Crystal Palace 0 Newcastle 0  – Saturday 22 September 3pm

We asked a number of our regular writers to give us a brief instant reaction after the final whistle.

Newcastle coming away with a point.

Doing ok in the first half but the second a bit of a struggle.

Some near misses but a second clean sheet of the season for Martin Dubravka.

Jamie Swan:

“Pretty much the best team we could put out, watched by ‘The Ace of Spades’ himself and 3 other high rankers from the ‘pack of Bast…s’ most unwanted.

“We can’t score, fortunately neither can Palace at home – not even sitters.

“Leaving with a point was the most we deserved and stops the rot, yet only a gnats fart above stinkers Cardiff and Huddersfield on Goal Difference.

“Leicester next week. Must win?”

Ben Cooper:

“We never looked like scoring.

“Apart from Sakho missing a sitter, they never looked like scoring.

“0-0 makes it sound better than it was.

“It was a petty game full of diving and even a dust-up with Kenedy and Zaha was half-hearted.

“The game will rightly be over-shadowed by an incident where a bottle thrown from our end hit a palace player.

“Over-shadowed not because it was dangerous or threatening, but because it was much more accurate than anything that happened on the pitch.”

David Punton:

“A point away from home.

“Not to be sniffed at.”

Kevin Christie:

“A thoroughly undeserved point after a pitiful performance.

“Less than zero ambition shown.

Newcastle offered absolutely nothing going forward and could have played for 900 minutes without scoring.

“I really don’t see how there can be any satisfaction in this for Rafa and Co because I know there’s none in it for me.

“I admire their professional pride but just can’t fathom how he has shown so much patience, dignity and restraint after being shafted by Ashley and his cohorts.

“Things are looking grim…”

Nat Seaton:

“A trip to London for the first time this season saw us put in a decent performance compared to what we have seen so far this season.

“Not much quality on show from either team and some desperate defending in the end to gain a precious point.

“Here’s hoping for better things next Saturday when back at St. James Park.”

Paul Patterson:

“Never knock an away point.

“This result will look great, only if we beat Leicester next week..”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Crystal Palace 0 Newcastle 0 


Possession was Palace 62% Newcastle 38%

Total shots were  Palace 16 Newcastle 6

Shots on target were Palace 4 Newcastle 3

Corners were  Palace 9 Newcastle 5

Referee: Andre Marriner

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Dummett, Ritchie (Atsu 73), Diame, Shelvey, Kenedy, Perez (Muto 81), Rondon (Joselu 46)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Manquillo, Clark, Ki

Crowd: 25,679 (2,900 Newcastle approx)

(Alan Shearer reacts to Newcastle’s 0-0 draw at Palace – Read HERE)

  • Ashley-out

    an away point is always welcome but when you see how it was gained you have to worry, the team has nothing & would struggle in the championship,
    Leicester a must win game, i have heard that many times before, we are heading for the championship barring a miracle

  • Cockneytrev

    Happy for a point but not sure it was deserved,, awful game with two poor teams,,
    Thought Fernandez did well for us, shelvey disappeared in the second half,, maybe needsa couple of games under his belt,,
    I’ve no idea what has happened to Kenedy? He is no where near the player of last season,,,
    Going to be a long long season,,

  • Kenny

    I think the tactics are frustrating a few of the players, Rafa needs to take the handcuffs off next week & have a go, give Muto a shot because I see nothing from Perez & Rondon was also poor today, as for Hoss please don’t play him, ever

    • Paul Patterson

      He did well when he came on..

      • Ashley-out

        none of them did well they were shocking as for Joselu he would struggle in league 1, the table doesn`t lie

  • robbersdog

    We’ve managed to avoid a full-blown crisis by dint of the fact that Palace’s strikers are as awful as ours.

    It’s desperate stuff and it’s been a bloody wretched start to the season. Ashley was at the match, and surely he can now see that running a Premier League football club on a wing and a prayer is only going to lead to one thing – disaster.

    • Jezza

      Unfortunately the club’s owner won’t see it the way the fans do. As Shearer said after our first game, Ashley will be looking at the club and thinking “what’s the problem, I’m making a huge pile of cash here”.

      • Ashley-out

        all the parasite see`s is the £ sign & his tat adverts all over
        St James park

    • Ashley-out

      meanwhile, down the road an ex Newcastle striker is banging them in.

      • Hobbit

        Not only that, the latest stat from BBC today 23/8/18: Since his debut for Fulham in February 2018, Aleksandar Mitrovic has scored 17 goals in English league football, more than any other player.

  • JohnnyH

    Might not go down well with some – but for the time being the football has got to be secondary to the main objective.

    We’ve just got to get rid of this waste of a human life.

    • Cockneytrev

      HERE HERE!!!!
      Keep up the pressure!!!

  • Natturner26

    Toon Army must be masochists traveling around the country singing Rafa’s name and he’s not even trying to play football. Not sure what the point of us showing up today was, but we were extremely lucky to escape without conceding at least one goal. Zaha half-fit the only reason we didn’t lose for me.

  • 5floorshigh

    pathetic, pitiful, shameful, embarrassing and clueless from all the players and the manager

    • TheFatController

      Great tactical analysis, thankyou

      • 5floorshigh

        tactical analysis ?.….its an instant reaction…….doh ! !

  • Tino o

    Watching so far this season i can see nothing else but relegation even parking the bus we still offered them clear cut chances. I really don’t see who we are going to beat and where goals will come from the nightmare continues. Ashley out!

  • SH.ER

    Go to hell dinosaur Benitez you and your tactics
    My god, Palace were all over us with no intent from us to attack wasting time in every throw in to get a 0-0 ….
    Sick of it !!!!!!!

    • TheFatController

      Are you sick of it, by any chance ?

    • nufcslf

      Rafa is doing all of this on purpose to prove a point to the stupid fat ignorant c**t that has made him look a fool. If a new owner comes in with money and the tactics don’t change, then that is a different story. Until then, it is all on the present sh*t regime.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      great insight, would recommend 3/10