Mention the name David Kelly to anybody who was around in the early 90s and their eyes will light up.

A talented player and one of those the supporters really identified with.

Phenomenal workrate, scored goals, and was clearly somebody  who loved playing for Newcastle United.

He was there at the very start of the Kevin Keegan revolution, signed by Ossie Ardiles and scoring 11 goals in 25 second tier games to help save Newcastle from relegation. Kevin Keegan had arrived in February 1992 to try and save us and Kelly’s late winner in the key game against Portsmouth, is a goal that many Newcastle fans still count as their favourite ever goal.

Top scorer in the 1992/93 promotion season but David Kelly was sold on at the end of the season, Kevin Keegan showing his ruthless/brave side, as he sold the three strikers who had been top scorers the past three seasons – Kelly, Peacock and Quinn.

KK put Andy Cole and Peter Beardsley together and the rest, as they say, is history.

However, the fans never forgot David Kelly, incredible scenes when later coming back with Sunderland, Newcastle supporters gave Kelly a standing ovation when he came off the bench. Quite amazing considering he was now playing for the Mackems.

Neither as David Kelly forgot Newcastle United and he feels it is unforgivable what Mike Ashley is doing to the club he cares about so much.

He can’t believe the lack of backing from the owner to the manager (and fans), leaving Newcastle battling relegation instead of what he sees as their rightful place competing at the top.

David Kelly ‘got’ Newcastle United over 25 years ago and he ‘gets’ them now, none of should forget what the club is capable of and the one man who is to blame for the state the club is now in.

David Kelly speaking to The Star:

“I agree with Rafa 100%, it saddens me to see Newcastle struggling but it doesn’t surprise me…

“Of course they have had a tough run of fixtures, but the problems go back to the transfer business done, or rather not done, in the summer.

“With all due respect to Joselu or Rondon, neither of them are going to score 18 goals this season, and that’s what you need.

Leicester aren’t one of the top, top teams but there are goals in their side, so it will be tough (on Saturday).

“Rafa quite correctly talks about the teams Newcastle have to compete with if they are to survive but worryingly, the likes of Cardiff, Burnley, Palace and Fulham have all spent more money.

“And Wolves, who I see quite a bit of these days, are reaping the rewards of investing heavily.

“It’s not rocket science.

“The harsh reality is that Rafa has not been backed and for the club to stay up, there has to be huge backing in January.

“When I left, Newcastle were on their way up and became one of the biggest clubs in the country.

“They should still be there. I mean no disrespect to the likes of Burnley, Palace and Fulham, but Newcastle are in a different league.

“Instead, they’re the ones they are competing with just to stay up and in terms of ambition, they’re lagging behind all of them.”

  • Geordiegiants

    Super star ⭐️!
    A real player and a real person that got the club, the fans and the place and of course those all important goals.
    As said above he was that highly regarded by us we even gave him a big thank you when he was playing for the inbreds. Of course when that was over he was booed every time he touched the ball 😀.

  • Ron

    A Legend in his own lifetime, I for one won’t ever forget him.

  • GlasgowMag

    Kelly, Peacock,Quinn and Cole now those 4 guys could score goals. Fast forward to Ashley tenure and everyone bleating about the sale of Mitro who couldn’t tie these guys boot laces changed days indeed!!!

    • Leazes.

      Mitrovic….I can’t understand what anyone saw in him, he’s a third rate striker who was better than his replacements….

      …..who is that down to its not Rafa! He was starved of funds!

      God there are some fools out there!

      • Realist

        I can’t understand what anyone see’s in you on here.

    • benji

      they’re bleating on about it because he was the best of a bad bunch but was shafted by your god rafa you th!ck bell end.

      • GlasgowMag

        Nice school boy bully response I think you’re last comment probably sums up what sort of character you are!! Keep on smoking the wacky backy my friend but remember to open a window incase your mum comes into your room!!👌👌😱😱😂😂

    • jonas

      …and that was when we were in the second division.
      Charles Darwin will be spinning in his grave at how we’ve ‘evolved’ in nearly thirty years since.

      • GlasgowMag

        Yip your right there mate gone are the days when we used to employ strikers that could actually score goals!! Our club is a shambles under this workhouse owner Ashley out!!

  • Philippines

    He scored 2 goals in 34 games for Sunderland and 35 in 70 games for NUFC. Obviously a true Magpie supporter.

    • jonas

      that’s literally true, I seen him in the Newcastle fans section at Coventry after he left one year.
      absolutely love David Kelly.

  • Steven05

    A player who definitely deserves more recognition especially with the below 30’s category

  • Leazes.

    The forces of good and evil are aligning themselves!

    ….Shola Ameobi tax dodger and Ashley-ite!

  • East Durham Mag

    Careful David you’ll have Bishop on your case mate.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Should have a statue next to sir bobby. The goals he scored that season culminating in that 85 th minute winner against Pompey insured a place with the football immortals such as Keegan shearer Beardsley and milburn in my mind. Top top man.