Rafa Benitez has cut a frustrated figure so far this season.

The manager making clear that the disastrous transfer policy since promotion has left his team/squad desperately short of quality.

Whilst Bournemouth, Fulham and others were shopping for £20m+ players this summer, the Newcastle boss was forced to rely on loans, free transfers and bargain buys.

I don’t know of any other club where before every single transfer window we hear of top level vital meetings/summits to decide what the plan/state of play is, and how this will impact on what happens in each of those windows, only for each window to pass by with no visible plan having been in place. Apart from of course Mike Ashley insisting on as little money as possible is spent, these past four windows of the five Rafa has experienced under the NUFC owner, following a very similar path.

Thursday morning sees claims of the latest ‘summit’, with the Chronicle reporting that Rafa Benitez is set to ‘chair a meeting’ to find out supposedly what is happening/going to happen in the summer transfer window, as well as the younger age groups – Mike Ashley having refused so far to bend at all with regards to a properly funded first team squad, Academy, or the long promised training complex that would be fit for purpose.

I’m not doubting the reporting of this meeting happening but the actual report hardly offers any hope, despite claiming Newcastle fans will be hoping the outcome could be Rafa Benitez signing a contract extension.

The Chronicle says ‘it remains to be seen whether Mike Ashley’ will be at the meeting, well I think we all know the answer to that one.

Talk of Lee Charnley being able to push anything along is also surely a joke, with the widespread acceptance now that it is the likes of Justin Barnes and Keith Bishop who pull the strings on Ashley’s behalf, despite the NUFC owner refusing to make their roles transparent at the club.

The newspaper says Rafa already knows he will yet again have a ‘limited budget’ in January, which then surely clears away any remotest of chances of anything changing for the better, in terms of squad strength and the chances of the manager staying on.

These meetings are pretty irrelevant in the great scheme of things, unless Mike Ashley sells up or changes how he operates – we hope for the first of those but have zero expectation of the second.

Until Mike Ashley goes, it is the equivalent of repeatedly moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic.

The Chronicle:

‘With a contract extension currently unsigned, Benitez has concerns about the club’s next transfer window as well as the club’s Academy and Under-23 set-up.

Benitez is set to chair a meeting at St James’ Park later this month with managing director Lee Charnley, head of recruitment Steve Nickson and the club’s European scout Paul Baker all expected to be present.

Although, it remains to be seen whether owner Mike Ashley will be there with Charnley responsible for the day-to-day running at the club.

The Toon boss knows he is operating with a limited budget again going into the January transfer window

Benitez was keen to make changes to the youth system and the second string last summer but the collapse of those negotiations with Charnley and Ashley mean things have came to a bit of a standstill.

Newcastle fans will hope that the meeting could eventually result in Benitez’s committing himself to a new deal.’

  • Paul Patterson

    Smoke and mirror- Keegan’s book out in a fortnight, Keegan’s book out in a fortnight -smoke and mirror . .

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Would love to know the red Red tape & what not KK had to go through to release it & the bother he got from Ashley

      • Paul Patterson

        I don’t think he’ll be bound by any of that. I think it’ll be refreshingly honest, with a few revelations. There’s a video on Youtube of a talk in where he explains a few transfers that the club failed to sanction because of penny pinching. Sammy Hyypia was one and the club not thinking Luka Modric was good enough was another belter . .

        • SuperDesHamilton

          I’ve seen the video once because it proper depressed is

  • Kenny

    Wasting his time & he should know that by now, signing another contract under current conditions & he becomes just another 1 of the Fat Rats puppets

  • Down Under Mag

    About as much chance as Ashley lowering his price and selling the club for 300m quid, as has also been “reported”. The club are clearly on a mission to try and get some of the abuse to ease but the fact is that any and all announcements are now met with derision and disbelief… and rightly so. Until fans see proof and the actions actually taking place then I think we’ve all given Ashley the benefit of the doubt on far too many occasions and don’t believe a word uttered from him, the P.R. spin by Bishop or any of the other paid sycophants on TV spouting the company line.

    • Ron

      £300M!! – I think if he was offered £600M today with no strings he still wouldn’t sell.

      • AbusedCourier

        He’d want £650M!

  • gordon

    ‘Newcastle fans will hope that the meeting could eventually result in Benitez committing himself to a new deal.’ Why? What’s the point? Say we somehow stave off relegation – does anybody expect Rafa to stay unless Ashley fundamentally changes his approach? Obviously not as fatboy will carry on his destructive agenda and avoiding the drop will merely prolong the slow death of the club. Rafa may as well just resign now and let the schitt hit the fan; it’s a ridiculous situation for the club to be in, that the best thing to happen in the long run could be losing a world-class manager who we respect and admire (dodgy substitutions notwithstanding!).

  • Tweed Mag

    The Chronicle is being used. Can’t work out if it is willingly or otherwise (surely they are not that thick). No one believes Toxic Ashley, Penfold, Bishop, Barnes and the rest of them.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    You’ve gotta love the effort if anything. He’s not signing

    • Brian Standen

      Monk sends his regards to you !

      • SuperDesHamilton

        How’s he doing, fighting his good fight I hope. I’d much prefer him on here than them gimps Leazes & Jezza

        • Brian Standen

          He is doing ok, I saw him again after arsenal game and he regularly texts me! He asked specifically for me to pass his regards onto you!
          He made an error and has apologised for it so hopefully back on soon!

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Haha! Hope he’s keeping well. He’s a proper toon fan, I disagree with absolutely everything he says but that’s what this is for. The people who wish death etc..want a slap

  • Lewis SG

    Charnley will be told to give Rafa every penny generated by the club’s toilet which is currently free to access by anybody.

  • Ron

    File with claims of sightings of “Nessie”

  • magpiefifer

    Not a chance – Rafa has suffered enough with Ashley,and Ashley isn’t going anywhere soon.Rafa will say a sad farewell – to the fans – at the end of the season.

  • JohnnyH

    This article mentions Ashley’s refusal to bend on the academy and youth development.

    The TV money is supposed to be spent on player development and recruitment, the academy and training facilities.

    The complete absence of any firm planning or commitments from Ashley to spend it as such, means only one thing. Ashley is misappropriating this money in plain sight, and nothing is being done about it.
    The Premier League are turning a blind eye to him asset stripping the club, in contradiction to their own guidelines.

    I wrote the the sports & culture minister, Tracey Crouch MP, pointing this out, and requesting a response detailing what she proposes to do about it.
    [email protected]ck all I suppose.

  • Leicester Mag

    Written no doubt by ace hack Horsey Mc🐎💩 in the 🐎💩 chronicle

  • Wezza

    More BS Bishop PR to quell the protests. Guess what keith? We aren’t stopping until you and your master are gone.

    • Toon Arnie

      On that subject where are Ghostrider, Monkwearmouth, Baby Ben, Vodka and the other puppets these days ? Do they not post any more ?

      • Jezza

        HE is still posting, HE is just using some of HIS many other different ID’s to log in.

        • Wezza

          Yeah, I do think though that one brother has stopped after being exposed as twitchytoes on twitter. Tormented soul is obsessed with politics. Nutcase.

          • Jezza

            The older brother who sees himself as intellectually superior has a habit of making bets (usually about transfer spending) with other forum users and then disappearing when he loses those bets and it’s time to pay up. You’re right about the politics too. He’s a bit of a right wing nutjob and sometimes can’t help himself.

  • Steve Smith

    “Rafa wouldn’t agree to an extension so we aren’t releasing funds this Christmas window due to ‘uncertainty'”

    • Toon Arnie

      Ha ha – bang on. We’ve been here before, this Fat Oaf is shameless.

  • Toontone100

    Not a chance in hell of Rafa signing an extension until Cashley has gone – Time to go Cashley !!

  • Roblee07

    even if Rafa did sign a new contract why should that change anything with the way the fans view Ashley? he has proven time and time again to be a terrible owner who is taking the micky. are we to trust him? do we need protest to keep him in check?. surely a line has now been drawn in the sand and for the future of NUFC getting Ashley out is the only way forward with Rafa or without Rafa

  • Foggy

    The only way to get rid of the fat man is in a pine box. He is making far too much money out of the club. Hopefully it is sooner rather than later.

  • Bowlsey

    If Ashley is still here next season, which he definitely will be, why the hell would Rafa want to sign a contract extension?! I love Rafa and want him to stay, but even he must know that the writing’s on the wall for this once great club and if he has any sense, which he obviously does, he won’t want to tarnish his excellent reputation any further by continuing to work for the rotund Victorian workhouse master. Unless he sells, we’re stuffed, simple as, and I think it’s as obvious as his beer gut that he’s in absolutely no rush to do so, regardless of the spin and lies that are put out there.

  • Mxpx

    “Please rafa sign a new contract I promise not to cut your pay even though we haven’t won the champions league yet I’ll get you a sports direct mug and I’ll stop penfold coming to the stadium and training ground in future if you sign I will sell the club I mean it this time would I ever lie to you your best mate Mike”

    I imagine this is what rafa has been given to prompt this statement

  • Blackburn1066

    Please Rafa don’t sign,- ‘ well not yet ‘ because the fat man will give you nothing. The longer Rafa stall’s the more the fat man will sweat . without Rafa putting pen to paper ( in my eyes) turns on the pressure.

    • Mxpx

      Agreed if we go down AND Mike has to find a manager AND barely anyone buys a season ticket he might actually have to invest or sell… Or we’ll hit league one and the club will be bankrupt I’d take league one and a new owner personally

      • FatParosite

        Me too. But I feel Ashley loves a gamble and it might not be League one that represents our rock bottom.

  • nufcslf

    F**k the hierachy, keep the heat on Shyt Direct and losses coming until the fat sack of filth is gone.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Anyone who judges what is written in the chronic and treats it with anything other than disdain is a fool. There’s more truth in The Sun. The paper has for years been about as accurate as one of David Ikes predictions. If you were to run out of toilet paper then it would make a painful but necessary substitute. That is the only positive contribution it can make in anyone’s life!!