

      Not quite. Can you not remember his record in Scotland?

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Portugal, England, Italy & Turkey 4.

        I don’t count Sunday league

        • Kneebotherm8

          Mickey mouse leagues don’t count then?……….Boumsong looked a world beater in that league…😂😂😂😂

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Exactly haha, world beater to getting stretched by yeading

  • Vincent Gigante

    Not a fan of souness but what exactly has he got wrong with what he’s said??

    • Steve Smith

      He’s presenting a straw man. Making out that our problem with Ashley is that we haven’t won a trophy when in fact that doesn’t even register as a grievance for most fans.

    • paulo

      For a a start ‘you don’t get too long’.
      Ask pardew how long he was here

      • Vincent Gigante

        His comment was ‘ you don’t get long, you are always firefighting’ which is true.
        pardew got such a lengthy spell because fatty knew we hated him.

  • Billmag

    No fatty hasn’t been here since 1969 but he’s been here since 2007 and has inflicted 2 relegations and some near misses, it’s a good job he hasn’t been here since the aforementioned date. He is a failed manager and a failing pundit.

  • Lord

    If it is a difficult place to manage, then Mike Ashley isn’t making it any easier.

    Is it too much to ask Souness to acknowledge that?

  • t00nraider

    That’s right Graeme, you do not get too long to be found out if you are competent enough.

  • magpiefifer

    Why does The Mag cover cretinous comments from the likes of like Souness,Keys,Abrahams etc!?
    Let’s focus on getting rid of the Odious one!!!

  • Danimal

    The lack of trophies is a bit of a misleading measure. We had quite a prolonged period, 1993 to 2005, of competing near the top end. I am happy to call that success. If that platform had been built on as it should have been, we might well have a trophy by now anyway but either way I’d have been happy to see us competing. We certainly shouldn’t have been getting downsized and relegated from that position. We were never really at the races 1970-92 (74 & 76 finals apart) or 2006-present, so the lack of trophies is not as surprising as people make out.

  • Gareth Jones

    It’s fair to say you’ve found it ‘difficult’ everywhere though, isn’t it Graeme?

  • Allan

    Why doesn’t Souness just keep his gob shut , how many times has he been sacked as a Manager , ( Enough Said ).

  • Allan

    Someone please tell me Why any newspaper would give time to anything Keys,Gray,Abrahams,and wise have to say who tge hell have they managed ( THATS RIGHT NO ONE BUNCH OF TOSSERS.