The campaign continues against Mike Ashley.

The Newcastle fans sick of their footballing lives.

Keith Bishop told Mike Ashley that the protests would blow over by September…

The reality of course is something very different.

This week will see two days of protesting against Mike Ashley and both days will be aimed at he and his Achilles heel – Sports Direct.

On Saturday, the focus will switch pre-match from demonstrating outside the SD store on Northumberland Street, to instead protesting outside the ‘Sports Direct’ store at St James Park.

Newcastle fans asked to be there for 2.15pm to join their fellow supporters before the Arsenal game (3pm kick-off).

Prior to that though, Newcastle fans are also asked to pop along to Academy House at 36 Poland Street, London on Wednesday (12 September) morning.

It is the Sports Direct AGM at 11am and as well as Newcastle fans set to turn up and attend the meeting inside, after buying shares to give them that right, any Newcastle supporters who can attend, are also asked to join those demonstrating outside the AGM.

It is quite ridiculous but Mike Ashley is boycotting his company’s own AGM, despite being Chief Executive and controlling (61%) shareholder, he is showing total contempt to the shareholders.

In a prepared statement, Mike Ashley said he was too busy to attend the SD AGM and whether that was because of the awkward questions from shareholders he was expecting, or the news that Newcastle fans would be targeting it, who knows?

However, what is for sure is that the Newcastle protests at the Sports Direct AGM should get some really good media coverage. Especially where doesn’t want it, connected to Sports Direct and in the business pages.

One day we will get rid of him and the protests must continue to keep up the pressure.

  • mentalman

    There’s plenty of SD issues to be addressed at the SD AGM, NUFC will never be mentioned.

    • Billmag

      You must be a shareholder or an employee of fatty to always put the downer on anything remotely to do with getting him out of the club, why don’t you go and post somewhere else.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        He’s just a little Winnet

        • Billmag


      • Wezza

        mentalman is one of the trolls, just block him.

        • Billmag


      • mentalman

        sorry i didn’t realise that this site was exclusively for people who are of the same opinion as yourself

      • mentalman

        I don’t know if you have read about the issues which SD share holders want to discuss at this meeting but its a lot. I don’t see any SD shareholder who does not have any affiliation to NUFC either being interested in how MA is running a seperate business or that the company they own shares in is getting free advertising

    • Cockneytrev

      Yes it will,
      any shareholder is entitled to mention any company business, the Free advertising is company business…..

      • Ron

        So is the lack of confidence in the Chairman whose actions are responsible for the inability to make on-line sales due to the actions of protestors targeting SD solely because he is Chairman

      • mentalman

        Questions are pre selected and the whole thing is carefully controlled so that potential agitators don’t get an opportunity.

        They will be expecting it and a pre rehearsed statement will be rolled out at the start of the meeting saying that it won’t be discussed at this meeting.

        I hope i’m wrong but i don’t think i will be

  • Kenny

    protest then go watch the f##king game, you could not make it up.

    • panther

      bunch of ballbags

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Stockholm syndrome. Couldn’t make it up could you

  • multipolice

    well done to all involved,accepting it up the balloon knot dry by ashley will only get us playing the likes of fleetwood sooner rather than later,rafa and houghton and a few players with a bit of fight have already pulled ashley out the [email protected]….TWICE by bouncing back up thru fat mike induced relegations,there may be no 3rd time bouncing back,but there will be a 3rd relegation!

  • Waxi

    Buy nothing whilst inside SJP as well.

  • Paul Patterson

    Cracking efforts.
    As long as we’re all behind Rafa and the lads come kick off.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Protest outside then pay the man the money to watch the match that you’re protesting against…couldn’t make it up 😂

    The AGM protest sounds brilliant, I’m not knocking the organisers more so blind people who complain but STILL pay fatty to go watch

  • Wezza

    I will be there but won’t be going inside for the match!

  • jandcockel

    O︈o︈o︈a︈u︈h︈! T︈︈he p︈la︈c︈e︈ w︈i︈th N︈a︈k︈e︈d-︈W︈o︈m︈e︈n︈s f︈︈rom y︈︈ou︈r C︈︈i︈t︈y h︈︈a︈s b︈︈e︈e︈n p︈u︈︈b︈l︈l︈ish︈ed
    ︈L︈︈o︈o︈ok︈ h︈er︈e︈e︈e︈: ̩▶️ z︈a︈i︈m︈︈s︈p︈b︈︈.︈o︈r︈g︈/︈︈g︈a︈l︈︈l︈︈e︈r︈y︈-︈0︈2︈1︈4︈7︈7

  • Peaky

    Flannels opening shortly….2 birds with 1 stone…

  • JohnnyH

    Best chance we’ve got is that he has a cardiac from laughing at the protest as they dutifully take their seats come 3pm.

    • Ron

      Beggars can’t be choosers – that’ll do for me!

  • kingfisher

    It truly is short sighted hypocrisy of Biblical proportions. We hate fatty and his minnions what can we do ? I know, let’s protest outside S.D ! Great idea, as long as we leave in plenty of time to get to SJP to support fatty and his minnions!

    If a script writer wrote the story of NUFC unrest and protests for a documentary it wouldn’t get passed the planning stage as most people would see it as a work of fiction, after all, who in their right minds would protest about someone and then go and support that someone and give him hundreds of pounds every year? Step forward “The 50,000”

  • Steve Smith