Daryl Janmaat only started seven games under Rafa Benitez at Newcastle United.

Five in the Premier League relegation season and then the first two of the Championship year.

However, the right-back says he thinks Rafa is a ‘good manager’, unlike Steve McClaren…

McClaren was the architect of Newcastle’s relegation in terms of tactics, formation and team selection, though of course he had no say at all when it came to transfers as the Mike Ashley/Graham Carr transfer policy crashed and burned.

Daryl Janmaat says that Steve McClaren was ‘A great guy’ and ‘An excellent coach’ but somebody who ‘happened to be a manager.’

In Holland, McClaren of course is still a big name, having led unfashionable FC Twente to their first ever Dutch league title in 2010.

Since then though it has been a catalogue of disaster as a manager and he is currently trying his best to relegate QPR.

As for Daryl Janmaat, life is really good.

Back in the Dutch national squad (they play Peru tonight), Janmaat has been a key figure as Watford have won all four games so far in the Premier League.

He believes that they have shown that there are various styles that teams can play in and you don’t have to be like Manchester City to get results.

Janmaat believes that this is shown by pragmatic managers such as Gracia and Koeman (as well as Benitez), who make the most of the players they have got and use a formation/tactics to suit.

The defender was excellent in his first (2014/15) season at Newcastle but poor in the next as the Magpies dropped into the Championship.

The end of any goodwill for Daryl Janmaat from the Newcastle fans came just after Rafa arrived at St James Park. The then Holland boss Danny Blind revealing Janmaat had been gutted to miss out on playing in internationals in late March 2016 because he wanted to impress other clubs, in the hope they would buy him if Newcastle were relegated.

Daryl Janmaat talking to AD:

Steve McClaren…A great guy, a good coach on the field, but as manager? There were some things (still)  to do.

“He could have been louder, more able to put his mark on certain things.

“An excellent coach who happened to be a manager.”

His successor Rafa Benitez?

“A good manager (who came in too late to save Newcastle).”

A lot of similarities between Watford manager Javi Gracia and Ronald Koeman (Dutch national manager)?:

“You do not have to play like Manchester City to be successful.

“You can achieve maximum performance by working pragmatically.

“With the players you have, you have to make the most of it. And thus get results.

“We can see this at Watford.

“That is (also) the power of Koeman.

“That is why we play with five defenders. That gives extra confidence.

“We can all play football, but certainly against top teams like France and Germany, you have a better chance if you play more like a team.

“Nice football will come later. ”

  • SuperDesHamilton

    I’m glad janmaat approves all is well with the world then.

    • Ram Kishore

      Yep many keep saying for sometime he’s quite a good coach and all..Steve McLaren not the brightest manager..

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Even Steve mclaren thinks Steve McLaren is rubbish

        • Ram Kishore

          Do u remember the match he was involved in an altercation with fans?

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Steve McLaren? A remember carver when he kicked off

          • Ram Kishore

            Yeah sorry lol..
            It seems Sunderland are having trouble with two more players

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Aye they’ve refused to return haha, can’t blame them. Imagine having to drive into that place everyday, a place that’s twinned with Chernobyl 😂

  • dauidgh

    m︅︅е & m︅y b︅i︅t︅c︅h︅е︅s j︅︅u︅s︅t m︅а︅︅d︅е b︅r︅а︅n︅d︅е︅w s︅︅еxy p︅i︅c︅t︅u︅rе︅s – c︅h︅е︅c︅k c︅r︅а︅zy p︅h︅о︅︅tо︅s︅е︅t ̩
    A︅︅d︅d m︅e︅: s︅t︅e︅︅l︅e︅m︅a︅.︅c︅︅o︅m/︅︅g︅︅a︅l︅l︅︅e︅︅r︅y︅-︅︅9︅6︅4︅6︅6︅︅6

    • fasad062004

      ︅Y︅o︅u︅r b︅︅i︅g p︅u︅︅s︅s︅y l︅i︅p︅︅s︅.︅.︅. i︅︅t︅s a︅m︅az︅i︅n︅g!︅

  • Wor Lass

    Daryl`s like Gini – two good players who did their best for us, always showed respect and moved on to more ambitious clubs. A cretain element on here found that hard to accept and always tried to rubbish them. I`m glad they`re both doing well

    • SuperDesHamilton

      A use to know we were gonna get beat a week in advance because Janmaat would do an interview in the Ronnie gall then we’d end up getting battered 😂

  • mentalman

    He believed in rafa that much he left

  • Philippines

    Janmaat was/is a good player without doubt. Neverthless, he was/is like many players we have employed…. they play a game or two… or more.. .that has the fans shaking their heads. I guess Kenedy has taken his place.

    • Ram Kishore

      Give some time for kennedy lol..

  • gamonitfirm

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