Darren Moore almost pulled off a remarkable feat last season.

Leaving it far too late to get rid of Alan Pardew and John Carver, West Brom were in a desperate position by the time they were sacked.

Taking over with six games to go, caretaker boss Darren Moore produced a remarkable five match run, beating Newcastle United, Man Utd and Tottenham, plus draws with Liverpool (after being 2-0 down) and Swansea.

However, by the time they reached the final game of the season, a defeat at Palace, they were already down, due in the main to only one PL win in five months under Pardew, which culminated in eight straight defeats before he was belatedly sacked.

Darren Moore has got the job permanently but West Brom chose not to speculate with this season’s £41m parachute cash, instead keeping the core of their Premier League side and actually making a £12m profit on transfers.

Their key signings were arguably the loan ones, midfielder Harvey Barnes from Leicester City and of course Dwight Gayle from Newcastle United.

Saturday saw Gayle score two very good goals to beat Stoke 2-1, the second of these was outstanding from the loan striker.

Darren Moore described them as ‘stellar finishes’ and it makes it now three goals in four Championship starts for West Brom, plus Dwight Gayle has also won the Baggies three penalties already.

However, the West Brom boss insists that the double loan deal was right for both clubs, that Newcastle were also getting somebody who was ‘right’ for them this season, in the shape of Salomon Rondon.

Rondon has already hit the bar against Spurs, scored against Forest, laid the goal on for Yedlin at Man City, and impressed with his general play.

Having seen Salomon Rondon now in action, I know he turns 29 this month but surely if Newcastle could have signed him for £10m or so AND kept Dwight Gayle, the cash allowing West Brom to bring in somebody else, Rafa Benitez would have had much stronger options, including an interesting Rondon/Gayle partnership which I believe could have paid dividends.

Darren Moore:

“We felt that with Dwight Gayle coming here and Salomon Rondon going to Newcastle, that there was two strikers who were right for the clubs.

“Both clubs agreed.

We felt Dwight would be a good fit here in terms of team dynamics and cohesion and he has added to that.

“I get the benefit of working with him every day and his character as a man is very good and he has definitely brought something to the club and added to the team.

“We’re delighted to have him here and we know we’ve somebody who, when chances come, is cool, calm and composed in front of goal.

“We set the right tempo (against Stoke) and we did what we worked on doing in training.

Our ability to manage the ball in large periods of the game meant we had a lot of control.

“Being a former defender I’d have liked the clean sheet, but I can’t let that detract from a good afternoon’s work shown by the players today.

“They were stellar finishes by Dwight Gayle. That’s the prowess that Dwight has and he’s building a nice relationship and understanding with Jay Rodriguez.”

  • steve

    Just imagine if we’d kept Mitrovic as well….

    • SuperDesHamilton

      It’s all well & good but he didn’t wanna be here in the end. We got money he got his move (any normal owner would let a manager spend the money though)

      • Ron

        We should have got the money, where’s it gone?

        • SuperDesHamilton

          House of Fraser or squirrelled away with the hundreds of millions fatty has took

    • Jimmy_toons

      Mitrovic proving what he can do with runners around him at Fulham, but we play a different and more defensive system and needed him to hold up the ball up, which he wasn’t able or capable of playing

      • steve

        Holding up the ball for midfield runners is exactly what he does for Fulham and does it very well. That he also puts the ball in the net is a bonus.

        • Jimmy_toons

          Never saw him hold the ball up for us, but looks like Fulham play to his strengths.

      • Mrkgw

        Would have been better advised to have had Mitro sign a five year deal and then loan him out – to Fulham if necessary. He is one hell of a prospect in the right team as is being proven now. If Rafa does walk, we will have lost all round.

  • MadMag83

    We’ll be needing Gayle fighting fit when we’re back in the Championship.

    • Kenny

      that may come sooner than we think, but if anyone can keep us up this season its Rafa

  • Kenny

    Gayle nor Mitrovic can play the loan striker roll which is Rafa`s choice, both will score goals in the right team

    • Philippines

      Who can? Bring back Malcolm McDonald.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Gayle is coming back next season. His wife says there’ll all settled & judging by the house bloody hell its nice!

    Says Dwight was rang up be a club official Thursday night and told he had to get a plane Friday morning and that he was signing on loan no questions

    • Peaky

      Was going to say unbelievable but it actually is with this dictatorship…

      • SuperDesHamilton

        He didn’t wanna go but if he didn’t it would of ruined the Rondon deal so he’s currently living in a hotel at the minute

        • Jimmy_toons

          Unfortunate that but playing the lone striker, I see Rondon doing a better job than Gayle. If it wasn’t for the tight FCB, Benitez probably wouldn’t have had to choose between the two.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            You’re a 100% correct. Such as the state of the club with fatty in charge we’ll always be in the bargain basement unfortunately

      • Kenny

        leazes is missing again 😃😃

        • Peaky

          He’s just reappeared replying to one of my posts….

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Thing is last time I knew something about the club the Benitez Spain thing (weeks before it came out) everyone had a go at me on here saying I lied and who my source was…This is why I don’t say much 😂

        • Ram Kishore

          Did u try to convince them ? Especially leazes 😂😂

          • SuperDesHamilton

            It was that drunk weirdo maximus that was the worst.

  • When Saturday Comes

    The Weat Brom manager is a class act and nearly kept them up and will return to the Premiership next season. I like Gayle it’s just a case if he can convert his chances in the Premiership like he will do this season.

  • rbaggi5

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    • barsen78

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  • We should have bought Rondon and had Gayle with us, but it was the only chance Rafa had to bring him in, so Dwight was sacrificed.
    Darren Moore is doing a fantastic job there, I wish him a swith promotion back and hopefully, a board and owner to back his ambition for the club.