Tuesday morning brought interesting claims that Mike Ashley had dropped the asking price for Newcastle United.

The Shields Gazette said (see below) their information was that the NUFC owner was now prepared to accept around £300m, rather than the £400m figure that was widely reported earlier this year as the asking price.

Following on from that report, we now appear to at least have confirmation that Mike Ashley’s people are briefing the media as to this supposed drop in asking price.

The Chronicle are saying that they were also told by Mike Ashley associates that he would now take £300m.

Obviously this is a long way from anything actually happening and we are now well aware that nothing that is said by Mike Ashley or his minions (Keith Bishop pictured to Ashley’s left above) can be relied on.

However, it does allow us all to daydream just a little bit that there may be some grain of truth in terms of him having a willingness to deal at a price closer to the club’s actual current worth.

This doesn’t change anything of course and Newcastle fans need to continue to do everything they can to help persuade Ashley to sell up.

It is now over 10 years since Mike Ashley told us ‘No need to protest anymore because I’m going to sell Newcastle United’ and a decade further on, the club is in an even bigger mess thanks to his malicious and clueless running of NUFC.

Mark Douglas from The Chronicle:

“I know of interest.

“I can tell you there are at least two interested parties I’ve been told about (one would be PCP Capital, who retain interest but not at the prices being quoted).

“But whether it ever amounts to anything more than that is the £400million question.

“Or should that be £300million, because two weeks ago I was told friends of Mike Ashley were saying he would accept an offer in that region if there were no clauses attached to it.

“The same person said he was fed up with football – although I’ve heard that before.”

The Mag – Earlier today (Tuesday 18 September 2018):

A news story breaking on Tuesday morning reports that Mike Ashley has slashed the price he is demanding for Newcastle United, in order to sell the club sooner rather than later.

It will take a lot to persuade the many sceptical Newcastle fans, including me, that Ashley has any interest whatsoever in selling the club, but as always, I hope one of these exclusives proves me wrong.

The Shields Gazette say/claim that their information is that Mike Ashley is now willing to take around £300m for Newcastle United, this is some £100m lower than the £400m that was widely reported as the asking price previously.

The newspaper doesn’t give any details as to their source for this story and as always, anybody can write anything about Mike Ashley selling/not selling NUFC and no way of proving the truth,, or otherwise, of it.

Looking for positives that could in theory back up this story, the start to the season could just maybe have convinced Ashley that this is going to be an even tougher task of surviving this time, compared to last year.

Whilst Newcastle have played four of last season’s top six, there are more tough games coming up, with no guarantee of climbing out of the relegation zone any time soon.

Whatever the truth or not about the Amanda Staveley led bid and other claimed ones, it is obvious to anyone that once you are in the middle of a football season and things are going badly on the pitch, an increased possibility of relegation has to bring the value of any football club down.

With Newcastle one of only two clubs to make a profit in the summer window, whilst every one of Newcastle’s rivals tried their best to strengthen, even Mike Ashley must realise that this season is in the balance, as Rafa Benitez can only do so much with the tools he has to work with.

Shields Gazette:

‘Mike Ashley is prepared to lower his asking price for Newcastle United – as fans step up their protests against him.

Ashley put the club up for sale 11 months ago as the team battled to stay in the Premier League.

The billionaire – who is focused on his Sports Direct empire – had indicated that he was looking for upwards of £380million.

However, the Gazette understands that Ashley is ready to revise his expectations and consider bids closer to £300million.

Ashley broke off takeover talks with financier Amanda Staveley in January.

Staveley’s PCP Capital Partners had lodged an offer of £250million, which was rejected by Ashley.

An associate of Ashley labelled talks with Staveley as a “complete waste of time”.

Ashley has had no success in finding an alternative buyer up to now.’

  • Kenny

    It would be the best Christmas present ever to see that Vermin leave
    Newcastle United, Rot in hell Scumbag

  • Sickandtired

    The Chronicle said that last week or the week before. The Gazette repeated it today and now the Chron is repeating that!
    All Douglas managed to say was he ‘heard from someone about what someone close to Ashley was thinking’. Oh and that one of the parties interested was PCP. Shocker!
    A complete non story.

    • Kenny

      i think it could be true this time, the Rat has been getting pressure from all angles & he doesn’t give a Flying F about Newcastle anyway

      • Sickandtired

        It’s as true as when he said it in 2009. And last year, and again now. Though of course there is no factual evidence he has actually said anything of the sort in relation to this story today. It’s a re-run of Douglas’ ‘thoughts’ on the 12th.

        • Kenny

          he does not comment, his Minions are left to do that

          • Sickandtired

            He goes on record when he chooses. The 2009 sale letter and sob story. The 2016 Sky interview, 2017 interview and 2017 for sale declaration.

      • FatParosite

        You want to believe…. You want it to be true and Bishop knows this. This will continue until Rafa has gone and hope has gone with him because it is the only thing left for Ashley/Bishop to cling to…. YOUR HOPE…. It is being used against you as is your love of the club.

        • Kenny

          Maybe, maybe not

    • Paul Patterson

      It’s always ‘cut and paste’ at the Chronicle . .

  • NUFCDan

    Still trying to make a profit on his initial investment despite syphoning money off the club for 10 years, stealing valuable land around the stadium and getting tens of millions of free advertising. The horrible fat parasite. I still fail to see where £300m+ comes from, you could buy most other Championship club for less than a quarter of that.

    • Sickandtired

      He’s repaid himself £29 million and added it to his ‘loans’. So he’ll profit from that too when a sale ever goes through (IF).
      £300 mil comes from his purchase price, the ‘loans’ and some more for himself. He wants every penny and more back.

  • FatParosite

    Burgeoning Bishop Bollox

  • Billmag

    Its just a smoke screen by fatty’s PR people in the hope of quelling the bad publicity his brand is getting, so well done to all them that has protested it must be getting under their skin.

    • Mxpx

      That’s almost exactly what I was going to post completely agree

  • Paul Patterson

    “I know of interest. I can tell you there are at least two interested parties I’ve been told about . .”

    Yeah, by an Ashley minion. So, you know something vague, spouted by liars and PR spinners, that may or may not be true.

    In other words, you naa nowt . .

    • Sickandtired

      He says two interested parties, but can only name one – the one every bloke and his dog knows about!
      Repeating hearsay ( a friend of a friend of a friend close to…) is complete garbage or just made up.

  • Ron

    “Or should that be £300million, because two weeks ago I was told
    friends of Mike Ashley were saying he would accept an offer in that
    region if there were no clauses attached to it. – Hands up anyone who has had a contract with no clauses in it!

    • grantham mag

      What friends, he has to buy them. And when it all goes Pete tong. He will find out what real friends are for.

      • Ron

        But there would still be terms to a contract!

  • Steve Smith

    This will drag on for the next 2 – 3 months and no money will be spent in the Christmas transfer window.

    • Ron

      Meanwhile SD Christmas revenues go down the pan because everything is still “out of stock”

    • Leazes.

      Has Keith Bishop tipped you off?…. he doesn’t need to really as anyone with half a brain can see this scam a mile away…..

      …..meanwhile at the chronicle Mark Douglas (the man who wrote the bestseller and Booker prize entrant ‘Inside the Rafalution’) has spied not one but two genuine bidders….

      …..except they didn’t leave their names or addresses.

    • GToon

      Exactly. He will use that as an excuse not to spend. That and not knowing if Rafa will stay. I can see the dreaded “line” been drawn up again along with the one way door out of SJP for our captain.

  • mactoon

    Sky Sports, “it is UNDERSTOOD Newcastle owner Mike Ashley will be looking to recoup between £380-£400m”

    the Gazette UNDERSTANDS, “Ashley is ready to revise his expectations and consider bids closer to £300million”

    The Chronicle, “two weeks ago I WAS TOLD FRIENDS OF MIKE ASHLEY WERE SAYING he would accept an offer in that region” (£300 million)

    Today, The Chronicle asks, “Has Mike Ashley lowered his asking price to sell Newcastle United?”

    All journalism by hearsay. Not one direct quote from Ashley, anyone fancy getting an actual quote?

  • Return of the Mack

    Why don’t you report on the fact that what he is selling isn’t what he bought. It is not the club lock stock and barrel. It has been broken down into various factions to suit his sports direct empire. He wasn’t a to keep all of that. He’s basically stripped it bare.

    • Pezza

      What do you mean, the group of companies will be included.

  • Dutch

    If Amanda offered 300m last year why hasn’t her offer now been accepted. I suggest this is click baiting fake news

    • Kenny

      i believe it was £250m

      • mactoon

        It was £250 million, no clauses, still on the table

        • Pezza

          Effectively valuing the shares at £106m

          • mactoon

            He paid £134 million for the shares so I doubt he would accept that. In fact he didn’t, he rejected it.

    • Pezza

      The offer was £250m

  • Carverlier football

    Rumour and hearsay mean nothing. The Magpie Group’s mission statement was to take action until Ashley sells to a credible buyer, not until he’s possibly thinking about it, maybe, probably not… Keep up the pressure!!

  • Waxi

    We all know he won’t sell the cash cow has bought him HOF this year on the back of NUFC. He has a big stake in Debenhams on the back of NUFC and he gets free advertising worldwide on the back of NUFC. This summer we made him 125 million Sly tv money and 25 million players sold profit so no way will the fat man sell why would he. We need to make nothing never be on TV then he might think of selling but at the moment it makes bad business and he knows on the back of NUFC life is good. God the future is bleak for us NUFC fans and all the press do is use us for click bait.

    • Jezza

      Excellent comment. 100% spot on.

    • Pezza

      It’s a bit far fetched to believe he bought HoF with Nufc money

      • Waxi

        Well it don’t take a brain surgeon to see we are about 150 million light on player recruitment while the fat man goes on a spending spree. It’s like all other seasons where has the money gone coz it sure ain’t going on the quality the squad needs. End of troll no more replies.

        • Pezza

          Mate, the idea that he raided Nufc to invest money into a business that he only owns 53% of is fanciful.

          Not only does he need to give notice on much of the money, co house would be notified and he’s not that generous.

          Corporate takeover does not work like that.

  • Kenny

    It is either another ploy to ease the pressure or he will sell, only time will tell.
    trying to 2nd guess the Fat Rat is like tying to forecast who Rafa will play.

    • Cockneytrev

      No second guessing,, he has no intention of selling!!!

    • Carverlier football

      We keep up the pressure, eventually it will be true… Probably not this time unfortunately

  • magpiefifer


  • Fatwatch

    The circus is starting up again folks, gather round. Expect more of these types of stories right up to the Jan transfer window. When Rafa will once again seek investment guarantees and Cashley will once again use this as a distraction to navigate another fruitless transfer window. Expect in mid to late January the story to change track with ‘leaked’ information about ‘clauses’ and ‘unrealistic valuations’. And that will nicely round off the process of miss-information for another 6 months…

    • Wezza

      100% Spot on.

  • Cockneytrev

    UTTER [email protected]

  • geordiejay1983

    Who even goes to home game dont but food or drink at ground. Dont buy from any shop owned by him that mean football tops. Just buy retro online nothing to do with ashley

    • Carverlier football

      Unfortunately if it’s got an old logo on he probably makes money from retro shirts too – he had the rights to all of Rangers’ historic logos so there’s no way he hasn’t got the rights to ours…

      • geordiejay1983

        Its just frustration hes a cu#t. Money from sky obviusly didnt have any contract rules on spending it joke

  • geordiejay1983

    U all line his pocket Dont go untill he goes thats it

    • GazChampion

      I’ve NEVER gone to SD since the FCB bought the club and started embarrassing us not long after… I don’t even like walking past the cheap and nasty hole! I’m surprised ANYONE on the black and white side of Geordieland even consider shopping there! – it’s ALL cheap and nasty 5h1t and its HIS 5h1t – and he can keep it and take it away with thim when he leaves Toon for good! IRWT HTL!!!

    • nufcslf

      This is so important. Empty ground on yop of demonstrating outside of Shyt Direct. The biggest damage that can be done. Going to the match afterwards defeats the purpose.

  • andrew baron

    Round and round in circles we go. As soon as a price is agreed the goal posts are moved and we start over. However, this time I think the Achilles heel has been found: Sports Direct.

    This may be the only hope of driving out this parasite, the fact that his main business is being damaged by constant twitter & facebook warfare.

    • Leazes.

      forgot about that….running out of socks and stuff.

    • nufcslf

      Long may it continue and only grow and grow.

  • Leazes.

    He’s done this before hasn’t he…. and the press and media eat it up, and let their imaginations run riot…. including the Mag!

    When are people going to learn SD is dependent upon advertising, take it away and his sales shrink… he simply not going to do it!

    Why do you suppose he has a PR consultant overseeing United and not a football bloke?

  • glassjawsh-got-banned


  • BanJones

    Howay – take no notice of any words that comes from fatty’s camp, they are worse than worthless, they are manipulative. I am waiting for action, charades is boring.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    I refuse to be suckered in again only to have my hopes dashed. I’m afraid all this is just more smoke and mirrors.

    • WildBill

      Yep, spot on. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
      I don’t buy it. If the bid was 300 TFCB would want 320, if the bid was 330 he’d want 340, we’ve danced this dance before. It was BS then, it’s BS now. 👎

  • 1957

    It’s just a case of media outlets competing, the Gazette run the original ‘story’ with nothing really to back it up and Ryder’s crew embellish it claiming they knew about it two weeks ago.

    Apart from not believing anything Ashley and his team say or may have said the idea an inept Chronicle sports team knew already and didn’t publish beggars belief… they’ve missed the only ‘scoop’ they’ll ever have.

  • relaxed

    If the FCB has dropped the price i will drop my kegs and show my rse in a sports direct window of his choice
    the fat fork toungued c*nt couldn’t lie straight in bed

  • Tweed Mag

    Breaking news – the Fire Service are fighting a large blaze in Ashley’s pants.

  • East Durham Mag

    Smoke and mirrors to keep the natives quiet, i’ll believe it when the Sh*t D*rect signs are down and he has f#ck*d off and not a second sooner.

    • Geordiegiants

      They won’t be down even when he is gone. For him to go he will have to have the last laugh. He might keep the lease on the stadium and sub let it for more money, he might have his shitdirect ads signed up on a 5 year rolling advertising deal, it could be that he will always own the crest etc etc. It will be something, nothing is simple or straight forward when he is involved.

      • BigHairyDog

        It’s why the PCP deal began to break down, anyone taking over could recoup what they paid for the club within three to four seasons. A top 8 team looking to go higher would attract high end companies wanting to advertise their company on world wide tv.

        • Dillon Tovak

          “He wants a sale with no clauses” except for the many he inserts.

      • East Durham Mag

        Got to agree with you there, i’m sure there will be a parting shot from him as he is a malicious man who harbours a grudge.

  • BigHairyDog

    Ashley just wants to quieten down the criticism from the likes of Alan Shearer and Steve Howey, people who are actually listened to unlike Fat Sam and the Poisoned Dwarf. He wants to stop the protests that are having an effect on shareholders of Sports Direct and Debenhams. He probably thinks that the HoF complaints about refunds and staff pensions could be brushed under the carpet, but everything is mounting up, the criticism is now deafening and he desperately needs to quieten that roar to a whisper.

  • graham18

    Keep the pressure on the FCB.We live in hope.

  • Davidelder888

    More lies to keep us quiet. Keep piling the pressure on this must be working. FCB. .

  • Davidelder888

    Keith Bishop has been quoted as saying “it’s cheap as chips” in other news Mike Ashley has bought the website newsnow and will continue to spout s4it knowing I will be sitting refreshing the page for the next week.

    Tell us the one about how your going to give Rafa every penny the club generates again. 🤣🤣 Oh Mike you’re full of it.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Ashley has taken a big hit the last few months with SD shares and profits. He has 30% Debenhams and 100% House of Fraser too and they’re going to take a lot of effort to get anywhere near stable and profitable. It is just possible that he’s just had enough. The fans locally can help him by keeping up the pressure on SD, that’s for sure.

  • mactoon

    Well I’ve emailed Miles Starforth of the Gazette and asked him can you confirm Ashley has actually said he is dropping the price or is it simply an opinion of the Gazette?

    No response as yet so that says a lot!

  • mactoon

    Also emailed Chris Waugh to ask why he doesn’t just do journalism and ask Ashley the questions and get definitive answers instead of these pointless Q&A articles he does which appear to be based on his opinion and not researched facts

    • mactoon

      Fair play to Chris who sent me the following reply,

      “We have requests in to speak to Mike Ashley & also the other decision-makers at Newcastle United, but as of yet they have not been accepted.
      We would love to speak to Ashley and hear for ourselves what he has to say, but unfortunately he has shown no inclination to let us interview him.
      My answers in the Q&As are based upon information I receive, from which I do construct an opinion – but there is basis to it”

  • Wezza

    Utter BS to quell the protests.
    You can fool the media but you can’t fool the fans anymore.

  • Jate Legend

    If he sells it, one things for sure it will be on his terms cos he’s got some other scheme to do with the money, not cos he’s bothered by the protests, boycotts or what shearer says on motd.

  • wheyayeman

    Nope! I’m calling BS on this because that’s precisely what it is.

  • Jonny

    If true, and really that’s such a big if that its only for the sake of argument – they’re a year too late, they effed up when it was at peak value, its all down hill from there and from here.

    so if true – they’re a holes
    if bull – they’re a holes

  • Down Under Mag

    More smoke and mirrors. This just screams of Bishop spin, it hasn’t “blown over by September” so they are trying to deflect the stick they’ve been getting by basically telling fans what they want to hear.

    I have every belief that as soon as someone comes in to pay that asking price the goal posts will move again. I suspect this is less about a sale because we are “in trouble” or because of fan pressure and more to do with stifling any expectations that money will be made available in January after recent reports linking Rafa with having already done groundwork on some potential signings to help our cause come the window opening – after all, we’ve heard from King Kev how the club deal with transfers.

    I just can’t see him being fussed one way or the other in terms of fan protests, the man has skin thicker than a rhino. As long as he isn’t investing money and continues to cream off his share of profits then he will never want to sell, just deflect fans – after all, it has worked for him in the past, I just hope fans in general are a little more switched on this time and don’t fall for it – obvious lies are obvious!

  • nufcslf

    Will only believe it when it actually happens and not a moment before.

  • A Skivington

    Just in time to spend nothing in January